22 Best Fluffy Hair Styles for Guys & Girls

Updated on January 16, 2024
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    Fluffy HairPIN

    22 Best Fluffy Hair Styles for Guys & Girls

    Fluffy hair is one hairstyle that has consistently stood the test of time through the decades. It’s voluminous, textured, dimensional, and outright gorgeous. Everyone wants a thick mane, and fluffy hair is the way to accentuate your strands so they can be their best voluminous selves.

    Anyone and everyone can wear fluffy hair. It’s doable, adaptable, and easy to maintain. Three things many people search for in a hairstyle. Want to know more? Continue reading to find all the tremendous voluminous details about fluffy hair!

    Why The Fluffy HairStyle Is Trending

    Things become trends for many reasons, one being that what comes around goes around. Fluffy hair resembles the 90s blowout look. Therefore, it’s making a comeback, just slightly altered.

    The fluffy hairstyle has made its comeback as a trend for a few reasons. If you’re curious, check out why in the chart below.

    Why The Fluffy Hairstyle Is Trending Further Insight
    It’s easy to do The fluffy hair isn’t too complex compared to other styles and looks. Sure, a few moving parts consider it a bit time-consuming to do, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s easy and won’t take long.
    It’s adaptable The great thing about fluffy hair is that it is doable on any hair type, color, or length because it’s adaptable. You can change the fluffy hair routine and tutorials any way you like.
    Makes hair appear voluminous There are some lucky people born with naturally voluminous thick hair, but that’s not the case for everyone. For those unlucky folks, fluffy hair can help create the appearance of more voluminous and bouncy hair.
    It’s easy to maintain Fluffy hair doesn’t last all day, but with a quick spray of texture spray and a brush through with a comb, you’ll quickly return to having fluffy, voluminous strands.

    Top Fluffy Hair Products

    Achieving fluffy hair stems largely from products and the proper use of them. Fluffy hair also means volumized, bouncy, and textured strands, all done with specific products. If you’re intrigued to know more about the products we recommend you try for fluffy hair, take a peek at the few listed below.

    Fluffy Volumizing Hair Spray

    10/30/2023 05:56 pm GMT

    John Freda’s volumizing lift hairspray is ideal for incorporating the oomph and poof while sealing the deal. The hairspray will ensure everything is locked and loaded while making your hair look fluffy and voluminous.

    Key product features include:

    • Air-silk technology
    • Maximizes fullness of hair
    • Safe to use for color-treated hair
    • Softens hair
    • Maximizes bounce

    Fluffy Texturizing Hair Spray

    Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Dryspun texture spray is a holy grail product. It is excellent as a finishing spray for styling your hair to give it that extra fluff and oomph we all desire. It has a flexible and workable formula making it feel lightweight on your mane, perfect for fluffy hair. This product is excellent because it can take the heat and repeated brushing, perfect if you need a touch-up halfway through the day.

    Sea Salt Spray

    Sun Bum Sea Spray
    $15.79 ($2.63 / Fl Oz)
    10/30/2023 06:00 pm GMT

    Sun Bum’s sea spray and fluffy hair go hand in hand. Sea salt spray is an underrated hair styling product more people need to take advantage of. This formula is excellent for people that didn’t get to spend the day at the beach but still want to look as if they did. The spray gives your hair extra body, waves, and texture, ideal for the fluffy hair look.

    Key product features:

    • Lightweight formula
    • Enhances strand separation and definition
    • Blocks humanity that leads to frizz
    • Matte-finish
    • UV protection
    • Formulated with natural ingredients

    Volumizing Mousse

    10/30/2023 06:00 pm GMT

    Kevin Murphy’s volumizing mousse is a must when styling fluffy hair. This product is formulated to provide your locks with volume, bounce, and texture. It gives a smooth and lasting finish that will leave your hair voluminous for days. This product works on wet hair and is activated by blow drying.

