3 Ice Bath Tub Options in 2023 + How to DIY for Cheap

Updated on May 12, 2023
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3 Ice Bath Tub Options in 2023 + How to DIY for CheapPIN

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    3 Ice Bath Tub Options in 2023 + How to DIY for Cheap

    Freeze – are those sore muscles slowing you down? Is your training schedule more rigorous than LeBron’s? Then it’s time to put your pain on ice and practice at-home ice baths to ease your muscle soreness, help speed recovery, and improve sleep and stress levels.

    But when it comes to ice baths, also known as cold therapy, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. There needs to be more data on how effective they are, what are ice bath benefits, and what their side effects are. So, we’ve decided to take the plunge and find out whether or not it’s worth it and look into all the different types of ice bath tubs available. We’ve also included some DIY options for those who want to make their own ice bath tubs.

    Ready to submerge yourself in the world of ice bath tub therapy? Let’s get started!

    Types of Ice Bath Tubs

    There are various options for ice baths, from simple DIY solutions to high-end, built-in tubs. Here are some of the most common:

    1. Permanent ice bath tubs: These are permanent structures that are typically wired in, very large, and unable to be moved once installed. They are likely the closest to a spa-like experience at home, and can provide the best ice bath experience for weekly users.
    2. Barrel ice bath tubs: These are great for regular home use, as they are quite large and allow you to easily submerge your whole body. Considering if you’re short on space or not, it may not be ideal for you.
    3. Foldable ice bath tubs: These take up less space than barrel options, making them ideal for travel or indoor use during warmer months since they’re not heated or affixed like permanently installed models.
    4. Inflatable ice bath tubs: For those who want something quick and portable without compromising quality or durability, inflatable models are an excellent choice because they’re made from durable materials designed specifically for this purpose so they won’t leak after repeated use or due to storage.

    Portable Ice Bath Tubs

    09/28/2023 12:31 am GMT

    Portable ice bath tubs are a great alternative to the traditional, immobile bathtub. They’re easy to use and store, made from durable materials, easy to clean and come in different sizes. These portable baths are ideal for travel because they can be rolled up, folded up, or deflated when not in use.

    Ice Bath Barrel

    Ice bath barrels are a durable, inexpensive option that can come in either plastic or metal. If you look around, you’ll see that there are plenty of purpose-designed barrel ice bath tubs available for purchase. You simply fill the barrels with ice water and ice when you’re ready to use, and often, there’s a handy drain to use that can allow you to empty and dry the barrel out for your next session.

    Foldable Ice Bath Tub

    09/28/2023 02:06 am GMT

    Foldable ice bath tubs are the most portable option, and they come in various convenient sizes. They’re great for athletes who travel or people who need to bring their ice baths with them on the go.

    These tubs are also easy to store – just fold them up, place them under your bed or in a closet, and you’re good to go. These types of tubs aren’t as expensive as other options, but they can be a bit more difficult to find in the size you’re seeking and may not come with the same features as other types of bath tubs. This makes them perfect for those short on space and those just beginning their ice bath tub journeys.

    Inflatable Ice Bath Tub

    09/28/2023 12:46 am GMT

    Inflatable ice bath tubs are a great choice for athletes who need to take their recovery to go. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are lightweight enough that they’re easy to carry around in a bag if you need to bring them with you on trips or use them in multiple locations.

    Main Things to Look For in an Ice Bath Tub

    There are a few things you’ll want to consider before purchasing an ice bath tub.

    Some key factors will help make sure your purchase is worth every penny, as outlined below.

    Ice Bath Tub Selection Criteria What to Consider
    Size It’s important to ensure your ice bath tub fits the person using it. This means looking at the dimensions, which should be included in any product description.
    Durability This will help ensure that your purchase lasts and you don’t end up buying a new one after just a few uses. Some ice bath tubs are made with high-quality materials, while others aren’t as strong. If you want something that will stand up to repeated use, make sure it’s durable.
    Price Depending on your usage frequency and needs, the price can be a major determinant in your ice bath choice. If you’re shopping on a budget because you’re new to the ice bath game, look for an ice bath tub that’s affordable. However, don’t buy something cheap if it doesn’t fit your needs or isn’t durable. You’ll end up spending more money in the long run when you have to replace it.
    Type and Functionality The type of ice bath you choose will depend on your personal preferences and requirements. Some people like to do their cold dunks in a dedicated space with access to running water and electricity, while others prefer to use an outdoor tub that they fill. The functionality of your tub will also impact how often you use it, as some models are easier to use than others, and for weekly regular users, this is crucial to consider.

