9 Best Pore Vacuum & Blackhead Suction Tools and How to Use Them

Updated on February 9, 2024
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    9 Best Pore Vacuum & Blackhead Suction Tools and How to Use Them

    Do you have blackheads? Whiteheads? Oily Skin?

    You might have already tried cleansers, charcoal masks, and chemical peels. You may even use them regularly. However, the problem with these topical products is that the ingredients commonly found in them can cause further skin issues. Not all the time, but it’s not uncommon.

    The very same cleansers and creams that claim to clear skin can contain the very same pore-clogging ingredients that brought you to them in the first place. If only you could suck the blackheads right off your face, right?

    Enter the pore vacuum.

    The concept of the pore vacuum is as old as the dirt it claims to remove from your face. And best of all, no harsh chemicals to deal with (no chemicals, period!) But how exactly does it work? What are the risks? And does it work? In this article, we’ll talk about pore vacuums, offer tips on using them, and fill you in on which pore vacuums are currently ranked as some of the best.

    What is a Blackhead Remover Vacuum?

    A blackhead remover vacuum is an electric comedo extraction tool. It’s a handheld device that uses suction to remove impurities from the face, including

    1. Debris from pores
    2. Excess oil
    3. Grease
    4. Dirt
    5. Dead skin
    6. Blackheads
    7. Whiteheads

    Blackhead remover vacuums effectively remove surface debris, dead skin, and dirt from the face. However, they aren’t a permanent solution and must be used regularly (1-3 times per week) to get results. Ultimately, deeply clogged blackheads are best left up to dermatologists or other medical professionals.

    Acne is one of the top three complaints dermatologists encounter, and while the threat to health is minimal, it can cause problems socially and psychologically due to its appearance. The word acne was first used in 1840 and was depicted in artwork in 1849. So, we know the idea has been around for over a century.

    But where did blackhead remover vacuums get their start?

    As blackheads have been unpopular for quite some time, our attempt to eradicate them has been around for just as long, at least as far back as 1903. That year, inventors Albert A. C. Hildebrandt and Norton W. Johnston of New York introduced a plunger-like instrument, a suction-type device for removing blackheads.

    According to the 1903 patent, the new invention would “force out the worm by excessive pressure applied to the skin immediately surrounding the worm… a simple vacuum device which will remove the worm in a simple and sanitary manner.”

    It’s safe to say that the pore vacuum has come a long way, even though its general purpose has remained intact. But don’t worry, the following list of best pore vacuums doesn’t include any plunger-like contraptions.

    Top 9 Best Blackhead Remover Vacuums

    Pore Vacuum with Camera

    CLEASO Pore Vacuum with Camera
    $38.99 ($38.99 / Count)
    10/30/2023 06:15 pm GMT

    The CLEASO pore vacuum is a blackhead remover that comes equipped with a 5-megapixel camera that allows you to see the blackhead removal process with 20x zoom and there’s also a photo-taking option. USB rechargeable. The CLEASO blackhead vacuum has 3 different suction force levels. Level 1 is best for sensitive and dry skin types, level 2 is great for neutral skin types, and level 3 is excellent for oily skin types.

    The pore vacuum comes with 6 removable suction heads that serve specific functions, including blackhead removal, grease reduction, fine line reduction, massage, and skin tightening. The CLEASO pore vacuum has nearly 2,000 4-star reviews. Verified buyers say the suction is powerful, and the product works exceptionally well and even too well if you’re not careful. The photo and video function work by downloading an app on your phone.

    Vibrant Skin Blackhead Remover

    10/30/2023 07:03 pm GMT

    Microderm GLO Mini Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum is a blackhead removing facial tool with a Microdermabrasion add-on option. It’s a suction tool for blackheads on the nose and face that promotes clean skin and a vibrant glow. While most pore vacuums focus on removing comedones like blackheads or whiteheads, what makes this tool special is its microdermabrasion add-on option.

