6 Best Shower Shoes For Zero Shower Blues

Updated on July 18, 2023
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    6 Best Shower Shoes For Zero Shower Blues

    The public shower; to some, it’s a daunting experience; to others, it’s no different from showering at home. But, to either type of person, we hope you are wearing your shower shoes!

    If you frequently visit communal shower areas at the gym or in a shared living situation, you might want to consider investing in a good pair of shower shoes. These shoes provide an extra layer of protection against harmful bacteria and fungi that can accumulate in moist shower environments. Not to mention, they’re much more comfortable than standing barefoot on a slippery shower floor. So grab your shower caps, shower squeegee, exfoliating gloves, exfoliating brush, and whatever other items you use in the shower and scan over the ten best shower shoes available on the market today to add to your collection.

    Why Use Shower Shoes

    Communal showers can harbor harmful bacteria such as athlete’s foot fungus, MRSA, and staph infections. It’s easy to pick up these infections through cuts or abrasions on your feet, leaving you vulnerable and at risk for more serious health issues.

    But shower shoes can also protect you from other hazards in the shower. For example, if you drop a razor or a bar of soap, shower shoes can provide protection for your feet, preventing cuts or bruises. Shower shoes can also help prevent slips and fall on wet shower floors, providing better traction and stability.

    Furthermore, shower shoes can be a stylish and fun addition to your routine. With various colors and designs, you can express your personality and add flair to your daily routine. And let’s remember the convenience factor – shower shoes are easy to slip on and off, making them a hassle-free addition to your shower routine.

    So, whether you’re concerned about your health, safety, style, or convenience, shower shoes are a smart choice for anyone who uses communal showers. Don’t take unnecessary risks – protect yourself and enjoy your shower experience with a pair of reliable and comfortable shower shoes.

    Who Are Shower Shoes For?

    If you are still determining whether shower shoes are for you, spoiler alert, they’re for everyone! There are many different reasons why certain groups of people may find use for shower shoes. Scan the lists below of different groups of people and the reasons and benefits of shower shoes.


    Gym-goers, for example, often use public shower facilities after a workout. These showers are used by multiple people throughout the day, which means they can harbor bacteria and fungi that can cause infections. By wearing shower shoes, gym-goers can protect their feet from coming into contact with these harmful organisms.


    College students who live in shared dorms also benefit from wearing shower shoes. Dorms often have communal bathrooms that multiple students use. By wearing shower shoes, students can reduce their risk of contracting foot infections or even athlete’s foot.


    Travelers who frequent hostels or campsites should also consider packing a pair of shower shoes. These accommodations often have shared shower facilities, which can be breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Wearing shower shoes can help prevent the spread of these harmful organisms and keep your feet healthy during your travels.


    The elderly should use shower shoes for several reasons. Firstly, they help prevent slips and falls in the shower, as the textured soles provide better traction on wet surfaces. Secondly, shower shoes create a barrier between the feet and the potentially unsanitary shower floor, reducing the risk of infections or fungal growth. Additionally, shower shoes can provide added support and stability for those with mobility issues or balance concerns. They also protect the feet from hot water or sharp objects that may be present in the shower. Overall, using shower shoes is a simple yet effective way to enhance safety and hygiene for the elderly during bathing routines.

    Everyone Else

    Shower shoes are beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or specific circumstances.

    The most notable reasons everyone can benefit from using shower shoes are:

    1. They offer protection against slipping on wet surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents.
    2. They create a hygienic barrier between the feet and potentially contaminated floors, preventing infections and fungal growth.
    3. Shower shoes can provide cushioning and support, promoting comfort during showering.

    They are particularly useful in communal areas like gyms or shared bathrooms, where the risk of exposure to bacteria or viruses is higher. Shower shoes allow everyone to prioritize safety, hygiene, and overall well-being while enjoying a more pleasant and worry-free bathing experience.

    Zohna Tip

    If you don't want the feeling of water pooling under your feet, make sure you purchase shower shoes with holes in the sole of the shoe.

    Benefits Of Using Shower Shoes

    Aside from rolling up in style, shower shoes are quite helpful and have some noteworthy benefits.

    Prevents The Spread Of Bacteria and Fungi

    They help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and fungi. When you shower in a communal space, such as a gym or dormitory, you are exposed to various bacteria and fungi that can cause infections. Wearing shower shoes can help prevent these infections by creating a barrier between your feet and the shower floor.

    Shower Shoes Protect From Slipping

    Shower shoes protect your feet from direct contact with shower floors, which can be slippery and uncomfortable. Shower floors are often made of tile or other hard materials that can be slippery when wet. Wearing shower shoes with non-slip soles can help prevent slips and falls in the shower, which can be dangerous.

    Shower Shoes Are A Hygienic Option

    Shower shoes are a hygienic option, as they can be easily washed and disinfected. Regularly washing and disinfecting your shower shoes can help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause unpleasant odors and infections.

    Prevent The Spread Of Foot Infections

    Shower shoes can also help prevent foot infections such as athlete’s foot. An athlete’s foot is a fungal infection commonly spread in communal shower areas. Wearing shower shoes can help prevent the spread of this infection by creating a barrier between your feet and the shower floor.

