15 Best Vacation Nails Ideas for Every Holiday Type

Updated on January 12, 2024
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    15 Best Vacation Nails Ideas for Every Holiday Type

    Are you dreaming of sipping colorful cocktails on sandy beaches while flaunting your fabulously designed nails? Well, you’re in luck! We have a full list of different manicure types to try out on your next vacation. What’s the hold-up, get reading! Also, any of these are perfect as summer nails, we just want to add that before you get started.

    Top Holidays to Consider Nail Designs for

    When it comes to selecting the perfect nail design for your vacation, it’s essential to consider the holiday you’re celebrating. Each occasion calls for a different vibe and aesthetic. Let’s explore some top holidays and the corresponding nail designs that will capture the essence of each celebration!

    Spring Break Nails

    Spring break is all about fun, sun, and feeling rejuvenated after a long winter. For this vibrant holiday, embrace pastel shades like soft pinks, mint greens, and baby blues. Add some playful nail art, such as tropical flowers or cute palm tree designs, to capture this exciting getaway’s essence. Whatever dressing you choose, any type of spring nails look will work for spring break.

    We don’t know about you, but during spring break, we like to have as much fun as possible before we return to reality, so the shorter the claws are, the better so we are able to maneuver better.

    Summer Vacation Nails

    Ahhh, the sweet look of summer! As you prepare for your much-awaited summer vacation, opt for bold and bright colors that reflect the sunny vibes of the season. Think vibrant oranges, electric yellows, and vibrant corals. Don’t forget to add geometric patterns to make your nails pop in the summer sun!

    For these guys, we like to go for a dip manicure, as they last longer, and you can add any length or type of product over the top of them for whatever summer throws your way.

    Beach Vacation Nails

    If you’re heading to a beach destination, your nails should channel all things sandy and tropical. Choose a nautical-inspired color palette with shades of ocean blue, sandy beige, and vibrant coral. Add some cute seashell or starfish designs for an extra beachy touch. With these nails, you’ll blend in perfectly with the coastal scenery! We suggest going for a gel manicure because they are durable and will last through all the days spent playing in the sand and swimming in the salt water.

    Christmas Vacation Nails

    Dreaming of a white sandy Christmas? Capture the magic of the holiday season with festive Christmas nails. Opt for classic red and white shades with metallic hues like gold or silver. You can also experiment with intricate snowflake patterns or delicate mistletoe accents to bring Christmas cheer to your manicure. For these festive claws, we highly suggest going for acrylic nails because you can get all the lengths you desire for all those Christmas designs.

    Cruise Vacation Nails

    If you’re embarking on a luxurious cruise vacation, your nails should be just as glamorous! Choose colors like deep reds, navy blues, and chic neutrals. These nails will elevate your cruise experience to a new level of beauty! For these guys, we suggest just regular polish as they likely won’t chip, as all you’ll be doing is kicking back and relaxing.

    Winter Vacation Nails

    For those seeking a cozy winter retreat, embrace the serene beauty of the season with your winter nails. Opt for dark greens, soft whites, and some glitter cause why not. Add whimsical snowflake or holly-inspired nail art for that extra touch of wintery charm. With these nails, you’ll be ready to enjoy hot cocoa by the fireplace in style! For these guys, we also suggest going for acrylic nails. You can have as much surface area as you desire to add any kind of designs you like.

    Congrats, you’ve made it through the top holidays to consider nail designs. We aren’t sure if you noticed, but we made a suggestion of which manicure type we think best suits the vacations. But, in case you missed it, we have listed it off in a chart for you.

    Holidays to Consider Manicures Types of Manicures
    Spring Break Nails Short nails
    Summer Vacation Nails Dip manicure
    Beach Vacation Nails Gel manicure
    Christmas Vacation Nails Acrylic nails
    Cruise Vacation Regular polish nails
    Winter Vacation Acrylic nails

    Classy Vacation Nails

    Keep things classy and cute with these classy vacation nails. The long square nail shape paired with the colors of the ocean is perfect for spending a holiday by the water. Just picture what these would look like while you swim in the ocean the same color as your claws. We love the addition of the gold flakes – it makes the manicure that much more special, perfect for a special vacation.

    Cute Vacation Nails

    If you’re in the mood for something fun and playful, cute vacation nails are the way to go! What makes these nails cute is the bright colors and geographic shapes.

    Hand painting geometric shapes can be tricky, but there are ways around it, such as:

    1. Nail stickers
    2. Nail decals
    3. Press on nails
    4. Nail stencils

    Tropical Vacation Nails

    Heading to a tropical paradise? Your nails should reflect the lush beauty of your destination! Everyone goes for the bright neons, but we suggest switching things up and trying darker colors like purple and dark turquoise. To take things even further, add some leaf designs to replicate the tropics.

    Simple Vacation Nails

    If you prefer a minimalist approach to your nail design, simple vacation nails are the perfect choice. However, just because you want something simple doesn’t mean the colors need to be. We suggest going for a bright yellow to match the happy vibes of your vacation.

