20 Red Valentines Day Nails to Flirt With This February

Updated on January 30, 2024
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    20 Red Valentines Day Nails to Flirt With This February

    Did you get shot in the butt with an arrow this February? Or perhaps you got bit by the love bug? Either way, chances are you feel that love is in the air!

    If you love, love, then we have just the thing to get that heart-fluttering, red Valentines Day nail. They are the perfect way to show off your love for the holiday without discussing how much you like it. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the capitalist holiday, red Valentines Day nails are an excellent way to switch things up a bit.

    There are plenty of different red Valentines Day nail ideas to choose from, from different color combinations, rhinestones, hearts designs, and more. The red Valentines Day nail ideas are just as abundant as our love for you!

    Valentines Day Red Nails Video Tutorial

    Learn how to do these adorable Valentines Day nails with cute little red hearts yourself in this easy step by step tutorial.

    Black and Red Valentines Day Nails

    There’s something special about channeling your love for a holiday into your manicure. If you celebrate Valentine’s day, then we suggest incorporating your passion for love into your manicure with these black and red Valentines Day nails.

    The black keeps the manicure discreet, while the little heart designs add a simple yet effective twist. These red and black nails are iconic, trust us.

    Red Coffin Valentines Day Nails

    If you are into the long nail look, then these red coffin Valentines Day nails will be right up your alley. The coffin shape is long and narrow at the sides and flat at the top, resembling the shape of a coffin.

    Long nails have more surface area, which is great because:

    • There’s more room for rhinestones
    • There’s more room for nail art
    • There’s more room for extra colors

    Simple Red Valentines Day Nails

    Keep things short and sweet with these simple red Valentines Day nails. The cherry red paired with the white keeps things festive without being too in your face. The addition of the little heart is a perfect match to the simple vibes while paying homage to the holiday.

    Pink and Red Valentines Day Nails

    This Valentines Day manicure is for all the minimalist’s out there looking to take their trusty nude nails up a notch for the holiday of love. These pink and red Valentines Day nails are the ideal way to upgrade your usually nude pink manicure and give it some love with little hearts and some shiny gems.

    If your doing your manicure at home, adding gems to your nails isn’t as it might seem. Check out this short guide on applying gemstones to your manicure.

    How To Apply Gems For Red Valentines Day Nails Description
    Step 1 Apply your red nail polish as usual.
    Step 2 While your last coat of polish is still wet, place the gem where you want them on the nails with tweezers or a nail dotting tool if you have one.
    Step 3 Once the gems have had time to dry, place a layer or two of top coat to help seal everything in place.

    Red Valentines Day Nails Short

    Long nails aren’t always a good call; sometimes, they make everyday tasks difficult. Therefore, we suggest this red Valentines Day nails short look. These short nails won’t give you difficulty with any functions, and they still look as great as any long ones.

    Red and White Valentines Day Nails

    These red and white Valentines Day nails are perfect for celebrating. The minimalistic vibe with the tiny red hearts on the white background is ideal for date night, as they won’t clash with what you end up wearing.

    Cute Red Valentines Day Nails

    What could be cuter than rhinestones in the shape of a big Valentines Day heart? When people see these cute red Valentines Day nails on your fingers, they will never second guess your love for love again. Plus, doing these nails at home takes minimal effort, yet they look professionally done.

    Matte Red Valentines Day Nails

    Sometimes, routine can get boring. Getting a glossy manicure time and time again will eventually get tiring, and what better excuse to switch things up than a holiday?

    These matte red Valentines Day nails are the perfect way to elevate your nail game and show off your unique new manicure. The frosted look is quite different from the regular glossy manicures you see, and you might be curious why. Check out the chart below to uncover the differences between a matte and glossy finish.

    Matte Nail Polishes Glossy Nail Polishes
    • Zero shine
    • Dosen’t last as long as regular top coat
    • Dosen’t reflect light
    • Harder to find
    • Any color can be matte
    • High shine
    • Light reflective
    • Easier to find
    • Any color can be glossy

    All you need to achieve matte red nails is a red polish and a matte top coat. It’s that simple!

    Red Valentines Day Nails With Rhinestones

    Red Valentines Day nails require rhinestones! It is a must. Just look at how cute that ring finger looks.

    Adding rhinestones to any manicure, not just Valentines Day nails, is a great way to elevate your nails. We even suggest keeping things simple but using them only on one nail. Coating the whole nail in rhinestones will make it stand out and give your manicure a unique twist you won’t turn down.

    Long Red Valentines Day Nails

    Sometimes plain red nails say just enough. The color red is synonymous with Valentines Day, and anyone catching you with a red manicure during or around the holiday will know you are channeling your inner cupid. These long red Valentines Day nails are perfect for all occasions, even the ones not loved themed around or during Valentines Day.

    Red Valentines Day Nails Square

    If you love the square nail shape, then these red Valentines Day nails square shaped will be perfect for you. Here at Zohna, we love a twist on the typical things. We highly recommend these red French tip nails instead of the traditional white ones. For those that love the square shape, the red lining the perimeter of the nail will accentuate that square shape.

