36 Trending Easter Nails Ideas for Spring 2024 + How to Do Video

Updated on January 4, 2024
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    36 Trending Easter Nails Ideas for Spring 2024 + How to Do Video

    Munch on this – easter nails! For this Easter season, we want nothing less from you than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed energy. We have compiled a list of fun and fantastic easter nails that will brighten your day. So, we don’t want to see any non-easter-themed manicures this spring… or else.

    Easter Nail Designs

    If you saw an easter nails design you liked, we urge you not to put all your eggs into one basket! Let us introduce you to the world of nail design. There are so many fun design elements you can add to your manicure and that you can easter-ify. Check out the table below to see our favorite nail designs so you can apply them to your easter nails!

    Our Favorite Easter Nail Designs Description
    Pastel Ombre Soft hues of lavender, mint, and peach in intricate patterns for an elegant Easter touch. However, making them into the ombre effect is perfect for matching the vibrant yet soft vibes of spring.
    Hand-painted designs Hand Hand-painting designs on your nails is a great way to elevate them. For easter, we suggest hand-drawn bunnies, eggs, or even a few flowers. Psstt… there are stencils to help with this.
    Geometric designs Go for some fun spring colors in fink and geometric designs on your claws. This is an easy and eye-catching way to level up your manicure.
    3D nail art If you are super into nail art, then going for a 3D design will be perfect for showing off your easter spirit. Go for 3D eggs or flowers.

    Easter Color Nails

    One of Easter’s most popular nail trends is to sport nails in vibrant spring colors. Think pastel pinks, baby blues, and mint greens.

    These are a few of our favorite easter colors for your nails:

    1. Soft Pink
    2. Powder Blue
    3. Lavender
    4. Mint Green
    5. Buttercream Yellow
    6. Peach

    Cute Easter Nails

    In the spirit of bunnies and baby ducks, most easter nails are cute by default. However, these are our favorites and really give off the energy of cuteness. These cute easter nails have the sweetest little designs, and know exactly what they are doing with that shade range. You can never go wrong with a hand-painted easter bunny.

    Easter Egg Nails

    Easter eggs are a quintessential symbol of the holiday season. Incorporating Easter eggs into your nail design is a creative and festive way to celebrate. However, instead of using egg nail stickers or hand-painted designs, make your whole fingernail the egg! Choose your favorite holiday colors, and then add some little black specks giving them a similar texture to an eggshell. This is an easy and fun way to be festive if you aren’t super into crazy designs.

    Cute Bunny Nails

    All we needed to hear was bunny and nails and we already knew that these would be cute. Go for a meshing of colors and a singular hand-painted bunny – it is possible to overdo it with too many bunnies. This collection of colors really makes the manicure more fun and exciting for the holiday season.

    Easter Gel Nails

    Gel is a miracle manicure, especially over a holiday. Easter can be a stressful time, especially if you’re throwing a party or have little kids to attend to. That’s why these easter gel nails are perfect for you because you won’t have to worry about chipping or changing your nails. Yes, you heard us… you don’t have to worry about chipping – and that’s just one of the amazing attributes of gel nails.

    There are many admirable things about gel manicures, such as:

    • Long-lasting
    • Chop resistant
    • Durable
    • Color changing resistant
    • Quick drying

    Just a heads up that gel can be hard on your nails, so make sure you take good care of them after you have the polish removed. Thank us later!

    Simple Easter Nails

    For some of us, the more loud and colorful manicures can be a bit much, but don’t worry we have catered to every personality. So, if you are more of a minimalist, then these simple easter nails will likely be just for you. We love the singular lavender purple – and if you want, only if you want, you can add some little polka dots of your other favorite easter colors.

    Short Easter Nails

    Don’t let short nails discourage you from rocking a fabulous Easter manicure. There are plenty of designs that work beautifully on shorter nails. Consider painting your nails with a vibrant pastel color and adding small floral decals. Remember, short nails can still steal the show!

    Easter Ombre Nails

    We love good ombre designs, especially these easter ombre nails! This is a great manicure for someone who wants to do things differently and can’t choose their favorite easter color. This way you can combine at least two of your favs. If you feel like it, toss on some gems to really get the party going!

    Easter Nail Art Designs

    Hop on over to the world of easter nail art designs. There are so many to choose from, but the most extravagant are 3D designs. Try replicating these stunning nails with beautiful 3D flowers and whimsical pastel shades.

    Easter Nails Acrylic

    Acrylic nails are great for the easter season because they can provide more room for more designs! If you like the look of the easter nails acrylic style above, then ask your nail lady for square coffin acrylics with a eg, shell design on top – they’ll know what you mean.