    Microderm GLO Advanced Professional Skin Care was created with the help of dermatologists to address skin issues related to blackheads and aging by minimizing the size of pores and brightening skin tone while promoting collagen and elastin production. The mini pore vacuum comes with 2 interchangeable tips, one for removing blackheads and the other for removing small blackheads.

    Best Amazon Pore Vacuum

    10/31/2023 10:19 pm GMT

    The VOYOR Blackhead vacuum is one of the most highly rated pore vacuums on Amazon from verified buyers’ reviews and more than 25,000 4-star ratings. The blackhead remover pore vacuum comes with 6 interchangeable suction heads and is made for whitehead removal as well as blackhead removal, in addition to removing grease and dead skin. The VOYOR blackhead vacuum lets you adjust the settings to the desired suction strength from 1 to 3.

    Level 1 is best for beginners as well as those who have sensitive skin. Level 2 and 3 is best for small and stubborn blackheads, respectively. There are 6 different heads to use on different areas of the face, including different sizes for specific types of comedones and a silicone head for sensitive skin. The device is easy to travel with as it’s portable and rechargeable. For best results, use a hot towel or steam to open pores and loosen blackheads.

    To use, move the pore vacuum slowly across the skin (rather than up and down on one area) and only allow the vacuum to stay in one area for up to 2 seconds. Follow up the vacuum treatment with a soothing moisturizer.

    Poppyo Electric Blackhead Remover

    10/30/2023 07:11 pm GMT

    This is a simple and effective electric blackhead remover tool for removing blackheads and whiteheads. It’s designed to remove blackheads on the face, including the nose, and uses 5 different levels for different skin needs. It comes with 4 vacuum heads and an LED display showing suction levels and where on the face to use each level. The electric blackhead remover has an easy-to-grip design and is USB rechargeable.

    Dermaflash Ultrasonic 2 in 1 Suction Pore Cleanser

    A premium blackhead extractor tool that unclogs pores and uses infusion technology to use with skincare products to deep clean the skin. The great thing about this tool is its water-resistant design. Also, its unique, flat tip makes getting difficult to reach areas like around the nose much easier. The extractor tool is recommended to be used three times per week for best results.

    Moin Blackhead Remover

    The USB rechargeable blackhead suction tool by Moin comes with 4 removable suction heads and 3 adjustable levels of suction. It’s designed for both blackhead and whitehead removal and is effectively removing oil, grease, and acne from clogged pores. It helps increase blood circulation and manage clearer skin when used from 2-5 weeks.

    Hotsch Blackhead Remover

    10/30/2023 07:21 pm GMT

    The Hotsch Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum is an acne extractor kit with an LED display. It comes with 4 suction heads. Three levels of suction strength let you choose which intensity is best for your skin. Level 1 is effective and not overly abrasive, making it great even for sensitive skin.

    PMD Pore Vacuum for Face and Body

    The PMD Personal Microderm Classic At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine is designed for the face and body. It’s made with exfoliating crystal vacuum suction heads that result in radiant-looking skin. The benefits include a reduction in blemishes as well as an improvement in skin’s overall appearance, including fine lines. PMD Microderm Classic is designed for all skin types and suggests using the treatment once every 6 to 7 days.

    Spa Science Bella Microderm Pore Extractor for Wet or Dry Skin

    10/30/2023 07:32 pm GMT

    Spa Science’s Bella Pore Extractor has a 3 in 1 function making it a triple-win for radiant skin! It comes with three removable vacuum tips to treat clogged pores. In addition to clearing away blackheads, Bella can be used to slough away dead skin cells and surface debris when used as a handy microdermabrasion tool. The design is lightweight, cordless, and travel friendly. The cordless design makes it easy to use on hard to reach areas of the face without restricting movement. Best of all, The Bella Microderm Pore Extractor is designed with Nano Mist Technology, meaning you can treat your skin whether it’s dry or wet.

    How to Use Blackhead Remover Vacuum

    Step 1 Prep Skin

    Before you begin using any blackhead remover tool, you’ll want to prepare your skin. There are several ways to prepare including:

    The point of preparing your skin before using a pore vacuum is to loosen up the stuff inside the pores. Taking steps to prepare makes it easier for the pore vacuum to do what it’s supposed to do, remove excess oil, skin, and debris.

