43 Top Red Nails Designs for Your Next Manicure

Updated on September 21, 2023
Tatiana Cooper By Tatiana Cooper
43 Top Red Nails Designs for Your Next ManicurePIN

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    43 Top Red Nails Designs for Your Next Manicure

    The world is your oyster! These red nail ideas for your next manicure are endless and bountiful. You won’t find a better selection of red nail ideas anywhere else than right here. We have provided different shades, shapes, designs, and more to help spark your creativity for red nails.

    Continue reading on to find your favorite red nail ideas because the world is, in fact, your oyster, and all the red nail ideas are stuffed inside your shell just a nail salon visit away.

    Red Nails Video Tutorial

    Learn how to do this beautiful red nail style yourself in this easy step by step tutorial.

    When to Rock Red Nail Designs

    You can rock red nail designs whenever you feel like it! The great thing about red is its endless shades, perfect for different occasions, outfits, events, and complexions. If you ask us, we suggest rocking the brighter reds in summer, the orangier reds in the fall, and the darker reds in the winter.

    Depending on the season, you can switch up the red nail designs, such as red Valentines Day nails for February and red Halloween nails for October. We also suggest pairing cool-toned reds with cool-toned skin and warm-toned reds with warm-toned skin.

    Red Christmas Nails

    Channel all your holiday cheer into your manicure. Red Christmas nails are where it’s at for holiday nails. Choosing red nails for the holidays is a great way to express your love for Christmas.

    We recommend incorporating nail art into your manicure for a holiday like Xmas. This will have your nails standing out and make you feel jolly with holiday cheer. Pairing red glitter with your red nails creates a beautiful-looking manicure.

    Red French Tip Nails

    Everyone loves the look of French tip nails. They look clean and sophisticated but are still unique and fun.

    It goes without saying that the French tip manicure is very popular. However, here at Zohna, we’re all about embracing uniqueness, so we suggest these red French tip nails. If you want to avoid the norm, switching out the white tips for another shade like red will make your manicure stand out from the crowd.

    Red Valentines Day Nails

    Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than red polish and hearts. Express your passion for the holiday of love by wearing these red valentines day nails. They are not only cute, but they are fun and elegant.

    If you want to channel your love for love into your manicure, there are a few ways to add hearts to your nails, such as:

    1. Hand-painted hearts
    2. Heart nail stickers
    3. Gems in the shape of a heart
    4. Glitter in the form of a heart

    Red And Black Nails

    Incoming, the hot unlikely color pair, red and black!

    When we think of red nails, our first instinct isn’t to pair red with black. However, this manicure has proven that our thought process needs some rearranging. The addition of the chrome pigment on top to give the nails that iridescent shimmer is what manicure dreams are made of!

    If you want to learn how to DIY chrome nails similar to these red and black nails, check out the red chrome nails section further down for the full tutorial.

    Red Ombre Nails

    It’s only human to get bored of routine. So, if you are tired of the same old boring manicure but aren’t interested in crazy designs like rhinestones, glitter, or pops of color, then we have the perfect manicure.

    Change things up only slightly by going for these red ombre nails. Ombre nails are a type of technique that involves a color gradient. Typically, a lighter color starts at the bottom and gets gradually darker towards the tip or vice versa.

    If you want these red ombre nails, let us help you get them! Check out the chart below for the perfect red ombre nails DIY.

    What you’ll need for your red ombre nails:

    1. Nail file
    2. Base Coat
    3. Top Coat
    4. Red nail polish
    5. Nude nail polish
    6. Makeup sponge
    DIY Red Ombre Nails Descrpition
    Prep Trim and file your nails into your desired nail shape. Once they are all cleaned up, apply a layer of base coat to prime the nails for polish.
    Paint Paint your nails with the nude base shade. You can add as many layers as you want, but we suggest two.
    Paint the sponge Paint your makeup sponge with red polish and nude polish, staking them horizontally. Make sure that the red polish is on top.
    Ombre time Dab the sponge onto your nails several times. You should have to reapply the polish to the sponge for each finger, or multiple times per finger, depending on the effect you are trying to achieve.
    Sealing Once the nails are completely dry, apply a layer of top coat to seal everything in and give them a glossy finish.
    Extra This step isn’t necessary, but now would be the time to add any designs, such as rhinestones, glitter, chrome pigment, etc. Remember to add a layer of top coat over the designs once you’re done to seal everything in.

