29 White Nails with Diamonds To Help You Sparkle

Updated on January 4, 2024
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    White Nails with diamondsPIN

    29 White Nails with Diamonds To Help You Sparkle

    Ring, ring, ring, blinged-out nails are calling!

    Rock on and feel glamorous with rocks on your fingernails. White nails with diamonds are the classy manicure of the year. We can’t get enough of their shimmer and shine. You know just as well as we do that these nails will make you shine bright like a diamond.

    The Best Time to Rock White Nails with Diamonds

    You can rock white nails with diamonds whenever your heart desires. However, we have a few occasions when we think these rockin’ nails deserve their time to shine.

    Wedding Day

    Your wedding day! White nails with diamonds are the perfect wedding manicure. They glitter and shine just as you will on your big day.


    An event! White nails with diamonds are perfect for a classy event or gala. Typically we focus mainly on what we’re wearing, and the last thing we need is for our manicures to clash or dictate what we wear. These nails go with nearly every outfit, so you won’t have issues choosing what to wear.

    Birthday Party

    A birthday party! If you have big weekend plans or a birthday party, you have to attend; these nails are excellent. They won’t steal the show from the birthday person but won’t diminish your shine. It’s a win-win situation.

    How To Do White Nails With Diamonds

    If heading to the salon to get your white nails with diamonds doesn’t fit your busy schedule, try doing them at home! We have created a quick tutorial on the most basic white nails with diamonds, so you will have no excuse not to try them.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Base coat
    2. White nail polish
    3. Top coat
    4. Diamonds
    5. Tweezers

    Step #1

    Paint a layer of base coat to your fingernails. This will ensure that the nail is primed and ready to be painted.

    Step #2

    Depending on the type of white nails you want, you might paint them differently, but we suggest painting two to three layers of white nail polish. White nail polish can sometimes be a bit transparent, so some might require more layers.

    Step #3

    This step and the next two steps, you will want to take one finger at a time.

    Paint a layer of top coat over the white; immediately, use your tweezers to pick up the gem and place it on the fingernail exactly where you want it.

    Step #4

    Once the gems are placed on your fingernail, add another layer or two of top coat over everything to ensure the diamonds are staying in place.

    White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds

    White acrylic nails with diamonds are a no-brainer. They are classy, sophisticated, outspoken, and attention-seeking, and if you ask us, that sounds like a pretty elite manicure.

    Before we confuse you more, if you don’t know what acrylics are, they are fake nails. They are attached with a strong adhesive glue, last weeks, and make your nails look long and stunning. Best of all, they come in whatever shape and size you want. Certain shapes work best with certain hands, so peep at the chart below to determine which acrylic nail shape suits you.

    White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds Shapes Who They Are For
    Round White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds Works best for people with narrow nail beds or who want to elongate their fingers.
    Square White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds This shape is Ideal for people who spend a lot of time typing on keyboards. They are easy to maintain and very common.
    Oval White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds Perfect for people who want to make their fingers look longer and more slender. Very easy to maintain and DIY.
    Almond White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds An excellent shape for elongating the fingers, but if you do lots of work with your hands, they are easy to break.
    Stiletto White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds This shape is for people that like their manicures to be noticed. However, they are super easy to break if you do a ton of work with your hands.
    Coffin White Acrylic Nails With Diamonds Not the most practical nail shape. If you have weak or short nail beds, go for a shorter coffin shape, as it leaves less chance of breakage.

    Milky White Nails With Diamonds

    Milky white is like the color of watered-down milk. We know it sounds gross, but they’re very pretty. These milky white nails with diamonds are the perfect example of how our icky description is valid.

    To upgrade these white nails or any nails for that matter, you can add nail designs such as:

    • Diamonds
    • Rhinestones
    • Chrome pigment
    • 3D nail art
    • Nail art
    • Nail decals
    • Hand painted designs

    Short White Nails With Diamonds

    These short white nails with diamonds are the perfect example of never needing long acrylic nails to make a statement. In reality, all you need are diamonds!

