Garreth Aspeling

Writer, Exercise Addict, and Men's Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Expertise: Fitness, men's hairstyles, mental health, and nutrition
Education: BA Business Administration, Varsity College


  • An avid copywriter who has written on various niches, including fitness, men’s health, supplements, and technology.
  • A relative newcomer to the industry with a keen eye for detail.
  • Worked with leading firms to create ebooks, affiliate marketing content, digital publishing, proofreading, and content repurposing.

“The writer’s journey is an exploration of self-discovery and learning, where each coherently structured article forms the building blocks of understanding.”— Garreth Aspeling


Always having a love for literary arts, Garreth’s story began back in 2019, when a friend finally convinced him to take a shot and turn his thoughts and knowledge into words.

After a brief introduction to general and SEO-based content writing, Garreth was enthralled with the process, and from that moment, he was hooked. Having always preferred more technical tasks, the challenge of researching and writing engaging content was enticing for him.

Throughout the years, Garreth has worked with content and marketing firms to produce various blog posts, articles, how-to guides, and reports for multiple audiences.

From cryptocurrency to software and health to fitness, Garreth covers all topics and everything in between. Whether it be an ebook, elementary article, or in-depth research on a high-level blog post, Garreth’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to producing quality content shines bright.

His work for Zohna includes articles on men’s hairstyles, fitness, and other related topics.

In Garreth’s spare time, you’ll find him hiking through Cape Town’s many trails, visiting the beach, eating new foods, playing video games, hitting the gym, running, and spending time with family.


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