    Red Bottom Nails

    Red bottom nails are the ‘it’ new manicure trend everyone should try at least once. This trend pays homage to the Christan Louboutin red bottom shoes, which look fantastic. If you want to achieve these nails, we suggest pairing them with long stiletto-shaped acrylics. This way, there’s more surface area underneath to paint red.

    If you like these nails as much as we do, check out this full tutorial so you can do them at home!

    What you will need to do red bottom nails at home:

    1. Red nail polish
    2. Plain press-on nails (if nails aren’t long enough)
    3. Thin nail art brush
    4. Small flat nail art brush
    5. Nail polish remover
    6. Top coat
    How DIY Red Bottom Nails Description
    Prep If your nails aren’t naturally long enough, add your press-on nails. We suggest black press on nails. Once those are on snugly and have completely dried, you can move on to the second step.
    Side painting Dip your thin nail art brush into your red nail polish. Very gently, line the outer edges of your nails. Try your best not to get the red onto the top face of the nail. This will help make the red bottoms more prominent; however, you don’t need to do this step.
    Bottom painting Now, take your small flat nail art brush, dip it into the red nail polish, and paint the back of the nail. This step is straightforward, but the flat brush will help make it even easier.
    Cleaning You will probably get some paint on your thumb, but using a clean flat nail brush, dip it into the nail polish remover and wipe away any polish.
    Seal the deal The back of the fingernails gets bumped around a lot. Using a top coat over the red will help to seal the color and keep it chip-free for longer.

    Red And White Nails

    Choosing one color can be challenging; we get it. That’s why we suggest these red and white nails. You can accent with either white or red, as both options look phenomenal. The limit doesn’t end there. You can add equal amounts of both colors instead of using them on just one finger. If you choose to do one finger with the accent shade, adding glitter will help accentuate the color and make it pop.

    Zohna Tip

    Glitter can be very hard to remove. Using a nail polish remover that is 100% acetone will do the best job of eliminating the glitter quickly and effectively.

    Dark Red Nails

    Not all of us love bright colors for our nails, but sometimes we need color to liven up our lives. For one, wearing bright colors on your nails can be tricky, as they can clash with our outfits. We suggest dark red nails to incorporate some color into your manicure without going over the top.

    The dark red provides just enough color that your manicure isn’t boring, but the shade isn’t too bright where it looks overpowering.

    Red And Gold Nails

    Red and gold are a pair that get each other. Red compliments gold, making it shine super bright. Gold compliment red, bringing out the depths of its color. Therefore, when paired together, they are unstoppable.

    Plus, pairing your red and gold colors together for these specific red and gold nails is like a type of ombre manicure. The red transitioning into gold looks stunning.

    Red White and Blue Nails

    It’s not a Fourth of July celebration without these crazy red white and blue nails!

    Show off your patriotism with these American-inspired nails. The stars, the stripes, the red, white and blue scream ‘Merica and freedom! Nothing says freedom more than a crazy USA-inspired set of claws.

    Red Tip Nails

    These red tip nails are similar to red French tip nails but much more glamorous. These sharp angles take the elegance of the classic French tip and combine it with sharp angles for a unique perspective.

    We suggest investing in nail art tape to achieve these red tip nails at home. This way, you can lay down the correct angles for your red tips.

    Red Coffin Nails

    Coffin-shaped acrylics are the more popular nail shape. They look natural while still providing a dramatic flare. Red coffin nails give off the vibe that you are classy and elegant but are also not afraid to be bold and let loose occasionally. There’s nothing better than coffin baddie red acrylic nails!

