10 Best Rated Shower Caps We Love

Updated on July 26, 2023
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    Shower CapsPIN

    10 Best Rated Shower Caps We Love

    If you have never used a shower cap, this is your sign. Forget about the image of your grandmother in a shower cap, or the shower for that matter, and think about the actual benefits they provide, like ensuring you don’t have to worry about getting your strands wet so you can focus on getting the lyrics right to whatever song you are belting in the shower.

    We all shower without washing our hair, and more time than not, the back of the head or a few strands might get a bit wet. Not to mention the steam can almost instantly frizz up our locks. The good news is, using a shower cap can prevent that!

    What Is A Shower Cap Used For?

    A shower cap is great at keeping water, moisture, and humidity away from your locks while you shower, bathe, sauna, or enjoy the sun in a humid environment. They keep the hair nice and dry, so you don’t need to restyle. If you like to take your time bathing, hang eucalyptus in the shower, use a shower squeegee afterward, and prefer it to be a spa experience, a shower cap might be perfect for setting the mood.

    Washing your strands every day isn’t necessarily a good thing, as it can eliminate the good oils that your scalp has purposefully produced for your hair’s needs, and yes, just like you have needs, your hair also does.

    Good hygiene is a must, which consists of washing out bodies often, but we don’t want to wash our hair as much as our bodies for reasons we just mentioned. If you are super into good hygiene and overall health, you might be into cold plunges for their ice bath benefits, and a shower cap will be perfect for a situation like that. Therefore, wearing a shower cap while you wash your body helps keep the hair from getting wet and ruining your hairdo and also keeps away humanity.

    How to Choose the Right Shower Cap

    Choosing the right shower cap is important to help keep your hair and its dos safe from water. Peek the table below to find the most notable ways to decipher the proper cap.

    How to Choose the Right Shower Cap Pointers
    Watertight You want to find a shower cap that doesn’t just rest on your head. A tight but slight grip will ensure your shower cap isn’t only water resistant but watertight.
    Expandable You want a shower cap that can expand and contract to fit your head and hair.
    Durable You want a good quality, durable shower cap that won’t run out on you in month six. Finding a good quality one that lasts is important.
    Comfortable It might seem too obvious, but we figured we’d mention it anyways but comfort is also important. Finding a shower cap that won’t damage your strands, tug, or slip off is crucial.

    How We Chose These Shower Caps

    We have selected ten shower caps worthy of your time. We wanted to ensure we curated a list that included different kinds and prices of shower caps so that everyone could find something that suited them. We have higher quality shower caps and lower quality ones from all different places.

    The selection is based on three components, their key features, the qualities we love about them, and who they are best suited for. Don’t worry if you use public showers; we have selected public-appropriate ones also. Pssst…never forget to wear your shower shoes in public showers!

    10 Best Shower Caps

    Here is the carefully curated list of the best ten shower caps sold online according to their key features, the qualities we love, and who they are best suited for.

    Shower Cap Amazon

    AmazerBath Shower Caps
    $7.99 ($2.00 / Count)
    10/31/2023 01:40 am GMT

    This AmazerBather shower cap from Amazon is a game-changer. It’s formulated with reusable material and is eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and breathable. The double layers help make it waterproof, and the elastic rope allows the right amount of pressure on the head to be comfortable while still repelling water.

    What We Love

    We love that this product is affordable and still good quality. Plus, the silk lining gives it a stylish flare, and there are multiple colors to choose from.

    Who It’s For

    The product is branded for women, but shower caps are genderless so anyone can use this cap. It also comes in three sizes, medium, large, and x-large, perfect for many head and hair shapes and sizes.

    Shower Cap Walmart

    This Ecotools shower cap and storage case sold at Walmart is the perfect little cap for the shower. It’s an easily slip-on and slip-off kind of deal. It’s made from super soft cotton that aids in maintaining healthy-looking hair.

    What We Love

    One of our favorite features is that you can turn the shower cap inside out and use the waterproof side with a deep conditioner treatment for faster results and enhanced conditioning. Plus, it has a reusable mesh bag to store your shower cap while it airs dry.

    Who It’s For

    This shower cap is great for people who aren’t looking to spend a ton of money but still want to maintain their hair health.

    Annie International Max Jumbo Braid Shower Cap is perfect for people with long braids. The premium durable fabric allows extended and repeated use, and the drying loop helps with easy storage.

