20 Posh Emerald Green Nails to Feel Like a Queen

Updated on December 31, 2023
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    Emerald green nailsPIN

    20 Posh Emerald Green Nails to Feel Like a Queen

    Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. If you have expensive taste, you’ll know these are the four most precious gemstones.

    Something about wearing precious jewels makes us feel like royalty. Whether we want to shine like silver diamonds, blue sapphires, red rubies, or green emeralds, these regal colors are sophisticated and poised for the most elegant occasions.

    If you want a refreshing new imperial color to wear on your fingers, look no further than emerald green nails.

    Emerald green nails signify:

    • Wealth
    • Prosperity
    • Nature
    • Renewal
    • Prosperity

    Those who wear emerald nails are sophisticated, energetic, and confident.

    Emerald Green Nail Design

    When choosing the perfect emerald green nail design you will want to pick something tasteful that stands out against the dark green nail colors.

    Here are our top five tips for emerald green nail designs:

    1. Black, white, silver, or gold nail art
    2. Gems or rhinestones
    3. Simple designs
    4. Holographic nail art
    5. Marble patterns

    Emerald Nail Polish: Our Top Picks

    Along with nude, pink, white, red, and a metallic color like silver or gold, emerald green nail polish is a must-have for our nail polish shelf. You can buy emerald green nail polish in various finishes and materials, such as mate, sheer, gel, classic, and even emerald green glitter polish.

    Here are our top six emerald green nail polishes to keep your nails looking like royalty.

    10/30/2023 03:35 pm GMT

    Are you looking for a solid, highly-pigmented color with luminous shine? Bettles Gel Nail Polish offers long-lasting gel nail polish for flawless nails. The Emma Emerlad collection provides a range of modern, trendy colors to make a bold statement. For bright emerald green nails, go with the Green color.

    Beetles Gel polishes are made of healthy, toxin-free ingredients for a safe, non-toxic polish with low odor. The polish is cured under LED light in just 90 seconds and lasts up to three weeks. The ultra-opaque colors are fade-resistant and high gloss for a vibrant emerald green color that shines like a precious gem.

    The key product features include:

    • Chip-resistant
    • Fade-resistant
    • Lasts up to three weeks
    • Easy soak-off
    • High gloss
    RARJSM Gel Polish
    $7.59 ($30.36 / Fl Oz)
    10/30/2023 03:31 pm GMT

    Want emerald green nails that truly sparkle? JARJSM Gel Polish in Olive Green provides a highly pigmented dark emerald green color with lots of glitter and shine. Don’t let the name fool you; the color offers a much darker shade than olive green nails, which certainly falls under emerald green nails on our nail polish rainbow!

    The salon-quality gel nail polish is free of toxins and safe on the skin. Cure the gel nail polish under an LED nail lamp for long-lasting, durable nails. The quick-dry polish lasts up to 21 days and delivers high-shine, ultra-pigmented color. Your sparkly emerald green nails will be ready to party when you are!

    The key product features include:

    • Gel nail polish
    • Quick-dry formula
    • Cured under LED nail lamp
    • Lasts up to 21 days
    • High shine finish
    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
    10/30/2023 03:30 pm GMT

    Are you a princess in a hurry with no time to wait for your emerald nails to dry? You need a quick-dry nail polish with a highly-pigmented color and long-lasting results.

    Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in Emerald is a glossy finish quick-dry polish in a solid emerald green color. Its patented silicone-based formula has a built-in top coat that rises to the top as the polish dries to form a glossy, smooth manicure. The two-in-one nail polish and strengthener leave your nails hard and strong with a vivid emerald green color.

    The key product features include:

    • Quick-dry polish
    • Built-in top coat
    • Nail strengthener
    • Glossy finish
    • Highly-pigmented color
    10/30/2023 03:25 pm GMT

    When you want flawless DIY emerald green nails, go with a brand of polish you know you can trust; Sally Hansen has over 50 years experience creating nail and beauty products. Highly reputable, affordable products allow you to perform salon-quality manicures in your home.

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Jealous Boyfriend is a highly-pigmented shade of deep emerald green. The gel polish offers a salon-quality gel manicure that lasts up to eight days, with no LED lamp required. Sally Hansen recommends following the gel polish with a top coat for long-lasting, chip-free results. It’s easy to apply and removes easily, like regular nail polish.

    The key product features include:

    • Gel nail polish
    • Salon-quality
    • Up to eight-day wear
    • No LED lamp required
    • Highly-pigmented color
    OPI Nail Lacquer
    $11.49 ($22.98 / Fl Oz)
    10/30/2023 03:25 pm GMT

    Bring the spa experience home with professional salon-quality nail polish. When it comes to quality nail polish, you can’t go wrong with OPI. For dark emerald green nails, we love OPI Nail Lacquer in Stay Off the Lawn!!