    If the coffin shape doesn’t suit you, there are a few other types of acrylic shapes, such as:

    • Stiletto
    • Almond
    • Round
    • Square
    • Oval

    Red Nails With Glitter

    Adding glitter to your red nails is the perfect way to enhance your manicure. We like glitter because it adds funk to your nails without wasting too much time and effort.

    You can incorporate glitter into your manicure in two ways to achieve these red nails with glitter, such as using loose or glitter polish. Both look fantastic, but loose glitter is harder to apply and looks denser and more full on the nails. Glitter polish is easier to use but can look thinner and more sparse.

    Matte Red Nails

    Frost out your red nails!

    Matte red nails are all the rage. Their unique and edgy while still staying in their lane. Sometimes coming up with unique manicure ideas is hard. But we just did all thinking for you.

    Matte red nails may seem complicated, but it’s straightforward, and all it takes is a matte top coat. The top coat instantly mattifies your nails, diminishing any signs of a glossy finish.

    Red Carpet Nails

    When we think of nails on the red carpet, we think of simplicity. In all honesty, the outfits are what people put most of their effort into; therefore, keeping the manicure simple prevents clashing. Depending on the color of the outfit, we suggest a darker red. A dark red is easier to pair with outfits suited for a red carpet than a bright red.

    Gothic Black And Red Nails

    Go goth with these stunning gothic black and red nails. The ombre gradient from black to red alters the colors, making the nails look slightly plum. Pair your manicure with beautiful plum-colored lipstick or a dark smoky eye to match this vibe.

    Plus, if you are someone who doesn’t wear a lot of color in their clothing, these gothic black and red nails could be a good way to add some subtle but tasteful color to the mix.

    Red Stiletto Nails

    Stiletto nails are the pointiest of the bunch. If you want claws for your claws, then these red stiletto nails are 100% the way to go. The nail shape is named after what it resembles, a stiletto shoe. Pairing the shape with red nail polish will give you a confidence boost you didn’t know you needed.

    Red Almond Nails

    The almond nail shape is perfect if you want a natural nail shape to pair with your bright red nails. This shape provides extra length without looking over the top, as the almond shape looks fantastic at any length. They’re classy and fun simultaneously, and pairing them with a stunning red shade will give you the perfect manicure.

    Short Red Nails

    Elevate your short nails by pairing them with this beautiful cherry red color. Short red nails are perfect for those who like to stand out without being loud about it. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, and these nails are beautiful without being too prominent.

    Red Nails With Diamonds

    If you have a fancy event and want the most glamorous manicured nails, these red nails with diamonds will fit the bill. The red shade saturated at the top keeps things sharp and classy, while the diamonds add a subtle hint of shimmer when caught in the light.

    Red And Silver Nails

    Go full glam with these red and silver nails. Whoever said you need to stick to one type of manicure design has never seen glitter, diamonds, and red nail polish paired together. The red makes the silver glisten, and the silver makes the red pop. What more could you ask for?

    Cute Red Nails

    Adding a heart design to any manicure instantly makes them cuter. Incorporating the heart into your manicure via rhinestones is our favorite way. Just look at how glamorous they look! These nails would also be great for a Valentine’s Day date or maybe an anniversary.

    Pink And Red Nails

    The ombre method is our favorite way to pair pink and red with our manicures. The two colors transition smoothly into one another, creating the perfect soft color gradient we can’t resist. Just a heads up, these are the perfect nails for spring or summer!

    Red Gel Nails

    Gel manicures are one of the most popular to get at the salon. It’s a type of nail polish cured under a UV lamp, making it quick-drying, long-lasting, and even better than regular polish. If you want your manicure to last, these red gel nails will be what you seek. However, nothing that great comes without a price. Check out the chart below to see the pros and cons of gel nail polish.