    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

    If you want to know the best way to make your hair fluffy, we’re happy to inform you that you’re in the right place.

    There are a few key things you will need to pick up before embarking on your fluffy hair journey, such as:

    1. A blow dryer and a diffuser
    2. Heat protectant spray
    3. Volumizing mousse
    4. Dry texture spray
    5. Hair spray
    6. Comb
    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy Description
    Start with clean hair Hop in the shower and give your hair a good clean. Using a clarifying shampoo to ensure no product build-up can be helpful. Product build-up can weigh the hair down, causing it to be less fluffy.
    Pre-blow dry prep Allow the hair to air dry about 70%, then add your heat protectant to prevent heat damage and your volumizing mousse.
    Blow dry Tilt your head forward so your hair is hanging down towards your feet, and use the diffuser to catch your hair and scrunch it up towards your skull; hold for a few seconds, and then release. Repeat this over the entire head of hair until dry.
    Hairspray Now that your hair has a wave from the diffuser, give it a good spray of volumizing hair spray. This will help to hold everything in place.
    Brushing Then use the comb and lightly brush your hair to loosen the waves. This causes the hair to separate and poof up, giving it that fluffy look.
    Dry texture spray Give your roots and strands a good spray of dry texture spray to give them a voluminous texture.

    There you have it, fluffy hair! Achieving fluffy hair is pretty easy, plus it’s such an effortless hairstyle to cater to your hair type. For some people brushing out the curls won’t work as it may cause the hair to get extremely frizzy. But you can just alter the steps to suit you and your strands.

    Short Fluffy Hair

    If your tresses are relatively short, don’t be discouraged. Fluffy hair can be perfected on any hair length, and short hair tends to be the easiest. For short hair, it’s like “a choose your own adventure”; either you follow the tutorial we provided above on how to make your hair fluffy or alter it slightly.

    If you’ve chosen to alter, we suggest scrapping the diffuser and just regularly blowing your hair.

    Here is a quick note that you can replace the diffuser step with and add to the tutorial we previously suggested:

    1. Regularly blow dry your hair and use a round brush.
    2. To get a lovely and volumized mane, hold the brush up to the root with the hair laid over it (not under it!) while you blast the warm air in the direction of the brush.
    3. Once dry, add in some rollers! Your hair might be too short for this step, but smaller rollers should work just fine if your hair is the length like in the photo above.
    4. Leave them in for at least 15 minutes, and then follow the rest of our tutorial steps above, and you’ll have perfect docile waves that you can brush out for fluffy hair.

    90s Fluffy Hair

    The 90s were all about the resurgence of the minimal. After the previous decade of flashy trends, the 90s returned to the roots of minimalism in its beauty and fashion industries. This restoration sparked what we now know as the 90s fluffy hair.

    90s fluffy hair is about three things, volume, body, and delicate wispy swirls in the hair. The only real and noteworthy way to accomplish this revolutionary hairstyle making a comeback is a blowdryer, a round brush, and rollers, amongst many volumizing products.

    However, we want to make your life easier, and we highly believe you should invest in the round brush and blow dryer hybrid that has taken over the hair industry in recent years. It’s a round brush and a blow dryer in one, making it almost effortless to get that 90s fluffy hair look. Despite the blow dryer brush being around for many decades, it has been rebranded as the ideal way to get 90s hair.

    The top recommended blow dryer brushes for 90s fluffy hair are:

    Zohna Tip

    Try using hot rollers that heat up before you place them in your hair for bouncy and luscious curls.

    Fluffy Boy Hair

    Fluffy Boy HairInstagram@wtftkrisPIN

    Typically boys and men have shorter hair, and if that is the case for you, we know a few inside tips to be aware of in achieving fluffy boy hair. For starters, avoid using heat on your hair as much as possible as a young kid. Heat can damage your strands, and you will want to keep them healthy for as long as possible. Second, keep the front and top of your hair longer and the sides a bit shorter. This will help make your hair look fluffier and easier to style.