    If you like the designs but not so much the nail shape, you have other options, such as:

    • Stiletto shape
    • Oval shape
    • Round shape
    • Square shape
    • Almond shape

    Easter Pastel Nails

    Nothing says Easter quite like pastel colors. Pastel nails are a perfect choice, from soft pinks to baby blues. For a simple yet stunning look, paint each nail with a different pastel shade and finish off with a glossy top coat.You’ll have the perfect Easter-inspired manicure in no time!

    Pink Easter Nails

    Munch on these! Don’t you just love the look of these pink easter nails? We sure do. You can play around with different shades of pink or go for something similar to the image above. Don’t forget to go with the eggshell theme and add some funky designs on top to give your manicure some easter character.

    Yellow Easter Nails

    Yellow and blue are a great color together. People don’t usually think that, but it’s true, we mean, just look at the photo! These nails are great for people who don’t usually do nail art on themselves but want to get started. Doing polka dots is easy and great for beginners; want to know how?

    Here’s how to do polka dots for yellow easter nails:

    1. Start with clean, dry nails and apply a base coat for smooth application.
    2. Choose a base color and apply one or two coats, allowing it to dry completely.
    3. Use a dotting tool or toothpick to create evenly spaced dots. Dip it into another nail polish color.
    4. Press the dotting tool onto the nail, creating polka dots. Ensure consistent size and spacing.
    5. Add smaller dots in a contrasting color or embellish with glitter for extra flair.
    6. apply a clear top coat to protect the design and add shine once the dots are dry.

    Mini Egg Nails

    Mini eggs are a beloved Easter treat and can also serve as a delightful inspiration for your nail designs. Create a mini egg pattern on your nails by painting each one with a solid pastel color and adding small speckles or polka dots in different shades to mimic the look of mini eggs. Not only will your nails be a sweet treat for the eyes, but they’ll also make you crave a delicious sugar rush!

    Easter French Tip Nails

    We hear you if you feel like changing up tradition on a day full of them. Check out these easter French tip nails that take the classic French tip manicure and turn it into a fun and festive manicure. Choose your favorite easter shades, get them in their brightest forms, and go for an easter French tip nail!

    Spring Easter Nails

    Easter and spring go hand in hand, celebrating new beginnings and vibrant colors. Think delicate flowers, buzzing bees, or fluttering butterflies. There aren’t any rules to these spring nails, so you can copy the image and go for some fun designs, or if you are feeling like a more simple look, that works too!

    Easter Almond Nails

    Looking to switch up your nail shape this Easter? Almond-shaped Easter nails offer a stylish twist to classic round or square nails. The elongated shape resembles, you guessed it, delicate almond nuts and provides a versatile canvas for your Easter nail designs. We love these cute easter bunny and carrot designs paired with the happy yellow.

    Jelly Bean Nails

    Jelly beans are a beloved Easter candy, and their vibrant colors can inspire your nail designs. For this manicure, simply just paint some jelly bean shapes over your favorite nude shade. It might sound hard, but trust us when we say it’s much easier than you think.

    Purple Easter Nails

    No one is going to be hunting for long this easter season because the most interesting thing will be your claws. These purple easter nails are the perfect attention grabber with the unique design and shadings of purple. We love polka dots during this holiday, it really encapsulates the innocence of the day.

    Elegant Easter Nail Designs

    Picture delicate pastel shades gracefully coating your nails, coupled with intricate floral patterns. Think soft pinks, baby blues, and lilacs reminiscent of freshly bloomed spring flowers. You can even add a touch of gold or silver accents to elevate the elegance factor.

    Easter Dip Nails

    Looking for a hassle-free option for your Easter nails? Look no further because Easter dip nails might be just what you need. This innovative technique involves dipping your nails into a pigmented powder to achieve a smooth, long-lasting color. These nails are relatively long-lasting, like gel, and they come in various shades – so you’re bound to find a festive shade.

    Easter Nail Wraps

    If you’re short on time but still want Instagram-worthy nails, Easter nail wraps are your secret weapon. These convenient and easy-to-use wraps come in various designs, including Easter bunnies, chicks, and colorful floral patterns. Simply apply the wrap to your nails, trim the excess, and voila! You’ll have an instant festive manicure.

    Christian Easter Nail Designs

    For those celebrating the religious significance of Easter, Christian-themed nail designs offer a beautiful way to express your faith. Consider painting your nails with delicate crosses, doves, or even scriptural verses. Incorporate pastel hues or go for a timeless white and gold combination to symbolize purity and hope.

