22 Zesty Lime Green Nails to Try + Best Polish

Updated on December 31, 2023
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    22 Zesty Lime Green Nails to Try + Best Polish

    When you’re itching to make a bold style statement, consider upgrading your claws to a bright color, like lime green. This brilliant green shade goes well with multiple hues like purple, white, blue, and pink.

    Switching to lime green nails will make you feel like you’ve given yourself a makeover. Whether you like to flaunt long coffin nails or prefer short glittery nails, you’re likely to discover that lime green is a surprisingly versatile shade that complements many nail designs.

    Excited to explore the several different possibilities on offer? You have our full support. Keep reading for the full lowdown on this refreshingly vibrant color.

    Lime Green Nail Polish Three Picks

    If you’re considering painting your nails at home, we’re here to help. Consider checking out our lime green nail polish picks while finalizing your perfect shade. Hint: you should hunt for a high-quality, durable nail lacquer with impressive results. Your goal is to get lime green nails that don’t look dull in a couple of days.

    Ready to find out which products made it to our list? Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the most promising options.

    This quick-drying nail polish promises long-lasting and impressive results. The product offers a glossy finish and is reasonably easy to apply. This nail lacquer may be the right choice if you’re looking to achieve lime green nails quickly and easily.

    10/31/2023 10:57 pm GMT

    This alcohol-free gel nail polish stays put for three weeks without budging. It is formulated without parabens and may be a good bet for those sensitive to strong odors (this lime green nail lacquer claims to have a super mild odor.)

    Use this product with a base coat and a top coat for the best results.

    This nail polish is formulated without harsh ingredients and is suitable for different age groups, kids included. This nail polish is even safe for pregnant people. After using this product, speed up the drying process using a blow dryer.

    The Piggy Paint nail polish prides itself on being:

    1. Non-toxic
    2. Vegan and cruelty-free
    3. Nearly odorless
    4. Paraben-free

    Once you’ve figured out which nail lacquer to buy, you’ll need ideas as you decide how to flaunt lime green nails. Should you add glitter or a different color to shake things up?

    Don’t sweat. We’ve compiled a list of interesting ideas to try as you experiment with green nails. Go on, take a look.

    Glitter Lime Green Nails

    Glitter lime green nails can look incredibly impressive, especially if you stick to shades of green. Add a few French green tips to make your claws look more stunning.

    Lime Green Nails With Diamonds

    Trust us when we say this: lime green nails look incredible when paired with diamonds. Glam up your mani by adding jewels to your nails. You won’t regret this decision, we promise.

    Zohna Tip

    Use a cleansing wipe to prep your nails before applying nail polish for the best results.

    Black and Lime Green Nails

    If you’re up for it, check out quirky nail designs while going for black and lime green nails. This is a colorful and bold combination that leaves room for plenty of experimentation.

    Also, if you’ve struggled with painting your nails at home, know you are not alone. The struggle is real and the process requires steady hands and good coordination. Don’t lose hope yet.

    Check out our helpful tips below the next time you plan to do your nails. You’re welcome.

    How to Paint Lime Green Nails At Home Description
    Remove old polish This goes without saying; get rid of old polish with acetone before going in with a new coat.
    Don’t forget your base coat Your base coat will help nail polish adhere to your nails. It also works as an effective tool against polish stains.
    Apply the nail polish carefully Use thin layers to apply nail polish instead of trying to achieve your desired look with thick layers. Be slow and deliberate instead of rushing through the process.
    Use a top coat Applying a top coat at the end of the process helps nail polish last longer.
    Perfect your nails This is the time to use a Q-tip and acetone to clean up any messes and ensure your nails look neat and clean.

    While applying nail polish may sometimes seem frustrating, don’t give up. After all, practice makes perfect.

    Acrylic Lime Green Nails

    Long acrylic lime green nails are eye-catching to say the least. Get yourself a set of lime green acrylics when you want to rock zesty nails at a beach party.

    Short Lime Green Nails

    Never underestimate the power of short lime green nails. They’re impossible to overlook in most settings. Whether you’re going for lime green nails or neon green nails, you’re likely to impress with your uber-stylish manicured fingers.

    Purple and Lime Green Nails

    This fascinating color combo is like a gift that keeps on giving. Purple and lime green nails look funky, especially if you add trendy nail art.

