29 Classy Winter Nails to Flaunt in 2024 + DIY Video

Updated on February 8, 2024
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    29 Classy Winter Nails to Flaunt in 2024 + DIY Video

    As winter approaches and our holiday lights come up from the basement and our winter coats from the back of our closets, remember that being festive doesn’t only mean decorating the house and preparing for the cold. You can get into the holiday and winter spirit by putting on your favorite winter nails.

    Classy Winter Nails Video Tutorial

    Got a last-minute invite to a holiday party? We’ve got you covered – just follow this easy, step-by-step tutorial for a stunning winter nail style.

    How to Choose Winter Nails

    The list of options seems endless regarding the colors and designs for classy winter nails. If this is the first time you have catered your manicure to the season, there are a few factors to note about what nail options best suit an occasion, your time, and your wallet.

    Nail Option Types Price and Time Characteristics
    Basic Manicure
    • $10 – $30
    • 30 minutes
    • Most popular and basic.
    • Can be done at home or in the salon.
    • Has no negative effects on nails.
    Gel Manicure
    • $30 – $60
    • 45 minutes
    • Can extend nails and create desired shapes.
    • Hardens with UV light.
    • Zero drying time.
    • Lasts around 3 weeks.
    • $45 – $100
    • 1 ½ hours
    • Combination of a liquid and a gel.
    • Changes nail length and shape.
    Dip Manicure
    • $30 – $50
    • 45 minutes
    • Nails are dipped into a powder.
    • Doesn’t require UV light.
    • Lasts longer than basic and gel manicures.

    It will also be helpful to figure out what colors look best with your skin’s undertones. Your undertone is the color beneath your skin’s surface that influences your overall complexion tone and hue. It typically dictates which colors of jewelry, clothing, nail color, and hair colors look most flattering on you.

    The table below outlines some of the best winter nail colors to pair with your undertone.

    Pink Undertones (cool) Yellow Undertones (warm) Neutral Undertones
    Light blues Warm red Nude
    Light red Green Light pink
    Light greens Coral True reds

    Winter Acrylic Nails

    Choosing a winter acrylic nail is great when you want to add a bit of seasonal glamor and length to your nails. The acrylic nails will add some oomph to your fingertips, and the added color and shimmer will provide a nice merry feel. Depending on how you celebrate the winter and the holidays, or whether you do at all, you can switch up the coloring to match your vibe.

    Zohna Tip

    If you don't celebrate over the holidays, choosing an elegant white color is a great alternative.

    Dark Winter Nails

    As the dreaded winter winds pick up and the tease of snowfall hangs in the air, you know it’s time to swap out those summer colors on your nails for dark winter nails. If a dark color is too plain and boring, try adding wintery designs like snowflakes or glitter.

    Here are a few dark winter nail colors that are always popular each year,

    1. Burgundy red
    2. Dark blue
    3. Chocolate brown

    Elegant Classy Winter Nails

    It’s hard to deny that most of us are creatures of habit, and if you are one of the many loyal to a nude natural nail color, then these elegant, classy winter nails are perfect. All it takes to achieve this look is a neutral base shade, with a light covering of chrome powder buffed in to add a frosted look, the ideal combination for winter.

    Cute Winter Nails

    If you are into getting designs on your nails, these cute winter nails are what you need to get into the winter spirit. The options for pretty nails are endless if you know a good nail technician that can add lots of fun designs. If you have someone younger in your life, who likes to get their nails done, cute winter nails are very fitting.

    Winter Ice Blue Nails

    Winter ice blue nails are the exact color you’d picture ice if it looked the way they depict it in Disney movies in real life. This light ice blue shade will add a fun pop of color to your fingers. Adding some glitter to the blue will depict the shimmer that ice gets when it catches the sun.

    Simple Classy Winter Nails

    Simple and classy nails are ideal for emulating the winter season while keeping in touch with your regular nail routine. We recommend these nails if you’re trying to get into the winter spirit while keeping it professional. To make it festive, add a few rhinestones that shimmer in the light to a neutral shade,  this will give your winter nails a little twinkle of holiday spirit.