    Fluffy Hair Girl

    The fluffy hair girl style is like any other fluffy hairstyle; however, we urge you to try a heatless version. As a young girl, we recommend avoiding heat or dye on your strands for as long as possible, as the healthier the hair, the easier it is to make it fluffy.

    Fluffy Curly Hair

    Curly hair is one of the easier hair types to make fluffy, as the swirls and twirls already make your mane look poofy and volumized. The trick, however, to ensure your curly hair is fluffy is to make sure you’re properly taking care of your curls. Repeated use of heat, hair dyes, and improper products can lead to a loss in the body of your curls. You may have naturally curly hair and have no idea because your strands are so damaged. If you feel this is the case for your locks, we suggest avoiding heat until your hair is replenished and trying to heal your locks.

    Here are a few tips for restoring your curls:

    1. Apply moisture, and more moisture, and more moisture
    2. Use curl products suited for curly hair
    3. Use curl creams after the shower on super-damp hair
    4. Break up with heat tools
    5. Eliminate build-up

    Brown Fluffy Hair

    Brown Fluffy HairInstagram@jblazePIN

    Like any hairstyle, fluffy hair can be done on any hair color. This brown fluffy hair, however, looks fantastic. The deep rich brown, paired with the texture and volume of the fluff, makes for a stunning hair look.

    The most popular brown hair colors for fluffy brown hair in 2023 are:

    • Candle lit brunette
    • Glossy brunette
    • Dimensional brunette
    • Expensive brunette

    Fluffy Emo Hair

    The emo style is more than just fluffy hair. But, if you’re willing to try something different or elevate your fluffy hair, then buckle up cause you’re about to have the sickest fluffy emo hair ever.

    What makes this hair emo is the pair of black and red strands. The red deepens the black for an even moodier vibe, while the red stands out strong against the black. If red isn’t your color, don’t rage quit! You can choose many other colors that will still encapsulate the emo vibe.

    Fluffy Alt Hair

    Fluffy Alt HairInstagram@kinsathicPIN

    If you want voluminous hair, but don’t want to look like the rest of us, give this fluffy alt hair a whirl. What makes this styling alternative compared to the rest of the fluffy hair styles is the mullet. This mullet-like haircut, paired with fluffy styling, is the ultimate duo. It looks unique and, dare we say, alternative!

    Long Fluffy Hair

    With long fluffy hair, there are more options as to what styles and alternative routes to achieve fluffy hair you can take. You can use a diffuser, rollers, a curling iron, a blow dryer brush, or no heat at all. For us, our favorite fluffy hair looks to see on long hair is done with a curling iron.

    It’s a very simple process, and it only takes a few simple steps, and here is what you need:

    1. Hair oil
    2. Large barreled curling wand
    3. Hair clips
    4. Hair spray
    5. Heat protectant
    6. Volumizing mousse (optional)
    7. Blow dryer (optional)
    8. Wide-tooth comb

    Once you have rallied the troops and have your battle instruments ready, it’s time to get curling. You can do this look on wet or dry hair; if you’re interested in starting at the latter, skip the first and second steps.

    How To Do Long Fluffy Hair Description
    Preparation Start with damp hair and apply your heat protectant spray and volumizing mousse.
    Blow dry Dry your hair using a blow dryer. You can use a diffuser or a regular blow dryer.
    Sectioning Once the hair is dry, section it off using the clips. Start at the bottom section of hair and clip the rest of it up. If you didn’t do steps one and two, we still highly suggest spraying heat protectant spray on each section of hair.
    Curling Using your curling wand, wrap a one to two-inch section around the wand away from the face. Hold it for five to ten seconds, and then let go.
    Finishing touches Once you have curled your whole head, it’s time to apply some hairspray to hold everything in. Then use the wide toothcomb to brush out the hair. This will loosen the curls, making them look larger and fluffier. If things get too out of hand, run some hair oil through your strands to tame the fluff.

