17 Trending Red Bottom Nails + Best Polish & How to DIY

Updated on February 2, 2024
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    17 Trending Red Bottom Nails + Best Polish & How to DIY

    Business in the front party in the back, or should we say, underneath!

    Have you ever seen Christan Louboutin’s red bottom heels? This classic shoe staple in the fashion world is beloved for its infamous red sole, so notorious that people channel their appreciation for the shoe into their manicures!

    Red bottom nails are a hot new manicure trend, where you paint the underside of your nails red. Think of the underside of your nail as the sole of your nail in this context. It’s a unique way to incorporate some color into your manicure if you are more of a neutral shade kind of person. Plus, they look professional while also being fun and different.

    What Are Red Bottoms Nails?

    Red bottom nails are very similar to red bottom shoes. Identical to the shoe, the underside of a long nail is painted red. To get yourself some red bottom nails, you must have long nails.

    If you aren’t blessed with beautiful long claws, there are a few ways around this hump, such as:

    The great thing about red bottom nails is that they look elevated and glamorous but are easy to do at home, unlike many other luxury manicures.

    How To Do Red Bottom Nails

    It may not appear like it at first, but doing red bottom nails at home is super easy. We suggest investing in a few tools to make the process easier.

    What you will need to do red bottom nails at home:

    1. Red nail polish
    2. Plain press-on nails (if nails aren’t long enough)
    3. Thin nail art brush
    4. Small flat nail art brush
    5. Nail polish remover
    6. Top coat

    Step #1

    If your nails aren’t naturally long enough, add your press-on nails. You can purchase any press-on nails that you prefer and of any color. We suggest black press on nails. Once those are on snugly and have completely dried, you can move on to the second step.

    Step #2

    Dip your thin nail art brush into your red nail polish. Very gently, line the outer edges of your nails. Try your best not to get the red onto the top face of the nail and keep it on the sides. This will help make the red bottoms more prominent; however, you don’t need to do this step.

    Step #3

    Now take your small flat nail art brush, dip it into the red nail polish, and paint the back of the nail. This step is straightforward, but the flat brush will help make it even easier.

    Step #4

    You will probably get some paint on your thumb, but using the same flat nail brush (after cleaning it), dip it into the nail polish remover and wipe away any red.

    Step #5

    Even though it may not seem like it, the back of the fingernails actually gets bumped around a lot. Using a top coat over the red will help to seal the color and keep it chip-free for longer.

    Baddie Red Bottom Nails Coffin

    If you’re a baddie, you can forget about the classic red bottom nails and channel your bad girl energy with this baddie red bottom nails coffin looks. Combining the coffin nail shape and the shiny red underneath is unbeatable.

    White Red Bottom Nails

    White Red Bottom NailsInstagram@nailsw.aPIN

    If the classic black is too dark and mysterious, we suggest doing a complete 180 and choosing white red bottom nails instead. Since white is a relatively docile color, adding the pop of red underneath will help bring the nails to life.

    Coffin Red Bottom Nails

    One of the most popular acrylic nail shapes is the coffin shape. The coffin acrylic is tapered at the sides and flat at the top. They are also called the ballerina shape because they resemble a ballerina shoe, although we can assume they are much more comfortable. Plus, you can never go wrong with black and red nails.

    Black Red Bottom Nails

    Since the classic red bottom shoe from Christian Louboutin was a black stiletto with red bottoms, it’s only fitting for the black red bottom nails to be the traditional red bottom manicure. Think of these nails as the little black dress of manicures.

    Red Bottom Acrylic Nails

    Red Bottom Acrylic NailsInstagram@nuniftyPIN

    The main staple for the red bottom manicure is long nails. Many don’t naturally have long enough nails; therefore, acrylics are our best friends.

    You can choose a few different types of acrylic shapes, such as:

    1. Stiletto
    2. Almond
    3. Coffin
    4. Round
    5. Square
    6. Oval

    Red Bottom Nails With Diamonds

    Sometimes a simple manicure isn’t enough, and we hear you. That’s why we suggest red bottom nails with diamonds to upgrade your red bottom nails even more.

    Louis Vuitton Red Bottom Nails

    If you’re a big Louis Vuitton fan, you will absolutely love these Louis Vuitton red bottom nails. Something as simple as adding the LV logo to one or two of your claws will give your nails an expensive look and feel.

