18 Amazing Face Framing Bangs Hairstyles

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    Face Framing BangsPIN

    18 Amazing Face Framing Bangs Hairstyles

    The quest for the best face framing bangs begins here.

    Why settle for a boring forehead when you have one telling a story? These bangs are not just a hairstyle; they’re a conversation starter, a mood enhancer, and possibly a secret weapon for world domination (results may vary.)

    This blog post covers 18 of the best face framing bang hairstyles to inspire your next hair transformation.

    Whether you’re a bangs veteran or a fringe freshman, get ready to laugh, cry (from joy, of course,) and discover why face-framing bangs reign supreme.

    Long Face Framing Bangs

    Long hair and face framing bangs are a match made in hair heaven. The length of these bangs can vary depending on personal preference. You can go for a subtle, parted, wispy look (like our example) or bold, blunt bangs that make a statement. Whichever style you choose, long bangs add drama and depth to your look.

    Here are some styling options for long face framing bangs

    Styling Options Description
    Soft Curls Create a romantic, feminine look by styling long face-framing bangs with soft, cascading curls.
    Straightened Sleek Look Opt for an edgy vibe by straightening long hair and pairing it with sleek face-framing bangs.
    Hair Accessories Experiment with accessories such as delicate hairpins or embellished clips for added glamor.
    Face Shape Considerations Customize bang length to complement different face shapes, achieving a balanced and flattering look.

    Face Framing Layers Curtain Bangs

    Face Framing Layers Curtain BangsInstagram@vivilykaPIN

    Curtain bangs are a hot trend right now, and when combined with face framing layers, the result is absolutely stunning. These curtain bangs are characterized by their middle-parted, cascading style. With this style, you can effortlessly frame the face, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

    Face Framing Highlights With Bangs

    Face framing highlights are a great way to accentuate your bangs and add dimension to your hairstyle. Adding lighter highlights (like these) around the face creates a beautiful frame that draws attention to the bangs.

    Zohna Tip

    Using caramel or honey-toned highlights works particularly well with face framing bangs.

    Wispy Bangs With Face Framing Pieces

    Wispy bangs are a versatile option for ladies who love a low-maintenance yet stylish look. These bangs are soft and feathery, adding a touch of whimsy to any hairstyle. When combined with face framing strands, wispy bangs create a vibe that’s:

    • Delicate
    • Romantic
    • Elusive

    Face Framing Bangs Side Part

    A side part adds a modern twist to your face framing bangs. By parting your hair to one side, you create an asymmetrical look that adds interest and depth to your hairstyle.

    When styling face framing bangs with a side part, you can add texture to your hair for a more effortless look.

    Try these textures out when rocking a face framing bangs side part hairstyle:

    • Beach waves
    • Loose curls
    • Tousled behead

    Face Framing Bangs Curly Hair

    You may not be perfect, but with this hairstyle, your curls will definitely be on fleek.

    Curly hair and bangs may seem like an unconventional combination, but it can create a stunning, unique look when done right. This full head of curly hair screams, “I woke up like this, but I have got my things together.)

    Zohna Tip

    Let your curls shine by using a curl-enhancing product and scrunching your hair for added definition.

    Face Framing Layers Medium Hair With Bangs

    Medium hair with face framing layers and bangs is a stylish choice. This hairstyle works well for those who want the best of both worlds – the elegance of long hair and the manageability of short hair.

    Short Hair With Face Framing Bangs

    Who said you can’t rock bangs with short hair? The shorter the hair, the harder they stare. And who wouldn’t want that? These short face framing bangs are swooped to one side, adding a playful, youthful touch to the hairstyle. We love it!

    Face Framing Bob With Bangs

    A bob haircut is a classic choice, and when combined with face framing bangs, it becomes a timeless, chic hairstyle.

    When styling a bob with face framing bangs, you can play with the length and texture of your bangs. Opt for a shorter bob with blunt curly bangs for a bold, daring look. Or go for a longer bob with bangs and layers for a soft, romantic vibe. The options are endless!

    Face Framing Bangs on Long Hair

    Long hair and face framing bangs are two peas in a pod. The length of these bangs extends past the jawline and blends perfectly with the luscious long locks cascading down the chest.

    One way to style long face framing bangs is by creating soft curls. These flowing locks and beautifully styled bangs create a romantic, feminine look.

    Face Framing Bangs Straight Hair

    If you have straight hair, why not embrace your natural beauty?