    OPI Nail Lacquers are liquid creme nail polish finishes offering up to seven days of chip-free wear. The patented ProWide brush offers smooth, streak-free, and even application. The polish is quick-drying with a high shine for fast and convenient emerald green nails.

    The key product features include:

    • Salon-quality nail polish
    • Creme finish
    • ProWide brush
    • Quick-drying
    • Seven-day wear
    10/30/2023 03:10 pm GMT

    Do you want gorgeous emerald green nails, but you don’t have the patience for polish? Say hello to emerald green press-on nails! You get flawless, decorated emerald green nails in less than ten minutes.

    Outyua False Nail Professional in Green Crystal is a 24-piece set of long, ballerina press-on nails in a metallic chrome emerald green finish. Each pack offers a variety of plain emerald chrome nails and nails with glitter and rhinestones in 12 different sizes. You can trim and file the nails to a comfortable length for your daily wear. The adhesive tape offers a smooth and straightforward application with no glue required. You’ll have effortless emerald green nails to look like true royalty.

    The key product features include:

    • Long ballerina nail shape
    • Adhesive tape application
    • 24-piece press-on nail set
    • 12 different sizes
    • Lasts 1-2 weeks

    Once you have your emerald green nail polish purchased and ready to go, you can choose the perfect emerald green nail design. We’ve gathered 20 of our top emerald nail ideas on Pinterest.

    Coffin Emerald Green Nails

    Be the queen of edginess with these sharp-looking nails. Coffin emerald green nails give a dramatic nail shape to the regal color. If you like the look of long nails with the practicality of a flattened-out tip, coffin nails are the nail shape for you. Long emerald green nails attract the most attention and look elegant with every outfit.

    The chart below compares coffin emerald green nails to stiletto emerald green nails.

    Coffin Emerald Green Nails Stiletto Emerald Green Nails
    • Long, tapered nail shape
    • Blunt edges
    • Flat tip
    • Resembles a wooden coffin
    • Long, tapered nail shape
    • Blunt edges
    • Pointed tip
    • Resembles a stiletto heel

    Acrylic Emerald Green Nails

    We love acrylic and artificial nail enhancements for several reasons:

    1. Versatile nail shapes
    2. Durability and long-lasting
    3. Long canvas for nail art
    4. Streamlined length and appearance

    While it’s possible to file natural nails into almost any nail shape, acrylic nails offer the most durability for filing and a larger canvas for nail art. Acrylic emerald green nails are a gorgeous way to elongate your nails for a luminous, regal color. We love adding tasteful gems and rhinestones to long acrylic nails in gemstone colors.

    Matte Emerald Green Nails

    Matte nails create a smooth finish with no shine. They’re for someone who is self-confident and likes to look classy without drawing too much attention.

    Matte nails are the opposite of jelly nails or glittery nails with shimmer. We love how matte emerald green nails have a flat, velvety finish that looks clean and elegant. A simple marble accent nail will transform matte nails into a sophisticated new look.

    Try Sally Hasen Miracle Gel Matte Top Coat for DIY matte emerald green nails.

    The chart below compares matte emerald green nails to different emerald green nail polish finishes.

    Nail Polish Finish Description
    Matte emerald green nails
    • Opaque emerald green color
    • No shimmer
    • No shine
    Creme emerald green nails
    • Opaque emerald green color
    • No shimmer
    • Minimal shine
    Glitter emerald green nails
    • Translucent emerald green color
    • Textured shimmer
    • High shine
    Sheer emerald green nails
    • Transparent emerald green color
    • Minimal shimmer
    • High shine
    Chrome emerald green nails
    • Opaque emerald green color
    • Metallic shimmer
    • High shine

    Emerald Green Nails With Gold

    How do you do, your Majesty? Emerald green and gold are a very royal color combination. When choosing colors to coordinate with emerald nails, you have fewer options, but luminous gold on dark green is a magnificent combination. We love the posh and elegant appeal of emerald green nails with gold.

    Emerald Green Nails Coffin

    Coffin nails give a dramatic edge to elegant nail colors. We love pairing tapered nail shapes with glossy colors to create the appearance of long, slender fingers. Emerald green nails coffin is a bold and sophisticated choice for someone who wants minimalist nails to make a statement.

    Black and Emerald Green Nails

    When in doubt, black nail polish is an incredibly versatile choice that goes with every color. Whether you choose black hand-painted nail designs or a solid black accent nail, black and emerald green nails are perfect when dressed in business attire and evening wear or casually.

    Emerald Green Nails For Prom

    Earn your title as Prom Queen in imperial emerald green. If you have your prom dress picked out with a dark green shade, or you’re accessorizing with rich green colors, try emerald green nails for prom. Classic white French manicures are the most popular choice for prom nails, but why not be creative and go for glamorous emerald nails?

