20 Spicy Red Balayage Hair Styles + How to DIY

Updated on September 14, 2023
Tatiana Cooper By Tatiana Cooper
20 Spicy Red Balayage Hair Styles + How to DIYPIN

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    20 Spicy Red Balayage Hair Styles + How to DIY

    We’re sure you’ve heard of balayage hair before but have you ever heard of red balayage hair?

    This sexy redhead hairdo will transform your locks into an irresistible red shade. The fun thing about red is that you can choose from so many shades.

    If you’ve never heard of balayage hair before, it’s the name of a dye technique where the color is swept into your strands for a seamless color blend. The sweeping nature of the highlights makes the color of your natural and newly dyed hair blend together beautifully. There’s also no limit to the colors you can choose for balayage; caramel balayage and blonde balayage are two super popular styles you can also try.

    Check out the list below for some characteristics of balayage for a better understanding:

    • Adds texture and dimension to hair
    • Cool toned
    • Color starts mid-shaft and gets denser the further down it goes
    • Highlights are hand painted into the hair
    • Can take between half an hour to three hours

    Red Balayage on Brown Hair

    This red balayage on brown hair look is a show-stopper. Incorporating red balayage into your brown hair will help give it some spunk without having to dye your whole head an entirely new shade.

    Burgundy Red Balayage Hair

    Burgundy red is a deep, darker shade of red that we absolutely adore, especially when added to the hair. Getting burgundy red balayage hair will give your hair the makeover you never knew you needed. The strands will look instantly more decadent and more luxurious.

    Copper Red Balayage

    Want to go red but not the typical red you see in hair?

    Have you ever thought about copper red balayage as an alternative? Now you have, and we’re sure you are in love with it. We love this copper balayage color just as much as you. It seamlessly gives the hair more shine and texture, blending naturally into the brown base.

    Black and Red Balayage

    One of our favorite color combinations is red and black. This black and red balayage is the ideal color combination for balayage. If you have black hair already, you are halfway there. For those not blessed with black hair, dying your hair to match the image above will be more of an extensive process – but definitely worth it.

    Red Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

    Red balayage on dark brown hair is the perfect way to give your locks a little punk rocker edge. Make sure to ask for this dark red balayage look to extend up to your face-framing pieces to add cohesion between the dark brown and red.

    Dark Red Balayage

    If you are interested in adding some red balayage to your strands but aren’t into the super vibrant reds, this dark red balayage is perfect for you. Plus, it only sits on the middle and ends of your hair, making it less drastic of a hair change than dying the whole head of hair.

    Bright Red Balayage

    Do you want to make a statement? If so, this bright red balayage will definitely do the trick. This color is super vibrant and eye-catching. It will look absolutely fantastic on you, we can tell. With hair this vibrant, it’s essential to keep up with its maintenance to ensure the vibrancy doesn’t fade.

    Here are a few things to consider to maintain vibrancy:

    • Limit hair wash days to 2-3 times per week
    • Keep hair out of direct sunlight
    • Avoid chlorine pools
    • Use a color-saving shampoo and conditioner

    Red Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

    Even though it may not really seem like it, there are differences between balayage and highlights. When you combine the two, your hair looks even better. Check out the table below to find out the differences.

    Balayage Highlights
    • Starts lower down the hair shaft
    • Blanched, blending, softer look
    • Can be any color
    • Thinner streaks of color
    • Stubble color gradient
    • Starts close to or right at roots
    • Intense lightened look
    • Has to be lighter than the base color
    • Thicker streaks of color
    • No color gradient

    Auburn Red Balayage

    This gorgeous auburn red balayage will fit the bill if you want to go for something a bit richer in color than a regular red balayage. We like this red balayage type because the added auburn gives it more texture and color payoff.

    Blonde and Red Balayage

    If you’re interested in playing around with colors, try adding both blonde and red to your balayage. This unique look will elevate your strands, making them appear more voluminous. The contrast between red and blonde will make the red stand out so much more.

    Red Balayage to Blonde Ombre

    This red balayage to blonde ombre is one unique look. It reminds us of strawberry blonde balayage but reversed. You could also consider this a reversed balayage. What’s also fun about this hairdo is the ombre technique incorporated into it. Ombre hair is a coloring technique that gradually transitions from darker color at the roots to a lighter one at the ends.

    Rose Gold Red Balayage

    Rose Gold Red Balayage is a stunning combination of shades that create this warm pinky gold color. This shade would be super fun in the summertime and absolutely gorgeous when caught in the sunlight.

    Short Red Balayage

    Red balayage looks great on any hair length, especially short hair. This short red balayage is a great way to incorporate a fun flare to your short locks. There are only a few hairstyles that you can do with short hair, but you can always dye it in fun and unique ways. We suggest capitalizing on that with this hairdo.