    Overall, using shower shoes is a simple and effective way to protect your feet and maintain good hygiene in communal shower areas. By wearing shower shoes, you can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and fungi, protect your feet from slips and falls, and maintain good foot health.

    Types Of Shower Shoes

    Shower shoes are essential for anyone who uses communal showers, such as those found in dormitories, gyms, or public swimming pools. Not only do they protect your feet from bacteria and fungi that can thrive in damp environments, but they also prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. Various types of shower shoes are available, each with unique features and benefits.


    02/18/2024 12:34 am GMT

    Lightweight and convenient, flip-flops are the most common type of shower shoe. They offer basic protection against the shower floor and easily slip on and off. Flip-flops come in various colors and designs, making them a fun and stylish option for those who want to express their personality even in the shower. However, they may not be suitable for those who require more support or protection for their feet.


    02/18/2024 12:34 am GMT

    Similar to flip-flops but with a closed-toe design for extra protection, clogs are also suitable for outdoor use and can often be worn as regular shoes. They provide more coverage than flip-flops, which can be beneficial for those who want to keep their feet warm or need more support. Clogs come in various materials, including rubber and plastic, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

    Water Shoes

    02/18/2024 12:34 am GMT

    These specialized shoes are designed for water use, making them perfect for beach showers or pool areas. They’re made from water-resistant materials that dry quickly to prevent odors and bacteria growth. Water shoes come in various styles, from slip-on to lace-up, and offer more support and protection than flip-flops or clogs. They also have a more durable sole, which can be beneficial for those who plan to use them for outdoor activities.

    Slip-resistant Shoes

    Slip-resistant shower shoes are a great option for those prone to slips and falls. These feature a special sole design that provides better traction on wet surfaces. Slip-resistant shoes are often made from rubber or neoprene, which can provide additional cushioning and support for the feet. They come in various styles, from sandals to sneakers, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


    02/18/2024 12:07 am GMT

    Rubber shower shoes, or flip-flops or thongs, are essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing slip-related accidents in communal shower areas. Made from durable rubber, these shoes protect against water, soap, and potential foot infections. Their lightweight design allows for easy transportation and quick drying. Their non-slip soles offer stability on wet surfaces, reducing the risk of falls. Additionally, rubber shower shoes come in various colors and styles, allowing individuals to express their personal tastes while prioritizing safety and cleanliness.


    Non-slip shower shoes are a vital accessory for ensuring safety and stability in wet environments. These shoes are designed with specialized soles and provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces, minimizing the risk of falls and injuries. Constructed from water-resistant materials, they are ideal for showers, pools, and other damp areas.

    Their lightweight and quick-drying properties make them convenient for travel and storage. With ergonomic designs and adjustable straps, non-slip shower shoes offer comfort and support while promoting good hygiene. Choose a reliable pair to enhance your confidence and protect yourself from accidents.


    There technically aren’t single use shower shoes, but you can get these plastic disposable show covers that repal water. These disposable shoe covers offer a convenient and hygienic solution for communal shower areas. These single-use covers shoe are made from lightweight, waterproof materials, ensuring protection against germs and bacteria. Designed to be easily worn and disposed of after use, they eliminate the need to carry wet or dirty footwear.

    Disposable shoes covers are perfect for travel, gyms, hotels, and dormitories, providing a clean and sanitary barrier between your feet and the shared shower floor. Their affordability and hassle-free nature make them a practical choice for maintaining hygiene and peace of mind.


    02/18/2024 12:07 am GMT

    Mesh shower shoes are a breathable and comfortable option for wet environments. Constructed with mesh uppers, these shoes allow air circulation, preventing moisture buildup and promoting quick drying. The mesh material also provides flexibility and a lightweight feel, ensuring ease of movement and enhanced comfort.

    With their non-slip soles, mesh shower shoes offer stability on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents. They are ideal for showers, pools, and spas, providing protection and breathability without compromising style or functionality. Choose mesh shower shoes for a combination of comfort, ventilation, and safety.

    6 Best Shower Shoes

    Now that we’ve covered the benefits and types of shower shoes, it’s time to look at the top 6 on the market today. We have selected a few brands you likely already know of and a few you might not for various choices!

    Crocs, known for their unique clog-like design, have become increasingly popular as versatile footwear, and they also make excellent shower shoes. Made from a waterproof and durable material called Croslite, they are perfect for wet environments. Crocs provide exceptional traction, reducing the risk of slips and fall in the shower. Their quick-drying properties prevent moisture buildup and odors.

    The iconic ventilation holes allow water to flow freely, ensuring a refreshing experience. Crocs offers a relaxed and enjoyable showering experience with their lightweight and comfortable fit. Whether in a communal space or your bathroom, Crocs are ideal for shower shoes.

