13 Best Wolf Cut Curly Hair Ideas for Women to Turn Up the Volume

Updated on January 31, 2024
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    13 Best Wolf Cut Curly Hair Ideas for Women to Turn Up the Volume

    Curls gone wild!

    Tight, bouncy curls are back in style, so turn up the volume and get ready to party.

    We’re not walking cute little goldie locks healthlike Shirley Temple or a porcelain doll; we’re talking BIG, BOLD, VOLUPTUOUS curls. If you want an alternative and edgy curly hairstyle, go for wolf cut curly hair!

    The wolf cut curly hair is a trendy and flattering shag-mullet hybrid with bouncy, voluminous curls. It’s a style that works on natural curls, perms, or DIY curling iron or roller-curled hair.

    Along with the casual grunge fashions of the 1980s and 90s, wolf cuts are relaxed, laid-back hairstyles that are trending in 2023.

    What Is a Curly Wolf Cut?

    A curly wolf cut is the same haircut as a long wolf cut or a short wolf cut but is styled with curly hair.

    The modern wolf cut is a fusion between the iconic 1970s shag haircut, and the “business at the front, party at the back” 1980s mullet. It’s a laidback, playful style that’s low-maintenance and easy to style.

    The chart below compares a curly shag haircut vs a curly mullet.

    Curly Shag Curly Mullet
    • Born in the 1970s with a comeback in the 1980s
    • Multiple choppy layers
    • Visible layer at the occipital bone
    • All-over voluminous curls of different shapes and coils
    • Below shoulder-length
    • Born in the 1980s and popular until the early 1990s
    • Shorter layers on top
    • Cascading layers at the back
    • Voluminous curls at the crown, loose curls at the back
    • Short front, mid-back length at the back

    The five key characteristics of a wolf cut curly hair are:

    1. Laidback hairstyle
    2. Short layers on top
    3. Choppy layers on the sides
    4. Long layers at the back
    5. Voluminous curls all over

    The wolf cut is a heavily layered haircut that suits all hair lengths and textures. Curly wolf cuts give those shaggy layers extra volume and bounce.

    Curly hair wolf cuts are popular because they:

    • Define curls and coils
    • Allow movement
    • Give hair extra bounce
    • Promote definition
    • Add texture

    Wolf cut layers are ideal for curly hair. Many people with curly hair have thick, heavy hair and find the weight of their tresses pulls their coils down, causing them to lose shape. Wolf cut curly hairstyles reduce weight, allowing them to maintain their bounce.

    Are you ready to turn up the volume with a bold new curly do? We have 13 of the trendiest wolf cut curly hair ideas, from sleek and sophisticated to bold and edgy styles.

    Wolf Cut Curly Hair No Bangs

    Classic wolf cuts often have asymmetrical, choppy bangs. Hair above the brows and slightly covering the eyes adds to the low-maintenance carefree appeal of the shaggy haircut. However, wolf cuts are not defined by the presence of a fringe.

    Opting for a cult wolf cut without bangs is a great way to show off your face shape and maximize the volume of your locks. If you want big, bold, layered spirals, go for a wolf cut with curly hair and no bangs.

    Curly Hair Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

    Curly Hair Wolf Cut With Curtain BangsInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Looking for a flirtatious and sultry way to wear bangs? Curtain bangs are those face-framing bangs swept to each side like open drapes. They add a little intrigue to your appearance, as you can hide behind them while still seeing a glimpse of your eyes.

    If you want to add a sexy and seductive appeal to your curly shag, go for a curly hair wolf cut with curtain bangs. They’re a great way to add soft lines and angles to your bold and voluminous coils.

    Wolf Cut Layers Curly Hair

    Say hello to layered haircuts! Single-length dos are so 2010s. Wolf cuts are defined by their choppy, wispy layers, adding volume and dimension throughout the hair.

    Curly-haired people can sometimes be apprehensive about how curls turn out on their bouncy tresses, but we assure you that ‘wolf cut layers curly hair’ styles look incredible when blow-dried and styled. Layers give your spirals extra volume, so if you want a voluptuous do to turn heads, ask for a wolf cut with lots of layers on curly hair.

