28 Mesmerizing Dark Purple Nails to Try

Updated on November 6, 2023
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    Dark Purple NailsPIN

    28 Mesmerizing Dark Purple Nails to Try

    Boring nails? Not on our watch! If you believe in living life on the edge of the color wheel, then you’re in for a treat with dark purple nails.

    Forget the sea of nudes and neutrals; it’s time to break free and embrace the bold, the beautiful, and the delightfully dark. Dark purple nails are the life of the nail art party, exuding the perfect blend of mystique and mischief.

    In this article, we share what we love about dark purple nails and present 28 of our favorite styles

    to you. By the end of this blog post, we’re sure you’ll find a set of purple nails in that dark shade you’ve always dreamed of.

    What We Love About Dark Purple Nail Designs

    Dark purple nail designs possess an irresistible magnetic charm. The deep, rich hue of dark purple brings sophistication to any manicure, whether painted glossy or matte-dark purple nails radiate finesse and poise as a versatile canvas for various nail art and accessories.

    Check out our table highlighting the key attributes that make dark purple nails so desirable.

    Attributes of Dark Purple Nails Description
    Subtle yet Striking Dark purple nails make a statement without overpowering your style. They can be bold and eye-catching or understated and chic, catering to your personal style and preferences.
    Endless Possibilities Dark purple nail designs offer limitless creativity. Experiment with shades, from deep plum to vibrant violet, and explore a wide array of nail art techniques, from ombre (Check out ombre nails) to intricate patterns, to reflect your unique style.
    Symbolic Significance Dark purple is linked to royalty, power, and luxury, evoking confidence and demanding attention. It’s an ideal choice for those aiming to make a bold statement and feel empowered.
    Versatility for All Occasions Dark purple nails transition seamlessly from day to night, enhancing your outfit with glamor and sophistication. They suit formal events, date nights, or elevating your daily look.
    Year-Round Appeal Dark purple nails are timeless and versatile, complementing the cozy hues of fall and winter fashion while adding vibrancy to summer outfits. They’re always in style and essential to your nail polish collection.
    A Form of Self-Expression Dark purple nails offer a unique form of self-expression. Your nails serve as a canvas, allowing you to showcase your creativity and personality, whether you prefer classic elegance or bold, edgy designs.

    Dark purple nail designs are captivating in their versatility and symbolism. Whether aiming to make a statement, express your creativity, or enhance your style, dark purple nails offer boundless possibilities for self-expression.

    Dark Purple And Silver Nails

    If you’re searching for a nail design that exudes opulence and grace, your quest should lead to dark purple and silver nails. This duo creates a gorgeous interplay that promises to wow onlookers.

    With its deep purple foundation, a light sparkling silver glitter dusting, and glossy top coat, this fusion delivers a look that effortlessly balances striking allure with timeless sophistication.

    Dark Purple Acrylic Nails

    Seeking nails that marry resilience with elegance?

    Acrylic nails, the epitome of durability, require blending a liquid monomer with a powdered polymer, birthing a robust, enduring artificial nail.

    The outcome? A spectacle of dark purple acrylic nails that effortlessly endures the rigors of everyday life.

    Dark Purple French Tip Nails

    Seeking a contemporary take on the classic French manicure? Dark purple French tip nails present a stylish, avante-garde alternative. Departing from the conventional white tips, these dark purple French tips introduce a touch of traditional modernism to your nails.

    Achieving perfect dark purple French tip nails hinges on precision. Follow these steps:

    • Start by applying a deep purple base color to your nails.
    • Once the base is dry, use a thin nail brush or striping tape to create clean, even lines at your nails’ tips.
    • Finish off with a glossy topcoat to seal in the color and enhance the shine.

    Dark purple French tip nails are remarkably versatile, making them suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re heading to the office or a special event, these nails are guaranteed to make a chic statement.

