21 Best Curtain Bangs with Straight Hair Styles

Updated on November 1, 2023
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    Curtain Bangs Straight HairPIN

    21 Best Curtain Bangs with Straight Hair Styles

    If you are one of those people with naturally pin-straight hair stop right there! First, we want to say, lucky! We wish that were us. Second, we want to say that you have made it to the right place if you want to spruce up your stunning straight locks.

    If you’re looking to add a touch of something extra to your straight hair, curtain bangs might be the perfect option for you. Curtain bangs have made a major comeback in recent years, and they work brilliantly with straight hair. The versatility of curtain bangs allows you to style them in various ways, whether you prefer a shoulder-length cut or longer locks. From wispy curtain bangs to face-framing styles, there are endless possibilities you could give a whirl. Enough talking about curtain bangs and let’s get into the fun part, showing you inspiration for your next hair transformation!

    How To Style Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    Before we get into all the different options available to choose from, you might want to know how to style curtain bangs on straight hair. Check out the chart below to know more!

    What you’ll need:

    1. Heat protectant spray
    2. Comb
    3. Hair clip
    4. Flat iron
    5. Hair Spray
    How To Style Curtain Bangs Straight Hair Description
    Prep and Cleanse Start with clean, dry hair. Use a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from styling tools.
    Create a Middle Part Use a comb to create a clean middle part, separating your hair into two equal sections.
    Section Off Bangs Use a comb to create a clean middle part, separating your hair into two equal sections.
    Heat Styling Using a flat iron, gently curl the bangs away from your face. This creates the signature curtain effect.
    Set with Hairspray Use a light-hold hairspray to lock in the style without making it too stiff or heavy.
    Blend with the Rest of Your Hair Release the clipped sections and blend your curtain bangs with the rest of your hair.

    Shoulder Length Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    For those who have the perfect in-between of long and short hair, aka medium-length hairstyle, shoulder-length curtain bangs offer a flattering and versatile option we think that you should take a peek at.

    This style allows you to experiment with different textures, from perfectly straight locks to gentle waves, if you wanna switch up your typically beautiful straight hair. Shoulder-length curtain bangs create a balanced and harmonious look that is both modern and refined.

    Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs Straight HairInstagram@hirohairPIN

    If you’re feeling adventurous and want to embrace a bold and edgy look, consider pairing your straight hair with a wolf cut and curtain bangs. The wolf cut features layered and choppy ends, adding texture and dimension to your hair. We get it, sometimes our hair can look flat and boring, and in dire need of that oomph factor too.

    Here are a couple of tricks we have hiding up our sleeves that are a little less permanent than a cut to add some texture and dimension, such as:

    • Dry texture spray
    • Dry shampoo
    • Volumizing mousse
    • Volumizing spray
    • Sea salt spray
    • Volumizing shampoo and conditioner

    Curtain Bangs Long Hair Straight

    Calling long-haired beauties from far and wide! Curtain bangs work beautifully with lengthy tresses, we mean just look at that photo! By incorporating curtain bangs into your long straight hair, you can create a striking effect. The curtain bangs falling gracefully on either side of your face provide a soft and feminine touch to your overall look. Try incorporating curtain bangs with layers to help blend the bangs into the hair. The layers are a great way to add some dimension to long straight locks.

    Wispy Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    If you prefer a more ethereal and delicate look, wispy curtain bangs are the way to go. These feather-light bangs add a touch of whimsy to your straight hair, creating an effortless and carefree vibe. Wispy curtain bangs beautifully frame your face and add a touch of romantic charm. Your hair will look light (in weight) and refreshing, perfect for a summer vaycay!

    Blunt Curtain Bangs on Straight Hair

    Blunt Curtain Bangs on Straight HairInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Blunt curtain bangs are a popular choice for those with straight hair. This hairstyle is perfect for those who like a subtle change to their locks. This cut will keep things looking minimal and sharp, ideal for the cool girls out there.

    Curtain Bangs Asian Straight Hair

    Curtain Bangs Asian Straight HairInstagram@nana_9351PIN

    Asian straight hair can be enhanced with curtain bangs, emphasizing the sleekness and luster of the hair. People of Asian descent typically have thick long straight hair, so cutting some curtain bangs into the mix can create a unique and stunning visual effect. The darkness of the hair will help you blend the curtain bangs into the rest of your strands.

    Curtain bangs add an element of sophistication and elegance to Asian straight hair, allowing you to achieve a polished and put-together look effortlessly.

    If you come from Asian descent or just have super thick hair, there are a few maintenance tips we recommend keeping up with to ensure your curtain bangs look as perfect as possible, such as:

    1. Washing your hair less often
    2. Moisturizing your hair
    3. Start a hair oil routine
    4. Add layers
    5. Get regular trims

    Soft Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    For those seeking a natural and subtle look, to match their soft and kind nature, soft curtain bangs are a fantastic choice. These bangs seamlessly blend into your straight hair, creating a soft and understated look. Soft curtain bangs are versatile and work well with various hair lengths, providing a touch of effortless cool. Soft curtain bangs are slightly on the longer side, helping them to blend into your straight but stunning tresses.

    If you are into soft things, there are a few key things you can do to ensure your hair is extra soft, such as:

    • Washing hair less often
    • Avoid sulfates in shampoo and conditioners
    • Regularly using hair masks
    • Start a hair oil routine
    • Sleep on a satin pillow

    Curtain Bangs Short Straight Hair

    It’s true that short hair is now all the rage, as we’re sure you’ve already heard. But we suggest taking it up a notch and trying out curtain bangs short straight hair!