    When styling face framing bangs with straight hair, you can opt for a middle or side part, depending on your preference. For a chic, sophisticated look, keep your bangs straight and sleek. Add some shine serum for a glossy finish that will make heads turn.

    Lob With Face Framing Bangs

    The lob, or long bob, is a trending hairstyle that looks amazing when paired with face framing bangs. Add some loose waves or curls for a boho-chic vibe, or keep it straight and sleek for a modern, sophisticated look.

    Face Framing Bangs Wavy Hair

    This wavy hair and face framing bangs duo is simply fantastic. The combination of soft waves and beautifully styled curtain bangs creates a romantic, dreamy look that will impress friends, family, and colleagues.

    Face Framing Bangs Ponytail

    Face Framing Bangs PonytailInstagram@kishajaePIN

    A ponytail is a versatile hairstyle, and combining it with face framing bangs transforms your looks from classic to:

    1. Chic
    2. Modern
    3. Simplistic

    You can opt for a sleek, polished ponytail by straightening your hair and tying it back tightly. Add a stylish hair accessory for that extra touch of glamor.

    Face Framing Bangs For Round Faces

    If you have a round face, these face framing bangs can help create the illusion of length and slimness.

    When styling face framing bangs for round faces, it’s best to go for a blunt cut and longer bangs that graze the cheekbones. This adds vertical lines to your face, creating the illusion of a more elongated shape.

    Korean Face Framing Bangs

    Korean Face Framing BangsInstagram@stylesuziPIN

    Korean hairstyles are known for their unique, trendy looks, and face framing bangs are no exception.

    Opt for see-through bangs with highlights for a look that’s:

    1. Playful
    2. Youthful
    3. Feminine

    You can also go for a straight, sleek style with blunt bangs for a chic and modern vibe.

    Blunt Bangs With Face Framing Layers

    Blunt Bangs With Face Framing LayersInstagram@boblvrsPIN

    Blunt bangs and face framing layers create a stylish, edgy look that will make a statement.

    When styling blunt bangs with face framing layers, keeping the rest of your hair sleek and polished is essential. Straighten your hair and add some shine serum for a glossy finish. This contrasts the sharpness of the bangs and the softness of the layers, resulting in a bold, fashionable look.

    Pixie Cut With Face Framing Bangs

    Pixie Cut with Face Framing BangsInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Who said you can’t have bangs with a pixie cut? Face framing bangs can add a touch of feminine playfulness to any short hairstyle. We love how distinctive yet subtle this hairstyle is by bringing together two hairdo trends – the pixie cut and bangs.

    Welcome to the FAQ section, where we provide valuable insights on styling and cutting techniques to help you achieve the perfect look. Whether you aim for a sleek and polished appearance or a more relaxed, tousled vibe, these questions and answers will easily guide you through the process.


    • How Do I Maintain Face Framing Bangs Throughout the Day?

      Maintaining face framing bangs is simple. After styling, use a lightweight hairspray or styling product to keep them in place. Carry a small comb in your bag for quick touch-ups, ensuring your bangs look fresh and fabulous all day.

    • Can Face Framing Bangs Complement Different Hair Textures and Types?

      Absolutely! Face framing bangs can enhance various hair textures and types. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, adjusting the styling technique can customize the look to suit your unique hair characteristics.

    • What Are Some Creative Ways to Accessorize Face Framing Bangs?

      Accessorizing face framing bangs adds flair to your hairstyle. Use decorative bobby pins, stylish headbands, or delicate hair clips to accentuate your fringe. Experiment with different accessories to express your style and elevate your overall look.

    • Are Face Framing Bangs Suitable for All Face Shapes?

      Face framing bangs are versatile and can complement various face shapes. However, it’s essential to tailor the length and style to suit your features best. Consult with a hairstylist to determine the most flattering face framing bangs for your face shape.

    • How Often Should I Trim My Face Framing Bangs to Maintain Their Shape?

      Aim for a trim every 4-6 weeks to keep your face framing bangs looking fresh. Regular trims help prevent split ends and maintain the desired length and shape.

    Believe in Your Bangs

    Now that you have 18 fantastic face framing bangs hairstyles and some tips on styling and cutting them, it’s time to unleash your inner hair guru and rock a stunning hairstyle that will turn heads and make you feel confident and beautiful!

    So, gather your styling tools, set the stage with your preferred products, and let the transformative power of a well-crafted hairstyle elevate your look and your sense of self.