17 Olive Green Nails Ideas to Flatter Every Skintone

Updated on December 31, 2023
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    17 Olive Green Nails Ideas to Flatter Every Skintone

    Olive us here love olive green! Oops. We mean, all of us here love olive green!

    Olive green dresses, olive green accessories, olive green nails. There are so many beautiful ways to wear this yellow-green color.

    Olive green is:

    • A dark yellowish-green color with a slight red undertone
    • A warm shade of green
    • Sits between green and yellow on the color wheel
    • Resembles the green olive it’s named after

    Olive green is a popular choice for beauty and fashion because it is flattering on all skin tones. A splash of olive green makeup or accessories adds warmth to every outfit. It’s the perfect shade to give a bit of color to neutrals like creamy white, black, and tan.

    When it comes to green nails, olive green nails provide a one-of-a-kind take on the traditional green nail polish colors. The dark yellow-green shade suits everyone and is casual for everyday wear and glamorous for evening occasions.

    Olive Green Nail Designs

    When choosing olive green nail designs, we want to select colors complimenting olive green. The same color rules apply to nails as fashion and interior design.

    Olive green nail designs work best with six colors:

    1. Red
    2. Plum
    3. Beige
    4. Tan
    5. Gold
    6. Black

    We suggest red and plum nail designs to add energy to olive green manicures. Beige and tan are perfect for a neutral olive green palate. Black and gold work for elegant and sophisticated olive green nails.

    Of course, you can pair olive green nails with lighter or darker shades of yellow-green like light olive, army green, or sage green nails. Avoid pairing olive green with blue-green nail colors that clash, like seafoam or mint green nails.

    We love to accessorize olive green nails with nail art and designs.

    Olive green nail art includes:

    • Hand-painted decals
    • Nail stickers
    • Rhinestones
    • Foil flakes
    • Holographic art

    Olive Green Nail Polish 6 Picks

    Why is olive green nail polish a must-have staple of your nail polish shelf? Because it suits everyone and compliments every skin tone! Olive green nails can be kept simple and casual for daily wear or decorated for fancier occasions.

    Check out our top six olive green nail polish picks for 2023!

    10/30/2023 07:21 pm GMT

    Do you want long-lasting olive green nail color with a vibrant glow? Bettles Gel Nail Polish offers highly-pigmented gel nail polish for smooth and flawless nails. The Viper’s Kiss collection provides a range of neutral and green colors ranging from Pure White to Evil Black. For olive green nails, go with the Olive Green color.

    Beetles Gel polishes are made of healthy, toxin-free ingredients for a safe, non-toxic polish with low odor. The polish is cured under LED light in just 90 seconds and lasts up to three weeks. These ultra-opaque, high-gloss colors are fade-resistant for a rich olive green color.

    The key product features include:

    • Chip-resistant
    • Fade-resistant
    • Lasts up to three weeks
    • Easy soak-off
    • High gloss

    Are you ready for olive green nails that are out of this world? Welcome to the future of olive green nail polish. Metallic olive green nails put a futuristic twist on the classic olive color. ZOYA Nail Polish in Gemma is a rich olive green color with a metallic finish.

    ZOYA nail polishes are one of the healthiest and safest brands of nail polish to use, including for pregnant women. The formulas are free of over ten common nail polish toxins, including formaldehyde, parabens, ethyl, and lead. ZOYA ensures salon-quality nail polishes with long-lasting wear. They’re worn and endorsed by celebrities and frequently worn on fashion runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

    The key product features include:

    • Vegan formula
    • Toxin-free
    • Long-lasting polish
    • Metallic finish
    • Safe for pregnant women

    Does a quick-dry nail polish with no base and no top coat needed sound too good to be true? Well, you haven’t bought a bottle of Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Color! For a gorgeous, glossy medium olive green shade, try the Precious Cargo-go color!

    The cream-finish nail polish paints on smoothly and evenly and dries in less than a minute. Essie nail polishes come with an angled brush, offering easy application for painting with both hands. The vegan formula contains no animal-derived ingredients and is free of eight common nail polish toxins.

    The key product features include:

    • Quick-dry nail polish
    • Dries in less than a minute
    • Angeled brush
    • Vegan formula
    • Glossy-creme finish
    Imtiti Gel Nail Polish
    $7.99 ($15.98 / Fl Oz)
    10/30/2023 07:27 pm GMT

    Are you a no-fuss kind of girl looking for an all-in-one nail polish? Imtiti gel polishes offer a base coat, nail color, and top coat all in one bottle! Try Imiti Gel Nail Polish in Light Yellow Green for a whimsical springtime olive green color.