    Top 3 Ice Bath Tubs in 2023

    Okay, so you’re ready to take the plunge and buy your very own home ice bath. But where do you start? And what are the best ice bath tubs for sale today? The answer, in short – it depends on who you are, how you plan to use the ice bath tub, and of course, your budget and experience level!

    Don’t get left out in the cold – check out the top ice bath tubs we found for 2023 so you can dive into this wellness trend ASAP.

    Plunge Ice Bath Tub

    Looking for a premium at-home ice bath tub experience? Look no further than this beautiful ice bath tub featured on Shark Tank! Plunge is all about elevating the experience of ice bath tub for athletes, enthusiasts of a daily plunge, and those looking to upgrade from a basic to a high-end spa experience at home.

    You even get a spot for your phone to rest and an adorable rubber ducky with your purchase!

    Check out the table below for a few features and drawbacks to consider with this model of ice bath tub.

    Features Drawbacks
    • Comes in two sizes – Plunge and Plunge XL
    • Use indoor or outdoors
    • Built-in filtration
    • No plumbing or hardwiring required, just “plug and plunge”
    • You can opt for a version that is both a hot and cold plunge pool
    • Allows water temperature control, down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Durable and fully insulated
    • Very expensive (over $6k)
    • Large and heavy
    • Not permanently affixed to a structure, but not portable or collapsible
    • Requires regular maintenance similar to that of a pool or hot tub

    Best for: Frequent flyers, heavy users, and athletes.

    Plko Foldable Bathtub

    09/28/2023 01:45 am GMT

    If you’ve ever been cold plunging, you know that it’s an effective way to improve your health. However, if you’re like most people, you don’t have access to a portable, easy-to-store tub that’s large enough to accommodate your entire body.

    The solution? A foldable ice bath tub like this one from Plko.

    This tub is portable and compact, so it can be set up anywhere you need them. It comes with a drainage system that allows you to easily empty the water after use. The best part? This is an affordable option!

    Check out the table below for a few features and drawbacks to consider with this model of ice bath tub.

    Features Drawbacks
    • Double drain makes it easy to empty
    • Foldable and compact
    • Made with thermal insulation to maintain temperature
    • Affordable price point
    • Reviewers mention the metal support bars and the overall shape is less comfortable for long soaks
    • Have to drain and dry after each use
    • May not work well for plungers over 6 feet tall
    • Not as durable as other options

    Best for: At home ice bath newbies and those who want to put it in storage when not in use.


    An inflatable bathtub is a great way to take your cold plunge at home. Ones like this option from Tubble are portable and easy to set up. You don’t have to worry about using up too much space in your home because this product can be folded or rolled up easily when not in use and stored away until the next time you need it. It even comes with its own storage bag

    Check out the table below for a few features and drawbacks to consider with this model of ice bath tub.

    Features Drawbacks
    • Has a soft bottom, similar to a yoga mat, making it extra comfy
    • Features a headrest and cup holder
    • Portable
    • Inflatable
    • Easy to store
    • Can use with warm or cold water
    • Reviewers note it is slick and slippery upon entry and exit
    • You will need to dry it thoroughly after manually tipping it out to drain in order to avoid mold
    • Can be popped if it comes in contact with a sharp object

    Best for: Bathers who want to cold plunge and soak in the tub, those who are short on space, and those who want a more comfortable soaking experience.

    DIY Ice Bath

    If you’re interested in an ice bathtub but want to save money, we’ve got you covered. Function-built and designed Ice baths aren’t always necessary, and they are often more expensive, so we’ll discuss how to DIY your own at home.