    Deep Red Balayage

    This deep red balayage is a lovely rich shade of red, almost so deep it looks like purple balayage. But don’t be mistaken; it’s definitely just a deep red. This color is excellent for people who want to add color to their strands but without all the vibrancy.

    Red Balayage Curly Hair

    Just as you can incorporate red balayage into any hair length, you can mix it into any hair type. Red balayage on curly hair will elevate and accentuate your stunning curls.

    Zohna Tip

    Try using a curl cream to accentuate and define the beauty of your curls.

    Natural Red Balayage

    If you have natural red balayage, you are one of the lucky ones. Natural hair colors typically don’t look streaky as balayage and highlights can often look in the hair. If you want a more natural balayage, you want to saturate the dye more instead of being sparse with it and only go a shade or two lighter than the other color, similar to this picture.

    Light Brown Red Balayage

    If you have light brown hair and want to add a little spice, we can’t recommend this enough; we think adding some red balayage would look great. The warm red and light brown will pair seamlessly together for a fun brown and red color.

    Wine Red Balayage

    Some may say there is nothing better than red wine. We say there’s nothing better than drinking a glass of red wine with wine red balayage blended through your hair. This shade is a beautiful red color that will look great on any base color.

    Cherry Red Balayage

    A cherry red balayage is a sweet medium red color reminiscent of the color of a cherry. If you really like cherries or their distinct coloring, you should 100% look into getting the shade into your luscious locks.

    Violet Red Balayage

    Violet red balayage is a mix between purple and red. We suggest this violet red for people with already dark hair. The purple coloring incorporated with the red helps the dark base color of your hair blend even more seamlessly with the balayage.

    Tips for Doing a Red Balayage at Home

    If you decide to boycott the hair salon and do red balayage yourself at home, there are a few tips and tricks we want to let you in on so you are fully prepared. Check out these three tips to make your hair transformation journey easier.

    Tip #1

    Our first tip is to use a bowl meant for hair dye instead of a regular one from your kitchen. Most hair dye bowls come with a lip on the side. This lip can be used to wipe excess product off the brush, which is crucial for balayage when you’re dying the top bits of hair.

    Tip #2

    Choosing the suitable box dye can seem like quite the feat. However, there are box dyes meant explicitly for doing balayage that we recommend getting. For example, the Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Cream Ultra Balayage comes equipped with the same tools you need for balayage, including a tool instead of a brush, that will create the perfect balayage look.

    Tip #3

    If you choose to go for a red balayage at home, we highly recommend taking advantage of the tools needed to dye hair. You will only make it harder on yourself if you don’t get the proper equipment.

    What you will need to dye your red hair balayage at home and why:

    Tools For Doing a Red Balayage at Home Description
    Hair Clips The reason for these is pretty straightforward. Still, clips are essential to ensure you get into each section of hair without missing or dyeing too much hair at once.
    Hair Dye Bowl We suggest a tint mixing bowl, as opposed to any regular bowl, because of the lip that sticks off it. This lip will allow you to wipe any excess product off your tint brush, which is essential for the balayage technique.
    Hair Dye Brush Using a hair dye brush instead of your hands will really help to saturate the hair. Plus, getting that sweeping motion with your fingers is more difficult. This tool is a must!
    An Old T-shirt or Old Towel Sometimes, things can get messy when you dye your hair. Just as bleach can strip your hair color, it can also strip color from any surface it touches, so using something you don’t care for draped over the shoulders will ensure no clothes get recked by the bleach or hair dye.
    Gloves This is another pretty straightforward one, but gloves are useful to ensure you don’t damage your skin from using bleach, as it can be harsh sometimes. Hair dye can also dye the fingers for a few days, so to avoid that, gloves are essential.


    • How Long Does Red Balayage Last?

      One of the best things about balayage is that it lasts longer and is excellent for root growth. Typically, balayage lasts 3-4 months; however, it’s important to note that with vibrant colors like red, the balayage and color will fade more noticeably than natural hair shades.

    • How to Maintain Red Balayage?

      There are a few tips and tricks to help maintain the vibrancy of your balayage.

      You can maintain vibrancy in your balayage by:

      • Limit hair wash days 2-3 times per week
      • Keep hair out of direct sunlight
      • Avoid chlorine pools
      • Avoid hot tools as much as possible

      You can also maintain vibrancy by using a specific product, such as:

      1. Color-saving shampoo and conditioner
      2. A color-depositing mask
      3. A heat protectant spray

    Flaming Hot Red

    Hopefully, now you know everything you need to know about red and balayage hair. We love the shade red and all its versatility. When paired with the balayage technique, it’s an unstoppable hairdo we think everyone should give a shot at. You’ll never know until you try!