29 Jolly Red Christmas Nails You’ll Love

Updated on January 1, 2024
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    Red Christmas nailsPIN

    29 Jolly Red Christmas Nails You’ll Love

    If you’re weary of the same conventional Christmas nail styles and desperately want to try something different this time, we have a solid suggestion for you: red Christmas nails. Don’t overlook this idea because it’s the style that can even put festive decorative lights to shame.

    Don’t just focus on decking the halls this time around. Give your nails some love and try one of the most festive colors ever. Rest assured; red Christmas nails will work wonderfully with all your party outfits. They will make you feel like a diva throughout the festivities.

    Are you ready to take a look at our top nail ideas? Let’s begin.

    Red Christmas Nails Coffin

    Red Christmas nails look incredible, especially when paired with a nail style as classy as the coffin shape. Add funky nail art like snowflakes to make your red nails look extra festive.

    You can deck up a few or all your nails with nail art. Bring on the holiday cheer!

    Red and Green Christmas Nails

    It’s time to get ready for the holiday season with feisty red and green Christmas nails. This classic combo is perfect for the festivities, especially if you mix and match different colors.

    You can also experiment with several styles, as visible in the picture. Some options worth considering include:

    • A few coats of glitter nail polish
    • Nail stickers
    • Subtle nail art

    If you’ve never attempted nail art at home but want to experiment with your manicure, we have a few tips. Check them out below.

    Nail Art for Red Christmas Nails Tips
    Perfect your base color Apply a base coat to prep your nails. Take your time and allow your nails to fully dry at each step.
    Use the right tools Use the proper tools like a nail art pen, rhinestones, glue, glitter, nail art brushes, and stickers to experiment with new designs.
    Seal it all in Always apply a top coat to protect your manicure. A top coat is also helpful if you want gemstones to adhere to your nails without using glue.

    Now you know how to use different styles to jazz up your nails for the holidays. Don’t forget to have fun while you experiment with your claws.

    Red and White Christmas Nails

    Make your nails as appealing as your favorite holiday treats by embracing this stunning combination of colors. It helps that this versatile combination will make your Christmas nails stand out from the crowd. Whether you go with colorful nail art or keep things simple, red and white Christmas nails will likely make an impact.

    Red and white Christmas nails are ideal for Christmas parties, chilling by the Xmas tree with your loved ones, and hearty festive brunches.

    Red Simple Christmas Nails

    Never forget to remind yourself that there’s beauty in simplicity. Your winter nails don’t have to include complex designs or intricate patterns to look stunning

    Even perfectly shaped nails with a bold red color are enough to make a strong impression. Pick matte red nails or glossy tips to welcome the festive season.

    Zohna Tip

    Use a gel nail polish instead of regular polish to make your red Christmas nails last longer.

    Red and Gold Christmas Nails

    Make your red and gold Christmas nails sparkle and shine with lots of glitter. Feel free to include silver accents for variety.

    This style will be the perfect companion, no matter where you are – at a Christmas bash or at home with a glass of eggnog.

    Acrylic Red Christmas Nails

    Now that you’re all set to celebrate the holiday season, why not reward yourself with a little treat? Specifically, why not indulge in a relaxing manicure at the nail salon and ask for pretty acrylic red Christmas nails?

    They’re an attractive option that lasts longer than traditional manicures and have plenty of options if you want to experiment with longer nails.

    Acrylic red Christmas nails offer other benefits, such as:

    1. Stronger and more durable nails
    2. A smooth base for experimenting with nail art
    3. A low-maintenance choice compared to other options

    Black and Red Christmas Nails

    This surprisingly gorgeous combination of bold colors goes well with festive nail art.

    Take inspiration from the example above and get creative with your interpretation of black and red Christmas nails. Be careful with those sharp and fierce claws while swapping presents!

    If you’re wondering how to make your Christmas manicure last longer, you’re not alone. It’s natural to want your nails to look their best throughout the festive season.

    We’re here to help you out. Check out our top tips below.

    How to Look After Red Christmas Nails Description
    Protect your manicure Use gloves when tackling chores like doing the dishes or washing clothes. Harsh detergents and liquids can cause damage to your red Christmas nails.
    Take matters into your own hands If you notice chipped nails, try fixing the problem with nail polish or head to a nail salon for touch-ups.
    Stay away from hot water Hot water can weaken your claws, and lead to cracked nails. Limit prolonged exposure to hot water as much as possible.