    Pros of Red Gel Nails Cons of Red Gel Nails
    • Quick drying
    • Long lasting
    • Makes nails appear thicker
    • Makes nails extra glossy
    • Causes brittle nails (after removal)
    • Causes nail breakage (after removal)
    • More expensive
    • Difficult to remove

    Zohna Tip

    Using a nail strengthener under regular nail polish or in-between manicures will help restore much-needed moisture and strength.

    Red Marble Nails

    Marble nails are the newest manicure to hit the online world. They are gaining tremendous traction, and we recommend hopping on that bandwagon. This is a tricky manicure to try to achieve at home; therefore, heading into the salon or buying press-on red marble nails will be your best bet.

    Red Long Nails

    Getting long acrylic nails for your manicure is one thing. They are loud and proud, guaranteed to grab the attention of those that see them. But if you want your manicure to stand out even more, adding a bright red color will help. The bright the red and longer the nails, the more likely they will grab attention. Nothing says you like to care for your nails like long red acrylic nails.

    Red Persimmon Nails

    The color of a persimmon fruit is this beautiful deep orange. You get a stunning burnt orange color when you pair that with red. Red persimmon nails perfectly balance red and orange; we can’t get enough of them.

    You will feel like a summer sunset with these nails, and what is more beautiful than a sky cast in oranges and reds? We can picture you now, sitting outside, the golden hour sun hitting your face and a delicious cool drink in hand with stunning red persimmon nails stealing the show.

    Red Press On Nails

    The great thing about press on nails is that half the work is already done. All you have to do is adhere the fake nails to your real ones, and you are all finished.

    There are two types of press-on nails; the first is where you attach the nails with glue. The second is where you attach the nail with adhesive tape. The second option is better for people who want a super quick and easy application and removal.

    Red And Nude Nails

    The best way to elevate natural nude nails is to incorporate small accents of red. These red and nude nails are classy but different, perfect for a professional environment and a fun weekend night on the town.

    Pstt! This message is for the minimalist girlies that love a good nude nail. Although it may be hard to steer away from your trusty natural manicure, dip your toe into the pool of fun at least once and incorporate a color like red, you won’t regret it.

    Red Chrome Nails

    Since Hailey Bieber shared her stunning chrome manicure on her Instagram, the whole online community has fallen in love with chrome nails. If you are one of the victims who have fallen under the chrome spell, we suggest trying these red chrome nails.

    The most popular chrome pigment colors are:

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • White

    It’s essential to remember that the color of chrome pigment you choose won’t turn your nail that color. Instead, in the light, you will see tiny iridescent shimmers of the shade you desire. For example, pairing a red chrome pigment over white nail polish will give your nails a dusty rose shimmer.

    We absolutely love these red and black nails with the chrome, so much so that we’ll tell you how to DIY them.

    What you’ll need for chrome red and black nails:

    • Chrome pigment
    • Dual-sided eye shadow sponge (optional)
    • Top coat

    Now that you have all the proper tools follow this step-by-step guide:

    1. Letting your red and black nails dry before using chrome pigment is essential. A good top coat will help prime the nail for the chrome and seal and dry the nail polish underneath quicker.
    2. Now that the nail is primed and dry, use either a buffing brush (aka the dual-sided eye shadow sponge) or your finger and dip it in the chrome pigment. You only need a small amount of the powder.
    3. Using back-and-forth motions, buff the pigment onto the fingernail. We recommend doing this over the sink or outside because it can get messy.
    4. You may want to repeat this process several times to get the desired shimmer.
    5. Once the nails look as pigmented as you hoped, apply a thick layer of top coat to seal everything in.

    Red Prom Nails

    Prom is about having fun, looking glamorous, and feeling like your best self. These red prom nails will help do just that. They are glamorous but classy, perfect for a high school student. Going over the top can be fun, but when you look back at your prom and see these nails, you’ll be glad you followed our advice.