    The combination of straight, short, and curtain bangs creates a chic and modern look, as the curtain bangs add a soft and striking touch to the short hairstyle. Embrace your natural texture or add some tousled waves for an extra flair. And keep in mind that hair grows back! So there’s no excuse to not try short hair at least once!

    Side-Swept Curtain Bangs on Straight Hair

    You heard it here first, the side bangs are making a comeback, and you could be one of the first to hop on that trend!

    Side-swept curtain bangs are a great option and might just be all the rage moving forward. This style involves parting the bangs to one side and gently sweeping them across the forehead. Side-swept curtain bangs add movement and dimension to straight hair, creating a natural and relaxed appearance.

    Curtain Bangs on Thin Straight Hair

    Having thin hair is not a bad thing, and we think it should be embraced. However, there are ways that you can alter the appearance of your strands to give them a bit of a thicker look.

    Thin straight hair can be easily transformed with curtain bangs, adding volume and dimension to your locks. Curtain bangs create the illusion of fuller hair, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a voluminous and stylish look. Embrace your thin straight hair and let your curtain bangs do the talking.

    Aside from adding texture via curtain bangs, we have a few tips we’d like to share that could help boost your hair confidence and thickness, such as:

    1. Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner (or a shampoo and conditioner for thin hair)
    2. Invest time and energy into your scalp health
    3. Take supplements
    4. Use products that have a thickening agent (volumizing mousse, dry shampoo, texture spray)
    5. Eat a diet that benefits your hair

    Curtain Bangs Straight Hair Round Face

    We love a cute round face, but if you aren’t sold on the shape, there are ways to create an elongating effect, such as curtain bangs!

    By framing the face and drawing attention to the cheekbones, curtain bangs create a flattering appearance. The softness and movement of curtain bangs can help balance out the proportions of a round face shape. Even if this isn’t a concern for you, we still think you should venture into the land of curtain bangs.

    Curtain Bangs Medium Straight Hair

    Medium-length straight hair pairs exceptionally well with curtain bangs. This combination offers a stunning and versatile hairstyle, which (bonus points) can be styled in various ways. Whether you prefer a sleek and polished look or a more laid-back and effortless vibe, medium-length curtain bangs with straight hair are a winning choice.

    Layered Haircut with Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    Layered haircuts and curtain bangs are a match made in hair heaven. This dynamic duo adds texture and movement to your straight hair, creating a captivating and eye-catching look. The layers combined with curtain bangs provide dimension and depth, elevating your hairstyle to new heights. You’ll feel like an angel from heaven with curtain bangs with layers.

    Curtain Bangs Fine Straight Hair

    If you have fine hair, we think you may benefit from the volumizing effect of curtain bangs! By adding soft, face-framing layers, curtain bangs create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. This combination adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to fine straight hair. Who doesn’t want a little texture to their mane?!

    Micro Curtain Bangs with Straight Hair

    For a modern look with an edge, we highly recommend micro curtain bangs! This style features bangs that are cut very short, just above the eyebrows. Micro curtain bangs add a touch of sophistication to straight hair, giving it a stylish and fashion-forward edge. This look isn’t something you see often, but isn’t that the point?!

    Long Bob with Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    A long bob, also known as a lob, with curtain bangs is a classic hairstyle. The combination of the shoulder-length cut and curtain bangs creates a unique yet chic look. This hairstyle allows you to experiment with different styling options, from sleek and straight to tousled and wavy. A lob can be boring sometimes, but by adding curtain bangs you can give your hairdo some edge!

    Unstyled Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    If you prefer an effortless and low-maintenance look, unstyled curtain bangs are the way to go. Let your straight hair and curtain bangs fall naturally, embracing their inherent beauty. This natural and relaxed style exudes confidence and pairs well with a casual and carefree wardrobe.

    Curtain Bangs Black Straight Hair

    Black straight hair can sometimes fall flat considering the color and the pin straightness. But enhance your locks with curtain bangs, adding a touch of drama and intrigue. The contrast between the dark hair and the soft, face-framing curtain bangs creates an eye-catching and stylish look. Embrace your natural color and let your curtain bangs make a striking statement.

    Blonde Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    Blonde Curtain Bangs Straight HairInstagram@cemgumushPIN

    Dazzle like the star you are! Blonde straight hair paired with curtain bangs creates a bright and radiant look. The light tones of blonde hair beautifully complements the softness and movement of curtain bangs. This combination adds a touch of sun-kissed elegance to your straight hair that you 1000% won’t want to miss out on.

    Face Framing Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

    If you’re looking to draw attention to your best features, we highly suggest you take these face-framing curtain bangs for a spin. These bangs elegantly frame your face, accentuating your eyes and cheekbones, every girl’s dream. Face-framing curtain bangs instantly add a touch of sophistication and allure to your straight hair.

    Curtain Bangs Brunette Straight Hair

    Brunette straight hair can be transformed with the addition of curtain bangs, adding depth to your locks. The richness of brunette hues beautifully complements the softness and movement of curtain bangs, creating a stunning and eye-catching look you won’t want to miss out on!

    Final Notes

    After seeing all the fantastic curtain bangs and straight hair looks there are out there, we’d be surprised to hear that you didn’t find at least one style you didn’t like. Whether you prefer a softer and more natural vibe or you’re ready to embrace a bold and edgy statement, curtain bangs offer endless possibilities. Experiment with different styles and find the one that suits your personality and aesthetic. Now that you know what one you want, it’s time to ‘hit the road jack’ and head to the hair salon!