36 Juicy Orange Nails Designs for Manicure Inspiration

Updated on February 6, 2024
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    36 Juicy Orange Nails Designs for Manicure Inspiration

    We can’t 100% guarantee that there will be an orange nail manicure in here that is exactly what you are looking for. But, we can 100% guarantee that after reading this your day will be brightened and that you’ll have some manicure ideas floating in your brain. Now, let’s get into anything orange nails. We have neon nails, coral nails, pastel nails, and so much more for you to check out, so what’s the hold up, get to it!

    Pink And Orange Nails

    If you like to play around with your manicure, then we suggest doing a dual color manicure design. Pink and orange nails are great for this as the colors together make the perfect match. Try incorporating them in some unique shapes like the image above. These nails would be perfect for sipping a frozen bellini on a patio in the summer or spending a day on the lake.

    Pumpkin Nails

    Is it a spooky season while you’re reading this? If we guessed right and you find yourself amidst all the ghosts and ghouls you are probably going to want to check out this manicure. We love these pumpkin nails, because they embrace a hard to wear color (orange) and play around with fun designs.

    For nails like these you have a few options for getting the designs, such as:

    • Hand painting
    • Nail stickers
    • Halloween press on nails
    • Nail stencils
    • Getting them professionally done

    Fire Nails

    These fire nails are fire in both ways – aka they look fire and they look like a fire because they have fire on them! We suggest pairing your cool fire nails with an almond nail shape – however, don’t let us stop you if there’s another shape you think suits you or the designs better. You know what, we can’t just only suggest one, that’s not fair! In the table below we have lined out the different nail shapes you can try and what they are best for and why.

    Acrylic Nail Shapes What They Are Best For Why
    Oval Nails Oval Nails are considered a versatile and universally flattering shape. They complement most hand shapes and are particularly well-suited for those with shorter fingers or wider nail beds. The oval shape mimics the natural shape of the cuticle, providing an elegant and balanced appearance.
    Square Nails Square nails look great on hands with long fingers and narrow nail beds. They can also make shorter nails appear longer. The straight-across edge of square nails can create the illusion of longer fingers and a more sophisticated look.
    Almond Nails Almond-shaped nails are ideal for those with shorter fingers or wider nail beds. They can also elongate the appearance of the fingers. The straight-across edge of square nails can create the illusion of longer fingers and a more sophisticated look.
    Round Nails Round Nails are suitable for those with short fingers or wider nail beds. They’re a classic and safe choice for most hand shapes. Round nails follow the natural curve of the fingertip, creating a soft and neat appearance.
    Stiletto Nails Stiletto Nails are often recommended for those with long fingers and slender hands. They can elongate the appearance of the fingers. Stiletto nails are pointed and tapered, resembling the shape of a stiletto heel. This dramatic shape adds a bold and edgy look to the hands.

    Bright Orange Nails

    If you want your nails to be as bright as you, check out these bright orange nails. We love keeping things simple with our manicures, especially when they are this bright. When going for color this vibrant, the shades usually speak for themselves – therefore we like to keep them pretty design-less. But, that’s just our opinion, you can do whatever you want.

    Light Orange Nails

    Sometimes going for a lighter variation of the shade you are interested in is a way to keep things slightly more tame. The vibrant colors can be a lot, so going for something that gives you a bit more leeway for outfits or events, can feel a bit more settling.

    There are a few different light orange shades you can choose from, such as:

    1. Peach
    2. Coral
    3. Salmon
    4. Honey

    Orange Tip Nails

    Forget about the classic French tip and stand outside the box. These orange tip nails are still classy looking, but the vibrancy from the orange shade gives them an extra something. It might not seem like it but doing French tips at home is super easy with the right tools.

    Black And Orange Nails

    For those who embrace the dark side, a combination of black and orange nails is the epitome of edginess. We love the oozing and dripping black polish layed over the bright orange. It adds an extra level of fun to your manicure. These nails are perfect for the halloween season, or everyday if you like to be a bit spooky during your day to day – we dont judge.

    Red Orange Nails

    If a classic orange shade is, well, too orange, we have an alternative. Red orange nails are a red shade that’s slightly more orange then normal. Or if you look the other way, their orange nails with a red coloring. Either way they are a fun shade that we think you’ll love.

    Orange Summer Nails

    Nothing says summer more than a set of bright orange and hot pink claws. We love these orange summer nails because of their stand out presence. Orange summer nails are the perfect way to capture the essence of the season. If you’re feeling festive – go for some nail art that replicates your favorite summer scene – don’t worry there are nail stencils and nail stickers to help.

    Fall Orange Nails

    As the leaves change color and the crisp autumn air sets in, fall orange nails become an essential part of your seasonal aesthetic. Think Burnt orange nails, warm copper tones, burnt oranges, and deep pumpkin hues. There is no better season than fall to wear orange nails. You can go for something simple or you can turn up the heat and go more vibrant. But, we suggest keeping things tame and going for these burnt orange square claws.