    Red Halloween Nails

    Halloween is all about the spook factor! Channel your spooky vibes into your nails this October for a spooktacular manicure. The matte black and glossy red contrast perfectly together. You must give this look a try!

    If these Halloween nails don’t do the trick (or treat) for you, you can copy many different creative styles. Maybe a black cat design or black witches hat over a red backdrop. The holidays like Halloween, are the perfect time to get creative, so put your thinking caps on and get to it!

    Bright Red Nails

    Sometimes, the brighter, the better! These bright red nails are perfect for summer nights, expressing your inner summer vibes. You can incorporate the rhinestones to make the manicure more glamorous or leave them out for something simpler.

    Red Lion Nails

    You would be lying if you said you don’t like the Lion King. These adorable red lion nails pay tribute to the fantastic Disney movie. Unless you are a professional, we recommend seeing a professional nail artist for this look or finding press-on nails with a similar design already on them.

    Blood Red Nails

    Sorry, queasy people, but inspiration is everywhere, including physically inside us. These blood red nails are the exact shade of the deep red blood pulsing through our veins. Aside from being similar to blood, it’s a beautiful color.

    Wine Red Nails

    These wine red nails are the perfect in-between of purple and red. It’s a plum shade close to a deep, gorgeous red. If you are a classy lady, you might already have this manicure! The great thing about wine red is that you can find cool and warm tones to best suit your skin tone.

    Red And Blue Nails

    These are some of the coolest nails we have seen! This internal ombre effect is unique and show-stopping. We 100% guarantee some compliments if you sport these red and blue nails. If you’re a cool cat, we know you’ll try this manicure at least once.

    Red Swirl Nails

    Swirls, twirls, whatever you want to call them, are a funky design choice for a manicure. Out of all the intricate designs you can try, these are surprisingly easy with minimal effort. With the right tools, you can effortlessly add funky twirls to look similar to these red swirl nails.

    Red Sparkly Nails

    Calling all sparkle lovers! These sparkly red nails will have you glittering and shining all day and night. If you like showing off your nails, these will be perfect. You can even switch things up and use a different colored sparkle on top of the red nails to create a funky contrast.

    Red Square Nails

    Red square nails are one of the most common red nails you will see. The square shape is easy to file on natural and acrylic nails because the nails don’t have to be long to hold the shape. Plus, they are the cleanest and most wearable.

    Red Heart Nails

    We love all things love! These red heart nails are the perfect manicure for Valentine’s Day or just for a cute manicure look. Plus, this manicure is easy to do at home, especially if you purchase heart nail art stickers.

    Red Fall Nails

    When we picture nails for the fall, we think of the stunning deep red fall nails. The darkness of the red matches the fall vibes, plus they will perfectly accompany your transition from chilled white wine to red wine as the weather gets colder.

    Red Quince Nails

    These red quince nails are perfect for a young girl’s Quinceanera! If you don’t know, a Quinceanera is a 15-year-old girls’ celebration, where she celebrates leaving girlhood and entering womanhood. For a Quinceanera, we suggest going all out. These red quince nails scream glamorous and womanhood! Nothing says your growing up like being allowed to get acrylic nails like these.


    • What Do Red Nails Mean?

      Red represents romance, love, and passion. It can also mean violence, anger, and aggression. But, we only condone the romantic part of it.

      Most importantly, red captures attention sparks emotion, and conveys confidence – exactly what we want from our red nails.

    • Which Red Nail Ideas Are Best?

      No red nails are better than the other; all that matters is whether you like them, and we love all the red nail ideas we have selected.

      However, a few stand out to us as our favorites, such as:

      • Wine red nails
      • Red chrome nails
      • Red tip nails
      • Red bottom nails
      • Red Halloween nails

    The Red of Life

    If you didn’t find a red manicure that you liked, we were not sure what else to say other than we don’t believe you. There must be at least one out of the 43 different red nails you wanted to try. So head to the salon, and remember to show them an image of your favorite red nails for them to recreate.