    What We Love

    We love that keeping your locks 100% dry while in the bath, showering, or even outside is guaranteed.

    Who It’s For

    Anyone can wear this shower cap; however, it’s designed for people with dreadlocks, extensions, and long braids. Great for keeping those stylized bubble braids dry!

    10/30/2023 04:55 pm GMT

    Kitsch’s Recycled Polyester Luxe Shower Cap is the ideal cap for the glamorous. This highly absorbent microfiber material is gentle on all hair types and friction-free.

    Some key product features include:

    • No-slip silicone grip
    • Stylish
    • Waterproof
    • Quick drying
    • Comfortable
    • Multi-use for hair conditioner treatments

    What We Love

    We love that this product has elastic trim that creates an easy pocket to accommodate all hair lengths. Plus, it comes in six different prints to choose from! Another thing we love is you can wear it after you wash your hair to help with frizz control and drying.

    Who It’s For

    Anyone that wants to use this shower cap can. However, it’s great at reducing frizz and helps to tame it. Therefore, this shower cap will be perfect if you struggle with frizzy hair.

    Supreme Shower Cap

    The Supreme brand is known for many things, but we bet you didn’t know they made shower caps. We recommend this shower cap if you want to be rolling in style while jumping in the shower.

    Key product features include:

    • Made of waterproof nylon
    • One size fits all
    • Adjustable elastic rubber band
    • Part of Supreme’s SS19 Season

    What We Love

    We love the white base contrasted with several of Supreme’s trademark logo imprints. It’s an extra cool shower cap for our fashion lovers out there.

    Who’s It For

    This shower cap is more for fashion lovers. It’s a basic product without much function other than protecting your hair from water. If you are looking for a multi-use shower cap that does more than repel water, this isn’t the one for you.

    10/30/2023 04:40 pm GMT

    Conair’s shower cap is a perfect basic. It’s great for all hair lengths and comes in handy in more categories than just repelling water. The elastic band stretches wide to help fully cover all hair lengths and head sizes.

    What We Love

    We love this shower cap’s multi-use. You can use Coonair’s cap for hair coloring, perms, and deep conditioning.

    Who’s It For

    Anyone can use this shower cap. It’s versatile and inexpensive. We will say it’s not fancy, but it will get the job done.

    10/30/2023 04:38 pm GMT

    The Vintage Cosmetics Comapnys luxurious Leopard Print Shower Cap is perfect for keeping your lushes locks dry and frizz-free. The cap has a soft elasticated trim that can fit all hair types and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about getting your strands wet and can focus on getting the lyrics right to whatever song you are belting in the shower.

    What We Love

    Aside from this product’s super cute leopard print, we love a few other key components:

    1. It has a white Pokadot waterproof lining
    2. Keeps hair fully protected
    3. It has a soft, elastic opening
    4. Works for fine and thick hair

    Who It’s For

    This product is designed to be used by anyone and any hair type. Therefore anyone can use it. We suggest it for those who want to feel like a fashionista while they shower.

    Drybar is the queen of hair products. This trustworthy brand will protect your blowout at all costs. This extra-large shower cap has an outer shell to protect your strands while showering and bathing. The cotton-lined elastic grip helps hold the head firmly without discomfort.

    What We Love

    We love the luxurious terrycloth internal lining that helps absorb moisture and steam from seeping in, preventing frizz. We also love that Drybar makes it super easy to clean. Just hand wash the cap with mild detergent and hang it to dry.

    Who It’s For

    Due to its generous sizing, we suggest this for people with long hair. The large sizing provides extra room for your long luscious strands.

    10/30/2023 04:38 pm GMT

    The YIZIJIZI Triple Layer Large Shower Cap is a luxurious essential for your haircare routine. With its three-layer fabric construction, it combines the softness of satin, the waterproof protection of EVA cloth, and the water absorption of terry cloth. The cap is breathable, comfortable, and equipped with a wide elastic band that ensures a secure fit without tightness or slipping. Made to be durable and washable, it provides a gentle and comfortable experience during your bathing, cooking, or facial care routines. Remember to hand wash in cold or warm water and dry it in a well-ventilated place. For any questions or concerns, the YIZIJIZI team is always ready to assist you.

    What We Love

    We love that it is aavailable in a range of colorful patterns, each cap showcases original and fashionable designs, allowing you to choose your favorite style.

