The Fox Eyes Trend: Surgery, Makeup, Lashes & More

Updated on November 9, 2023
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    Fox EyesPIN

    The Fox Eyes Trend: Surgery, Makeup, Lashes & More

    Pounce on the opportunity to have stunning sharp fox eyes. You may think that a fox would be the last thing you’d want to resemble in terms of beauty, but aside from their cunning nature and beautiful coloring, they have mysterious eyes that, funny enough, look like they’re lined with a dark eyeliner.

    The fox eye trend is all about enhancing the shape and lift of your eyes to give you a sultry, seductive look that’s hard to resist. Whether you opt for surgery or use makeup and lashes to achieve the perfect look, there are plenty of ways to get on board with the fox eyes trend. So, let’s burrow into all things fox eyes!

    What Are Fox Eyes?

    This look is characterized by an upward slant at the outer corners of the eyes, which creates the appearance of a lifted, elongated eye shape. This effect is achieved by combining makeup techniques, such as winged eyeliner and strategic highlighting. This makeup trend resembles siren eyes and works great for hooded eyes. This eye shape, popularized by models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, is alluring and seductive, making it the perfect way to spice up your makeup routine.

    How to Get Fox Eyes

    Only some people are born with naturally upward-slanting eyes, which can make achieving fox eyes seem daunting if you weren’t. But fear not – there are plenty of ways to get this look, even if you don’t have the ideal eye shape to begin with.


    Fox eye makeup is a popular beauty trend that creates an illusion of elongated, slanted eyes reminiscent of a fox’s gaze. The technique primarily emphasizes the outer corners of the eyes, giving them a lifted and almond-shaped appearance. The aim is to create the illusion of a more pronounced eye shape, enhancing the overall look.


    For an extra pop, add some false lashes to your look. Choose longer lashes on the outer corners to emphasize the elongated shape of the Fox Eye. This will help to give the eyes that foxy look. They aren’t necessary for this makeup look, but they do help! Apply a voluminous mascara to your natural and false lashes to blend them seamlessly.


    If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, surgical options are also available. One popular option is a canthoplasty, which involves making a small incision at the outer corner of the eye and tightening the skin to create a more lifted appearance.

    Ultimately, whether you choose the makeup or surgical route, the fox eyes trend is a fun and exciting way to switch up your beauty routine and add a touch of allure to your look.

    Fox Eyes Makeup Tutorial

    Are you ready to elevate your makeup game and try out the fox eyes look for yourself? Here is a quick tutorial on how to get the perfect fox eyes.

    What You’ll Need:

    1. Eyeshadow palette with warm, earthy tones
    2. Black eyeliner
    3. Mascara
    4. Flash lashes (optional)
    5. Primer

    Now that you have all the right tools for the job, take a peek at the tutorial below:

    1. Prepping your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer ensures your eye makeup stays in place all day.
    2. Use a light neutral shade as a base and apply it all over your lids.
    3. Apply a darker shade to the outer corners of your eyes, blending it towards your crease. This will create the illusion of a lifted eye.
    4. Now it’s time to line your eyes with black eyeliner. Start from the inner corner and create a thin line along your upper lash line. As you reach the outer corner, create a wing by extending the line upwards and outwards. Keep the line thin and precise to achieve the perfect fox eyes look.
    5. Use brown eyeliner for the lower lash line and smudge it along the outer half of your lash line. This will create a soft, subtle effect that complements the dramatic upper lash line.
    6. Complete the look with a few coats of mascara on your upper and lower lashes. If you want to take it to the next level, add some false lashes to really make your eyes pop.

    Top Fox Eyes Makeup Looks

    Regarding makeup looks, there are plenty of ways to get on board with the Fox Eyes trend. We have selected a few of our favorite fox eye looks for you to explore and play around with.

    Dramatic Smokey Fox Eyes

    This popular look emphasizes the shape and lift of your eyes while creating a bold, sultry look. This dark look is excellent for a night on the town or when you feel glamorous, and who doesn’t love a good smokey eye?

    To achieve this look, use a dark eyeshadow shade along the crease of your eyelid, and blend it out for a smudged effect. Then, use a light shimmer shade on the inner corners of your eyes to give them a pop of brightness. If a look like this is too dark for you, try the opposite, doe eyes.