    Red Glitter Valentines Day Nails

    The more glitz and glam, the better!

    These red glitter Valentines Day nails will elevate your manicure to a glittery level you can’t resist. Sometimes plain red is too dull, and occasionally little heart designs don’t cut it. Therefore, incorporating red glitter will make you and your nails stand out. You can never go wrong with choosing red nails with glitter, it’s a fact.

    Zohna Tip

    Glitter nail polish is tough to remove. We suggest a 100% acetone nail polish remover to remove everything quickly and effectively.

    Red Ombre Valentines Day Nails

    Ombre nails are one of our favorite nail designs. The ombre effect adds a color gradient that upgrades your nails significantly. Sometimes all the glitz and glam can be too over the top for some of us, but we still want a unique look. These red ombre Valentines Day nails will do exactly that without looking too unique.

    Red Acrylic Valentines Day Nails

    You can skip this one if you’re blessed with nails as strong as steel and as long as the day. If you don’t relate and have brittle, short nails, this one might be what you’re looking for.

    These red acrylic Valentines Day nails will give your nails that strong and lengthy look that most of us dream of having naturally. Plus, acrylic nails give you more room to add fun designs and different colors.

    Sparkly Red Valentines Day Nails

    Incorporating sparkles into your Valentines Day nails is a decision we fully endorse for you. These sparkly red Valentines Day nails will bring a hint of sparkle to your life that you won’t want to ditch once the holiday is over.

    Red and Gold Valentines Day Nails

    We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again! You don’t need to add little hearts and gems for your manicure to be a Valentines Day manicure. All you need is a beautiful red; people will know what you’re trying to get at. If red alone isn’t working, add a bit of gold glitter to spice things up just the right amount.

    Red Valentines Day Nails French Tip

    Red Valentines Day nails French tip style is the manicure twist we’ve all been waiting for. The French tip is one of the most classic manicures you can get. However, adding a little Valentines Day flare with hearts and gems is the perfect way to take your nails from classic to trendy.

    Dark Red Valentines Day Nails

    Nothing suits a Valentines Day date like a glass of red wine, and what could be better than channeling that into your nails? Dark red Valentines Day nails embrace the sexy side of the holiday. Thewilldark and alluring yet beautiful and symbolic.

    Nude and Red Valentines Day Nails

    If red isn’t really your thing, we suggest mixing it with a nude color to flush it out. These nude and red Valentines Day nails are the perfect combination of nude and red for those not too keen on the latter.

    Red Valentines Day Nails Stiletto

    The stiletto nails are infamous for their pointy structure. Red Valentines Day nails stiletto shaped are bound to make you feel fabulous this Valentines Day.

    Simple DIY Red Valentines Day Manicure

    If you can’t pencil in a nail appointment at the salon into your calendar before Valentines Day, there’s no need to worry. We have the perfect little DIY red Valentines Day manicure to make your heart flutter with excitement.

    The tools you need to do a simple DIY red Valentines Day manicure:

    1. Nail file
    2. Base coat
    3. Red nail polish
    4. Light pink nail polish
    5. Top coat
    6. Eyeliner brush or proper nail art brush

    Step #1

    The first step to ensuring the perfect manicure is preparation. Filing the nails to the proper shape that you desire will help make your Valentines Day nails even more beautiful.

    Step #2

    Add one layer of your clear base coat. This will help ensure the nail polish stays longer and doesn’t chip as quickly.

    Step #3

    Choose pink or red nail polish and add three coats to each nail. Wait for the coats to dry before applying the next one.

    Step #4

    Once the nail polish has dried, take whichever color you didn’t use and dip your eyeliner or nail art brush into the paint. Very carefully draw a tiny heart on your ring fingernail. The smaller the brush, the easier it will be.

    If you don’t trust your drawing skills, you can always use nail stickers instead, but you might surprise yourself with how easy it is to paint on a little heart.

    Step #5

    Once everything has dried, paint a single layer of your top coat to seal everything in and give it an extra glossy look. If you want to do something unique this Valentines Day, you can swap out of regular top coat for a matte top coat to frost everything out.



    • Can I Do Red Valentines Day Nails Myself?

      The answer to this question is 100%! However, it also depends on the type of Valentines Day nails you want. If you have never done a simple manicure at home, it’s straightforward to learn how to, but if your wanting acrylics and crazy nail art, it will take time, patience, and practice to learn how.

    • How Much Do They Cost at a Salon?

      Typically a manicure can cost anywhere from 30$ to 100$, depending on the time of manicure you get. If you get acrylics with crazy intricate nail art, it will likely cost you a pretty penny. However, going for the simple route or doing it at home won’t cost you too much.

    Love Is In The Air

    If you hadn’t before, we’re sure you’ve now caught the love bug. Channel that loving energy into your manicure this love month and show your appreciation for the holiday. Whether you choose simple red Valentines Day nails or sparkly red Valentines Day nails, people will appreciate your love for Valentines Day and your nails.