    Step 2 Get the Pore Vacuum Ready

    You can start by disinfecting the pore vacuum nozzles if you haven’t done so already. Be sure the interchangeable tips are clean by dipping a q-tip into alcohol and running it through each one.

    Step 3 Start With the Lowest Setting

    This step is very important, especially if you’re new to using a pore vacuum device. Test it to be sure. When you don’t know how strong the suction is or how your skin will react, you risk damaging the surface of your skin. Damage can be mild or severe and may include the following:

    • Bruising
    • Broken blood vessels
    • Redness
    • Blistering
    • Micro-tears
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Scarring
    • Bleeding

    Following appropriate steps can minimize risks. However, depending on the type of blackhead vacuum you buy and whether it’s a trusted brand plays a role in safety. Read the instructions but use your best judgment. For instance, some instructions may tell you that it’s okay to start with the middle-level suction setting.

    Step 4 Use the Pore Vacuum

    Start by deciding where to use the vacuum. Typically, it’s best to use a pore vacuum on the area of the skin that has the most clogged pores. The most important thing is to keep the device moving over the surface of your skin. You can move it in horizontal or circular motions as long as you don’t stick to one particular area for any longer than 2 seconds.

    Usually, you’ll spend around 3 to 5 minutes on the most problematic areas of the face while avoiding especially sensitive areas under the eyes or too close to the lips. In general, it’s okay to use a pore vacuum on blackheads and whiteheads. However, it’s best not to attempt unplugging a deep pimple or one that’s already inflamed, irritated, or infected.

    Step 5 Follow Skin Care Immediately After Pore Vacuum

    Follow up the pore vacuum session by applying a moisturizer to your face, preferably a water-based moisturizer. Avoid using oil-based products as oil is what you just spent time unclogging from your pores. Use the pore vacuum once a week at first. Then, gradually move up to three times per week, depending on your skin needs. Additionally, add non-comedogenic products to your regular skincare routine to keep blackheads from refilling your pores in between pore vacuum sessions.

    The table below includes aftercare tips and why they’re important.

    What to Do After Pore Vacuum Why It’s Important
    Cleans the face with cold water. Cold water reduces puffiness after using pore vacuum.
    Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer. A fragrance-free moisturizer can help soothe skin after removing blackheads with a pore vacuum.
    Use a calming face mask with skin-healthy ingredients. Avoid using exfoliants. After blackheads are removed, the pores are better able to soak up skin-healthy ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Avoid exfoliating the skin as this can cause irritation.

    Zohna Tip

    If you suffer from skin issues like rosacea, eczema, or serious acne, it's best to avoid pore vacuums altogether. If you aren't sure, visit a dermatologist.

    Tips for Using Blackhead Removal Vacuums

    Tip 1 Check Product Specs and Reviews

    What you want to look for when choosing a pore vacuum is

    1. Effectiveness
    2. Suction strength
    3. Positive reviews

    While professional devices, and professional pore vacuums, used by technicians are FDA approved, the ones you can buy and use at home are not. That doesn’t mean they’re bad products, it simply means that they aren’t monitored for certain standards. While all pore vacuums typically come with several suction settings, not all of them will be equal when set at the lowest level setting, for instance.

    Tip 2 Be Prepared In Case of Bruising

    Sometimes it happens. You go a little too hard with the settings or leave the suction on for a little too long. Luckily, there’s a remedy for the bruising caused by over-enthusiastic pore vacuums. Those bruises are sometimes referred to as Pore Vacuum Hickeys. Nice.

    Do Immediately After Bruising Do 36 Hours After Bruising
    Reduce swelling ASAP. Relax the blood vessels and help circulate the blood.
    Hold an ice pack over the bruised area:
    1. Ice for at least 10 minutes
    2. Ice for a max of 30 minutes
    3. Stop for 15 minutes
    4. Repeat.
    Use a warm compress instead of ice to help get blood circulation back to the bruised area.
    Keep your face elevated. Relieve pain with OTC medication like acetaminophen (Tylenol). Avoid using aspirin products:
    • Advil
    • Bayer
    • Motrin

    These can thin the blood and prolong the healing process or make the bruise worse.