    The high-gloss polish offers up to three weeks of chip-free color. Cure the polish with an LED lamp for 60 seconds to ensure smooth, flawless results. The gel formula provides a highly-pigmented, long-lasting color and easily soaks off when ready for a change. It comes in a 0.5 fl oz bottle for many applications before running dry.

    The key product features include:

    • Gel nail polish
    • Up to three weeks of wear
    • LED lamp cured
    • Highly pigmented
    • Opaque finish
    10/30/2023 07:16 pm GMT

    Bring the spa experience home with professional salon-quality nail polish. When it comes to quality nail polish, you can’t go wrong with OPI. We love OPI Infinite Shine2 Long-Wea Lacquer in Pear-adise Cove for vibrant olive green nails.

    OPI Infinite Shine2 Long-Wear Lacquers are glossy creme nail polish finishes offering up to eleven days of chip-free wear. The gel-like polish delivers a high shine with no LED light curing required. You’ll have DIY vibrant, olive green nails that look like a professional manicure.

    The key product features include:

    • Salon-quality nail polish
    • Glossy creme finish
    • Gel-like nail polish
    • Eleven-day wear
    • No LED curing required

    Do you want gorgeous olive green nails but don’t have the patience for polish? Say hello to olive green press-on nails! You get flawless olive green nails in less than ten minutes.

    AddFavor Fake Nails in Green is a 100-piece set of long, coffin press-on nails in a matte olive green finish. Each pack offers 100 matte olive green nails in 10 different sizes. You can trim and file the nails to a comfortable length for your daily wear. Purchase nail glue separately for long-lasting wear. You’ll have effortless olive green nails for an elegant manicure.

    The key product features include:

    • Long coffin nail shape
    • Nail glue application
    • 100-piece press-on nail set
    • 10 different sizes
    • Glue sold separately

    Do you have your perfect olive green nail polish shade picked out, or is it on its way to your door? It’s time to find some olive green nail designs for inspiration. We’ve picked 17 of our favorite olive green nail ideas from talented nail artists on social media.

    Short Olive Green Nails

    Life is too short to fuss with long nails!

    Though we love the look of long, slender nails, they aren’t always the most practical for day-to-day wear and active lifestyles.

    Fortunately, so many colors complement shorter nails, and olive green is one of them! Nude and beige make nails appear longer, but short olive green nails will draw attention to your manicure.

    Light Olive Green Nails

    Perfectly pastel. Light olive green nails are a blend of pastel green and yellow. They’re the perfect spring and summertime nail color to lighten your mood.

    Light olive green is a trendy color for prom and bridesmaids’ dresses, with a light olive manicure to match! We love the addition of gold nail art to compliment the yellow hue.

    Olive Green Nails With Gold

    Let these be the golden years of manicures. Golden nail art adds a luxurious touch to your fingers.

    Gold nail art includes:

    • Foil flakes
    • Holographic nail art
    • Glitter
    • Gems

    We love the gold foil butterfly on a light green background for olive green nails with gold that stands out.

    Dark Olive Green Nails

    Warm up for the cooler months with this fall-inspired shade of olive green. “Martini olive” is a dark yellow-green shade perfect for the cooler seasons. Dark olive green nails go with plum, tan, black, and many other shades of neutral-brown fall colors.

    Ombre Olive Green Nails

    Let’s get faded. From the French word ombre, which means ‘to shade’ or ‘to shadow,’ ombre nails offer a blended way to transition colorful tips into a natural or similar color.

    We love the look of ombre olive green nails on a nude base for a subtle way to introduce a splash of yellow-green color. Ombre is a popular nail technique, along with gradient, marble, and galaxy nails.

    The chart below compares ombre olive green nails to other popular nail techniques.

    Nail Polish Techniques Description
    Ombre Olive Green Nails
    • Two or more colors of polish from the same color group
    • Colors transition into each other from light to dark
    Marbel Olive Green Nails
    • Two dots of color polish and a dot of glitter polish
    • Colors brushed together into a swirl effect
    Gradient Olive Green Nails
    • Two or more colors of polish from different color groups
    • Colors transitioned together into a cascading design
    Galaxy Olive Green Nails
    • Dark base color polish
    • Light-colored shimmer or glitter top coat

    Fall Olive Green Nails

    Fall in love with these olive green nails! Olive green is the perfect warm shade to transition between summer and fall. Fall olive green nails mean any design with autumn inspiration, but we particularly like olive green nails with gold foil leaves and marble accent nails.

    Zohna Tip

    Alternate olive green nail colors with autumn shades like pumpkin orange and cinnamon brown for a multicolored fall palette.

    Cute Olive Green Nails

    Cute nails!

    For super cute olive green nails, we like choosing a lighter yellow-green shade between olive and lime green nails. There are so many designs to make olive green nails look playful and fun. Animal print nails are our go-to cute nails for a casual look and ready-to-party.