    It’s possible to help your manicure last longer by taking care of your nails and tweaking your everyday routine. Always moisturize your hands and use products like cuticle oil to protect your nails.

    Red French Tip Christmas Nails

    If you’re looking for easy ways to make your claws look more elegant and sophisticated during the holiday season, try red French tip Christmas nails.

    This sassy style is an exciting take on the classic French tip manicure and is guaranteed to instantly elevate your holiday style.

    Red Christmas Almond Nails

    The classic almond shape is an excellent way to make your red Christmas nails look more glamorous. And guess what? Adding a brilliant bright red hue and nude colors to your almond nails is all you need to decorate your nails for Christmas.

    Wondering how to apply nail polish perfectly to your claws to make your nails pop, then check out these tips:

    • Always apply a base coat to clean nails
    • Add thin layers of nail polish instead of thick gloopy layers
    • Allow each layer to fully dry before applying another coat

    Red Sparkly Christmas Nails

    It’s time to dazzle with stunning red sparkly Christmas nails. The vibrant red hues and glittery finish make this style the perfect holiday accessory.

    You’re bound to turn heads with your sparkly nails at every Christmas party. Here’s a solid idea – add stackable rings to highlight your shimmery manicured nails.

    Red Glitter Christmas Nails

    Looking to glam up your red Christmas nails? You simply need to add a bit of glitter for envy-inducing results.

    Whether you’re out for a family meal or choosing gifts for your friends at the mall, red glitter Christmas nails will be the perfect companion in most settings.

    Silver and Red Christmas Nails

    ‘Sleigh’ the holidays with stunning silver and red Christmas nails. These classic colors complement each other perfectly and are an excellent option if you’re looking for eye-catching festive hues.

    Simple Red Christmas Nails

    Don’t underestimate the beauty of simple manicured nails that make you look stylish and classy.

    Simple red Christmas nails are a minimalistic option. Still, they’re so lovely that you won’t need anything else to highlight your claws.

    Cute Red Christmas Nails

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly and fashionable with nails that are on fleek. Give cute red Christmas nails a whirl if you love experimenting with adorable nail designs and eye-catching colors.

    Whether you opt for pretty nail art or striking hues, you’ll surely dazzle your friends and family with your stunning manicure.

    Need some inspiration? No problem. We’re here for you.

    Check out our suggestions below:

    1. Try nail art pens or stickers to create unique designs like snowflakes, Christmas trees, mistletoe, and candy canes.
    2. Glitter accents combined with subtle nail art (as visible in this example) are effortlessly impressive.
    3. Metallic red accents are worth trying if you want a sophisticated and unique look.

    Pink and Red Christmas Nails

    This season, level up your fashion game with gorgeous pink and red Christmas nails. From candy canes and stripes to ombre designs and polka dots, red Christmas nails with pink hues offer endless possibilities.

    Dark Red Christmas Nails

    This bold color is ideal for the festive season. Simply put, dark red Christmas nails aim to impress with a rich opaque shade.

    Make your nails stand out by adding gold accents or picking a solid color. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this sassy and daring style.

    Matte Red Christmas Nails

    Channel your inner fashionista by saying yes to matte red nails. They’re elegant and understated, ideal for those who love flaunting timeless styles.

    If you decide to stick with this color, get ready to feel overwhelmed by many compliments from your friends and family.

    Red Christmas Nails With Snowflakes

    This style is unique thanks to its red base and adorable snowflakes design. Spread the holiday cheer by trying red Christmas nails with snowflakes.

    This undeniably festive design will become a hot favorite among your peers. Go on, give it a shot.

    Red Ombre Christmas Nails

    Celebrate the holiday season with a classic ombre design. Red ombre nails tend to look marvelous thanks to the gradient effect that is synonymous with ombre styles.

    Rest assured, red ombre Christmas nails will complement most holiday outfits and make you feel like a queen.

    Red Tip Christmas Nails

    This understated design features bright red tips on a nude base. Want to enhance the style? Add tiny pearls to your claws, as illustrated in the example above.

