28 Stunning White Coffin Nails You’ll Love

Updated on November 1, 2023
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    28 Stunning White Coffin Nails You’ll Love

    You’re getting ready to sit down in the mani chair, and you still don’t know what look to go for. You have a million choices on those fun little swatch tabs, but you only know you want something versatile and fresh. Enter: classic white coffin nails.

    This versatile look is more inspired than a nude look and fresh compared to a simple taupe or soft beige. A coffin shape is clean and works for various occasions – from a big party to a crucial business meeting.

    Just because this is a simple mani doesn’t mean white coffin nails have to be basic. There are plenty of ideas to choose from, like trendy coffin milky white nails to classic matte white coffin nails – you just need the right inspiration.

    Thankfully, we’ve got 28 stunning white coffin nail ideas you’ll love right here in this post. That way, you know exactly what inspo photo you need to show your manicurist next time you’re staring down the swatches at the salon.

    Coffin White Acrylic Nails

    The classic coffin shape is impressive and brings the drama of a stiletto nail in a more wearable way. Literally taking, the nail takes the shape of a coffin, with slightly angled edges and a squared-off top, white coffin nails can be a variety of lengths, and you’re only limited by your preferences.

    Coffin white acrylic nails are a more long-lasting way to wear a white manicure look than a basic polish. Plus, you can add more length to your look than a natural nail can offer, and you don’t need to stress over growing your nails.

    A few other pros of having acrylic coffin nails versus natural nails include:

    • More durable than natural nails
    • Lasts longer (up to four weeks)
    • Provides an excellent base for nail art
    • Customizable shape

    Coffin White Acrylic Nails With Glitter

    Glitter is an excellent way to make your claws look glamorous and party-ready. If you opt for coffin white acrylic nails with glitter, you’ll be all set to dazzle with your sparkly mani. You can add glitter to all your nails or deck up just a few. Either way, we’re sure you’ll make a solid impression.

    Want your glitter nails to look perfect but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for you below.

    How to Apply Loose Glitter on White Coffin Nails Explanation
    Prep your nails After shaping your nails, use a base coat before applying nail polish.
    Apply nail polish Apply one layer of white nail polish to all fingers and wait for it to dry. Apply a second coat of polish to one fingernail.
    Add glitter Before the second layer dries, apply your glitter. Your nail must be wet, so ensure you do this and the second layer of polish one finger at a time.
    Time for more shimmer Follow the steps outlined above for each nail. After you’re done, allow your white coffin nails to fully dry.
    Seal the deal Use at least two coats of top coat to ensure your white coffin nails stay protected.

    The process may feel intimidating, but we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it. Remember to practice as much as possible and stay patient.

    Coffin White Tip Nails

    Coffin white tip nails with a nude base are the way to go if you want an evergreen style.

    This mani is versatile and perfect for someone who doesn’t want to commit to bright colors. If you’re in a rush and have no time for a lengthy mani sesh, pick up a set of press-on nails like these for convenience.

    Long White Coffin Nails

    Long white coffin nails are a timeless choice. Amp up your style by adding rhinestones and embellishments to your claws.

    Are you worried about breaking a nail? Protect your long white coffin nails using high-quality gloves while doing the dishes.

    You can also take other safety precautions like:

    1. Using cuticle oil and hand moisturizer every day
    2. Being diligent about your vitamins and supplements like biotin
    3. Limiting your exposure to water

    Coffin Milky White Nails

    Somewhere between opaque and translucent, coffin milky white nails are elegant and understated. As you can imagine, this style is a hit for formal occasions like weddings and graduation ceremonies.

    In fact, even actress Jennifer Lopez chose dainty milky white nails for her nuptials in August 2022. Take it from us – this color is here to stay.

    Zohna Tip

    Apply a layer of chrome pigment to your white coffin nails to give them an elevated shine.

    Coffin Black and White Nails

    Say yes to coffin black and white nails if you’re looking for a style that’s always in vogue. The picture above illustrates that thin black tips on white coffin nails look rather stylish.