    White and Olive Green Nails

    Refresh your nails with a white and olive green manicure. The colors remind us of growth and vitality. White and olive green nails are versatile, ranging from a light pastel olive green to dark martini olive.

    Olive Green Nails With Glitter

    Make it sparkle with a glamorous new manicure! Olive green nails with glitter are a glamorous choice for special occasions. Try a glitter top coat on top of your favorite olive green polish.

    If you like the look of green nails with glitter, but want something different, consider one of these four ways to get sparkly olive green nails:

    1. Shimmer polish
    2. Gems
    3. Rhinestones
    4. Holographic nail art
    5. Foil flakes

    Pink and Olive Green Nails

    Life is pretty in pink, but it’s prettier in pink and olive green! You can settle on a design with both when you can’t choose between playful pink or energetic olive green nails. We love neon yellow-green and blush pink for watermelon-inspired pink and olive green nails.

    Olive Green Nails Almond

    Practical and chic? Say yes to the almond nails! We love the tapered nail shape with the practicality of a rounded-out tip. Olive green nails almond are a classy and sophisticated nail color and shape suitable for every occasion.

    Acrylic Olive Green Nails

    Want smooth, flawless, long olive green nails? Acrilyic olive green nails are the best way to get long, tapered nail shapes with a durable canvas for nail art.

    The chart below compares the pros and cons of acrylic olive green nails.

    Pros of Acrylic Olive Green Nails Cons of Acrylic Olive Green Nails
    • Durable
    • Last up to 3 weeks
    • Enhance length
    • Can be filed into a variety of shapes
    • Damaging to nail beds
    • High maintenance
    • Require regular fills
    • Require soaking in acetone for proper removal

    Matte Olive Green Nails

    In recent years, we’ve seen matte makeup and beauty trends blow up on our social media feeds. Matte lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish have a sophisticated appeal that tells you a person is into their looks but doesn’t care for all the glossy attention.

    If you like matte green nails‘ smooth, velvety finish, you’ll love how it looks in olive green. Matte olive green nails have a modest and elegant appeal to make your complexion glow.

    Marble Olive Green Nails

    Marble patterns have been used for centuries in art and design. The blended colors swirled together add a touch of elegance to every space, including our nails.

    Marble olive green nails add a timeless, luxurious appeal to a calm, refreshing manicure. Add a little gold glitter for just the right amount of sophistication.

    Olive Green Nails with Rhinestones

    You have a thing for bling? Well, in words sung most famously by the iconic bombshell Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

    You’ll love olive green nails with rhinestones if you love diamonds, pearls, and precious gemstones. Olive green goes well with golden and nude accents, so if you want to add some sparkle to your fingertips, add gold glitter and rhinestones to your nude and olive green nails.

    Gradient Olive Green Nails

    Are you taken by the sight of a mesmerizing sunset or the tranquility of multicolored turquoise waters? If so, you’ll fall in love with Gradient olive green nails. The gradient colors transition one or more shades of green into black, white, gold, or other colors into a stunning cascading design.

    Olive Green and Rose Gold Nails

    Nothing says love like roses, and nothing says “Olive you” like olive green and rose gold nails! When you want a color combo that’s adorable and classy at the same time, go for a rose gold and olive green manicure. We love plain rose and olive nail polish with a shimmery rose gold accent nail.


    • Can You Make Olive Green Nail Polish?

      Olive green nail polish is pretty easy to make. If you want to make DIY olive green nail polish, you have two options:

      1. Mix a yellow-green or green polish, like army green or hunter green, and a yellow polish together.
      2. Make olive green nail polish from primary colors.

      To make olive green from primary colors, mix one part of medium blue nail polish with three parts of yellow nail polish to get a medium yellow-green color. Add a tiny drop of red nail polish to get that warm olive green hue.

    • What Colors Go Best With Olive Nails?

      When choosing an outfit to go with olive green nails, your best choice is either a neutral shade like white, black, or beige or another yellow-green color that closely matches your olive green nail polish. You can also choose contrasting colors with undertones of red or gold to match the warm olive green hue.

      Olive green nails also go with:

      • Plum
      • Red
      • Tan
      • Gold
    • What Celebrities Wear Olive Green Nails?

      Many celebrities have been spotted with olive green nails. Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez are the two most talked about stars with olive nails. Other popular shades of green nails worn by celebrities over the past year include sage, emerald, and hunter green nails.

    Fall In Love With Olive Green Nails

    Are you tempted to tell your new olive green manicure, “Olive You”!? Okay, enough with the cheesy puns. Now go out and show off your beautiful new olive green nails and post them to social media!