    White Coffin Nails With Diamonds

    If you’re adding diamonds to your nails, why not go all out? These white coffin nails with diamonds take blinged-out nails very seriously. With these nails, the International Space Station will be able to see you flicking around your claws like it’s nobody’s business.

    Long White Nails With Diamonds

    Long White Nails With DiamondsInstagram@gangnailzPIN

    These nails 100% put the LONG in long white nails with diamonds. With these bad boys, you could scratch your own back. Nevertheless, they’re stunning and feature intricate nail art that we can’t stop drooling over. These are a perfect example of diamonds adding a little bit of flare to a manicure you had no idea needed it.

    Pink And White Nails With Diamonds

    Wow, aren’t these pink and white nails with diamonds spectacular? This manicure is exactly what nail heaven looks like in our dreams. The beautiful pink and white ombre paired with the simple but pronounced diamond addition is all we need; we could die happy just looking at these.

    White Tip Nails With Diamonds

    These white tip nails with diamonds are a fun and unique take on the classic French tip manicure. We drool over the sharp, precise lines and the glittering diamonds nuzzled perfectly next to the nail bed.

    White Ombre Nails With Diamonds

    We can’t get over how special these white ombre nails with diamonds are.

    If you don’t know, ombre refers to a color gradient where two shades fade into one another. But, what makes these nails so unique is that they didn’t use two colors but used a pink color and paired it with white glitter instead of white polish. Brilliant!

    Nut White Nails With Diamonds

    Nut White Nails With DiamondsInstagram@icedbymPIN

    Nut white combines cream, beige, and white for this stunning shade. When paired with diamonds, this is a unique manicure. You can pair your nut with nails with diamonds with nails of this length or take them shorter; it’s up to you!

    Cute White Nails With Diamonds

    These cute white nails with diamonds are probably our favorite manicure…. Ever!

    Just kidding, but we do love these. They’re a unique twist on the French tip while still looking classy and clean. Sometimes people find adding diamonds to their manicures tacky, but they’ll look exceptional if done similarly to these nails.

    All White Nails With Diamonds

    Forget about adding different colors or doing ombre nails, and try these all white nails with diamonds. They are clean and uncluttered, perfect for someone who likes minimalist-looking nails. Concentrating the diamonds onto one finger ensures they don’t look over the top.

    White Nails With Glitter And Diamonds

    Forget everything you’ve heard about couples; glitter and diamonds are the new power couple on the block, and they’re here to stay. You can’t fight us because these white nails with glitter and diamonds prove our point.

    Red And White Nails With Diamonds

    If making a bold statement is on your list of tasks today, you have come to the right place. These red and white nails with diamonds are as bold and outspoken as they come. The glitter, diamonds, unique paint job, and 3D nail art create this fantastic manicure.

    If you aren’t the biggest fan of red, try a different color, like blue and white nails with diamonds, for example.

    Soft White Nails With Diamonds

    Sometimes simpler is better. These soft white nails with diamonds encapsulate drama from the shine but also a laid-back attitude of minimalism they omit. What makes them appear soft is their simple, delicate nature that we love.

    Black And White Nails With Diamonds

    Nothing screams classic more than black and white nails with diamonds. We picture you walking up and down 5th Avenue spending money on expensive things you don’t need. Embrace your glamorous side with this manicure.

    White Stiletto Nails With Diamonds

    Stiletto acrylic nails are the longest and pointest of them all. If you are into this nail shape, these white stiletto nails with diamonds could be the ideal fit. There are also so many shapes and sizes of diamonds incorporated into this one manicure that you may find your favorite ones if you aren’t into pairing many different ones.

    Zohna Tip

    When choosing which diamonds you want for your white nails, consider the size of your fingernails and that each nail is smaller than the next

    White Square Nails With Diamonds

    White Square Nails With DiamondsInstagram@nail.snobPIN

    Be there or be square! Cause you won’t be (a)round… get it?

    Well, if you aren’t getting square nails, you’re probably getting something else, whether that’s round-shaped or not. Either way, these white square nails with diamonds are heavenly. The way the diamonds are laid to create the illusion of a continuous swirl line is genius.