    Dark Emerald Green Nails

    Emerald green is a dark shade of green, darker than olive green but lighter than hunter green. If you want to maintain the vibrance of emerald but go a couple of shades deeper, go for dark emerald forest green nails. Dark emerald green nails are perfect as a solid, glossy color or with a few tasteful rhinestone accent nails for a regal look.

    Emerald Green Nails Almond

    Oh, how we love almond nails: the long, tapered nail shape with the practicality of a rounded-out tip. While not as slender as stiletto nails, they make day-to-day tasks easier. You’ll love emerald green nails almond for an elegant nail style suitable for everyday life. The round peak nail shape will make your nails appear like emerald jewels on your fingertips.

    Zohna Tip

    Add an extra coat or two of top coat to emerald green nails to make them shine like royal jewels.

    Short Emerald Green Nails

    Emerald green is a statement nail polish color that looks posh on every length. To make your short nails stand out, you’ll want a vibrant color that pops. Short emerald green nails are classy and sharp. Add a white or gold accent nail to add some flare to your manicure.

    Cute Emerald Green Nails

    When we think of emerald green nails, our first thoughts are elegant and sophisticated rather than whimsical and fun. There are many ways to make emerald nails look playful and casual.

    These are our favorite ideas for cute emerald green nails:

    • Floral emerald green nails
    • Plaid emerald green nails
    • Camouflage emerald green nails
    • Emerald green jelly nails
    • Olive green nails with emerald green nail art

    Emerald Green Nails With Silver

    Give your emerald green nails a frosted touch. Imperial emerald green looks very regal when paired with silver. You can choose a silver accent nail on each hand of an emerald green manicure or decorate each finger with sparkles. There are many ways to make emerald green nails with silver look unique.

    Emerald Green Nails French Tip

    Give your French manicure an imperial twist and ask for “emerald green nails French tip.” The great thing about French tip manicures is that they work well with just about every color. French tip emerald nails perfectly introduce a subtle touch of dark green to your fingers.

    Emerald Green Nails Christmas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year for nails! Get in the festive spirit, and ‘tis the season’ with emerald green Christmas nails. White, gold, silver, and emerald green together make the most Christmassy blend of colors. We love silver and gold glitter with white snowflake decals.

    White and Emerald Green Nails

    Be one with nature. These white and emerald green nails are giving us some seriously earthy vibes. Hand-painted feather decals are perfect for eco-babes who like to show off their love for Mother Nature. White and green nails with earthy inspiration are perfect for fresh, new beginnings.

    Light Emerald Green Nails

    Lighten your mood with a fresh new color. Emerald green nails aren’t exclusively dark. They range from light mint green nails with an emerald hue to deep forest emeralds. We love pastel light emerald green nails that look like a refreshing lime sherbert.

    Emerald Green Nails With Gems

    If you’re a lady with expensive taste, then don’t be afraid to flaunt your precious jewels. Emerald green is the color of one of the four precious gemstones, so it only makes sense to pair emerald nails with gems. We love stick-on nail jewels in various colors for gorgeous emerald green nails with gems.

    Emerald Green Nails With Rhinestones

    Channel your inner princess with an illustrious rhinestone manicure. Emerland green nails with rhinestones are fancy and majestic. You can decorate each finger with rhinestones for a glamorous look that attracts attention or choose rhinestone accent nails for subtle luxury.

    Emerald Green Galaxy Nails

    Emerald green galaxy nails are out of this world! When you want unique emerald nails, galaxy patterns will turn heads.

    Here is how you get DIY emerald green galaxy nails step-by-step:

    1. Paint nails with three coats of dark emerald green nail polish.
    2. Use the tip of a cosmetic sponge, and dip it in a lighter shade of green nail polish. Lightly sponge all over each finger. Wait for your nails to dry.
    3. Use a new cosmetic sponge, and dip it in lime green nail polish. Lightly sponge once or twice on each nail to create small ‘clouds’. Wait for your nails to dry.
    4. Apply a glitter top coat lightly over each nail.
    5. Apply a clear top coat over your nails.

    Chrome Emerald Green Nails

    If you like bright, shiny nails that attract a lot of attention, like neon or lime green nails but want something a little less vibrant, you will love chrome nail polish. Chrome emerald green nails transform plain emerald green into a vivid, metallic emerald color. We love choosing chrome and sparkle accent nails on an emerald green manicure for a futuristic appeal.


    • Are Emerald Nails Trending?

      Are emeralds green nails trending in 2023? You bet they are! The luxurious dark green color is a trend you’ll spot all over social media and online beauty blogs. The simple and elegant nail polish looks superb as a stand-alone solid color or decorated with luxe decals like gems and rhinestones.

      According to Bustle.com, emerald nails are the lucky color for Pisces in 2023. So if you’re born from February 19th to March 20th, wearing emerald green nails will cultivate blessings and bring you financial prosperity!