    Pretty Easter Nails

    There’s no denying that Easter is a time for all things pretty, and your nails should be no exception. Think of your favorite easter shades with simple white polka dots on them. Nothing says spring and easter like polka dots, don’t you think?

    Bunny Acrylic Nails

    Let’s hop on over to the world of bunny acrylic nails, where cuteness knows no bounds. These nails are perfect for those who want to embrace the Easter spirit in the most adorable way possible. We love these nails and the cuteness of the little bunny ears. This would be a tricky one to do at home alone, so grab a friend to help or head over to your local nail salon – they’ll know what to do.

    Blue Easter Nails

    While pastel shades are synonymous with Easter, why not shake things up and embrace the calming vibes of blue? Blue Easter nails offer a cool and refreshing twist to traditional Easter nail art. Pair a light blue with some polka dots and an accent nail design, like the ribbon. These blue easter nails are simple but show-stopping.

    Classy Easter Nails

    If you believe that less is more, classy Easter nails are the way to go. Go for your favorite acrylic nail shape and coat them in different pastel shades. This look is simple yet classy – perfect for an easter dinner or day party. If you want to take things a step further give them a coat of matte top coat – trust us!

    Almond Easter Nails

    Almond nails are the perfect acrylic nail shape for the easter season, and can you guess why? They are shaped like easter eggs! The almond shape is a great one as it makes the fingers look slender and elongated. Go for the eggshell look and add some hand-painted flowers to really embrace these easter almond nails.

    Glitter Easter Nail

    We can all agree that glitter makes everything better, including Easter nails. Glitter nails for Easter bring an extra touch of sparkle and enchantment to your holiday manicure. Imagine nails covered in dazzling glitter in pastel shades reminiscent of Easter eggs.

    Easter Green Nails

    You might not have thought it before, but we’re sure you do now – hunter-green and easter bunnies go really well together! Simply just add a layer of green and then paint on some cute little easter bunnies. If you aren’t the most artistic, there are nail stickers out there that you could also use; just saying.

    Long Easter Nails

    If you’re a fan of longer nails, Easter is the perfect time to let them shine. Picture Easter-themed nail designs laid on an extended canvas, providing ample room for creativity. The more room the more design freedom you have when creating your easter nails. We suggest, obviously, going for long almond nails during the season.

    Easter Yellow Nails

    Easter Yellow NailsInstagram@nailbrewPIN

    You’ll be pouncing with joy every day if you get these yellow eater nails. The bright yellow will just brighten your day, we promise. We suggest going for an almond nail shape to pair with your yellow polish, and if you’re feeling fancy, add an accent nail of your favorite easter design.

    Glitter Nails for Easter

    Glitter is one of those surefire ways to add some spunk to any manicure. These glitter easter nails show you love to have fun, and you aren’t afraid to show it. Pair your stunning glitter with rhinestones to really have you shining bright this easter holiday.


    • What are the Main Easter Colors for Nails?

      When it comes to Easter nail colors, pastels take center stage. Soft shades of pink, blue, purple, and yellow dominate the Easter palette, reflecting fresh spring blooms’ delicate beauty. These dreamy hues capture the essence of Easter, bringing a sense of grace and serenity to your fingertips.

    • How to Make Speckles on Nails for Easter?

      Speckled nails are a fantastic way to add a playful twist to your Easter manicure. The best part? Creating speckles on nails is relatively easy and requires only a few simple steps:

      1. Start by applying a base color of your choice, preferably a pastel shade reminiscent of Easter.
      2. Next, take a toothbrush or a small sponge and dip it into a contrasting nail polish color.
      3. Hold the toothbrush or sponge a few inches away from your nails and use your thumb to flick the bristles or press the sponge against your nails. This will create tiny speckles, giving your nails a fun and whimsical look.

      Feel free to experiment with different color combinations and densities of speckles to achieve the desired effect. Don’t forget to seal the speckles with a layer of top coat to ensure longevity and add an extra touch of shine.

    • Can I Use Foil from an Easter Egg Kit on Nails?

      Absolutely! The foil from an Easter egg kit can be repurposed to create stunning nail designs. If you have leftover foil, don’t let it go to waste – put it to good use on your nails! The shiny metallic texture of the foil adds an eye-catching element to your Easter manicure.

    Pounce on Easter Nails

    Now that you’re armed with an arsenal of Easter nail inspiration, it’s time to unleash your inner artist. Whether you prefer elegant designs, playful bunny nails, or glittery creations, the key is to have fun and express your unique style. With these ideas, your Easter nails will be the talk of the egg hunt!