    Ask for texturized layers at:

    • The crown
    • The sides
    • Underneath the hair
    • Through the bangs

    Wolf Cut Mullet Curly Hair

    Let’s take it back to the early 80s…the year is 1983, you’re at the local nightclub, and the song Blue Monday comes on the speakers. A sea of people with mullets and voluptuous curls flocks to the dance floor in tight, bright attire. If mullets didn’t define the hair of the 80s, big volume and perms sure did.

    Curls don’t show the layers as much as straight and relaxed hair, but wolf cut curly styles have voluptuous bounce. If you want a style ready to bust a move, go for wolf cut mullet curly hair.

    Shaggy Wolf Cut With Curly Hair

    We all know what it looks like, but what exactly is it meant by shaggy hair? Fun fact: hairstylist Paul McGregor invented the ‘shag haircut’ in the early 1970s for the actress Jane Fonda.

    Shags are characterized by their choppy, feathered layers and volume. If you want a shaggy wolf cut with curly hair, ask your hairstylist for lots of texturized layers to show off those spirals!

    Fluffy Curly Wolf Cut

    Do you love an intentionally messy look with lots of volume? Say hello to fluffy hair. It mixes volume and texture, achieved by brushing and blowing-drying for the ultimate blow-out.

    Ask your stylist for a fluffy curly wolf cut if you love mega volume. Since curly hair is hard to brush in the drying stage, a diffuser will be your best friend for big, fluffy curls.

    Here are the must-have styling tools for a fluffy curly wolf cut:

    • Blow-dryer
    • Diffuser
    • Anti-frizz mouse
    • Curling spray gel
    • Holding hair spray

    Wolf Cut Curly Hair Black Girl

    What’s not to envy about naturally tight, curly, voluminous hair? When you search ‘wolf cut curly hair black girl,’ you’ll see gorgeous manes of bouncy spirals and coiled hair. If you have coarse, curly hair, a wolf cut curly hairstyle will be easy to achieve and hold all day.

    Wolf Cut Curly Brown Hair

    Brunettes have it easy when it comes to changing up their hair. So many cuts, shapes, and styles look elegant on rich brown tresses. While changing brunette hair with color or highlights is fun, sometimes a different haircut is all you need for a drastic makeover. Add a little edge to your curly locks, and opt for a wolf cut curly brown hair.

    Wolf Cut Curly Blonde Hair

    Curly blonde hair is the ultra-seductive choice of many iconic celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Frosty shades of platinum or warm golden blonde give curly hair the appearance of extra volume. If you want an iconic 80s look for your curly shag, go for wolf cut curly blonde hair.

    Wolf Cut Curly Hair Side Part

    If you thought side parts were out of style, you’d better check Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have ensured the side-swept look remains alive and well.

    Side parts have been popping up all over the red carpet and fancy Hollywood events in 2022 and 2023.

    The sultry side-part remains a timeless classic. Add unique volume to your curly do with a wolf cut long hair side part.

    Copper Curly Wolf Cut

    Spice up your life with a brand new haircut and a refreshing new color. Try a copper curly wolf cut if you’re in the mood for hair with some sass and spice.

    Copper hair color is a gingery red shade with gold and bronze undertones that looks amazing on curly hair. A curly hair wolf cut will give your ginger snap locks extra bounce.

    Curly Wolf Cut Black Hair

    Want a curly wolf cut that’s bold and edgy? Do a wolf cut curly hair on dark black tresses. Black hair is an alluring, elegant, confident, and rebellious shade. Use shine-enhancing hair spray to accentuate your spirals.

    Wolf Cut Curly Hair Pink

    Life is pretty pink and even prettier with a curly pink wolf cut. Pink is an ultra-feminine color with lots of playful energy. Curly hair is often associated with big, bubbly personalities, so it’s only fitting that pink would be a color to suit a curly wolf cut.

    Tips for Styling Wolf Cut Curly Hair

    We love the low-maintenance appeal of a curly wolf cut. You can roll out of bed, and your hair will look exactly as it’s intended. However, a few styling considerations exist to make wolf cut curly hairstyles look polished and frizz-free.

    There are four main considerations when styling a curly wolf cut:

    1. Blow-drying
    2. Bangs
    3. Texture
    4. Hairspray

    The chart below provides an overview of the stylish considerations and tips for curly wolf cuts.