    Fluffy Straight Hair

    If you want to add some oomph to your straight strands for this fluffy straight hair look, we suggest focusing on the volume of your hair. Since straight hair doesn’t have much body, it has little opportunity to look fluffy. By introducing volumizing products and practices, your hair will obtain that bounce and volume accompanied by fluffy hair.

    We recommend using volumizing mousse, volumizing hairspray, texture spray, and volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Taking proper care of your hair will also help give it bounce and oomph. Taking hair vitamins, eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, and being gentle to your strands will help you to achieve that fluffy hair look even easier.

    Fluffy Wavy Hair

    Beachy waves are where it’s at. They are fun, relaxed, and stylish, something we think most strive to be. If you have naturally curly and wavy hair, we envy you, and this fluffy wavy hair look is likely already a part of your look and style.

    However, there are ways to define your strands further to emphasize your waves. Using a styling gel or curl cream, a towel, or an old t-shirt, and the scrunching method on wet hair always does the trick. If you bend forward, let your hair hang down towards your feet, and then scrunch the hair upwards in a towel, it will quickly form or pronounce your wavy strands. After you’re satisfied, seal everything in by rubbing one of the two products mentioned between your hands and doing the same without the towel. This will help define and pronounce your waves to give you that fluffy wavy hair look.

    Black Fluffy Hair

    Black Fluffy HairInstagram@byshabbPIN

    Black fluffy hair is a dark, moody masterpiece of a hairstyle. It’s deep and mysterious and will give you that effortlessly an ominous look. We will say, however, that the darker the hair, the harder it can be to see the layers and texture in your mane. Therefore, your hair might look slightly less fluffy than light brown hair. But, since the hair is darker, it will be harder to see the individual hairs, making it appear thicker. If you’re thinking about dying your hair dark, just consider your hair type and the exact attributes of fluffy hair you are striving for.

    Fluffy Eboy Hair

    The eboy hairstyle is more than just about the hair. To be an eboy, you have to embrace the other characteristics that come with it. However, if you consider yourself an eboy or similar, you might enjoy this fluffy eboy hair. Our favorite part? The half-black and half platinum-gray coloring. It is unique and moody, perfect for encapsulating eboy energy.

    Fluffy Egirl Hair

    Since our favorite part of the fluffy eboy hair is the half black and half platinum gray look, we thought we’d carry that over to this fluffy egirl hair look. The brushed-out waves and the dual-colored strands are the perfect e girl hairstyle. Upon hearing of two different shades of hair, you might think of how strange it would look, but in our opinion, it’s a rockin hairstyle you can’t ignore.

    Fluffy Layered Hair

    Texture and layers are key to fluffy hair. Fluffy layered hair is basically fluffy hair with layers.

    When the hair is layered, it’s easier to achieve a few key things, such as:

    • Texture
    • Dimension
    • Volume
    • Bounce

    When and if you decide that you want to give fluffy hair a swing we highly suggest you ask your hair stylist for layers. It will make your hair appear much fluffier when you style it.

    Fluffy Blonde Hair

    Blondes do have more fun, that’s true. But, do you know who has even more fun? People with fluffy blonde hair!

    Our favorite fluffy blonde hair look is on shorter hair. We think the fluffy strands look full of life and do a fantastic job of framing the face. Plus, finding ways to style short hair can be a pain, but, this is an essay and a foolproof hairstyle you won’t regret.

    Messy Fluffy Hair

    Messy is fluffy hair’s middle name. Fluffy hair doesn’t look right if it’s not the least bit messy. The texture and volume doesn’t come from soft and perfectly manicured hair; that’s why we always suggest brushing out your curls when trying to get fluffy hair.

    80s Fluffy Hair

    The 80s beauty and fashion was all about flashy trends and excess. The decade was filled with popular hairstyles and dos like the mullet, mohawks, jheri curls, flattops, and high-top fades. The bigger the hair the better!