    Cat Eyes

    Consider the classic cat eyes look if you’re looking for something a little more subtle. This look emphasizes the upward slant at the outer corners of your eyes by creating a sharp point at the ends of your eyeliner. Use a liquid or gel eyeliner to create a thin line that extends beyond the outer corner of your eye, then extend it upwards to create a sharp point.

    False Lashes

    Another great way to enhance the Fox Eyes trend is using false lashes. False lashes can add volume and length to natural lashes, making your eyes look more dramatic and lifted. Choose longer lashes at the outer corners to emphasize the upward slant of your eyes. Apply the lashes using a good quality lash glue, and blend them with your natural lashes for a seamless look.

    Colorful Fox Eyes Eye Shadow

    Colorful Fox Eyes Eye ShadowInstagram@shiny_muaPIN

    If you want to take your fox eyes to the next level, consider adding a pop of color to your eyeshadow. A bold, bright shade can add a fun and playful twist to your makeup look while still emphasizing the shape of your eyes. Try using a bright blue or green shade, and blend it out for a more subtle effect. You can also add color to your lower lash line using colored eyeliner or eyeshadow.

    Fox Eyes with Mascara

    Remember to finish off your fox eyes look with a good mascara. Mascara can help to define and separate your lashes, making your eyes look even more lifted and dramatic. Choose a mascara that adds volume and length, and apply it to your upper and lower lashes for a complete look.

    If you want to get precisely what you are looking for from your mascara, check out the chart below with the different types of mascara wands to find the best suited to you.

    Mascara Wands For Fox Eyes Description
    Thick oversized wand
    • Suitable for people with thick, dense lashes
    • Ideal for big-eye shapes
    Fine-tooth wand
    • Suitable for curly, short, or fine lashes
    • Good for creating separate and well-defined lashes
    Hourglass wand
    • Suitable for building volume and length
    • Distributed product from root to tip
    Spike ball wand
    • Suitable for people with sparse or super dense lashes
    • Adds volume, definition, and separation
    • Great for building up the product on the outer corners for that fox eye effect

    Zohna Tip

    Instead of using regular Q-tips to help clean up your eyeliner line, invest in some pointed-tipped Q-tips to help get your line extra sharp and precise.

    Fox Eyes Surgery

    The fox eye surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that involves making an incision in the outer corner of your eye, then lifting and tightening the skin to create a more upward-slanting eye shape. This procedure is also known as a lateral canthoplasty or a canthopexy. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia and typically takes about an hour to complete.


    While the results of fox eyes surgery can be dramatic, it’s important to note that the procedure has risks. Some potential surgery complications include infection, bleeding, scarring, and nerve damage. It’s important to discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with your surgeon before deciding.

    After the surgery, you may experience some swelling and bruising around the eyes, but this should subside within a few days. You will need to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks following the surgery, and you may need to sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling.

    Is It Right for You?

    While Fox Eyes surgery can be a great way to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance, it’s important to remember that it’s not suitable for everyone. Before deciding to undergo the procedure, it’s essential to talk to an experienced plastic surgeon specializing in eye surgeries and ask plenty of questions to ensure you understand the procedure’s risks and benefits.

    Your surgeon should be able to provide you with before and after photos of previous patients and should be able to answer any questions you may have to ensure it’s the right decision for you.

    Best Fox Eyes Lashes

    Lashes are optional in achieving the fox eyes look, but we highly recommend them. Not only do they add volume and length to your lashes, but they also help to create a winged effect that is essential for this look. But with so many different types of lashes on the market, how do you know which ones to choose?

    Long Lashes

    One option is to opt for longer lashes on the outer corners. This will help create a winged effect that will make your eyes pop. You can also try a lash lifting treatment to create a natural curl that will help to lift the outer corners of your eyes. This will give you a more youthful and awake appearance.

    Selina vegan silk lashes are meticulously handcrafted using advanced mink hair-like synthetic fibers, providing an incredibly soft and weightless feel.

    Key product features:

    • Ultra-thin
    • 0.05 mm thickness
    • Flexible and comfortable band
    • Cruelty-free
    • They can be worn 25-30 times

    This company prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers a risk-free purchase, providing a free replacement or full refund if needed. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions or suggestions.