    Dark Purple Almond Nails

    Check out these dark purple almond nails for a feminine, elegant look. Almond-shaped nails are renowned for their tapered ends and rounded edges, which beautifully resemble the shape of an almond.

    The dark purple shade and dark blue hue combine to make the perfect duo that oozes bold sophistication.

    Purple Glow In The Dark Nails

    These purple glow-in-the-dark nails are a fun, unique choice to make your manicure stand out, especially at music festivals, nightclubs, and when painting the town red (or, in this case, purple.)

    You can use glow-in-the-dark nail polish for a subtle glow or opt for glow-in-the-dark powder for a more intense effect. Simply charge your nails under a bright light source and watch as they illuminate in the dark.

    Zohna Tip

    Check out neon nails for something that doesn't glow in the dark but still has an electrifying hue.

    Dark Blue And Purple Nails

    Are you eager to elevate your dark purple nails to new heights? Dark blue and purple nails offer a bold, captivating combination that’ll make you the center of attention. This style conjures a breathtaking gradient, seamlessly transitioning from deep purple to intense blue, ensuring your manicure is nothing short of mesmerizing.

    Here’s how to achieve dark blue and purple nails:

    • Begin with a dark purple base coat, ensuring a solid foundation.
    • Once dry, gently use a makeup sponge to dab on the blue gradient color, blending it seamlessly with the purple.
    • Seal your masterpiece with a glossy topcoat, delivering a professional, polished finish.

    Dark blue and purple nails are a fantastic choice for those ready to step outside their comfort zone and embrace the world of these bold nail colors.

    Dark Purple Chrome Nails

    In search of a nail trend that embodies lavishness? Dark purple chrome nails are the embodiment of the luxury you’re seeking. These nails boast a gleaming and reflective surface reminiscent of a polished mirror, creating an aura of sumptuousness. The rich, bold purple hue adds an element of depth and affluence to this high-end manicure.

    Dark Purple Matte Nails

    For ladies who lean towards a more subdued and refined nail aesthetic, consider the allure of these dark purple matte nails. Matte nails are renowned for their velvety, non-shiny finish, a feature that infuses elegance into any manicure.

    To bring your dark purple matte nails to life, follow these two steps:

    1. Start by applying a dark purple base coat, providing a solid foundation for the transformation.
    2. Once the base coat is dry, sweep on a matte topcoat to replace the glossy finish with a luxurious matte texture. The outcome is a manicure that radiates effortlessness, chicness, and style.

    Dark purple matte nails are a versatile choice, seamlessly transitioning from day to night, making them the ideal selection for any occasion.

    Dark Purple And Gold Nails

    Nail polish without a sparkle is like a cake with no frosting. And dark purple and gold nails are like a perfectly baked confectionary. The luxurious shades of dark purple harmonize flawlessly with the regal and lavish tones of gold, conjuring a manicure fit for royalty.

    Various avenues exist for seamlessly integrating gold into your dark purple manicure.

    Whether it’s the allure of gold foil accents, the subtlety of delicate gold glitter, or the glimmer of gold nail stickers, this combination of gold and dark purple crafts a vivid contrast that will elevate your nails to an unprecedented level of radiance.

    Dark Purple And Black Nails

    Consider these dark purple and black nails if you’re pursuing a nail design that exudes an edgy style. The intense hues of both colors characterize this style and produce a look that’s equal parts fierce and sophisticated.

    Achieving these dark purple and black nails involves a straightforward process:

    1. Commence by applying a dark purple base coat to the nails on your thumb, index, and pinky finger, creating a solid foundation. Do the same with your ring and middle finger, but apply black nail polish.
    2. When the base is drying, you can sprinkle some glitter so that it can step before the top coat.

    Dark purple and black nails are bold and enticing, adding a sense of mystique and allure to your manicure that’s bound to captivate.

    Zohna Tip

    Use a fine nail brush or striping tape to craft clean, precise lines with black nail polish. This process allows you to explore a myriad of patterns and designs.

