33 Alluring Dark Blue Nails for Inspo

Updated on November 27, 2023
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    Dark Blue NailsPIN

    33 Alluring Dark Blue Nails for Inspo

    Are your nails feeling a little blue lately? No, we’re not talking about the kind of blues that come with a Netflix marathon gone wrong or a missing sock in the laundry.

    We’re talking about dark blue nails.

    The color itself represents elegance, authority, and intelligence. Our plan with this article is to dive head first into dark blue nails as if it were the Pacific Ocean.

    We’ll share five things we love about dark blue nails and show you 33 of our best-loved styles for you to try!

    3 Things We Love About Dark Blue Nails

    There’s something undeniably captivating about the allure of dark blue nails. It’s a classic, versatile color that offers much more than just aesthetic appeal. Here, we’ve rounded up the top three things we love about dark blue nails, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

    Classic and Refined

    Dark blue nails exude a timeless, classic elegance perfect for any occasion, season, or mood. The deep, solid blue color or the rich teal-blue hues evoke a sense of sophisticated refinement that never goes out of style.

    Versatile Charm

    Dark blue nails are incredibly versatile. They seamlessly complement various outfits and styles, making them a chic, adaptable choice for numerous occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or going about your daily routine, dark blue nails are always a great match.

    A Canvas for Artistry

    Dark blue nails provide a creative canvas for self-expression. From simple, single-color nails to intricate patterns and themed designs, they offer endless opportunities to showcase an artistic flair and unique style. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or elaborate nail art, dark blue nails are your passport to creative expression.

    Dark Blue Acrylic Nails

    There’s nothing that a fresh manicure can’t fix. If you’re considering trying something new, why not check out dark blue acrylic nails? This set is painted in a royal dark blue polish that looks absolutely stunning while naturally blending in with the skin tone. Don’t forget to add some chunky gold glitter or white accents to amp up the imperial feeling of these dark blue acrylic nails.

    Dark Blue French Tip Nails

    Wow, we love these dark blue French tip nails! They’re a gorgeous combination of dark and light blue nails that really brings out the nude base, which we commend for being remarkably well-painted.

    Zohna Tip

    If you like this style, check out blue acrylic nails, which work well to create a more extended French tip.

    Dark Blue Matte Nails

    Adorned with a heart and mix of glitter sizes, these dark blue matte nails are to die for! The smooth finish and no shine are a real winner that many nail enthusiasts worldwide cherish. It’s good to mention that matte nails emanate a flat, frosted finish and are perfect for winter.

    Dark Blue and Silver Nails

    Talk about stylish! We adore these dark blue and silver nails so much that they must be included in this list. If you want to be a little daring, why not try it out? Just turn a few nails into shimmering hails of glitter and use a dark blue polish to coat the ones you haven’t covered in silver. It’s that simple; give it a try!

    Dark Blue Almond Nails

    Chica, would you look at these? It’s a masquerading party of glitter and dark blue amalgamated with almond nails. This set of dark blue almond nails uses sparkles on opposing nails while doing the same with diamonds. If you’re looking for an “out there” style, we recommend giving this one a go.

    Dark Blue Grey Nails

    Dark Blue And Grey NailsInstagram@v.w.nailsPIN

    Mix and match to find the perfect catch. These dark blue-grey nails are one of a kind. We love that the index and middle fingers are covered in deep dark blue, screaming galaxy vibes. The contrast of color is an excellent fit for ladies who want to add a bit of audaciousness to their overall look.

    Dark Blue Gel Nails

    These dark blue gel nails give off a mystical, stary, space exploration kind of feeling. If you want to try something elegant but not over the top, we want you to check out this set.

    We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to apply gel nails for you. First, you need to gather the items you need, which include:

    Then, it’s time to move on to the fun part, starting the process of creating your dreamy dark blue gel nails.

    Here’s a table showing your every step needed to achieve this gracefully poised look.