    Nude Red Bottom Nails

    Let’s say you’re going to an event or a party, and your chosen outfit is colorful and bright. You might not want a basic black nail with red bottoms. Therefore, we suggest nude red bottom nails. The nude color will go with almost any color, so you won’t have to worry about clashing.

    Glitter Red Bottom Nails

    Glitter makes everything better. Feeling sad? Use some glitter. Had a bad day? Use some glitter. Glitter red bottom nails make everything better; look how fabulous they are! Red and gold nails are a staple combo, so why not add some gold and have perfect red nails with glitter?

    Check out the chart to see how to add glitter to your nails.

    How To Apply Glitter to Red Bottom Nails Description
    Nail prep First, you must clip, file and buff out your nails, so they are ready to be painted. We recommend doing the glitter before painting your nails’ bottoms red.
    Painting Add your base coat and then whatever nail polish you want. Make sure you let the nails completely dry between those polishes.
    Glitter Apply your top coat to one nail at a time, and in between each nail, apply a layer of glitter. Loose glitter can be tricky, but while the nail is still wet, the glitter should have no problem sticking. Use the back of tweezers to scoop the glitter from its container onto the nail. You can use your finger or the back of the tweezer to gently push the glitter into the nail polish.
    Sealing Once your nail is completely saturated in glitter, use a quality top coat to seal everything. You can now paint the bottoms of your nails red.

    Red Bottom Nails With Rhinestones

    Red Bottom Nails With RhinestonesInstagram@nailsw.aPIN

    We know the trick if you’re trying to figure out how to take your red bottom nails from pretty to drop-dead gorgeous. These red bottom nails with rhinestones will give your nails the glitz and glam you’ve always dreamed of.

    White Nails with Red Bottoms

    If Christmas is around the corner when your reading this, you better head to the nail salon ASAP and show them these white nails with red bottoms. The French tip style with the little silver snowflake is nothing without the beautiful red bottoms.

    Red Bottom Stiletto Nails

    These red bottom stiletto nails are as classic to the theme as it gets. Pay homage to the real VIP of the red bottom shoes by getting these red bottom stiletto nails. The stiletto shape resembles the heels perfectly. These stiletto red bottom nails are our favorite!

    Red Bottom Nails Short

    We will admit the one problem with red bottom nails is the length issue. These nails are the shortest you could go if you want to paint the underbelly of your nails red. However, we still think they look great!

    Matte Black Red Bottom Nails

    We suggest trying these matte black red bottom nails if you want to make things frosted looking. The frosted black look will give you and your manicure a unique twist.

    Long Red Bottom Nails

    If you are into extra-long claws, then it’s likely love at first sight with these long red bottom nails. The longer the nail, the more red and nail art you can incorporate.

    Red Bottom French Tip Nails

    Red Bottom French Tip NailsInstagram@icedbymPIN

    The options for red bottom nails are endless; just look at these fantastic red bottom French tip nails. Not only is it unique to paint the backs of your nails, but you are also changing the classic white French tip to a dark, mysterious black!

    Red Bottom Nails for Valentines Day

    Nothing is better than red valentine’s day nails for the big day. These red bottom nails for Valentine’s Day are perfect for a date night or to show off your love for love.

    Red Bottom Nail Polish

    Now that you have seen all the fantastic styles for red bottom nails that you can do, we want to suggest our favorite red nail polish for the job. There isn’t a specific red nail polish to paint the underside of your nails; however, OPI is our favorite and trust worth nail polish formula.

    This OPI nail lacquer in Big Apple Red will be the perfect shade, and the formula will get you beautiful red bottom nails. The color is bright enough without being too over the top, and the formula applies easily, perfect for painting the odd curves at the back of the nail.


    • What Are The Most Popular Red Bottom Nails Designs?

      The most popular red bottom nail designs have to be white and black. The red bottom nails are already a bold manicure choice; pairing it with a simple color makes everything look classy.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are reading this, we’re sure we have convinced you to purchase a pair of Louboutin shoes or get red bottom nails. Either way, we support your decision. There are plenty of styles and nail shapes, and we hope you found what you wanted.