21 Beautiful Natural Acrylic Nail Ideas for Inspiration

Updated on January 26, 2024
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    21 Beautiful Natural Acrylic Nail Ideas for Inspiration

    The natural look is in! Forget about showing off anything that isn’t accentuating your natural beauty, because natural acrylic nails are in. These claws are beautiful in their simplicity and we cannot get enough. But, what might surprise you is that there are so many ways to get the natural acrylic look without compromising fun. Let’s get started!

    What are Natural Acrylic Nails?

    Before we delve into the various designs and styles of natural acrylic nails, let’s first understand what they are. Natural acrylic nails are extensions of a liquid monomer and powder polymer combination. They are carefully applied to your natural nails for length and strength. The goal is to create a subtle enhancement that looks natural and effortless.

    There are a few important advantages of natural acrylic nails that we want to let you in on. Check out the table below to find out more.

    Advantages of Natural Acrylic Nails Description
    Durability They are less prone to breakage and chipping than natural nails. Additionally, they can withstand everyday wear and tear, making them perfect for those with active lifestyles. With proper care, your natural acrylic nails can last for weeks, allowing you to enjoy your elegant and manicured look for longer.
    Endless design possibilities Just because you are looking for a natural acrylic nail look doesn’t mean the nail polish needs to look natural. There are so many different design choices that you can choose (don’t worry we get into it further into this article).
    Versatile There are so many different acrylic nail shapes you can play around with to get the optimal natural acrylic nail shape you want.

    How To Apply Acrylic Powder To Natural Nails

    Applying acrylic powder to natural nails requires patience and precision. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve salon-worthy results in the comfort of your own home:

    1. Clean your nails thoroughly and use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles gently. This will provide a clean canvas for the acrylic application.
    2. Before you begin the application process, it’s important to ensure your nails are clean and free from dirt or oils. Start by washing your hands with a gentle soap and warm water. Once your nails are clean, gently push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher. This step is crucial as it helps create a clean and even surface for the acrylic powder to adhere to.
    3. Apply a thin primer layer to your nails to ensure maximum adhesion. Primer is essential in the acrylic application as it helps the acrylic powder adhere to your natural nails. Using a small brush, apply a thin primer layer to each nail. Be sure to cover the entire nail surface, including the edges. Allow the primer to dry completely before moving on to the next step. Dip a brush into an acrylic liquid solution and the acrylic powder.
    4. Now, it’s time to start applying the acrylic powder. Take a clean brush and dip it into an acrylic liquid solution. This liquid helps to activate the acrylic powder and create a smooth consistency for application. Once the brush is damp with the liquid, dip it into the acrylic powder. Gently tap off any excess powder to ensure a controlled application. Swipe the brush across your nail, starting from the base and working towards the tip, to create a smooth and even layer.
    5. With the brush loaded with acrylic powder, swipe it across your nail smoothly. Start from the base of your nail and work your way towards the tip. Apply gentle pressure to ensure the powder adheres evenly to the nail surface. Continue this motion until you have covered the entire nail with a thin layer of acrylic powder. Repeat this process on each nail, working one at a time, to prevent the acrylic from drying too quickly.
    6. Working on one nail at a time is important to prevent the acrylic from drying too quickly. This will ensure enough time to shape and perfect each nail before the acrylic hardens. Repeat the previous steps on each nail, applying the acrylic powder in a smooth and even layer. Once the acrylic layer has dried, file and shape your nails to your desired style.
    7. After allowing the acrylic layer to dry completely, it’s time to shape and refine your nails. Use a nail file to shape the edges of your nails to your desired style. Whether you prefer a square, oval, or almond shape, gently file the edges of your nails in one direction to avoid weakening or damaging them. Buff the nails to remove any imperfections and create a smooth surface.
    8. Buffing your nails is essential to achieving a flawless finish. Take a buffing block or a soft nail buffer and gently rub it across the surface of your nails. This will help remove imperfections, smooth out rough edges, and create a polished look. Be careful not to buff too aggressively, as this can thin the acrylic layer. Apply a protective top coat to seal and enhance the longevity of your natural acrylic nails.

    Acrylic Overlay On Natural Nails

    An acrylic overlay on natural nails is a popular choice for those who want a simple and understated look. This technique involves applying a thin layer of clear acrylic over your natural nails. The result is a glossy and polished finish that accentuates the natural beauty of your nails. With an acrylic overlay, you can say goodbye to weak and brittle nails, as it adds strength and durability.

    Natural Pink Acrylic Nails

    Natural Pink Acrylic NailsInstagram@jingnailsPIN

    If you have your eyes set on looking pretty in pink, we’d like to introduce you to natural pink acrylic nails. The light pink gives off a natural vibe, just slightly elevated. Pair the pink with a perfectly groomed set of claws shaped into the coffin shape.