    Choosing an Acrylic Nail Shape

    If you have decided to choose an acrylic style for your winter nails, it might help you to know what styles and shapes there are to choose from so you get the best winter nails possible.

    Nail Shape Shape
    Coffin Shape
    • Angular shape of a coffin
    • Tapered side
    • Straight edge
    Stiletto Shape
    • Pointed tip
    • Long
    Almond Shape
    • Natural looking
    • Rounded peak
    • Resembles the shape of an almond

    Coffin Winter Nails

    Coffin acrylic nails are trendy, especially over the cooler months, because they are long and wide, providing a good amount of surface area to put designs. Just because when we typically think of winter nails as being shimmery and glittery, that doesn’t mean that matte nails aren’t wintery, either. These coffin winter nails are matte and still give off that frosted winter vibe.

    Gel Winter Nails

    Gel Winter NailsInstagram@moojcyPIN

    If you want your nails to last, but you’re worried about the effects acrylics could have on your natural nails, then a gel manicure is where you’ll find your sweet spot. You can also put designs or colors on them like these nails here to achieve winter nails.

    Snowflake Winter Nails

    Suppose you’re looking to get into the winter spirit; what better way than to add its most significant distinguishing feature to your nails, snow? Everyone feels differently about snow, some hate it, and others love it. However, adding little snowflakes to your nails can remind you of their undeniable beauty.

    Winter Wonderland Nails

    When most people picture winter wonderlands, it’s a forest covered in glistening untouched snow, with trees doused in fluffy white. Perhaps some icicles are hanging from tree branches and there’s a horse-drawn carriage with fur blankets and hot chocolate on board. If that sounds as magical to you as it does to us, what’s stopping you from channeling that magic into your fingernails with glitter, shimmer, designs, and rhinestones?

    White Winter Nails

    Whether you celebrate a holiday during the winter months or not, choosing white winter nails is a classy and festive way to go. Basic white looks great with any outfit, makeup, or hair color.

    There are many different shades of white to choose from:

    1. Cream
    2. Eggshell
    3. Ivory
    4. Navajo White
    5. Vanilla

    Adding some glitter to the white will give it an even more wintery feel.

    Zohna Tip

    If one shade of white doesn't scream out to you, but if you're dead set on using white as your winter nails color, then try mixing two or three to get the desired shade.

    Short Winter Nails

    If you favor the natural route and don’t feel the need to use gel or acrylics to accentuate the length of your nails, these classy short winter nails will be perfect for you this winter. Shimmer always looks nice on short nails, allowing them to pop out a bit without having to literally pop out by extending past your fingertips.

    Winter Sweater Nails

    For those of us that live in cooler climates, when we think of winter, we think of sweater weather. There’s nothing better than putting on your favorite sweater and cuddling up next to the fire. If sweaters are what you think of most when you imagine winter, you don’t only have to sport them on your body, but you can also on your nails. Adding a sweater pattern to your nails is a cute way to encapsulate that sweater weather feel.

    Winter Blue Nails

    Blue is a mature and versatile color, perfect if you’re trying to match the blue shade of your lips while your outside in the freezing cold. Just kidding, please bundle up when you’re outside. Putting a blue color alone on your nails or adding little shimmer perfectly matches the cold winter months.

    There are many different shades of blue to choose from for winter blue nails such as:

    • Navy
    • Ice blue
    • Royal blue
    • Denim blue

    Winter Park Nails

    If something you love about the park during winter is how the snow looks dusted over the trees or the contrast between the white and the rich green of the trees, this nail design will capture that for you all winter long without having to venture into the cold. Adding shades of green will contrast your trees, and speckles of white will give the appearance of snow.

    Winter Holiday Dip Nails

    This holiday season, if you’re hoping to go all out with your nails by adding cute little designs, then choosing to do dip nails is the ideal way. Dip nails are great for adding little designs because you can place the dip in specific spots, sprinkle it on or dip the nail into it.

    Zohna Tip

    If you want a raised effect with your designs, dip nails will give you that effect the easiest and most effective out of all the other options.

    Short Dark Winter Nails

    Short dark winter nails are sophisticated and sexy for the holidays. They will give off the vibe that you mean business during the winter but also like to be festive. There are many different colors to choose from, but the most popular over the winter has to be dark reds and dark blues with a bit of added shimmer.