    Cute Lime Green Nails

    Try these cute lime green nails with streaks of gold, and get ready for tons of compliments to hit you. Don’t think; just do it. We reckon you’ll love the results.

    White and Lime Green Nails

    If you’re a sucker for sophisticated patterns and artsy nail designs, you must consider playing with white and lime green nails. A simple but powerful pattern like the one above can be exactly what you need to elevate your nail game.

    Hot Pink and Lime Green Nails

    Who says you need to follow the rules to make a solid impression? It’s time to leave your comfort zone behind.

    Get one set of nails painted with hot pink and add lime green to the rest. You might be tempted to stay loyal to this style for a long time.

    Light Lime Green Nails

    Light lime green nails with French tips are a subdued take on this style. Don’t get us wrong, though. This look is as powerful as the rest and is an evergreen take on lime green nails.

    Long Lime Green Nails

    Long lime green nails with funky nail art are anything but boring. Add a tiny amount of glitter to take this style to a new level.

    You can also add other elements to your nail art, such as:

    • Rhinestones
    • Stickers
    • Nail wraps

    Blue and Lime Green Nails

    Blue and Lime Green NailsInstagram@ruby_lashPIN

    Want to try two contrasting colors that are too delightful to pass up? Blue and lime green nails should be on your radar. They make such a strong style statement together that you’ll experiment with them again before you know it.

    Summer Lime Green Nails

    Your summer is incomplete without bright green nails. And guess what? You don’t even need much to get this one right. Perfectly shaped nails and a vibrant lime green hue should do the trick.

    Lime Green Nails With Butterflies

    Want to make your lime green nails look even cuter? Add an adorable butterfly design to your lime green nails, like the picture above. Simple and sweet.

    Lime Green Nails With Rhinestones

    If you want to add more drama to your lime green nails, rhinestones are the perfect addition to your manicured nails. Pretty and sparkly, rhinestones can easily amp up your nail game.

    Nude and Lime Green Nails

    Nude and Lime Green NailsInstagram@mjnailzPIN

    Consider trying a nude base with lime green French tips if you feel like pulling off an understated look. This style will effortlessly make you feel more put together.

    Yellow and Lime Green Nails

    Super vibrant yellow and lime green French acrylic nails to the rescue! This gorgeous combination of lively colors can instantly brighten your day.

    Orange and Lime Green Nails

    This combination of colorful hues may seem a bit too irresistible and may remind you of delicious ice candy. Orange and lime green nails are as pretty as you might expect them to be. Feel free to experiment with nail art if you like.

    Key Lime Green Nails

    Key lime green nails with a bit of sparkle are all that you need to spruce up your nail game. Take inspiration from the example above and prepare to flaunt those gorgeous nails.

    Square Lime Green Nails

    Square lime green nails are classic options that work for all seasons. If you feel like it, add some glitter to elevate your look.

    Bright Lime Green Nails

    Bright lime green nails are versatile and a good fit for different skin tones. Also, bright colors like lime green are a great way to make your manicured nails stand out.

    Grey and Lime Green Nails

    Grey and lime green nails are another stellar combo that should be on your wishlist. Pair lime green nails with sparkly grey polish for the most flattering results.


    • What Colors Go With Lime Green Nails?

      Neutral shades are a good bet when looking for colors that complement lime green nails. From black and white to beige and grey, you have lots of shades to pick from.

    • How to Make Lime Green Nail Polish?

      Mix yellow and blue nail polish colors to get a basic shade of green. Add a bit of white nail paint to make lime green nail polish.

    • How Much Do Lime Green Nails Cost?

      This depends on the nail salon you go to. Other factors to consider are whether you decide to go for acrylic nails or nail art (both of which will increase your overall expenses.) A basic lime green manicure typically costs around $30 but can be more. A lime green acrylic manicure is usually $45 and up.

    • How Long Do Lime Green Nails Last?

      Again, this depends on a few factors, like whether you opt for acrylic nails or even gel nail polish versus the regular varieties. That said, expect your lime green nails to last as long as three weeks if you’re using gel polish and only a few days with regular polish.

    Lime Green Nail Dreams

    We must warn you; after reading this post, you might dream of lime green nails all week. But, it is worth it because green nails are worth a shot. They’re surprisingly versatile and look rather distinctive.

    Whether you choose olive green nails, sage green nails, mint green nails, or lime green nails, you will love flaunting green nails in a sea of neutral colors and conventional shades. Make the most of it and turn your dream into a reality.