    Coffin Orange Nails with Designs

    For those who crave a touch of drama and endless design possibilities, coffin orange nails are an irresistible option. The sleek and elongated shape of coffin nails offers a perfect canvas to showcase intricate designs. The more nails, the more surface area. Try going the extra mile with these coffin orange nails with designs.

    You can try and replicate the image above or play around with different types of nail designs, such as:

    • Ombre Nails: Gradual blending of one color to another, creating a beautiful ombre effect on each nail.
    • Geometric Patterns: Use tape or freehand to create geometric shapes like triangles, stripes, or chevrons.
    • Floral Nail Art: Paint delicate flowers or floral patterns on your nails for a feminine and charming look.
    • Holographic Nails: Use holographic nail polish or powder to achieve a dazzling, multi-dimensional effect.

    Orange And Yellow Nails

    Embrace the radiant energy of the sun by combining orange and yellow nails. This dynamic duo is perfect for those who adore vibrant and cheerful manicures. Picture captivating gradients that seamlessly transition from radiant yellow to lively orange or playful polka dots featuring a combination of these sunny shades. These nails will transport you to a summery paradise, even on the gloomiest of days.

    Dark Orange Nails

    For a touch of mystique, dark orange nails are something you’re going to want to investigate further. This rich and deep shade of orange says “I’m elegance” and adds a hint of mystery to your manicure. Dark orange nails will instantly elevate your look, making you feel like fun and colorful while still looking professional.

    Dark orange is a color that looks great with any skin tone, but you might be curious about all the other orange colors out there. Here is a table to help you determine which orange shades best suit your skin tone.

    Skintone  Orange Shade Best Suited
    Fair or Light Skin Tones Best Orange Shades: Peachy or coral oranges, soft pastel oranges.

    Why: Lighter skin tones often pair well with softer and warmer shades of orange, as they add a subtle pop of color without overwhelming the complexion.

    Medium Skin Tones Best Orange Shades: True oranges, burnt oranges, terracotta.

    Why: Medium skin tones can carry both warm and rich shades of orange. True oranges and earthy tones like terracotta can provide a nice balance without being too overpowering.

    Olive or Tan Skin Tones Best Orange Shades: Pumpkin orange, deep coral, rust.

    Why: Olive or tan skin tones can carry deeper and bolder shades of orange. Warm and rich tones like pumpkin and rust can complement the warmth in these skin tones.

    Deep or Dark Skin Tones Best Orange Shades: Tangerine, vibrant orange-reds, bold oranges.

    Why: Deeper skin tones can pull off more intense and vibrant shades of orange. Bold and bright oranges, as well as orange-reds, can create a striking and beautiful contrast.

    Tiger Nails

    If growing up you loved Tigger, your inner child is going to be jumping with joy for these tiger nails. This is a manicure for those who like to have fun and aren’t afraid to show it. There’s nothing like an intricate manicure, it’ll have people asking, “How’d you do that?”

    If you like the animals print but not this specific one, there are other animal prints that people often use in their manicures, such as:

    1. Cheetah print
    2. Leopard print
    3. Zebra print
    4. Crocodile print
    5. Cow print

    Neon Orange Nails

    Want to feel electric?! These bright and fun nails are going to make your day absolutely electric, everyday! Neon orange nails are perfect for the summer, a pool party, a concert, or if you’re into them, a summertime rave. However, a full set of bright neon can be a lot, to cool things down with a beige accent nail. Add a simple rhinestone on it to keep it on the same level as the neon nails. Summer orange nail designs are perfect for pairing with neon orange nails.

    Orange Nails With Diamonds

    For those who believe that diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend, why not combine them with mesmerizing orange nails? Adding a few diamonds here and there one your claws is a great way to have them reflecting light and catching attention.

    Royal Blue And Orange Nails

    For a unconventional color combination, royal blue and orange nails are calling! Are you going to pick up?! This unexpected duo offers a contrast that screams fun! Picture this – fun orange and royal blue swirls that look satisfying to the eye. We think that your manicure should look satisfying everytime you look at your claws – or else it’s not worth it.

    Orange And Green Nails

    Play around with some green when you’re choosing an orange manicure. The green and orange compliment each other well, helping to make one another stand out. We suggest incorporating them in fun geometric ways – this will create some allure to your nails and leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

    Orange And Gold Nails

    Orange And Gold NailsInstagram@cutekansPIN

    Add a touch of opulence to your manicure with orange and gold nails. This combination evokes a sense of riches and grandeur. These nails are perfect for those who want to exude confidence and glamor, turning every day into a special occasion. You can add gold with gold glitter, gold foils, gold designs, or simply with gold polish.

    Cute Orange Nails

    When we think of cute nails we think of claws with little nail stickers. We like these cute orange nails because they have lots of little Halloween drawings on them, making them the cutest manicure we’ve seen yet! Things don’t always have to be so serious, so have fun with your manicure and go for these cute orange nails.