    Step Instructions
    Prepare Your Nails:
    • Start with clean, dry nails.
    • Use a nail file to shape your nails and remove any rough edges.
    • Gently push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher.
    Apply a Base Coat:
    • Apply a thin, even layer of gel nail base coat to each nail. Avoid getting the base coat on your skin.
    • Cure the base coat under the UV or LED lamp according to the product’s instructions.
    Apply the First Layer of Gel Polish:
    • Apply a thin layer of gel nail polish to your nails. Be sure to apply the polish evenly and avoid touching your skin or cuticles.
    • Cure the first coat under the UV or LED lamp.
    Apply Additional Layers (Optional):
    • You may need 2-3 coats of gel polish for an opaque finish. Cure each layer under the lamp before applying the next.
    Apply a Top Coat:
    • Apply a thin layer of gel nail top coat to seal in the color and add shine to your nails.
    • Cure the top coat under the UV or LED lamp.
    Remove the Sticky Layer:
    • After curing the top coat, your nails may have a sticky residue. Use a lint-free nail wipe or cotton pad soaked in nail cleanser or rubbing alcohol to remove this residue gently.
    Finishing Touches:
    • If necessary, use a nail buffer to smooth out any imperfections.
    • Apply cuticle oil to moisturize your cuticles and the skin around your nails.

    Dark Blue and Gold Nails

    She, who has the gold, makes the rules. With this set of dark blue and gold nails, you’ll surely feel more than an aristocratic member of a government banquet. Coat each nail in dark royal blue and add high-quality gold nail art foils to the ring fingers to give you a look that’s not only sophisticated but minimalistic too!

    Dark Blue Chrome Nails

    Ah, chrome nails, what a beautiful creation. Whether painted with chrome nail polish or doused with chrome powder on the top coat of lacquer, dark blue chrome nails change your style significantly. This set is also a dark navy blue, and we love it! Give them a go, and you might just find your new favorite style.

    Dark Blue Short Nails

    These dark blue short nails shimmer and shine in the light, adding an alluring, mesmerizing effect to your fingertips. If you’re after a similar look, we recommend investing in a high-quality dark blue glitter nail polish that matches your skin tone.

    Here’s how to find the perfect match:

    • Fair skin pairs well with rich, saturated dark blues.
    • Medium skin tones can experiment with a variety of dark blue shades.
    • Deep skin tones can go for bold, dark blues with metallic or shimmer nail polish finishes.

    Remember, there are no strict rules, and experimenting with different shades can help you discover what compliments your skin tone best.

    Dark Navy Blue Nails

    What a shiny set of dark navy blue nails. Gorgeous! Dark navy blue nails like these are nothing short of perfection, especially with their glossy top coat, length, and rounded tips.

    Dark Ice Blue Nails

    These dark ice blue nails hit the nail on the head regarding vibrant simplicity. Each nail is painted a different color, which really helps the darkness of this shade of blue emanate through your fingertips.

    Cute Dark Blue Nails

    Wow, ladies, this set of cute dark blue nails is a sight to behold. With three shades of blue, glitter, and nail art, it’s no wonder this entry made the list. Adding a cute-hearted bow on the ring fingers makes a tremendously subtle twist to this already immaculate manicure.

    Dark Blue Sparkly Nails

    Are you looking to add a sparkly touch to your nails but don’t know how? Check out these dark blue sparkly nails!

    If you’re unsure how to get this look, there are multiple options, including:

    1. Nail gems and rhinestones
    2. Glitter nail polish
    3. Nail glitter

    We’d choose a deep, dark, electric blue nail glitter polish that shines like the midnight sky to achieve a look like the one here.

    Dark Blue Tip Nails

    These French tip inspired nails will make you fall in love. It’s a set of nails that percolates a simple charm mixed with a traditional sophistication you can only get from dark blue tip nails like these. We love how the nude base perfectly complements the blue tip and skin’s undertone.

    What do you think of these dark blue tip nails?

    Dark Blue Prom Nails

    Do you want to feel like a Disney princess or dancing queen at your college or high school gala?

    Well, with these dark blue prom nails, you can!

    The combination of silver accents, half-nude, and dark blue nails creates an elegant manicure that’s fit for an empress.

    Dark Blue Marble Nails

    If you want something stylish with a granite finish, these dark blue marble nails evoke a charming lucidity.

