24 Trending Shag Mullet Hairstyles for Women + Style Tips

Updated on February 23, 2024
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    Shag MulletPIN

    24 Trending Shag Mullet Hairstyles for Women + Style Tips

    Okay, you might be thinking, “A shag mullet? What the heck is that?” Well, before you pass judgment, let us tell you! This hairstyle is a perfect blend of something casual, yet different. Let us tell you all the different types of shag mullet styles you could go for (there are lots) and the best tips to style them. Come on, just give it a shot.

    Shag Mullet Styling Tips

    Before we delve into the different shag mullet styles, let’s first discuss some essential styling tips to ensure your hair looks its absolute best. It’s important to note that the shag mullet is all about embracing your natural texture and adding layers for movement and volume. To achieve the perfect shag mullet look, follow these handy tips.

    Step #1

    Keep your hair healthy and well-maintained. Regular trims are crucial to prevent split ends and maintain the shape of your shag mullet.

    Step #2

    Maintaining the health of your hair is key to achieving a fabulous shag mullet style. Regular trims every six to eight weeks will help prevent split ends and keep your hair looking fresh. Additionally, a deep conditioning treatment once a week will nourish your locks and keep them soft and shiny.

    Step #3

    When it comes to styling your shag mullet, the right hair products can make all the difference. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, a sea salt spray can enhance your texture and give you those coveted beachy waves. On the other hand, if you have fine or straight hair, a lightweight mousse can add volume and hold to your shag mullet, giving it that extra oomph. Don’t be afraid to use heat-styling tools such as curling irons or straighteners to create different looks. Remember to use a heat protectant spray before applying heat to your hair.

    Step #4

    If you want to switch up your shag mullet style, heat styling tools can be your best friend. Use a curling iron to create loose waves, or add some flicks to the ends of your hair. If you prefer a sleeker look, a straightener can help you achieve that. However, it’s important to protect your hair from heat damage. Before using any heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray to shield your locks from potential harm.

    Simple Shaggy Mullet

    Looking for a low-maintenance shag mullet that still packs a punch? The simple shaggy mullet is perfect for going on a simpler path while still looking cool. This style features lightly layered, tousled hair with a slightly messy appearance. It’s effortless and chic, making it ideal for those who want a relaxed yet fashionable look.

    Shaggy Pixie Mullet

    Yes, you read that right! The pixie cut can be shaggy, and there’s nothing better than adding texture to your hair for added dimension and volume. You’d think with shorter hair, it would be hard to have texture in your strands, but the shaggy pixie mullet makes that possible.

    Short Shag Mullet

    This style features short layers all around, with the length gradually increasing towards the crown. The result is a playful and flirty short mullet look. To emphasize the layers, use a texturizing spray or powder and scrunch your hair for a messy yet polished finish. You could even incorporate some bangs for some added interest.

    Shag Mullet Curly Hair

    If you have naturally curly hair, you’re in luck! The shag curly mullet is the perfect candidate to help you embrace your natural texture and lean into the volume and texture of your curls. A shag mullet is pretty cool on its own, but when you toss curls into the mix, it gives it even more visual intrigue that we can’t get enough of. Honestly, we think the shag mullet with made for people with curly hair. Psst.. if you don’t have curly hair but now want it, check out the perm mullet.

    Long Shaggy Mullet

    If you have long hair with no visual interest, you have a few options to add something interesting to your look. Our favorite option, you ask? Easy, the long, shaggy mullet! This look combines the best of both worlds – the length and versatility of long hair with the edge and attitude of a shag mullet. The key to achieving this style is to add layers throughout the hair, focusing on the back and sides for that classic mullet shape.

    Modern Shaggy Mullet Woman

    Want to go for the shag women mullet that’s most common these days? Well, the modern shaggy mullet woman haircut is definitely the one. This style marries the classic modern mullet shape with contemporary elements, such as shaved sides, bold colors, or intricate undercut designs.

    Shaggy Mullet Wolf Cut

    The shag and the wolf cut are two different things! They are kind of similar, but the wolf cut however entails a bit more chopping and trimming. The wolf cut is all about texture and layers, providing an effortless look. While the shag just adds texture. But pair those two styles with the mullet, and you have yourself this super texture-dense and dimension-filled cut.

    Shaggy Mullet Straight Hair

    Do you have naturally straight hair and want to rock a shag mullet? Perfect, because the shaggy mullet looks fantastic on straight hair, too! The key to achieving the perfect shaggy mullet with straight hair is to add layers throughout the hair and focus on face-framing bangs for a little something extra.

    We recommend a few different bang types for people with straight hair, aiming for the shaggy mullet straight hair look, such as:

    1. Curtain bangs
    2. Micro bangs
    3. Blunt across bangs
    4. Side swept bangs

    Shaggy Mullet Shaved Sides

    This shaggy mullet shaved sides are for those who like to do things a bit differently from others. What makes this style unique is the shaved sides and the untouched sideburns. And if you want to level things up even more, you can always go for a bold color.

    Zohna Tip

    If you dye your hair, it's important to use shampoo and conditioner that's suited for color-treated hair.

    Alt Shag Mullet

    For the non-alt people out there, alt means alternative. This alt-shag mullet is for the alternative folks out there looking for a cool way to change things up. This cut is all about keeping things short and close to the scalp. You can even play around with fun colors like this dusty rose.

    A Line Shag Mullet

    If you prefer a more structured and sharp look, the A-line shag mullet is the ideal choice for you. This style features a defined A-line shape with shorter lengths at the back, gradually increasing towards the front. The shaggy layers add movement and texture to the hair, ensuring a stylish and trendy appearance. Be warned, only the cool cats go for this look.