    Wondering how to get white coffin nails, right? Let’s break it down in easy-to-understand steps, shall we? Check out the table below for more information.

    How to Perfect White Coffin Nails at Home Description
    Shape and file Shape your nails first, filing them into the coffin shape.
    Use thin coats Thin coats are far better than clumpy, thick coats. Apply polish in thin layers and wait for every coat to dry before adding the next one.
    Clean up as required Clean the edges with a cleanup brush and acetone for the best results.

    Arrange all your tools in advance before working on your manicure. Ask a friend to help out if needed.

    Matte Black and White Coffin Nails

    If you love a matte finish, this style deserves to be on your list because it’s effortlessly pretty.

    FYI, matte black and white nails don’t have to be dramatic. They can be subtle, like the picture above, which has cute black text on white coffin nails.

    Black and White Marble Nails Coffin

    Marble nails are so stunning that you cannot help but admire the lovely style. Don’t hesitate; get black and white coffin marble nails the next time you’re at the nail spa.

    We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results. Black coffin nails with white hues are striking and hard to miss.

    Coffin Pink and White Nails

    Looking to add a soothing combination of light hues to your white coffin nails? Try coffin pink and white nails for surprisingly impressive results.

    This style looks adorable on its own or when paired with cute nail art like tiny hearts.

    Pink and White Coffin Nails With Diamonds

    Pink and White Coffin Nails With DiamondsInstagram@nailartbcPIN

    If you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of bling, give this style a whirl. Pink and white coffin nails with diamonds are an excellent way to elevate your everyday style.

    Some nail designs and tools you can experiment with include:

    • Glue-on gems
    • Nail gem stickers
    • Nail tips and tape

    Coffin Red and White Nails

    This is such a versatile style that you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t give it a shot earlier. Coffin red and white nails are high on drama and add a pop of color to your claws, making them ideal for everyday wear.

    You can tweak this style for special occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, pairing them with nail art for bonus points.

    Here’s what you can do to incorporate some fun designs into your coffin red and white nails:

    • Add tiny Christmas trees
    • Add tiny hearts
    • Add polka dots and stripes

    Long White Coffin Nails With Diamonds

    Long White Coffin Nails With DiamondsInstagram@dlc.nailsPIN

    Elongated long white coffin nails with diamonds are luxurious in more ways than one. Pamper yourself with a therapeutic manicure session and deck up your nails in this glamorous style.

    White coffin nails with diamonds will probably make you feel like the diva you are. Don’t hold yourself back; treat yourself.

    Coffin White and Gold Nails

    This style offers a stark contrast with crisp white and sparkly golden hues. It’s ideal for anyone unfazed by trends.

    Rest assured, coffin white and gold nails are timeless and will make your nails stand out in nearly every setting. If you’re uncomfortable with long claws, rock short coffin nails instead. Your nails will still look incredible, we promise.

    Coffin Blue and White Nails

    Coffin Blue and White NailsInstagram@14nailzPIN

    Coffin blue and white nails are an excellent way to experiment with trendy pastel hues.

    For the best results, go for a soothing light blue shade and experiment with nail art, as seen in the picture above.

    Coffin Cute White Nails

    Bring out your playful side by embracing cute white coffin nails. The sky’s the limit when it comes to attractive nail designs.

    Maybe you’ll end up with tiny baubles or flaunt golden swirls on white coffin nails. We reckon you’ll feel like your best self if you try this style.

    Cute white coffin nail ideas worth trying:

    1. Starry designs
    2. Funky emojis
    3. Floral nail art

    White Coffin Nails With Gems

    Did someone just mention gemstones and white coffin nails? Say no more.

    White coffin nails with gems are undeniably glamorous. You can choose to be as minimalistic or OTT as you like. You make the rules here, dear friend. Experiment as much as you like.