    Who It’s For

    The unique terry lining design not only keeps your hair dry but also helps it dry faster. Its extra-large size, 13.5 inches in diameter, accommodates all hair lengths and thicknesses, including curly hair, long hair, and braids.

    Lulu’s shower cap has a soft, waterproof nylon exterior and a terry-cloth interior. This cap is not only stylish but versatile as well. You can reverse the cap and use it to sleep in to help protect your strands. This shower cap is oversized and perfect for thick and long hair.

    What We Love

    One of the things that stood out to us was the shower caps’ mold resistance. This is important and underrated when using a product like this often.

    Who It’s For

    This shower cap is great for anyone with long or thick hair. Its oversized nature makes it less useable for thin and short-haired people.

    Different Types of Shower Caps

    It might not seem like it, but many different shower caps do different things and work for different hair types and head shapes. If you want to know which one suits you best, continue reading!

    Reusable Shower Caps

    Reusable shower caps are the ideal way to help prevent your hair from getting wet or moist in the shower. They aren’t only great for the environment but are also likely to do more for your hair.

    Shower caps that can be used more often have features like terrycloth lining or adjustable elastic. This helps prevent frizz and allows you to adjust your cap whenever needed. It is, however, important to wash your reusable shower cap so it doesn’t get gross and ruin your hair.

    To deep clean your shower cap, follow these steps:

    1. Turn the shower cap inside out and place it in a washing machine on a gentle cycle.
    2. Use a gentle detergent.
    3. Don’t put the cap in the dryer; hang it or lay it flat to dry.

    Shower Caps For Long Hair

    If you have long hair, there are a couple of routes to choose a shower cap. The options for long hair are either a long shower cap, often used for braids or dreads, or just a larger cap in general. If you decide to go with the latter, it may be helpful to find an adjustable cap because a large one might fit your hair but not your head.

    If you have long hair, we suggest tying it in a loose bun before wearing your shower cap. A silk scrunchy is perfect; it won’t tug on the hair or leave creases. Tying the hair will ensure that none of it escapes the shower cap accidentally.

    Extra Large Shower Caps

    Auban Extra Large Shower Cap
    $9.99 ($9.99 / Count)
    10/31/2023 08:50 am GMT

    Everyone comes in many different shapes and sizes, and so do shower caps. Cap sizes are meant to be gaged depending on your head circumference and the amount of hair you have. If you have a large head and a lot of hair, then extra-large shower caps might be exactly what you need.

    Most companies that sell shower caps have a variety of sizes, and you shouldn’t have any issues finding one.

    Shower Cap For Braids

    If you have braids and are searching for a shower cap to keep them dry as a bone, we can help. Long shower caps are made specifically for braids and dreadlocks that will be ideal for your situation.

    There is also a second alternative, which is just a large shower cap. The large cap should be able to hold all your braids, but it might help to tie them up first.

    Waterproof Shower Cap

    All shower caps are waterproof; that’s the point! If you want to ensure your cap is extra waterproof, get one a size too small so it’s tight against your head. It may be slightly uncomfortable, so just be aware.

    If you are curious about what makes a shower cap waterproof, there are a few different materials manufacturers use, such as:

    • EVA material
    • Vinyl
    • PUL fabric
    • Plastic (for the inexpensive ones)

    Ear Shower Caps

    If you want a shower cap for your ears, we have just the right thing for you, ear shower caps! This might sound silly, but they can really come in handy.

    Situations where you would wear an ear shower cap could be:

    1. After you get a new ear piercing
    2. When you have an ear infection
    3. If you have an infected ear piercing
    4. During hair coloring
    5. During a chemical hair treatment

    Disposable Shower Caps

    Disposable Shower Caps 100 Pcs
    $6.99 ($0.07 / Count)
    10/31/2023 09:11 am GMT

    We don’t necessarily condone disposable shower caps, but if the circumstance arises and you gotta use one, then we guess you gotta use one. Disposable shower caps are a one, maybe two-times use kind of cap. They are typically made of plastic and don’t do much for your strands but keep them dry.

    Reusable shower caps typically have a silk or terrycloth inner lining that makes them someone good for your hair. But, if you’re just looking to keep your hair dry, this one shower, then a disposable one, will do the trick just fine.

    DIY Shower Cap

    Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we must get crafty. If that is you, and the situation involves a shower and dry hair, we have the perfect DIY shower cap. Check out the chart below for an in-depth tutorial on making a makeshift shower cap if and when needed.