    Dark Purple And Grey Nails

    Dark Purple And Grey NailsInstagram@ceesclawsPIN

    Opt for dark purple and grey nails for a chic, timeless nail design. This sophisticated pairing creates an elegant, versatile manicure. To achieve this look, start with a dark purple base coat, and once it’s dry, use a thin brush or striping tape to create clean lines with grey polish. You can experiment with various patterns or keep it minimal.

    Dark Purple And White Nails

    Dark Purple And White NailsInstagram@yayanailzPIN

    If you prefer a clean and minimalistic nail design, these dark purple and white nails are perfect. This striking combination of contrasting colors results in a sleek, modern, and effortlessly stylish appearance. Apply a dark purple base coat to start creating dark purple and white nails. Once it’s dried, use a thin nail brush to create intricate designs or geometrical patterns that pop on the dark purple background.

    Dark Purple Gel Nails

    We think these dark purple gel nails are ideal for achieving long-lasting and chip-resistant nails. Accomplished by applying gel polish to your nails and curing them beneath a UV or LED lamp, they offer both beauty and durability that can endure for weeks. What distinguishes dark purple gel nails is their glossy, well-maintained finish, which is adaptable to any occasion.

    Dark Purple Dip Nails

    For a durable, robust nail technique, we recommend dark purple dip nails. These dip nails, also called acrylic dip powder nails, entail applying a resin base coat, dipping the nails into colored powder, and sealing them with a clear topcoat. This technique results in a smooth, long-lasting manicure that withstands everyday wear and tear.

    Short Dark Purple Nails

    Short Dark Purple NailsInstagram@glow.bar1PIN

    Who says you need long nails to rock a stunning manicure?

    Short dark purple nails are just as mesmerizingly stylish as their longer equivalents. These short dark purple are covered in a deep shade of purple plum and are filed meticulously to create a refined look.

    Dark Purple Press On Nails

    If you’re looking for an instant and hassle-free way to achieve stunning dark purple nails, these press-on nails are here to save the day. Press-on nails are pre-designed nails that can be easily applied and removed without nail polish or glue.

    Dark purple press-on nails offer a quick and easy way to get a beautifully professional-looking manicure at home. Simply select the size that fits your nails, apply the adhesive tabs or glue included in the kit, and press the nails onto your natural nails.

    Dark Purple Marble Nails

    If you’re after a nail design that is stylishly artistic, dark purple marble nails are a must-try. These marble nails create a unique, mesmerizing pattern resembling your kitchen countertop (but with the addition of some gold foil.)

    To achieve dark purple marble nails, apply a dark purple base color. Once dry, use a thin nail brush or toothpick to create swirling patterns using a lighter purple or white nail polish. You must do this on a piece of paper. Then, scoop up the combined “marbled” colors with a gel brush and gently apply them to your nails in a slight zig-zag swirl motion. The key is to blend the colors to achieve a marbled effect. Finish off with a glossy topcoat to add shine and dimension.

    Dark Purple Sparkly Nails

    Dark Purple Sparkly NailsInstagram@ilnpPIN

    These nails are sure to catch the light and shine like a star.

    You can opt for a dark purple glitter polish (like the one here) for a vibrant but subtle sparkle or go all out with chunky glitters for a more intense effect.

    Zohna Tip

    Add rhinestones or sequins for extra bling.

    Cute Dark Purple Nails

    Dark purple nails offer many creative options for a cute and playful nail design. From charming animal prints to dainty floral patterns, the possibilities can go as far as your imagination. These cute dark purple nails can brighten your day with their deep shade of plum and neatly filed tips. Whether you lean towards classic elegance or prefer a bolder look, dark purple nails make a lasting impression, showcasing your unique, stylish personality.

    Dark Purple Winter Nails

    Winter is not a season; it’s a celebration! And with these dark purple winter nails, you’ll celebrate all through the cold season.