    Winter French Tip Nails

    French tip nails are a classic nail manicure that always looks impeccable and put together. The winter months and over the holidays can get pretty hectic, and by having winter french tip nails, you can present a classy and put-together aura even if that’s not how you feel on the inside. What makes winter french tip nails different from regular ones? Instead of having white tips, changing them to silver or gold.

    Classy Dark Winter Nails

    When we think of classy dark winter nails, we think of the colors you’d picture a winter’s twilight or sugar plums’ deep purple. Elegant dark colors are typically rich and full, giving your nails a striking and sexy appearance.

    Light Blue Winter Nails

    If you are one of those people who love summer nail colors for their vibrancy, then these light blue nails are a great middle-ground for you. Not all winter nails need to be dark if that’s not your thing, so give these light blue winter nails a try.

    Black Winter Nails

    If you stick to an all-black-everything rule regarding clothes, then these black winter nails will be ideal for keeping up with that goal. The black color kind of represents the whole gets dark early thing winter has going on; however, it could be nice to add some shimmer to add something a bit different than your usual black.

    Ombre Winter Nails

    Ombre winter nails are a stunning combination of two different shades that fade into one another seamlessly. It can also be done with sparkles, as shown in the picture, giving it that wintery appearance. It’s a great way to spice up your nails without choosing a drastic color or a great way to compromise between two colors if you can’t decide between them.

    Purple Winter Nails

    Purple is always a great choice when you want a darker nail color that’s still vibrant. Adding a metallic purple shade to your nails will give it a more winter and holiday appearance, like a shiny tree ornament.

    Red Winter Nails

    Lighter red winter nails are fitting for Christmas as they look great when paired with greens or whites, the holy trinity of Christmas colors. Dark red winter nails are also great for this time of year. Their sophisticated and strict while also sexy and fun. You know you are winning the holiday season when your nails match your glass of red.

    Neutral Classy Winter Nails

    Brown neutral shades are a great winter nail color and perfect if you are into the more classy shades. You can stick with the brown or go with a more frosty coloring on top, giving it that ‘frosted window while it snows outside’ look. A slight shimmer is never a bad thing during the holiday season.

    Coffin Blue Winter Nails

    The coffin nail shape is very flattering and looks great when it is accompanied by a blue color, especially during the winter months. With the increased surface area, there’s more room to add festive Christmas nails designs like these snowflakes that match the blue of the nails.

    Grey Winter Nails

    As we all know, winter is accompanied by grey days. The sky fills with snow clouds waiting to dump down on us and create a winter wonderland. If you like grey and associate it with winter, you can choose from various grey colors for your nails. Grey also pairs nicely with silver and white.

    Classy Winter Stiletto Nails

    Classy winter stiletto nail can be in a wide range of shades. However, our favorite are these white and silver nails. The white reminds us of snow and the silver of decorations. The shape is long and pointy, perfect for making a statement.

    Classy Winter Acrylic Nails

    Classy winter acrylic nails can look like whatever you prefer. Typical winter classy shades are neutrals, pinks, dark reds, and blues, with whichever shape of acrylics you prefer. If you wear a lot of gold jewelry over the holidays or in general, these gold-flecked acrylic nails are ideal to help make your jewelry and nails stand out.


    • What are Winter Colors for Nails?

      There are a few colors that look great on the nails over the winter and are worth noting such as:

      1. Red
      2. Blue
      3. Grey
      4. White
      5. Silver
      6. Gold
    • Why Do My Nails Get Brittle in Winter?

      Having dry and brittle nails can result from a lack of moisture, which causes them to break and become frail. During winter, there is a lack of moisture in the air, and everything tends to get dry, including your fingernails.

    • How to Keep Nails From Breaking in Winter?

      Using a good cuticle oil to protect the surrounding skin and a good hand moisturizer will help keep your nails from becoming brittle. It is also helpful to take a break from using nail polish or acrylics and using a nail strengthening polish instead to give them a moisturized surge between manicures.


    Now that winter is in full swing, you can get all bundled up with a drink of something hot and warm up your hands while showing off your new winter nails wrapped around the cup.