    Here’s how you can accomplish a similar look:

    1. Prepare Your Nails: Clean and shape your nails to your desired length and shape. Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nails and provide a smooth surface for the dark blue marble design.
    2. Choose Nail Polish Colors: Select a dark blue nail polish as your primary color and another lighter shade of blue for the marbling effect.
    3. Apply the Dark Blue Base Color: Apply the dark blue nail polish as your base color. Allow it to dry completely. You may need to apply two coats for full coverage.
    4. Create Water Marbling: Fill a small cup or bowl with room-temperature water. Distilled water is a good option for this. One by one, drop a few drops of the lighter blue nail polish onto the water’s surface. The color should spread out and create a marble-like pattern on the water.
    5. Swirl the Colors: Use a toothpick, a fine brush, or a needle to gently swirl and blend the lighter blue nail polish on the water’s surface. This will create the marbled effect.
    6. Dip Your Nails: Quickly position your nails over the marbled pattern you’ve created and dip them into the water at a slight angle. The lighter blue nail polish will adhere to your dark blue base color as you lift your nails out of the water.
    7. Clean Up Excess Polish: Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any excess polish on your fingers and cuticles.
    8. Apply Top Coat: Once the marbled design has dried on your nails, apply a clear top coat to protect the design and add shine.
    9. Repeat for All Nails: Repeat the process for all your nails, ensuring the marbled pattern is consistent throughout your manicure.
    10. Final Touch: Apply cuticle oil or moisturizer once the top coat is dry to keep your nails and cuticles healthy and hydrated.

    With these steps, you can achieve elegant dark blue marble nails that are perfect for various occasions and add a touch of sophistication to your nail art. Experiment with different shades of blue for unique and creative designs.

    Dark Royal Blue Nails

    Do you have a sudden urge to be daring? You’ll be able to attain that goal with these elegant dark royal blue nails. They’re extra long and include a gorgeous swirl effect on every second finger, which we love so much! Give this style a go if you want to add flair and sophistication to your overall look.

    Zohna Tip

    If you want to try something a little different, why not combine this color with baby blue nails for a contrasting effect that offers a soft touch?

    Dark Blue Dip Nails

    Beautiful hands need beautiful nails. And we think these are the perfect match! This glamorous set of dark blue dip nails features a glittery undertone that exudes a refined, shiny splendor that reflects vibrantly.

    Dark Blue Winter Nails

    Dark Blue Winter NailsInstagram@gcnailcoPIN

    Winter is fast approaching, meaning it’s time for all things festive. Pumpkin pie, eggnog, and apple crumble are nearly number one on that list. But do you know what should be in the first place? These dark blue winter nails! Artfully decorated with classic snowflakes and embellished with dark blue glitter, it’s a style that’ll make you feel like an ice queen.

    Dark Blue Long Nails

    These dark blue long nails have a square tip and are finished with a shining glossy top coat. If you need to wear a set of nails on a glamorous occasion or event, these ones do the trick. The French tip on the middle finger is an excellent twist to a minimalistic but delightful manicure.

    Dark Blue Butterfly Nails

    Inspired by those winged insects we love so much, these dark blue butterfly nails will transport you to a fairy tale. The use of pastel shades with the simple butterfly wing nail art is stunning, especially considering the symmetry across the entire style.

    Black and Dark Blue Nails

    Another combination to add to the list. These black and dark blue nails suit women who want a simple yet eye-catching style. Paint blue nails for the ring and middle finger while covering the rest in dark carbon black for a masterpiece that’ll wow the girls.

    Dark Blue and Pink Nails

    Dark blue and pink nails combine the bold depth of deep blue hues with the soft, playful charm of pink shades. This vibrant color combination is perfect for those seeking a striking and stylish nail look. Whether you opt for a classic two-tone design or incorporate intricate nail art, dark blue and pink nails offer a delightful blend of sophisticated femininity, making them an excellent choice for any occasion.

    Dark Blue Green Nails

    This dark aqua shade reminds us of sunshine, blue skies, sun-kissed skin, and ocean vibes. It’s a plain, straightforward style with a charming edge that remains conservative yet elegantly trending.

    Dark Blue Nails With Diamonds

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. What do you think of this statement? More importantly, what do you think of these nails? They’re gorgeously coated in a royal dark blue and adorned with diamonds all over. When life throws you stones, these nails make finding diamonds easier!

    Dark Blue Cat Eye Nails

    The allure of a cat’s eye cannot be explained but must be felt. Although the “cat eye effect” is too fully pronounced in this style, there is still a sense of mysterious intrigue. It feels like we’re being stared at through galactic portals extending far into the reaches of space.

    Dark Blue Fake Nails

    Nails are one thing you can get in shape without exercise, especially these dark blue fake nails. This royal-shaded blend of blue nail polish shouts, “I’m elegant and sophisticated!” Pair these dark blue fake nails with diamond or gold jewelry, such as a ring or watch, for an even more glamorous look.

    Dark Blue Nails With Flowers