    Colored Lashes

    If you’re feeling daring, why not try some bold-colored lashes? This is a great way to add a pop of color to your look and really make your eyes stand out. You can choose from various colors, from bright blues and greens to subtle purples and pinks. Just be sure to choose a color that complements your skin tone and eye color.

    02/18/2024 12:39 am GMT

    What we love about these false lashes is the color is only on the outer lashes, which will help accentuate the outer corners of the eyes even more, perfect for fox eyes. Their high-quality 3D effect false eyelashes are handmade with care, using environmentally friendly, gentle materials on the skin.

    Key product features include:

    • Soft and smooth feel
    • Cruelty-free
    • Flexible strap for easy application

    This company stands proud behind its lashes with a lifetime money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.

    Individual Lashes

    Another option is to try individual lashes. These small clusters of lashes can be applied to the outer corners of your eyes to create a more natural and subtle winged effect. They are also great for adding volume and length to your lashes without wearing a complete set of falsies.

    02/18/2024 12:39 am GMT

    These individual lashes are great for getting the full outer corner effect. They also come in many unique sizes to fit different natural lash lengths and eye shapes.

    Key product features:

    • They come in a mix of 10D and 20D
    • 3,920 individual lashes in the entire pack
    • Lightweight
    • Reusable up to five times

    They offer 24/7 customer service and a 30-day return or refund guarantee for any issues you may encounter.

    When applying lashes, using the right tools and techniques is essential. Ensure you have a good pair of tweezers and lash glue on hand, and take your time applying the lashes. You want to ensure they are placed correctly and securely so they don’t fall off throughout the day.

    Before you set off to join the other fox-eyed folks, check out these commonly asked questions to ensure you have all the proper information.


    • How to Get Fox Eyes Naturally?

      While it’s impossible to change your natural eye shape permanently or the shape of your eyes naturally, you can try specific makeup techniques and exercises to create the illusion of fox eyes.

      Here are some tips:

      1. Eyeshadow: Apply a neutral or smoky eyeshadow shade to the outer corners of your eyes and blend it slightly upward and outward. This technique can help create the illusion of a lifted and elongated eye shape.
      2. Eyeliner: Apply eyeliner along your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and gradually thickening towards the outer corner. Extend the line slightly beyond the outer corner of your eye in an upward slant, mimicking the fox eye shape.
      3. False Lashes: Opt for false lashes that are longer and more voluminous towards the outer corners of your eyes. These can help enhance the elongated effect and make your eyes appear more fox-like.
      4. Mascara: Apply mascara to your upper lashes, focusing on the outer corners. This will add extra length and volume to create a more pronounced effect.
      5. Brow Shaping: Groom and shape your eyebrows in a slightly higher arch, as this can help lift the eye area and contribute to the illusion of fox eyes.
      6. Facial Exercises: Some people claim that specific facial exercises can help strengthen and lift the muscles around the eyes, potentially altering their appearance. However, the effectiveness of these exercises is subjective and may vary from person to person.

      Remember, these techniques are temporary and only create the illusion of fox eyes. Embrace and celebrate your natural eye shape, as beauty comes in various forms, and each person’s features are unique and beautiful in their own way.

    • How Long Do Fox Eyes Last?

      In the context of makeup techniques or the illusion created through specific styling methods, Fox eyes are temporary and can last as long as the makeup or styling remains intact. Typically, fox eye makeup can last throughout the day or evening, depending on the products used and their longevity.

      However, it is essential to note that the duration of the fox eye effect will depend on various factors, including:

      • Quality of the products used
      • Environmental conditions
      • Individual factors such as oily skin or excessive sweating

      It’s worth mentioning that natural eye shapes cannot be permanently changed without surgery, and any alterations achieved through makeup or styling techniques are temporary and revert to the individual’s original eye shape once the techniques are no longer applied.

    What Does The Fox Say?

    While makeup techniques and styling methods can create the illusion of fox eyes, it’s important to remember that these effects are temporary and do not permanently change one’s natural eye shape. Embracing and celebrating our unique features is key, as beauty comes in various forms. Whether one chooses to experiment with fox eye makeup or embraces their natural eye shape, the ultimate goal is to feel confident and comfortable in one’s own skin.