19 Trending Short Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Updated on October 31, 2023
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    Short Curtain BangsPIN

    19 Trending Short Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

    Some of us in the office have hopped on the curtain bangs trend, and we must say it looks good!

    While bangs don’t look good on everyone, confidence does.

    If you’re wondering what’s all the fuss about, it could be time to explore this hairstyle further. Well, there are various iterations of bangs, but one of our favorites is short curtain bangs.

    This article aims to teach you what short curtain bangs are and showcases the top 19 trendiest styles for your every mood.

    Who needs mood rings when you can have bangs?

    What Are Short Curtain Bangs?

    Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that are cut in a way that frames your face beautifully, like a curtain. These bangs are longer at the outer edges and gradually shorter towards the center, creating a charming face-framing effect. It’s like having a stylish curtain that delicately highlights your features.

    Check out our table, which highlights the advantages and characteristics of short curtain bangs.

    Characteristics Advantages
    Longer at the outer edges, shorter at the center Creates an attractive face-framing effect
    Versatile and trendy Suits various face shapes and hair types
    Subtle alternative to a full fringe Ideal for those hesitant about a drastic haircut
    Easily grow out or change styling Offers the flexibility to switch up your look later on

    Short curtain bangs have gained popularity recently due to their versatility and trendiness. They can complement different face shapes and hair textures, whether your hair is straight (Check out curtain bangs straight hair,) wavy, or curly.

    Medium Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

    For all the lovely ladies blessed with medium hair, short curtain bangs can elevate your style.

    Imagine having that effortless ‘cool girl’ vibe with bangs that perfectly complement your hair length. These bangs softly graze your eyebrows, creating a mesmerizing look that captures attention wherever you go.

    Curtain Bangs Short Hair

    Curtain Bangs Short HairInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Short hair and curtain bangs are a match made in hair heaven. If you love the convenience and sassiness of short hair, adding curtain bangs to your style can kick it up a notch.

    This combination creates a bold and playful look that allows you to showcase your personality.

    Curtain bangs on short hair will make you stand out, whether you opt for a:

    • Sleek bob
    • Textured pixie
    • Wispy cut

    Zohna Tip

    Check out curtain bangs with layers if you want to add a dimension of depth to your hairstyle.

    Bob with Short Curtain Bangs

    Never underestimate the power of a new haircut!

    A short bob with curtain bangs is what you need.

    This classic yet trendy face-framing hairstyle accentuates your facial features while providing a touch of sophistication. Whether you choose a blunt or layered bob, adding curtain bangs will give your overall look a fresh and stylish edge.

    Short Curtain Bangs Long Hair

    Who says curtain bangs are only for short hair?

    If you have long locks and want to embrace the curtain bangs trend, you’re in luck!

    Adding short curtain bangs to long hair (Also, check out long bangs) creates a stunning contrast that emphasizes your facial structure and adds dimension. These bangs with flowing red ends gracefully cascade down the face, effortlessly framing features and giving off a majestic vibe.

    Korean Short Curtain Bangs Hair

    Regarding hair trends, it’s hard to ignore the influence of Korean beauty and fashion.

    We think Korean curtain bangs on short hair have gained immense popularity for their soft and feminine appeal.

    These bangs, usually styled with a slight wave or curl, upgrade your look by adding:

    • Subtleness
    • Romance
    • Tenderness

    Pair them with a cute bob or a chic pixie, and you’ll have a hairstyle that exudes charm and elegance.

    Layered Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

    Layers add depth and movement to any hairstyle, and when combined with short curtain bangs, the result is absolutely stunning. For those with layered hair, short curtain bangs add a delightful twist to your everyday style.

    These bangs beautifully blend with the layers, creating a seamless flow that enhances your features and adds texture to your hair. You’ll rock that effortlessly chic look whether heading to the office or on a night out with friends.

    Short Wispy Curtain Bangs Hair

    Short Wispy Curtain Bangs HairInstagram@172.4cmPIN

    When it comes to hair styling, the right bangs can transform your entire look. If you’re seeking an ethereal, delicate appearance, short wispy curtain bangs may be just what you need.

    Consider these key points before embracing short, wispy curtain bangs:

    1. Soft and Feathered: These bangs are characterized by their soft, feathered edges, contributing to a dreamy and romantic allure.
    2. Versatility Across Hair Types: Whether you have straight or wavy hair, wispy curtain bangs can be seamlessly integrated into your hairstyle.
    3. Styling Versatility: Pair your wispy curtain bangs with a short bob or a tousled pixie to create a hairstyle combining enchantment and chic.

    These bangs are a versatile choice for those seeking to infuse a touch of whimsy and romance into their appearance, making them a delightful addition to your hairstyling repertoire.

    Pixie with Short Textured Curtain Bangs

    Pixie with Short Textured Curtain BangsInstagram@pixielottPIN

    A pixie cut with textured curtain bangs is a hairstyle that demands attention and exudes self-assuredness. It’s a statement that says you’re unafraid to embrace change, take risks, and showcase your inner strength and beauty.

    This bold and adventurous choice of blonde pixie with short curtain bangs isn’t just about a haircut but self-expression and empowerment.