    There are a few other natural acrylic nail shapes you could pair with the classic pink, such as:

    • Oval
    • Almond
    • Square

    Natural Short Acrylic Nails

    Acrylic nails do more than just add length to your nails – so there’s no need to get long acrylics every time. Natural short acrylic nails are just as nice looking, give off a clean aesthetic, and are much more natural-looking. These nails look the most natural if you are wanting something uber o’natural.

    Natural Color Acrylic Nails

    While neutral shades are often associated with natural nails, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to just beige and nude. Natural color acrylic nails offer an array of muted tones that keep things natural and colorful. Try going for an ultra-light pink shade – this way, it looks natural without looking boring.

    Square Natural Acrylic Nails

    In our opinion, the most natural acrylic nail shape has to be square, and that is why we suggest these square natural acrylic nails. These nails not only look natural, but they are clean and pretty. Having nice, clean-cut nails makes you look like a clean-cut person, which is always good.

    Natural Acrylic Nails With Glitter

    Who says natural nails can’t have a bit of sparkle and shine? Natural acrylic nails with glitter are a fabulous way to get your glitter fix without compromising the natural look. Go for a neutral shade of glitter dusted over your claws for the most natural-looking manicure. The glitter elevates your fingers ever so slightly without being too dramatic. However, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of drama here and there.

    Natural French Tip Acrylic Nails

    If you want a timeless manicure that suits every occasion or outfit, then the natural French tip acrylic nails are precisely what you are looking for, we just know it. Natural French tip acrylic nails combine the classic look of a white tip with the durability and strength of acrylic extensions. We recommend pairing your French tips with a square nail to really get that perfectly sharp appearance.

    Cute Natural Acrylic Nails

    There is nothing cuter than Hello Kitty! To some, that might be a controversial statement, for others, it’s a fact. You will love these cute natural acrylic nails if you stand on the latter half of those two groups. These Hello Kitty nails are intricate and complex but look slightly natural with their limited color range.

    We recommend seeing a professional or getting really good at nail designs for these nails. If you want to add designs to your natural acrylic nails, there are a few ways you can do that, such as:

    • 3D designs
    • Hand-painted designs
    • Nail stickers

    Natural Almond Acrylic Nails

    The almond nail shape is the ultimate soft yet striking shape that we can’t recommend enough. In our opinion, they are also one of the more natural. We love this shape also because it does a great job of elongating the fingers and keeping things looking natural no matter how long they are. Pair your natural almond acrylic nails with a light whitish-pink shade to really keep yourself at bay.

    Natural Classy Acrylic Nails

    Natural Classy Acrylic NailsInstagram@bbtroonPIN

    Nothing says class like an elevated natural manicure. These classy acrylic nails look natural but have certain design elements that make them a bit more special than your average joe. For one, they are ombre, meaning a color gradient from one to another; in this case, it’s white and pink. Very natural looking. And second, they have a few little rhinestones that add some understated shine and glamour. Who said you can’t have fun with natural acrylic nails?

    To know how to apply rhinestones for this classy manicure, check out the tutorial below:


    1. Rhinestones of your choice
    2. Clear nail polish or nail glue
    3. Toothpick or tweezers
    4. Nail file
    5. Base coat and top coat (optional)


    1. Prepare Your Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. If you have any old nail polish, remove it using nail polish remover. Trim and shape your nails as desired.
    2. Apply a Base Coat (Optional): A base coat can help protect your natural nails and provide a smooth surface for the rhinestones. Allow the base coat to dry completely.
    3. *Select Your Rhinestones: Choose the rhinestones you want to use and organize them for easy access. Make sure they are clean and free from any dust or debris.
    4. Apply Clear Nail Polish or Nail Glue: You can use clear nail polish or nail glue to adhere to the rhinestones. Apply a small amount of clear polish or glue to the nail area where you want to place the rhinestone. Work on one nail at a time to prevent the polish or glue from drying too quickly.
    5. Place the Rhinestones: Use a toothpick or tweezers to pick up a rhinestone and carefully place it onto the wet nail polish or glue. Gently press down to secure the rhinestone in place. You can create patterns or designs based on your preference.
    6. Arrange and Repeat: Continue adding rhinestones, arranging them in the desired pattern. Be creative and experiment with different designs. If you’re using various sizes or colors, plan the arrangement before you start.
    7. Allow to Dry: Allow the rhinestones to dry completely before moving on to the next step. This may take a few minutes, depending on the type of nail polish or glue you’re using.
    8. Apply a Top Coat (Optional): For added durability and to seal the rhinestones in place, you can apply a clear top coat. This will also give your nails a glossy finish. Allow the top coat to dry completely.
    9. Clean Up: If there’s any excess glue or polish around the rhinestones, use a cotton swab or a small brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges.