    You can make a DIY ice bath out of any kind of container that has some insulation and is large enough to submerge your body in. Some options:

    Some types of DIY ice bath tubs include:

    • Stock Tanks: These are large plastic tanks typically used for storing water as part of a livestock operation. They work well as DIY tubs because they’re built tough and waterproof, plus they come with handles for easy maneuvering around the house or yard. They have become popular for stock tank pools and cold plunging in recent years.
    • Freezers: A clean, defrosted and unplugged chest freezer works great as a DIY ice bath because it’s insulated and has plenty of room to fit your body during the treatment. You can find these used which makes them fairly inexpensive.
    • Old Freestanding Tubs: If you’re lucky enough to have an old freestanding bathtub that isn’t in use, it’s a great option for a DIY ice bath. These tubs typically have plenty of room and are usually made from materials like porcelain or cast iron, making them durable.
    • Indoor Bathtubs: If you don’t have access to any of these options, it’s easy to make your own DIY ice bath indoors in your tub. To do this, fill the tub with cold water and add ice cubes until it reaches the desired temperature.

    How to Make Ice Bath at Home Step-by-Step

    Ice baths are great for helping athletes recover from overuse or injury, but there are also plenty of other reasons why anyone would want to take them. You’ll find that taking regular ice baths will help improve your health, reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation and remove toxins from your body.

    If you’re looking for a way to get started with this type of therapy or need some guidance on how best to use an ice bath tub at home, then read on below!

    1. Choose a tub that works for you, whether that be permanent fixtures, a portable tub, or a DIY option.
    2. Fill a tub halfway with cold water and ice. You need approximately 2-3 bags of ice or about 80-100 pounds.
    3. Let the ice bathtub sit for five minutes until the temperature cools to fifty degrees Fahrenheit.
    4. In the meantime, get your cozy, warm post-ice bath clothes ready to help get your body temperature back up after your soak.
    5. Remember to wear clothes in your soak to avoid hurting your skin. Shorts, pants, t-shirts or long sleeves are fine, and you can also find ice bath tub booties to protect your feet.
    6. Take a bath in the tub. Slowly submerge your feet, legs, and waist into the ice bath. Entering too quickly can cause shock, so it’s wise to ease into it slowly. Stay calm as you enter the water.
    7. If you’re wondering how long you should stay in an ice bath, aim for a maximum of 15 minutes to avoid overdoing it.
    8. Exit the bath slowly. Set your wet clothes aside. Next, dry off with a towel. Put on the dry, warm layers you have placed near you. Drink a warm beverage to help you warm up faster.
    9. Repeat 2-3 times a week to relieve muscle training.


    • How to Make an Ice Bath Out of a Freezer?

      Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to get an ice bath home without dropping hundreds on a fancy tub? You’re in luck. Some clever ice bath tub enthusiasts figured out how to make an ice bath out of an old chest freezer, and all it took was some plumbing parts, some creativity, and of course – the freezer itself.

      Remember, you will void the warranty of the chest freezer (and possibly other components), so whenever there is water and electricity involved, then there’s also an inherent health risk present. So proceed with caution!

      If you’re thinking about making a chest freezer ice bath yourself, here’s the method:

      1. Buy or find a used chest freezer. This can be done at any large appliance store or through online marketplaces.
      2. Remove the lid, drain plug, and water pan from the freezer.
      3. If you are using a secondhand freezer, remove all foreign objects and dirt.
      4. Apply silicone sealant to each gap or seam in the freezer, making sure that it is applied thinly and evenly.
      5. Repeat a second time, as well as a third, after drying. Don’t bother doing more than three layers though since thicker sheets are easier to peel off.
      6. Line the inside of the container with a plastic sheet, folding it into each corner and tape it to seal.
      7. Get a digital thermometer and plug a timer to control the cycles of your tub.
      8. Add a few drops of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to the water, which will help slow down bacterial growth.
      9. Fill with ice and water, and you’re good to go!
    • What Size Tub for Ice Bath?

      The ideal ice bath tub is between 75-150 gallons or about 280 to 565 liters, but it depends on your size. Basically, the taller you are, or larger, the more capacity you will need in your ice bath tub. For example, the size of an ice bath tub that would be appropriate for a 5′ 8″ person weighing an average amount would be about 450 liters or 120 gallons.

    Put Your Worries on Ice

    We hope that this article was helpful in getting you to make a decision on which ice bath tub is the best for you. As we mentioned earlier, there are many different types of ice bath tubs out there, and each one has its own pros and cons. So depending on what your needs are, there will be something that fits them perfectly!