    These dark purple winter nails are not only visually appealing but also versatile. They can effortlessly transition from day to night, complementing any outfit you wear. Whether you’re attending a holiday party or running errands, your nails will be a conversation starter and reflect your impeccable taste.

    Dark Purple Square Nails

    Dark purple square nails are the epitome of edginess and refinement. We love the simplicity of this bold purple color mixed with the straight edges of the square tips.

    Dark Purple And Pink Nails

    Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons with these dark purple and pink nails.

    This dynamic combination perfectly blends the deep intensity of purple with the playful vibrancy of pink. The result? A visually stunning and captivating nail art style that’s sure to get heads turning.

    Dark Purple Prom Nails

    Prom is the night to shine, and what better way to make a statement than with dark purple prom nails? This mix of rich and regal colors perfectly complements any prom dress, ensuring you’re the belle of the ball.

    Zohna Tip

    Remember to add nail art diamonds for a more extravaganza appearance.

    Dark Purple Nails With Diamonds

    These dark purple nails with diamonds feature a galaxy effect and fair amounts of glitter.

    However, the diamonds shine bright on these (especially the light purple nails.)

    There are multiple ways to incorporate diamonds into your nail design. You can place them strategically on your nails to create a cascading effect or use them as accents to highlight specific areas of your dark purple nails.

    Dark Purple Cat Eye Nails

    Dark Purple Cat Eye NailsInstagram@sojinailsPIN

    An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language, and the same is true for these dark purple cat eye nails. Dark purple cat eye nails will leave everyone wondering how you achieved such an enchanting look.

    This cat eye effect is created using magnetized nail polish, which gives the nails a stunning 3D appearance. Let’s not forget the clear tips for an extra dramatic effect!

    Dark Purple Wedding Nails

    Who says your wedding nails have to be traditional? These dark purple wedding nails with marble swirls and glitter can bring a modern, unorthodox twist to your bridal look.

    Dark Purple Butterfly Nails

    Embrace your whimsical side with dark purple butterfly nails. This enchanting nail art design transports you to a technicolor space of fantasy and magic. Each butterfly is carefully drawn in dark purple on the fully transparent nails, creating an effect that feels out of this world.


    • How Long Does Dark Purple Nail Polish Typically Last?

      The longevity of dark purple nail polish can vary depending on the brand and quality. However, with proper application and top coat, you can expect your dark purple nails to last up to two weeks before any noticeable chipping or wear occurs.

    • Can I Achieve Dark Purple Nails Without Going to a Salon?

      Absolutely! There are numerous dark purple nail polish options available for at-home use. Invest in a high-quality dark purple polish, follow proper nail prep and application techniques, and you’ll be able to achieve stunning dark purple nails right in the comfort of your own home.

    • Will Dark Purple Nails Stain My Natural Nails?

      When using a high-quality dark purple nail polish and a proper base coat, the risk of staining your natural nails is significantly reduced. However, it’s always a good idea to apply a base coat to create a protective barrier before applying dark purple polish.

    • Are Dark Purple Nails Suitable for All Skin Tones?

      Absolutely! Dark purple is a versatile color that complements a wide range of skin tones. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, dark purple nails will look glamorous and flattering on you.

    • Can I Mix and Match Dark Purple Nail Art Styles?

      Of course! Feel free to mix and match different dark purple nail art styles to create a unique and personalized look. Let your creativity run wild and experiment with various designs and techniques.

    A Dark Purple Farewell

    There you have it – a diverse collection of glamorous dark purple nail styles that are sure to blow your mind! From winter nails to butterfly designs, dark purple has proven itself to be a captivating and versatile color for nail art.

    Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication, make a bold statement, or unleash your whimsical side, dark purple nails are the perfect choice for expressing your unique personality. Embrace the allure of dark purple and prepare to turn heads everywhere you go.