    Natural Rounded Acrylic Nails

    For the picture-perfect manicure, we suggest natural rounded acrylic nails. Opt for a round, also known as an oval nail shape. This will give a rounded natural look. We suggest elevating it further by giving the claws a French manicure. We are sure you’re going to love this one.

    Natural Long Acrylic Nails

    If you love a bit of drama, natural long acrylic nails are a fabulous choice. Long nails can instantly elevate your look and don’t always need to look unnatural. You can experiment with different shapes and designs with natural long acrylic nails. But we recommend a coffin nail shape paired with the beauty of an ombre paint job.

    Clear Acrylic Overlay On Natural Nails

    A clear acrylic overlay on natural nails is the perfect option for those who want a barely-there enhancement. This technique involves applying a thin layer of clear acrylic over your natural nails, creating a glossy and natural-looking finish. With a clear acrylic overlay, your natural nails will be protected from everyday wear and tear while maintaining their natural beauty. This minimalist style is perfect if you want to enhance your nails without adding any color or design. It’s all about letting your natural nails shine while enjoying the benefits of acrylic extensions. Clear acrylic nails might sound strange, but we hope we convince you otherwise.

    Ombre Natural Acrylic Nails

    Ombre natural acrylic nails are a show-stopper. They look complex because of their color gradient, but news flash, they are actually decently easy to do. Ombre nails feature a gradient effect that transitions from one color to another, creating a stunning and eye-catching look.

    With ombre natural acrylic nails, you can choose any color combination that suits your taste and style, but we recommend pink and white for the most natural.

    Small Natural Acrylic Nails

    For those who prefer a more minimalist and low-maintenance look, small natural acrylic nails are perfect. Small nails can be as elegant as longer ones, offering them a delicate and understated look.

    Natural Gel Acrylic Nails

    Gel acrylic nails combine the durability and strength of acrylic extensions with the long-lasting and glossy finish of gel polish. This combination creates natural gel acrylic nails that are stunning and resistant to chipping and fading. With natural gel acrylic nails, you can enjoy a high-shine finish that lasts for weeks without losing its luster. The gel polish adds extra protection to your nails, ensuring they stay beautiful and flawless.

    Natural Acrylic Nails With Diamonds

    Natural acrylic nails with diamonds epitomize elegance and glamour, giving your fingertips a dazzling look. You can apply them however you want, but sometimes it’s fun to play with creating different shapes with the rhinestones like in the image above. But what do we know? The choice is yours, and that’s the beauty of a manicure.

    Pretty Natural Acrylic Nails

    We think all the natural acrylic nails we have suggested so far are pretty, but these ones take the cake. These pretty natural acrylic nails are gorgeous and have the perfect little 3D art to really capture people’s attention. Rhinestones are also a fantastic idea to up the pretty factors. But, honestly, as long as they are on your fingers, they are already pretty, just like you.

    Medium Natural Acrylic Nails

    You can never go wrong with choosing a Medium-length nail. They offer the perfect balance between practicality and stylish. Medium natural acrylic nails provide a versatile canvas for various designs and nail shapes, allowing you to experiment.

    Coffin Natural Acrylic Nails

    The coffin acrylic nail shape is one of those shapes that looks natural but just slightly elevated. We love these nails because they are simple yet eye-catching – a perfect combination. Precision and elegance come together in the mesmerizing coffin shape of natural acrylic nails.

    Natural Matte Acrylic Nails

    If you prefer a more understated look, natural matte acrylic nails are the perfect choice. With their soft, velvety finish, these nails give off the aura of perfection and naturalism. The matte texture adds a unique twist to your manicure, making it stand out from the usual glossy nails.


    • Can You Put Acrylic On Natural Nails?

      One of the most common questions regarding natural acrylic nails is whether you can apply acrylic directly to your natural nails. The answer is yes! However, it’s vital to take certain precautions to protect the health of your natural nails in the process.

    • How To Make Acrylic Nails Look Natural

      When it comes to creating a natural look with acrylic nails, the key is to focus on nail shaping, color selection, and the right finishing touches. Make sure to do an acrylic nail shape that isn’t too outside of the box. Also, keep bright and unnatural colors to a minimum.

    • How Much Is Acrylic Overlay On Natural Nails?

      When considering acrylic overlays on natural nails, pricing can vary depending on factors such as location, salon reputation, and the expertise of the nail technician. On average, acrylic overlays typically range from $35 to $60.

    Natural Calltoral

    Natural acrylic nails offer a world of possibilities for those who desire stunning and long-lasting nail enhancements while maintaining a natural look. We provided plenty of different looks and styles, and we are almost 100% certain that there was at least one that made your heart flutter – don’t worry, that’s only natural.