    Zohna Tip

    Use silicon nail polish glue to line the cuticles so that way if you get polish on your cuticles, you can just pull the silicon off and reveal polish-less skin beneath.

    Short Orange Nails

    Short nails may be small in size, but they can still make a big impact! When it comes to orange nails, short and sweet can be the way to go. try a vibrant tangerine shade and let your nails do the talking. Add a glossy top coat for that extra shine and you’ll have a fabulous manicure that’s perfect for everyday wear. If you feel like it, add some colored gems to up the designs – you won’t regret it.

    White And Orange Nails

    When orange meets white, magic happens! This is a fresh looking manicure, and we have a feeling you’re going to love it. Sometimes orange on its own is a hard color to wear, but by pairing it with white you can tone it down a bit and make it more wearable. This manicure is giving 60s vibes and we are loving it.

    Orange Gel Nails

    Orange Gel NailsInstagram@studio.55PIN

    If you’re in search of a long-lasting manicure that will stay flawless for weeks, look no further than orange gel nails. Gel polish offers a shiny and durable finish that can withstand the test of time. Plus, it’s perfect for those who are always on the go and don’t have time for frequent touch-ups.

    Not only do orange gel nails provide a stunning and vibrant pop of color, but they also offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among nail enthusiasts. The gel formula used in these manicures is designed to be chip-resistant, ensuring that your nails stay flawless for an extended period. This means no more worrying about smudges or chips ruining your freshly painted nails.

    However, there are a few things that you should watch out for when using gel polish, such as:

    1. UV/LED Exposure
    2. Nail Damage
    3. Chemical Exposure
    4. DIY Risks
    5. Weakens Natural Nails

    However, don’t be frightened; there are ways to minimize potential harm, such as the following tips:

    • Use Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen or protective gloves during UV/LED exposure to minimize the risk of skin damage.
    • Limit Application: Give your nails periodic breaks from gel polish to allow them to recover and strengthen.
    • Professional Application/Removal: Have trained professionals apply and remove gel polish to reduce the risk of mistakes and damage.
    • Moisturize: Keep your nails and cuticles well-moisturized to counteract the drying effects of acetone and other chemicals.

    Pumpkin Spice Nails

    Is your go to order during the fall season a pumpkin spice? If you answered yes, we know everything we needed to know about you, including that you’ll love these pumpkin spice nails. The combo of the burnt orange shade and the glitter overtop screams pumpkin spice and fall.

    Orange French Nails

    Add a twist to the classic French manicure by incorporating a vibrant orange tip. This modern take on a classic is the ultimate combination for switching things up – cause why not. Choose a bright orange shade that complements your skin tone and get ready to make all your friends jealous.

    Orange And Brown Nails

    For a more earthy and autumnal vibe, consider combining orange with shades of brown. This combination is reminiscent of falling leaves and cozy sweater weather. To take your orange and brown nails to the next level, add some shimmer and sparkle. Play around with a dotting tool, and add some color swirls for this interesting look.

    Mango Nails

    Mango NailsInstagram@coyarosePIN

    Sweet, juicy, and undeniably delicious, mangoes are a tropical delight that can now be showcased on your nails! Mango-inspired nail art is all about vibrant orange hues and fun, fruity designs. If you want this manicure to be truly mango inspired, try to replicate the skin of a mango. It looks super cute and people will know right away what you were trying to do. If you can pull this off, major compliments to you.

    Melon Nails

    Just like its juicy cousin, the melon is another fruit that deserves a place on your fingertips. Melon nails are all about fresh and summery vibes, with shades of light orange and green capturing the essence of the fruit.

    Zohna Tip

    If the colors of a melon just aren’t enough, go for fruit nail stickers. They are cute and fabulous all at the same time.

    Tangerine Nails

    Everyone loves a juicy tangerine during the summer – so why not channel that love into your fingertips. These bold and cute tangerine nails are perfect for keeping things fresh. We love the cute tangerine stickers which help to elevate this manicure even further. By simply adding a nail sticker you will crown yourself as a nail tech in your friends books, even though it was an extremely easy process.

    Orange Swirl Nails

    If doing a full set of orange nails seems like a lot, we suggest incorporating it in small doses, such as these orange swirl nails. Choose two different shades and swirl them onto a nude base. These nails are tame but they are still fun – which is the perfect combination.

    Orange Matte Nails

    If you’re in the mood for a more subdued and chill girl look, orange matte nails are the perfect choice. Matte nail polish adds a velvety texture to your manicure, creating an effortlessly chic vibe. For the full matte effect, we suggest you add the matte top coat over a vibrant neon orange. This will make the manicure look trippy but so cool.

    Peachy Orange Nails

    Keep things peachy with these peachy orange nails. Inspired by the warm hues of a juicy peach, peachy orange nails are giving delicate beauty. We love pairing these peachy nails with an accent marble nail. It looks so cool and instantly gives you manicure cred.

    Hot Orange Nails