    Styling Consideration Tips
    • Air dry until 80% dry
    • Use a diffuser to finish blow-drying
    • Use anti-frizz mouse when hair is damp
    • Scrunch curls with the palm of your hands
    • Apply a holding spray to keep curls in place
    • Avoid over-saturating the roots

    DIY Wolf Cut Curly Hair

    One may argue that one of the positive things to come from the pandemic and lockdowns was our confidence to follow DIY tutorials, including cutting our hair at home!

    What we love about the curly hair wolf cut is that it’s intentionally shaggy and slightly messy; therefore, you don’t need to be perfect when you bring out your sheers!

    You can do all kinds of wolf cut tutorials at home such as:

    For our example, we will show you how to do a wolf cut curly hair with curtain bangs at home.

    You only need haircutting scissors, a hair brush, a tail comb, and some hair scrunchies.

    Part 1: Cutting Layers

    The first and most crucial step for a wolf cut long hair is cutting the layers. Curly hair wolf cuts are distinguished from other layered haircuts by the specific pattern of the short layers on top and chunky layers through the bottom.

    Step 1

    Make sure your hair is completely dry. Brush your hair thoroughly to ensure there are no knots.

    Zohna Tip

    If you have curly or frizzy hair, flat iron your hair before cutting the curly hair wolf cut.

    Step 2

    Use your tail comb to section the hair into two ponytails. Draw a line from the front of your ear diagonally back to the crown of your head on each side. Take the hair at the front and tie it forward with a hair scrunchie.

    Step 3

    Comb the back section of hair and tie it up in a hair scrunchie.

    Step 4

    Keeping your front ponytail tied, pull the ponytail out in front of you to eye level. Use your scissors to cut soft snips into the ponytail and cut it off, leaving about an inch of hair tied in the scrunchie.

    Step 5

    Take your back ponytail, and retie it, so you have a high ponytail on top of your hair. The higher the ponytail, the shorter the cut will be.

    Step 6

    Following the same soft snipping technique as the front ponytail, cut your back ponytail off, leaving an inch of hair tied in the ponytail.

    Step 7

    Let your hair down from the scrunchies and brush through. If your hair isn’t short enough, you can use the lines of your new short wolf cut and trim them to the desired length.

    Part 2: Cutting Curtain Bangs

    Bangs are not required, but they are a popular choice for wolf cut curly hairstyles. Curtain bangs are a playful and sultry way to partially cover your eyes.

    Step 1

    Section a small triangle of hair above your forehead.

    Step 2

    Direct the left side of the bangs to the right, then cut them diagonally.

    Step 3

    Direct the right side of the bangs to the left, then cut them diagonally.

    Step 4

    Trim your bangs as needed.

    Step 5

    Style the wolf cut with texturizing anti-frizz spray.


    • How To Style a Curly Wolf Cut?

      Wolf cut curly hair is effortless to style with the proper techniques. All you need is a diffuser and some anti-frizz styling mouse to get perfect curly wolf cut hair.

      Follow these six top tips for how to style a curly wolf cut:

      1. Brush your hair before showering
      2. Detangle knots with your fingers
      3. Air-dry hair until damp
      4. Scrunch your curls with the palms of your hands
      5. Flip your head upside down and use a diffuser on your blow-dryer
      6. Use an anti-frizz styling mouse
    • Which Face Shapes Does a Curly Wolf Cut Suit?

      The best thing about the curly wolf cut is that it can be customized to flatter every face shape. Layers are your best friend when it comes to softening or filling out particular face shapes and jawlines.

      Follow these recommendations for a curly wolf cut for your face shape:

      • Round: Add short layers on top for volume and the appearance of an oval face.
      • Square: Wispy layers around the chin and neck soften the jawline.
      • Heart: Chunky, fuller layers around the chin and neck fill out the face.
      • Oval: Any type of layer works for an oval-face wolf cut long hair.

    Turn Up the Volume with Wolf Cut Curly Hair

    Turn up the volume and get ready to party because wolf cut curly hairstyles add bounce to your do. There are many cute ways to style curly wolf cuts and beautiful hair colors; we guarantee you’ll look good in more than one!