    What we love about Crocs as shower shoes:

    • The multiple colors and styles
    • Versatile wear
    • Durable material

    Nike, a renowned sports brand, offers a range of shower shoes that combine style and functionality. Designed with athletes in mind, Nike shower shoes feature innovative materials that repel water and provide optimal grip on wet surfaces. The contoured footbed offers excellent arch support and cushioning, ensuring comfort during showers.

    These shoes also feature quick-drying properties, preventing moisture buildup and maintaining freshness. With their sleek and modern design, Nike shower shoes are practical and fashionable, allowing you to transition effortlessly from the shower to other activities. Elevate your shower experience with Nike’s reliable and trendy shower shoes.

    What we love about Nike shower shoes:

    • Sleek and modern design
    • Multiple styles
    • Contoured footbed and arch support
    02/17/2024 11:34 pm GMT

    Birkenstock, renowned for its comfort and support, offers shower shoes that deliver the same level of quality. These shoes feature Birkenstock’s signature contoured cork and latex footbed, providing excellent arch support and cushioning. The waterproof and durable materials ensure longevity and protection against moisture. With adjustable straps, Birkenstock shower shoes offer a customizable fit for optimal comfort. The textured sole enhances grip on wet surfaces, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. Embodying a casual yet timeless style, Birkenstock shower shoes are a reliable and stylish choice for those seeking both functionality and comfort during their showering routine.

    What we love about Birkenstock shower shoes:

    • Adjustable straps
    • Textured sole for enhanced grip
    • Timeless and casual style
    • Versatile use
    02/17/2024 11:29 pm GMT

    Adidas, a renowned sports brand, brings its performance and style expertise to shower shoes. Adidas shower shoes are designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Crafted from water-resistant materials, they provide protection against moisture and quick drying properties.

    The textured outsole ensures excellent traction, minimizing the risk of slips in the shower. With a lightweight and flexible design, Adidas shower shoes offer easy movement and a comfortable fit. Available in various styles and colors, they serve their practical purpose and add a sporty flair to your shower routine.

    What we love about Adidas Shower Shoes:

    • Various styles and colors
    • Practical
    02/17/2024 11:29 pm GMT

    DOXILA Shower Shoes are designed with several key features that make them a great choice for keeping your feet comfortable and dry. The shoes have a leakage design, with ample drainage in the vamp and sole, ensuring quick water drainage whether you’re in the shower or any wet environment. Made from high-quality and flexible EVA material, these lightweight shoes weigh just 7 ounces each, offering a comfortable and soothing massage to the soles of your feet. The soles are equipped with raised textures, providing excellent non-slip functionality even on wet floors.

    What we love about DOXILA shower shoes:

    • Convenient for outdoor activities as well
    • Inexpensive
    • The leakage design
    02/17/2024 11:29 pm GMT

    Joomra Pillow Slippers are designed with several key features that make them a comfortable and versatile choice for all occasions. The slippers feature a foam sole made from durable and skin-friendly EVA material, ensuring lightweight and breathable wear. With a deep heel cup, concave vamp, and roomy toe box, these slippers provide full-foot support, absorbing impact and protecting your toes from harm. The 1.7-inch thick sole enhances cushioning, offering extra comfort with each step.

    The anti-slip textured style of the slides prevents foot slipping and ensures they stay securely on your feet. With a thick and concise design, these slippers are perfect for all seasons and occasions, indoors or outdoors, in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, swimming pool, beach, or spa. Enjoy the comfort and style of Joomra Pillow Slippers wherever you go.

    What we love about Joomra Pillow Slippers shower shoes:

    • The 14 different colors
    • The 1.7-inch thick sole
    • Stylish design


    • Where To Buy Shower Shoes?

      Shower shoes can be purchased online from various retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and sporting goods stores, as well as in local department stores or shoe stores.

    • How To Dry Shower Shoes?

      To dry your shower shoes effectively, follow these steps:

      1. Remove excess water by shaking them gently.
      2. Place them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
      3. Stuff them with newspaper or paper towels to absorb moisture.
      4. Change the stuffing periodically until the shoes are completely dry.
      5. Avoid using heat sources like a hairdryer, as it may damage the shoes.
    • How To Clean Shower Shoes?

      If your shower shoes look a bit worse for wear, it might be time to replace them, but if you feel a good cleaning can save them, check out these steps to get them squeaky clean:

      1. Rinse off any dirt or debris with water.
      2. Apply a mild soap or detergent.
      3. Scrub the shoes using a soft brush or cloth.
      4. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
      5. Allow them to air dry completely before using them again.
    • How To DIY Shower Shoes?

      If you’re in a pinch and need or want to DIY your own shower shoes, check out these quick steps for DIY shower shoes:

      1. Start with a pair of rubber flip-flops or sandals.
      2. Use a hole punch to create drainage holes in the sole.
      3. Cut non-slip adhesive or grip tape to attach to the sole for traction.
      4. Consider adding additional embellishments like beads or fabric to personalize the shoes.
      5. Ensure all materials are securely attached and allow the shoes to dry before using them in the shower.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, investing in a good pair of shower shoes is well worth it for the protection and comfort they provide. With so many options available, there’s something for everyone. So, next time you hit the shower, remember to slip on a pair of shower shoes!