    Mexico Vacation Nails

    If you’re jetting off to the vibrant and colorful country of Mexico, your nails should reflect the energetic spirit of the culture. Choose vibrant shades like fiery reds, cheerful yellows, and vibrant dark greens. Incorporate traditional Mexican patterns like intricate Aztec designs or embroidered details for a touch of Mexican flair! Or keep it culture-neutral and go for fun designs like flames and smiley faces.

    White Vacation Nails

    White is the best vacation nail color, and no one can tell you otherwise. It goes with every outfit and adventure your vacation buddies might throw at you. However, don’t forget to spice things up with extra nail designs like pineapples and glitter. If you are set on white, we do recommend going for gel polish because regular white polish can sometimes change colors depending on your vacation activities.

    Short Vacation Nails

    If you prefer nails on the shorter side but still want to make a statement on your vacation, fret not! Short nails can be just as fabulous as long ones. You can experiment with vivid colors, bold patterns, or trendy nail wraps to enhance your short nails’ charm. We love these white almond-shaped short vacation nails! What can we say? The blue and white are speaking to us, and it’s saying Greek vacation!

    Vacation Acrylic Nails

    Having long claws on vacation is sometimes a hit or miss. But, if you find it’s almost always a hit, then you will want to stick around for these vacation acrylic nails. We love the long-round acrylic shape paired with the glitter blues. Altogether it looks like the most mesmerizing and unforgettable manicure.

    Zohna Tip

    When choosing a nail length, consider your lifestyle to help determine how long they can be without being too impracticable for your day-to-day activities.

    Fun Vacation Nails

    Vacation is the time to let loose and have fun. That’s why we think these fun vacation nails fit the bill perfectly. They are fun and quirky – just like you should be on vacation. The bold colors and designs in the form of French tips are such a fun way to be fun, for lack of better words.

    Pink Vacation Nails

    Pink Vacation NailsInstagram@oh_myngocPIN

    Pink nails on vacation are almost always a good choice. They match the tropical vibes, or if you’re visiting a city, they’ll brighten the day. We love these hot pink ombre nails because of all the fun 3D nail art – it really adds something special to the overall look.

    Vacation Dip Nails

    Planning for a vacation involves a lot of excitement and anticipation, and one of the things that can add to the overall experience is having vacation-ready nails. While there are many options to choose from, one of the most popular choices among nail enthusiasts is dip nails. This technique provides a stunning and long-lasting manicure and ensures that your nails stay intact throughout your vacation adventures.

    In case you are intrigued to know more, here are a few of our favorite things about dip nails, such as:

    1. Durability
    2. Quick Application
    3. No UV/LED Light Required
    4. Odorless Application

    Vacation Almond Nails

    These vacation almond nails are inspired by the elegant shape of an almond. The nails are filed into a narrower shape with rounded edges, creating a feminine look. The elongated shape helps to visually lengthen your fingers, giving them an elegant and graceful appearance.

    There are other vacation nail shapes you could try, such as:

    Zohna Tip

    If you are planning on doing nail shaping at home, it’s super important you buy a good quality nail file so it can create the proper edges and shapes.

    Vacation Gel Nails

    When it comes to long-lasting vacation nails, gel nails are the go-to choice for many nail enthusiasts. Gel polish is cured under a UV or LED light, resulting in a chip-free, high-gloss finish that can last up to two weeks. Say goodbye to worries about your manicure during your vacation! The best thing about gel is all the amazing colors! Go for something bold like these orange nails, or keep it tame with a light pink. The choice is yours!

    Orange Vacation Nails

    Are you ready to embark on a tropical adventure? Look no further than orange vacation nails! Go for something as bright as your personality, and if you are feeling up to it, add a palm tree design and some birds over a sunset! This one might be hard, so consulting a nail tech might be your best option.

    Trendy Vacation Nails

    For those who like to stay on top of the latest nail trends, there are plenty of options to choose from for your vacation nails. From vibrant neon nails to abstract nail art, the possibilities are endless. Our favorite trendy vacation nails have to be these bright and funky claws. There is so much to look at, and we love that about them!

    There are a few other trendy manicures out there right now that could be perfect for your vacation, such as:


    • When To Get Nails Done Before Vacation?

      It’s generally recommended to schedule your nail appointment one to two days before your departure. This time frame allows you to have freshly done nails without risking any chipping or damage during your trip.

    • What Is the Best Nail Color for Vacations?

      When it comes to choosing the best nail color for your vacation, there are no strict rules. It all boils down to personal preference and the vibe you want to achieve. However, we did lay out a ton of different choices per vacation type, so make sure to check that out above.

    • Can I Go on a Long Vacation with Acrylic Nails?

      If you’re a fan of acrylic nails and you’re planning a long vacation, you might be wondering if it’s possible to maintain your stunning acrylic manicure throughout your trip. The answer is yes, it’s absolutely possible! Before leaving for your vacation, make sure to get your acrylic nails done by an experienced technician. Acrylic nails are known for their durability and resistance to chipping, making them an excellent option for a long vacation. However, it’s essential to take proper care of your nails by keeping them moisturized and avoiding harsh activities that could potentially damage them.

    Bon Voyage Boring Vacation Nails

    So, there you have it – a comprehensive guide to fabulous vacation nails! There is so much to choose from here for any vacation occasion that we are certain something is speaking your language. Now, plan accordingly and make sure to add “get nails done” to your packing list.