43 Irresistible Heart Nails You’ll Fall in Love With

Updated on February 27, 2024
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    Heart NailsPIN

    43 Irresistible Heart Nails You’ll Fall in Love With

    Love is in the air! Wait, correction, hearts are in the air! You heard us right; welcome to the land of all things heart nails. We have 43 styles that will have your heart thumping with love and admiration. And, if you love each one as much as we do, you have your next 43 manicures all planned out; what could be better than that? So pull that arrow out of your behind, sit down (if you still can… ouch), and relax cause you are about to embark on the journey of nail love. Plus, these are the perfect Valentine’s Day nails.

    How To Paint Hearts On Nails

    We’re about to toss a bunch of beautiful heart nails in your face, and we know that it would be cruel to do so without at least telling you how to paint hearts on nails. Therefore, we have the perfect little tutorial on how to paint some hearts, so after some practice, you can be a heart painting pro.

    To create heart-shaped nail art, you’ll need the following tools:

    1. Nail File
    2. Cuticle Pusher or Wooden Stick
    3. Base Coat
    4. Nail Polish in Desired Colors
    5. Nail Polish Brush
    6. Nail Art Brush (Optional)
    7. Quick-Dry Top Coat (Optional)
    8. Nail Polish Drying Spray (Optional)
    9. Tissues or Cotton Swabs

    Step #1

    Shape nails to the desired length, file rough edges and gently push back cuticles for a clean canvas.

    Step #2

    Protect nails with a base coat for lasting polish, preventing staining, and ensuring a smooth surface.

    Step #3

    Select your favorite color – classic red for romance, or experiment with vibrant or glittery shades.

    Step #4

    Dip brush, wipe excess, and position at nail center. Create a small V-shape, forming the heart outline. This may be easier with a nail art brush as they are smaller and more precise.

    Step #5

    Carefully fill the outline, dragging the brush down from the V-shape to create a solid heart.

    Step #6

    Create hearts on every nail, experimenting with sizes and angles for a unique look. Different sides nail art brushes will help you create different sizes of hearts.

    Step #7

    Let the hearts dry completely to prevent smudging. Speed up with a quick-dry top coat or drying spray.

    Step #8

    Express yourself with this fun, creative nail art. Perfect for special occasions or everyday love.

    White Nails With Heart

    Want to elevate an already clean-looking manicure? Perfect, because these white nails with hearts are super minimalist, but the little black hearts scattered across them will make your heart pitter-patter. If a clean manicure is what you typically seek, then we highly recommend trying out a square nail shape – it matches the vibes.

    Heart French Tip Nails

    Replace the classic white French tip nails that you see all too often with these adorable heart French tip nails. Simply add little red hearts in the area you’d typically see only white, and you have yourself the cutest manicure we’ve seen in a long time.

    Chrome Nails with Hearts

    If you are over the minimalist nail trend, then you have come to the right place. These chrome nails with hearts are anything but minimalist; they are maximalist! You can go all out with a chrome nail covered in glossy hearts, or you could try and recreate this wicked chrome heart manicure.

    Heart Tip Nails

    The heart-tip nails are a sight to be seen. One of our favorite things about adding tips to your nails is obviously the length but the freedom you get when choosing the shape. You can go for square, you could go for round, you could go for almond, the options are endless! Plus, when you add length to your claws, there is so much more room for fun, and you can experiment with different designs.

    If all this sounds super fun and interesting, we want you to be even more equipped with knowledge on tip extensions. We have compiled a chart of tip extensions’ pros and cons so you can decide whether these will work for you or not.

    Pros of Heart Nails With Tip Extensions Cons of Heart Nails With Tip Extensions
    • Instant Length
    • Versatility in Shape and Length
    • More Nail Art Options
    • Strength and Durability
    • Easy Nail Repair
    • Potential Damage To Natural Nails
    • Maintenance Required
    • Time-Consuming Application
    • Risk of Fungal Infections
    • Thicker Appearance

    White Heart Nails

    Forget about the classic red hearts and do something different for a change. These white heart nails remind us of little white chocolate chips, they are so cute and small, and people don’t often go for them. What a shame, cause these look bomb! Plus, they are hard to see at first, so the little white hearts are kind of like a party trick.

    Zohna Tip

    White is a nail polish shade that over time is the first to change color. That said, you can prevent this with a super strong top coat. Don't forget the top coat, it's more important than you'd think, trust us!

    White Nails With Black Hearts

    Do you have a black heart? Great, cause you’re going to really resonate with these white nails with black hearts. Despite your beliefs in the blackness of your heart, we’re sure there’s a sweet side to you somewhere deep, deep, down. Someone who wasn’t even a little sweet would definitely not be searching the web for heart nails, just saying.

    White Nails With Pink Heart

    For a sweet look, white nails with a pink heart are the way to go. We have a feeling a lot of you are going to love these heart nails.