    Use a cold spoon instead of an ice pack to target bruises Use topical healing remedies to reduce inflammation like apple cider vinegar, vitamin K cream, aloe vera, or Arnica gel. For a natural topical fix, use cayenne pepper or pineapple pulp.

    Bruises may last for up to 2 weeks, depending on their severity. In that case, bring on the makeup!

    Zohna Tip

    Test the strength of the suction by using the suction tool on the underside of your arm prior to using it on your face.

    Tip 3 Use the Smallest Nozzle for Blackheads

    The smallest tip gives you the most precision, so it’s good to use for spotting clearing. Also, the smallest head uses the least amount of suction and is, therefore, best for sensitive skin.

    Tip 4 Use the Oval Nozzle For Crevices

    Most pore vacuums come with an oval-shaped vacuum head. Because of its shape, it’s perfect to use around hard-to-reach areas like the corners of the nose. Check out this helpful tutorial.

    Type of Pore Vacuum Nozzle How to Use It
    Elliptical Tip Removes blackheads and is good for hard-to-reach areas.
    Small Round Tip Lower suction, good for sensitive skin.
    Medium Round Tip Best for oily skin comedone removal
    Large Round Head The highest suction nozzle is best for larger comedones and skin-firming.


    • How to Clean Blackhead Remover Vacuums?

      Wash and sanitize each nozzle to remove all the debris. You can use a q-tip and alcohol to sanitize the small space inside and around the vacuum heads.

    • Where Can I Buy a Blackhead Remover Gun?

      Buying a blackhead remover gun is as easy as going to your local CVS, Target, or Walmart. Moreover, if you’re into online shopping, there’s an array of blackhead remover products listed on Amazon. You can even opt for a used blackhead remover gun from online markets like eBay, in addition to finding coupons on product deals from money-saving apps like Groupon. Finally, you can buy straight from your favorite brand by visiting their website. Sometimes, buying straight from the brand you trust gives you peace of mind that you’re buying a legitimate product.

    • How Long Do Pore Vacuum Bruises Last?

      Bruising is one of the most common risks associated with using pore extraction tools, and while some cases can be mild and temporary, other causes can be permanent if the suction is too strong, the risk of developing a type of bruising known as telangiectasias, or small, broken blood vessels underneath the skin.

      How long they last depend on the sensitivity of the individual skin as well as the strength of the suction on the pore vacuum device. Because pore vacuums involve suction, the damage caused is similar to getting a hickey. In other words, broken capillaries occur, resulting in the dark red, purplish color. Similar to a hickey, pore vacuum bruises should fade in about 2 weeks.

    • Does the Blackhead Suction Tool Work?

      In short, yes, blackhead suction tools can work. Essentially, all blackhead remover tools use various levels of suction to remove gunk from the pores of your skin that are responsible for causing blackheads, such as debris, dead skin, and excess oil. However, every blackhead suction tool brand is different, so the level of suction on every product can vary.

      In other words, blackhead suction tools work but don’t expect all results to be the same. Some products may have extremely powerful suction, and if you aren’t careful, you risk bruising or worse. On the other hand, other brands may not be strong enough to work well. To be sure, look for blackhead suction tools that are FDA approved.

    Final Thoughts on Pore Vacuums

    While pore vacuums are not the holy grail to solving blackhead problems, they’re by no means ineffective. When used correctly, by considering the strength of suction and avoiding keeping the suction idle on the skin, pore vacuums are good for removing impurities like dirt, oil, and debris from the outermost layers of the skin. By using oil-free cleansers and non-comedogenic products, a pore vacuum can be a helpful addition to your skincare routine for maintaining blackhead-free skin. Interested in other blackhead removal tools? Make sure to check out the 10 best pimple popper tool options!