    Matte White Coffin Nails

    Matte White Coffin NailsInstagram@clawmobPIN

    If you don’t like glossy manicured nails, try a matte white style instead. Matte white coffin nails are so chic that you’ll be excited to give this style a whirl more than once.

    One of the biggest perks of embracing this style? Your nails will practically go with everything you choose to wear. Hallelujah!

    Coffin Milky White Acrylic Nails

    If you want to feel like a boss babe, you’ve got to give this style a chance. Coffin milky white acrylic nails are long-lasting, versatile, and customizable.

    Whether you like glitter or jewels, this manicure offers the perfect base for all kinds of styles. Excited yet?

    White Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

    White Coffin Nails With RhinestonesInstagram@fsnailditPIN

    White coffin nails with rhinestones are for anyone sassy and open to fashion-forward nail styles.

    We know you’re tempted,so take inspiration from the picture above and get yourself sparkly nails. You’ll feel like a glam goddess in no time.

    Glitter Red and White Coffin Nails

    We hear you. It’s nearly impossible to turn down glitter. Add a combination of red and white hues, and you’ll be all set to dazzle with your chic nails.

    Hint hint. This style is perfect for the Christmas season.

    All White Coffin Nails

    When you need some relaxation, make an appointment at the nail spa and ask for all white coffin nails.

    This versatile style will instantly elevate your style with minimal effort. You won’t regret your decision.

    Coffin White Gel Nails

    Don’t you hate it when your nail polish starts chipping away a few days after your manicure? We have an easy solution: coffin white gel nails.

    The coffin shape will give your claws a sleek and stylish look, while gel nail polish will ensure your nails stay in tip-top shape for weeks.

    White Medium Coffin Nails

    If you don’t want to settle for long or short nails, try white medium coffin nails for the perfect balance.

    And don’t worry; your nails will be on fleek no matter what you’re planning. This is the perfect style for both formal and casual settings.

    Coffin Mexican Theme Nails

    Hola amigos! Who’s ready for feisty nails with a fun Mexican twist?

    Give your claws a funky look with vibrant hues, festive accents, and edgy patterns. Coffin Mexican theme nails are an ideal pick for the summer.

    Red White and Blue Coffin Nails

    Who says you must stick to one or two colors for your next mani? Embrace the best of all worlds by trying red white and blue coffin nails. Want to spice things up? Try coffin royal blue nails with red and white hues.

    As illustrated by the example above, this unique combination of vibrant colors will make you feel extra sassy and stylish.

    White and Silver Coffin Nails

    Elevate your nail game with this classic combination of white and silver hues. It’s the perfect base for glossy nails, glitter, and sparkle.

    Pair your sparkly nails with your favorite little black dress for a date night.

    Simple White Coffin Nails

    This one goes out to all those who prefer fuss-free styles. Don’t underestimate simple white coffin nails. They’ll easily complement your outfits and make you look put together.

    Milky White Press on Nails

    So classy, so chic. A set of milky white press on nails is a lifesaver when you need to rush to a party and don’t have time to do your nails.

    Simply grab your favorite set of press-on nails and get to work. You’ll be ready in no time.

    Check out the tips below if you’re wondering the best way to make press-on nails last:

    • Prep, clean, and file your nails before applying press-on nails for the best results
    • Stay away from water for at least an hour after application
    • Be cautious and avoid doing anything that can strain your nails, such as opening cans
    • Keep nail glue handy and use it if needed to keep your nails in place

    Coffin White Nails With Flowers

    It’s hard to deny that floral designs are gorgeous, delicate, and oh-so-pretty. Coffin white nails with flowers will amp up your style and make you feel like a fashionista.

    Wrapping Up

    White coffin nails are a game changer. Whether you prefer simple and sophisticated looks or can’t get enough of feisty nail art, white coffin nails are the perfect choice for experimenting with various nail styles.

    Get ready to give your claws a stunning makeover. Whether you choose classic white coffin nails or try coffin ombre nails with white hues, we’re confident you’ll love flaunting your new manicured nails.