    White Powder Nails With Diamonds

    White powder nails refer to dip powder. Dip powder is a type of nail polish where you dip the finger into a powder and cover it with a special sealant.

    People love dip powder nails for many reasons, such as:

    1. Long lasting
    2. Chip resistant
    3. Fast drying
    4. Make nails appear thicker
    5. Don’t cause as much damage as gel or acrylics

    White Toe Nails With Diamonds

    Do you have somewhere to be where your toes might be out and about? Perhaps a beach or you’re wearing open-toed shoes. If that’s true, you might want to check out these white toenails with diamonds.

    White And Silver Nails With Diamonds

    These white and silver nails with diamonds are the medieval nails you’ve been searching for. If you are into fantasy books or medieval movies and games and want a snatched manicure, these are the exact nails we’d imagine you to have, and all we can say is that we are jealous.

    White Chrome Nails With Diamonds

    Chrome nails are all the rage this year! When you pair diamonds with chrome, you’ll shine brighter than ever. Plus, the combo is a pair you never knew you needed; just look at how beautiful they look together.

    The popular shades of chrome pigment are:

    • White
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Topaz

    White Gel Nails With Diamonds

    Gel nail polish is another type of polish that has become very popular. Another name for it is shellac. Gel polish is likely one of the more popular nail polishes as it has many admirable qualities.

    However, with nearly every good thing, there are some cons. Check out the chart below to see the pros and cons of gel nails to determine if these white gel nails with diamonds would be right for you.

    Pros of Gel Nails Cons of Gel Nails
    • Long lasting
    • Chip resistant
    • Quick drying
    • Makes nails appear thicker
    • Hard on the nails
    • Causes brittle nails
    • Causes nail breakage (after removal)
    • Expensive

    White French Tip Nails With Diamonds

    One of our favorite ways to incorporate diamonds is placing them all over the nails like little stars in the sky. These white French tip nails with diamonds showcase that perfectly. Plus, this diamond look is probably the easiest to recreate.

    White Nails With Butterflies And Diamonds

    Who doesn’t like butterflies, especially when incorporated into your manicure?! Just look at how precious these nails look. These butterfly designs are likely nail decals, but if you feel confident enough to hand-paint them, be our guest! We have fallen into a trance and need to get these nails ASAP.

    White Clear Nails With Diamonds

    There’s something alluring about these clear white nails with diamonds. We never thought that being able to see through your acrylics would be a manicure we’d pine over. If you want to achieve this manicure, we have good and bad news, yes, you can do it, but no, you can’t do it without getting acrylics.

    Off White Nails With Diamonds

    Sometimes, a plain white color is too bright and stark, especially against pale skin. We suggest an off-white shade if you want your manicure to look softer against your pale complexion. These off white nails with diamonds are the perfect example of what we’re referring to.

    White And Gold Nails With Diamonds

    When choosing which diamonds to add to your manicure, don’t dismiss colored ones. These gold diamonds are perfect for pairing with a white and gold manicure

    Medium White Nails With Diamonds

    These medium-length white nails with diamonds are the ideal length nails if you want something long but on the shorter side. Plus, matte white nails like these are all the rage due to their cool frosted appearance.

    White Nails With Green Diamonds

    Want to add color to your manicure without completely altering your minimalist vibes? Try adding colored diamonds for a pop of color. These white nails with green diamonds are perfect for a winter event or even a summer event. They are great for any season.


    • How Much Do White Diamond Nails Cost?

      A few factors go into determining the price of white diamond nails, such as:

      1. The type of manicure: acrylic, regular, gel
      2. The salon you go to
      3. The city you live in
      4. If you incorporate any other designs

      A regular manicure typically costs around $30-$45 in cities, and acrylics and gels can cost above $50.

    Shine Bright Like A Diamond

    If you want to shine bright and feel confident in your manicure, these white nails with diamonds are made for you. We hope that there is at least one style that spoke to you. But if there isn’t, feel free to mix and match the ones we have listed.