    So, if you’re trying to accomplish 80s fluffy hair, think big and excessive. Think big coils and curls, bangs, and perms. We recommend using tons of high-volumizing products, a tiny barreled curling iron, or a hair crimper.

    70s Fluffy Hair

    Feathered hair was what the 70s were all about. The middle part with wispy strands was truly all the rage. Getting curtain bangs and long layers is the first step to achieving this beautiful hairstyle. This cut will help give that feathered appearance. Then using a super large curling wand, you will get large curls that feather outwards away from the face.

    Fluffy Hair Covering Eyes

    The key to fluffy hair covering the eyes is bangs. Getting long bangs to cover the peepers will be perfect for achieving this style. However, ensure the bangs aren’t too long, the last thing we need is for you unable to see. There’s a sweet spot right between the eyebrows and the lash line where your hair should fall, it will look like it’s covering the eyes, but you will still be able to see.

    Fluffy Shoulder Length Hair

    Depending on your hair type, shoulder-length hair can be a god sent. If you have finer hair, it can look thin and sparse when it’s too long. When your hair is shoulder length, it can help to make it appear thicker and voluminous. Therefore, fluffy shoulder length hair is the ideal style for people with thinner strands wanting to add the appearance of body and volume.

    Big Fluffy Hair

    If you have a thick gorgeous mane, this big fluffy hair look will be easy to achieve. The more hair you have, the bigger your hair will look when you style it to be fluffy. This is a stunning hairstyle that stands the test of time. Incorporating lots of volumizing products and using a large barreled curling wand will help get you the largest and most bouncy fluffy hair you have ever seen.


    • How To Ask For A Fluffy Hair Cut?

      If you have chosen to get a trim to help you achieve a fluffy hairstyle, we like how you think. However, there isn’t an exact fluffy haircut, but asking for layers and fringe will help to give the appearance of fluffy locks.

      Bringing inspirational pictures is always a great idea and helps prevent any miscommunication. If your stylist can visually see what you are picturing in your mind, there’s less chance of getting something you are unhappy with.

    • How To Keep Your Hair Fluffy All Day?

      The one unfavorable thing about fluffy hair is its inability to stick around for long periods. Minimal things like wind or a high movement activity will cause your strands to reconnect and look anything but fluffy. Our best tip to keep your fluffy hair all day is to use hairspray and bring a small comb around with you everywhere you go. As soon as things become de-fluffed, just run the comb through your hair, and it will instantly separate the strands making them appear fluffier.

      You can also carry a travel-sized dry texture spray if you want the volume touched up.

    • How To Make Your Hair Fluffy With A Blow Dryer?

      If you want to know how to get fluffy hair, you are in luck because we have a full tutorial under the How To Make Your Hair Fluffy section that describes in depth how you can make your hair fluffy using a blow dryer.

      Our best tips, however, are to use:

      1. A blow dryer with a diffuser
      2. Volumizing mousse activated by heat
      3. Heat protectant spray
    • How To Go From Side Part To Fluffy Hair?

      You don’t have to sacrifice your side part for fluffy hair! However, the side part is very early 2000s, so getting rid of it might not be the worst idea. But if you want fluffy hair without the side part, just part your hair down the middle. Look in the mirror and draw a line in front of the tip of your nose up to your hairline, and where you land is where you should part your hair. From there you can begin the fluffy hair tutorial and say goodbye to that side part.

    • How To Make Hair Less Fluffy?

      Hair oil is your best and most trustworthy friend when taming your strands. Too fluffy? Use hair oil. Too frizzy? Use hair oil. Looks whack and disordered. Use hair oil.

    Fluff Mania!

    That was a huge information dump, and we hope you made it out alive! We can only hope that at least one fluffy hairstyle spoke to you out of the many different alternatives. Next weekend when you are out on the town, we expect all of you to be flaunting your stunning fluffy hair!