    Soft Shaggy Mullet

    Some of us might like the way the shag mullet looks but are a bit worried about fully jumping in head first. Well, in comes the soft, shaggy mullet to save the day. This haircut gives you the look of the shag mullet but with a softer touch. It’s a bit more of a versatile haircut.

    Long Layered Shag Mullet

    Do you have long hair? Do you want to try out the shag mullet trend? Do you trust us? Did you answer yes to all those questions? Are you done with questions? Okay, well, stop. But, if you seriously answered yes to the first three questions, then the long-layered shag mullet might be perfect for you. This look is all about the long layers throughout the hair, with the back and sides slightly shorter for that classic mullet shape.

    Shaggy Bob Mullet

    If you are currently rocking a bob, you might want to change things up a bit, and what better way than the shaggy bob mullet? Add a bit of shag and texture to your bob; what do you have to lose other than looking cool and swaggy.

    Shoulder Length Shag Mullet

    If you prefer a medium-length hairstyle, the shoulder-length shag mullet is the perfect compromise. This cut is all about the layers that hit right at the shoulders, with the back and sides slightly shorter for that signature mullet shape. The shoulder-length shag mullet is incredibly versatile and easy to style. You can go for waves, curls, or even straight locs. You could even tie the hair up and leave the face farming fringe down.

    Textured Shag Mullet

    If texture is what you are after, the texture shag mullet will be the key you’ve been looking for. This look adds layers throughout the hair for maximum movement and dimension. What’s great about this shag mullet is that it works on any hair type, straight, wavy, or curly.

    Zohna Tip

    Use a texturizing spray or powder to accentuate the layers and add that extra oomph to your style.

    Shag Mullet Oval Face

    If you have an oval face shape, consider yourself lucky because the shag mullet looks stunning on this face shape. The shag mullet’s layers and volume help balance out the proportions of an oval face, creating a flattering look. Embrace the layers and allow them to frame your face, adding movement and softness. With the shag mullet, your oval face will shine and radiate confidence like never before.

    If you don’t have an oval face, you might be thinking, what about me? Well, here are a few of the shag mullet styles mentioned and what face shapes they look best with.

    Face Shape Shag Mullet Style Best Suited
    Oval Face Shape
    • Shaggy Pixie Mullet
    • Modern Shaggy Mullet Woman
    • Long Layered Shag Mullet
    Round Face Shape
    • Shag Mullet Curly Hair
    • A Line Shag Mullet
    • Shoulder Length Shag Mullet
    Square Face Shape
    • Shag Mullet Shaved Sides
    • Shag Mullet Bangs
    • Textured Shag Mullet

    Shag Mullet Bangs

    Incorporating bangs into your shag mullet is a great way to add some more dimension and texture. Plus, bangs are fantastic at framing your beautiful face and making it the center of attention. Whether you prefer long, wispy bangs or bold, blunt ones, this style will look perfect on you, we just have a feeling.

    70s Shag Mullet

    Ah, the 70s. An era of groovy hairstyles, just like this 70s shag mullet. The 70s shag mullet pays homage to this iconic decade while adding a modern twist. This style is all about volume and texture. The layers create movement and give your hair a carefree, lived-in, on-trend look. Plus, the thick bangs covering the forehead draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

    Blonde Shag Mullet

    If you are blessed with blonde strands, fake or real, we must first say we’re super jealous. We’ve heard blondes have more fun, so why not try a blonde shag mullet! Blonde suits a range of skin tones and can be customized to match your style. Plus, the dimension that blonde adds to the hair paired with the dimension of the shag mullet is a recipe for the ages.

    If you are intrigued by blonde, we have a few examples of different hues of it that suit different skin tones so you can find the perfect one for your blonde shag mullet, such as:

    • For Fair or Light Skin: Platinum Blonde, Ash Blonde, Butter Blonde.
    • For Medium or Olive Skin: Sandy Blonde, Honey Blonde, Caramel Blonde.
    • For Dark or Deep Skin: Golden Blonde, Copper Blonde, Chestnut Blonde.

    Shaggy Mullet Mohawk

    For those who like to push the boundaries, the shaggy mullet mohawk is the ultimate statement hairstyle. This daring fusion of two iconic looks combines the rebelliousness of a mohawk with the style of a shag mullet. The result? A head-banging style that’s all about confidence.

    Shaggy Mullet No Bangs

    Bangs? Forget about it! If they aren’t for you, don’t even stress; there’s no need to have them, and this shaggy mullet no bangs look proves that. This style embraces the tousled texture of the shag mullet while allowing your face to take center stage – no bangs included.


    • How Do I Style A Shag Mullet?

      Styling a shag mullet is all about embracing the natural texture of your hair. Use a curling wand or a straightening iron to add definition to the layers, or simply let your hair air dry for an effortlessly tousled look. Don’t forget to finish off with a spritz of texturizing spray to add volume and hold.

    • Can I Pull Off A Shag Mullet?

      Absolutely! The shag mullet is a versatile style that can be tailored to suit a variety of face shapes and hair textures. Consult with a skilled hairstylist who can assess your individual features and help you find the perfect variation of the shag mullet that complements your unique style.

    • How Do I Maintain A Shag Mullet?

      Maintaining a shag mullet is relatively low maintenance. Regular trims every six to eight weeks will keep your hair looking fresh and stylish. Additionally, investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for your hair type will help keep your locks healthy and frizz-free.

    Shag Mullet Envy

    Alrighty, there you have it – the shag mullet. Who knew there were so many different ways you could do a shag mullet? Cause we sure didn’t. But, now we feel well versed on all things shag mullet – do you? We’re hopeful you found something you like and want to try out at your next haircut appointment.