    These red Christmas nails are an excellent way to elevate your holiday fashion game without being OTT.

    Red Short Christmas Nails

    Red Short Christmas NailsInstagram@nuvonailsPIN

    You don’t need to keep your nails long to enjoy the festive season. Red short Christmas nails look as impressive as long claws.

    Use this opportunity to experiment with nail art reminiscent of all things Christmas, like Santa hats and gift-wrapped presents. Ho ho ho!

    Red Christmas Dip Nails

    Want sleek and sophisticated nails that stay in tip-top shape throughout the holiday season? Try Red Christmas Dip nails.

    These trendy nails are ideal for adding a pop of color to your manicure. Whether baking hot cookies at home or getting ready to go out for drinks with your friends, red Christmas dip nails will keep you company throughout the festive season.

    Red Plaid Christmas Nails

    Are you a fan of all things plaid? If you answered yes, you must give this style a chance. Red plaid Christmas nails are charming and rustic, perfect for winter.

    Pssttt! Don’t be surprised if you catch someone admiring your claws.

    Classy Red Christmas Nails

    Glam up your claws by trying glossy red nail polish with gold glitter accents. Classy red Christmas nails are the epitome of style and sophistication.

    Friendly reminder – don’t forget to take care of chipped nail polish and fill in any gaps.

    Long Red Christmas Nails

    Nothing looks as chic as long red Christmas nails, a classy choice that always impresses. Make your claws look extra shiny with a glossy top coat.

    Also, if you’re in a hurry and need to rush to a Christmas party, try press-on nails like these for quick results.

    Red Chrome Christmas Nails

    It’s time to make a bold statement with gorgeous red chrome Christmas nails. Not only do they make your nails look more stylish, but they’re also the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

    Add rhinestones like these to make your red Christmas nails look extra snazzy.

    Pretty Red Christmas Nails

    Spread holiday cheer by giving yourself a pampering manicure and upgrading to pretty red Christmas nails.

    You have several options, from festive nail art to glitter accents and gemstones. Go ahead and have some fun; you deserve it.

    Deep Red Christmas Nails

    Deep Red Christmas NailsInstagram@tu_pataPIN

    If you’re in the mood to go all out for Christmas, consider giving deep red Christmas nails a whirl. This versatile shade is a good fit for many skin tones.

    Plus, these red Christmas nails will have you feeling like a fashionista all season, complementing most of your outfits in the best way possible.

    Blue and Red Christmas Nails

    Want to add extra pizazz to your claws during the holiday season? Check out blue and red Christmas nails, a vibrant combination of colors that will make your nails look effortlessly pretty.

    Take inspiration from the example and experiment with nail art for bonus points.

    How to DIY Christmas Nails

    While trying DIY Christmas nails at home may seem arduous, it’s possible to achieve impressive results with a few tips and tricks. Here’s our DIY step-by-step guide to red Christmas nails.

    Step #1

    Start with the basics. Clean your nails, remove old polish, and file your nails to achieve your desired shape. Next, use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles gently.

    Step #2

    Use a base coat of your choice. Let it dry completely before moving to the next step.

    Step #3

    Apply red nail polish. Add two coats of polish for the best results. At this stage, you can also experiment with festive nail art or try other options like an ombre design.

    Step #4

    Apply a high-quality top coat as your final step. This helps your nail polish last longer and prevents it from chipping.


    • How Much Do Red Christmas Nails Cost?

      It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact number because this boils down to several factors, such as your location and whether you choose to do a DIY manicure or opt for a service at a nail spa.

      That said, expect to pay between $30 and $100 for red Christmas nails. Feel free to call ahead and ask a nail consultant for the price of the services you’re interested in.

    • How Long Do They Last?

      This depends on a few factors, like whether you choose regular polish or long-lasting options like gel polish or acrylic nails.

      Regular polish may only last a few days, while acrylic or gel nails can last several weeks.

    Ready to Try a Festive Manicure Yet?

    Red Christmas nails are more versatile than you think. They can give you plenty of opportunities to experiment with nail art.

    Don’t avoid trying unusual color combinations or adding glitter to your nails. The holiday season is perfect for switching up your manicured nails and having fun.