    That said, here is a quick little tutorial on how to do them at home:

    1. Begin by applying a white base coat to all your nails.
    2. Once dry, use a small brush or a toothpick to draw a heart shape in pink at the center of each nail, except for the middle finger on each hand.
    3. You can keep it minimalistic with one heart per nail or create a romantic design with multiple hearts.
    4. Once you are done with your hearts, paint each middle finger a silver color for some added intrigue.
    5. Finish it off with a glossy top coat.

    Pink Nails With Red Heart

    Pink and red colors are a pair that can never be beaten. No matter the situation, red and pink always come out on top. That said, if you ship these two shades together as much as we do, then you are in for a treat. These pink nails with red hearts are going to make your heart sing. Not only do they look cute, but they are the perfect pop of color to add to your day, don’t you think?

    French Nails With Hearts

    We love the classic French manicure, but sometimes we want to add a touch of romance. The French nails with hearts are here to help with that. Instead of drawing tiny hearts over top of a classic tip, make the heart shape the tip. We know, sounds crazy, right, but it’s actually super simple!

    Broken Heart Nail Design

    Feeling a bit heartbroken? We’ve all been there. Instead of locking yourself in your room crying and listening to sad music, why not remind yourself of what your metaphorical insides look like with these broken heart nail design nails? Just kidding, that sounds terrible. Perhaps these nails are for when you’re in a loving relationship but feel like doing something different. Or maybe these nails are for those anti-Valentine Day people out there because it really is a Hallmark holiday anyway, right?

    Black Nails With Heart

    Feeling moody? That means you’re in the right mindset for these black nails with hearts. Our favorite thing about these nails? So glad you asked! Well, we’d have to say it’s the combo of matte and glossy black polish. It really takes these nails to a new level of coolness we didn’t think we’d ever be able to reach.

    Zohna Tip

    Maintain overall nail health by including biotin-rich foods in your diet and avoiding excessive use of harsh nail products.

    Nude Nails With Heart

    When looking at these nails, if your heart does a little pitter-patter, you know these are meant for you, and you are meant for these. Nude nails with hearts are a classy way to have fun with your manicure while still staying professional. These are perfect for the corporate girlies out there who are professional during the day but like to have fun at night.

    Heart Glitter Nails

    You know the saying, a diamond is a girl’s best friend? Well, we know that girls have multiple best friends, and another one has to be glitter. Are we right, or are we right? Just kidding, glitter can be a pain most of the time, but sometimes it’s totally worth it. For example, these heart glitter nails!

    You have a few different ways you can incorporate a glitter look into your manicure, such as:

    • Glitter Nail Polish
    • Glitter Top Coat
    • Loose Glitter
    • Glitter Gel Polish
    • Glitter Dip Powder
    • Mix Glitter with Clear Polish

    Short Heart Nails

    Think you can’t pull off heart designs on short nails? Think again! Short heart nails are just as cute and stylish as longer ones. Our favorite short heart nails have to be these stunning royal blue French tip claws. They do a great job at incorporating color with a nude base to keep things classy but also fun at the same time.

    Heart Eye Nails

    Show off your love for all things cute and quirky with heart eye nails. If you like the idea of giving life to your nail designs, adding eyes to your hearts is the perfect way to do that. It adds a little something extra and pays homage to the Commes Des Garcons.

    Simple Heart Nail Design

    Simple Heart Nail DesignInstagram@qwjlunaPIN

    When we said simple heart nail design, we didn’t really mean it… the only thing simple about these rockin’ nails is the monochrome coloring. We love the look of a holographic nail. They are futuristic, unique, and certainly eye-catching. Plus, all it takes is some holographic powder buffed into the nails to have them shimmering and shining for days.

    Clear Nails With Hearts

    We want to be transparent with you….These aren’t real nails; they are actually fake! I know, who would have thought? Just kidding, we’re sure you could tell. But if you love the look of these clear nails with hearts, you’re in for a sweet treat. We just adore the way these look, and they are perfect for showing off your love for love. However, you must add an acrylic nail to your fingers to ensure a clear effect.

    Pink Nails With Black Hearts

    Hot pink is, well, hot. That’s all we really have to say about that. But, what stands out to us most about these heart nails is the little added gemstones – cute nails, right? We can’t leave you hanging like that, so in the table below, learn how to easily attach gems to your manicure so you can rock these pink nails with black hearts.

    Tools you’ll need:

    1. Gems or Rhinestones
    2. Clear Nail Polish or Nail Glue
    3. Tweezers or Gem Picker Tool
    4. Orange Stick or Dotting Tool
    5. Top Coat (optional)
    Steps For Adding Gems To Heart Nails More Info
    Prepare Your Nails Start with clean, dry nails. Ensure your nails are free of any polish or oils.
    Apply Base Coat Apply a base coat to protect your natural nails and provide a smooth surface for the gems.
    Choose Gem Placement Plan where you want to place the gems on your nails. You can opt for a single gem as an accent or create intricate designs with multiple gems.
    Apply Clear Nail Polish or Nail Glue Using clear nail polish or nail glue, apply a small drop to the area where you want to place the gem. Make sure it’s tacky but not fully dried.
    Pick Up the Gems Use tweezers or a gem picker tool to pick up the gems. This allows for precise placement without getting glue or polish on your fingers.
    Place the Gems Gently place the gem onto the tacky area. Use an orange stick or a dotting tool to adjust the position if needed. Press down lightly to secure the gem.
    Create Gem Patterns Experiment with different gem patterns or arrangements to achieve your desired look. You can create lines and shapes or even cover the entire nail.
    Allow to Dry Allow the gems to fully adhere and the polish or glue to dry completely. This may take a few minutes, depending on the product used.
    Apply Top Coat (Optional) For added durability and to secure the gems in place, apply a clear top coat over the entire nail. Ensure the top coat covers the edges of the gems.
    Clean Up Excess Glue or Polish If there’s any excess glue or polish around the gems, clean it up with a small brush or cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.

    Brown Nails With Hearts

    If you’re looking for a nail design that’s warm and earthy, brown nails with hearts are the perfect choice. Brown can be a tricky color to incorporate into a manicure, and you need to find the perfect shades in order for it not to look a certain way… a way in which we’re sure you know what we mean.

    That said, here are a few safe brown shades for manicures, such as:

    • Caramel Brown: A warm, medium-brown shade reminiscent of caramel adds a cozy and inviting touch to your nails.
    • Mocha Brown: Mocha is a blend of brown and coffee tones, creating a smooth and stylish color for your nails.
    • Taupe Brown: Taupe is a muted brown with grey undertones, providing a neutral and chic option that pairs well with any outfit.
    • Mahogany Brown: Mahogany is a deep, reddish-brown shade that exudes richness and depth, perfect for a luxurious look.

    Heart Rhinestone Nails

    Now that you know how to attach gems or rhinestones to your heart nails (check out pink nails with black hearts if you’re confused), it’s time to get into the serious business, aka heart rhinestone nails. These nails don’t play around with their stones. You can create heart shapes with your rhinestones; who would have thought? Not us!

    Zohna Tip

    When applying nail polish, use thin layers. This ensures even coverage and faster drying time and reduces the risk of smudging.

    Small Heart On Nails

    Sometimes, big love can come in small packages. That’s why Small Heart On Nails is perfect if you want a subtler expression of affection. Instead of a full heart design, these nails feature a small and delicate heart shape on each nail. It adds a touch of romance without overpowering your overall look.

    Purple Heart Nail Designs

    Raise your hand if you adore the color purple! Now imagine combining the beauty of purple with charming heart designs – that’s what Purple Heart Nail Designs are all about! From deep plum shades to soft lavender hues, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a touch of purple love to your nails.

    Green Heart Nails

    St. Patrick’s Day may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of green, but Green Heart Nails are here to break stereotypes! These vibrant and playful nails are perfect for adding a pop of color to your everyday look or embracing the spirit of nature. You could stick to one green shade or go for a few different ones. The choice is yours!

    Light Pink Nails With Hearts

    When it comes to expressing your sweet side, nothing beats the charm of Light Pink Nails With Hearts. These soft nails are perfect for those who like a more minimal manicure but who are perhaps trying to branch out a bit. You can never go wrong with adding hearts.

    Heart Almond Nails

    Looking for a nail shape that’s as sharp as your love? Well, then, you must meet Heart Almond Nails. This combination of the popular almond shape and charming heart designs is a match made in heaven. These fierce nails will leave everyone swooning! If you go for acrylics or tip extensions to create the almond shape, there is so much room to play around with different heart designs.

    Acrylic Nails Heart Designs

    If you’re looking for a nail extension that allows you to go all out with your heart design, Acrylic nail heart Designs are the way to go! Acrylic nails provide a solid base for intricate and detailed art with a 3D effect. Plus, there is so much room to have fun with different lengths and shapes, so make sure you find one that suits your fingers and your lifestyle.

    You could go for any acrylic nail shape to pair with heart nails. But we have a few favorites that we think look best and complement the hearts well. Take a peek at the chart below to know more.

    Acrylic Nail Shapes For Heart Nails Shape Info Best Suited For
    Round Nails Rounded at the tip. Round nails are a classic and versatile shape suitable for most people. They create a soft and natural look and are ideal for those who prefer low-maintenance nails.
    Square Nails Straight across with sharp corners. Square nails are great for those with long and narrow nail beds. They provide a clean and modern look, and the straight edges are flattering for hands with shorter fingers.
    Almond Nails Tapered sides that come to a rounded point. Almond nails elongate the fingers and are flattering for most hand shapes. They provide a graceful and feminine look and are often chosen by those who want a trendy and sophisticated style.
    Oval Nails A rounded shape with tapered tips. Oval nails are suitable for most nail beds and fingers. They offer a feminine and elegant appearance, making fingers look longer.

    Half Heart Nails

    They say that love completes us, and Half Heart Nails takes that sentiment quite literally! With this design, select two nails to feature half of a heart shape that, when brought together, form a complete heart. It’s a romantic way to show your love and allows you to have fun with nail designs.

    Ombre Nails With Hearts