    Curly Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs curly hair may seem unconventional, but trust us when we say it’s a charming combination. Embracing your natural curls and adding curtain bangs to the mix creates a unique and captivating hairstyle. These bangs beautifully frame the face, while the luscious curls add volume and dimension to the tresses.

    Blonde Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

    If you like looking like an absolute bombshell, blonde hair, and short curtain bangs are a winning combination.

    Whether you’re a natural blonde or rocking a stunning blonde shade, adding short curtain bangs to your hair will take your look to the next level. The combination of light, flowing locks and face-framing bangs creates a glamorous and chic hairstyle.

    Messy Lob with Short Wispy Curtain Bangs

    Messy Lob with Short Wispy Curtain BangsInstagram@hirohairPIN

    For those who love that “undone” look, a messy lob with short wispy curtain bangs adds a touch of effortless charm to your style. Try out ombre highlights or go for something a little more edgy, such as golden or platinum blonde to get a more radianting look.

    Wavy Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

    Wavy hair and short curtain bangs are a big “Yes” from us. Whether you’re a natural wavy chica or love adding some waves to your short hair, curtain bangs will complement your style perfectly. These bangs blend beautifully with your waves, creating a seamlessly cool look.

    Zohna Tip

    Pair them with a tousled bob or a textured pixie, and you'll have a hairstyle ready to take on any occasion with style.

    Layered Shag with Curtain Bangs

    Embrace your inner punk rocker with a layered shag hairstyle and curtain bangs that scream confidence and attitude.

    The hallmark of a shag is its layers, which add the following to your hair:

    1. Volume
    2. Texture
    3. Movement

    The layers are often choppy and uneven, creating a disheveled yet intentionally stylish appearance.

    What about the curtain bangs, you ask? We’re glad you’ve done so.

    While they are known for their soft and face-framing quality, they can also be tailored to convey an edgier vibe. Think of curtain bangs that are slightly longer at the sides, creating a curtain effect with an attitude.

    Bangs speak louder than words.

    Brown Hair with short Curtain Bangs

    Brown hair and curtain bangs create a warm, inviting look that suits any skin tone. Whether you have natural brunette locks of love rocking a chocolate or caramel shade, adding curtain bangs to your short hair will enhance anything you wear on a particular day. Dress how you want to be addressed.

    Curtain Bangs Short Hair Side Part

    If you’re looking to add some class and pizzazz to your short hair, don’t forget to try the side part with curtain bangs.

    A side part adds a touch of elegant sophistication to any hairstyle, and when combined with curtain bangs on short hair, the result is absolutely stunning. This hairstyle creates a flattering, face-framing effect that’ll bring out your facial features and every inch of your natural beauty.

    Sleek Bob with Blunt Short Curtain Bangs

    The magic in this combination of the sleek bob and blunt short bangs.

    If you prefer a polished modern look, a sleek bob with blunt curtain bangs is a hairstyle that exudes elegance. Whether you’re in your twenties or beyond, we love how a sleek bob with blunt curtain bangs complements all ages and adds an air of maturity and grace to your look.

    Short Curtain Bangs on Round Face

    Having a round face doesn’t mean you need to shy away from trying curtain bangs on short hair.

    In fact, we think these bangs can work wonders in complementing your facial features and adding dimension to your look. Curtain bangs create angles and elongate the face, giving you a more balanced and sculpted appearance.

    Short Curtain Bangs Hair Asian

    Curtain bangs are incredibly versatile and can beautifully complement any hair type, including Asian hair.

    For those with short hair and Asian features, curtain bangs can exude a certain charm that can’t be found anywhere else. These bangs gracefully frame the face, drawing attention to the gorgeous features and enhancing natural beauty.

    Fluffy Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

    Fluffy hair and curtain bangs might sound like an unexpected combination, but trust us, it works wonders.

    Adding curtain bangs can create a beautifully balanced look if you have naturally fluffy or voluminous hair. These bangs add structure and dimension to your fluffy hair, creating a fuller, more luscious appearance.


    • How Do I Style Short Curtain Bangs?

      Styling short curtain bangs is easy! Simply use a round brush and a blow dryer to create a soft and natural look. You can add some texture with a curling iron or embrace your natural hair’s texture for a more effortless style.

    • Can I Wear Short Curtain Bangs With Glasses?

      Of course, you can! Short curtain bangs can complement glasses beautifully. Opt for a style that doesn’t clash with the shape of your frames, and you’ll have a stylish and trendy look.

    • Can I Pull Off Short Curtain Bangs With a Round Face?

      Curtain bangs can help create the illusion of a more elongated face shape, making them an excellent choice for those with round faces. Just make sure to go for longer bangs at the sides and gradually get shorter towards the center.

    • Will Short Curtain Bangs Work With My Hair Type?

      Short curtain bangs work well with various hair types, from straight to wavy to curly. The key is finding a hairstylist who understands your hair type and can cut the bangs in a way that complements your natural texture.

    Let’s End This With a Bang

    Now that you’re armed with all the knowledge about short curtain bangs hairstyles, it’s time to unleash your inner hair icon and experiment with these trendy looks. Remember, confidence is the best accessory, so wear your new hairstyle with pride and rock it like a boss!