    What you’ll need for a DIY shower cap:

    1. Hair tie
    2. Bobby pins
    3. A clean holeless plastic grocery bag
    How To Make A DIY Shower Cap Description
    Situate the hair If you have longer hair, use the hair tie and knot your locks on the top of your head in a bun.
    Pin Bobby pin any loose hair at the back of the head or in the front if you have bangs.
    Secure the bag Best option is to use a clean plastic grocery bag. Make sure there are no holes by blowing into it.
    Placement Place the bag over your head with the handles resting near the ears. Pull the handles up and towards the forehead.
    Securing Twist the bag handles around each other a few times, then tuck them into the cap resting along the side. You can use a bobby pin to hold it down to be extra secure. Using a mirror or your hands, check to ensure there are no runaway strands.

    Mens Shower Cap

    Shower Cap for Men
    $9.99 ($9.99 / Count)
    10/31/2023 09:20 am GMT

    Shower caps are a genderless item. Anyone can use any cap they prefer. However, perhaps you aren’t drawn to the girly patterns that come with some shower caps. All good because plenty on the market have zero patterns or bold colors.

    Plastic Shower Caps

    10/31/2023 09:26 am GMT

    Keep in mind that most plastic shower caps are disposable and don’t do much for your hair other than keeping it dry. Plastic shower caps are nearly 100% plastic, aside from the elastic band that helps secure it around your head.

    Plastic caps are just one layer of plastic; therefore, they aren’t great for helping prevent humidity from building up within the cap and creating frizz.

    Cute Shower Cap

    10/31/2023 09:26 am GMT

    Depending on the patterns and colors you like; you might find some shower caps cuter than others. Many colors, patterns, and styles of shower caps are cute or basic. You can find floral patterns or polka dots, etc., that are fantastic and cute.

    Clear Shower Cap

    If you like the look of a clear shower cap, there is only one option, plastic shower caps. Most shower caps aren’t clear because they have a lining within that helps prevent frizz and humanity.

    If you only care about keeping your hair from getting wet, then a clear shower cap will do the job just fine. Remember that a clear shower cap is likely plastic and disposable.

    Silk Shower Caps

    Luxury Silk Lined Shower Cap
    $15.99 ($15.99 / Count)
    10/31/2023 09:30 am GMT

    If you want to kill two birds with one stone, silk shower caps will be your stone.

    Silk is great for your hair because it keeps it hydrated and helps strands stay stronger and less brittle. Silk has naturally non-absorbent properties that won’t trap oils or moisture. Therefore, it allows your scalp to breathe and helps minimize static and frizz.

    The outside of a Slik shower cap won’t be silk as it’s not waterproof; however, the inside will be linked with Slik. This also gives the cap more purposes, as you can sleep or wear it with a hair mask, therefore killing two birds with one stone.

    Shower Cap For Dreads

    A shower cap for dreads involves an extra large cap to hold in the volume of your locks or a long shower cap designed for dreads and braids.

    A longer shower cap allows the dreads to hang as usual, whereas a regular but larger one would still require you to tie your dreads up around the crown of the head. Either works great, it just depends on your preference, head shape, and dread sizes.


    • Where To Buy Shower Caps?

      You can buy shower caps at many locations, such as Amazon, Target, online stores, or any beauty or drugstore store.

    • What Are Shower Caps For?

      Shower caps are traditionally used to help prevent your hair from getting when in the shower. However, they have evolved and now have multiple uses, such as sleeping, warming up the hair during a hair mask, or protecting the hair.

    • How Do Shower Caps Work?

      Shower caps work by holding tight against the head and repealing water. Certain shower caps also help to keep away moisture.

    • How To Wash Shower Caps?

      Washing your shower cap depends on the type of cap you have. However, hand-washing it with a mild detergent is the best route. This will help to keep it relatively clean.

      However, if you want to deep clean your shower cap, we suggest tossing it in the washer with mild detergent on the delicate setting.

      You can either hang or lay your shower cap flat to dry.

    Get On The Shower Cap Map

    If you’re not on the shower cap map, it’s time to jump on it. We all wash our bodies without washing out hair sometimes and often times some strands get wet. To ensure that does not happen, shower caps have your back! Whichever type of cap you choose, your hairdos (or ears) will thank you!