Biab Nails Trend + 14 Best Styles for Inspiration

Updated on November 20, 2023
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    Biab NailsPIN

    Biab Nails Trend + 14 Best Styles for Inspiration

    Step aside shellac and gel, cause there’s a new cowboy in town, aka biab nails! Make waves with this new type of nail polish that is better than the next. The possibilities are endless with biab nails, so let’s get into all the different styles you could try!

    What Are Biab Nails?

    Let’s start at the beginning. “Biab” stands for Builder in a Bottle, and it’s a revolutionary product in the nail industry. Unlike traditional acrylic or gel nails, Biab nails are created using a specially formulated gel that acts as both a base and a builder. This means that the nails are not only stronger and more durable, but they also eliminate the need for multiple layers of product, saving you time and effort.

    If you want to know why we love biab nails so much, check out the table below to find out why!

    Advantages of Biab Nails Description
    Versatility From elegant to whimsical, there’s a Biab nail design for every style and occasion. Whether you’re a lover of classic French tips or a fan of bold geometric shapes, you can achieve it all with Biab nails. Let’s explore some of the stunning designs that have been taking the nail art world by storm.
    Durability BIAB nails are known for their durability and strength. The builder gel used in this system provides a solid foundation for the nails, making them less prone to breaking or chipping compared to traditional gel or acrylic nails.
    Natural Look and Feel BIAB nails are designed to provide a natural look and feel. The thin layer of builder gel used in this system helps maintain a lightweight, flexible, and natural appearance, similar to your own nails.
    Low Maintenance Compared to some other nail extension systems, BIAB nails may require less maintenance. They can be filled or rebalanced as they grow out, and they are generally easier to remove than traditional acrylic nails.

    Pink Biab Nails

    Do you want to feel pretty in pink? Perfect because we have just the trick, pink biab nails. Embrace the awesomeness that is biab nails and go for a simple pink manicure. Sometimes more is less, and these nails really speak that truth.

    If you aren’t into the simple things in life, then you might want to level up your pink biab nails with a few different design elements, such as:

    1. Nail decals
    2. Geometric shapes
    3. Hand-painted designs
    4. Diamonds
    5. Glitter

    Biab on Natural Nails

    Keep things looking natural with this biad on natural nails. If you want your manicure to last long, keeping you looking crisp and clean without it seeming like you have anything on your claws, this look is for you. Go for a nail shade closest to your skin color to really embrace the no nail polish nail polish look.

    Biab Gel Nails

    If you’re a fan of the glossy, gel-like finish, Biab gel nails are here to take your manicure game up a notch. With the perfect blend of flexibility and durability, Biab gel nails offer a high-shine finish that lasts. Say goodbye to chipped nails and hello to a flawless, professional look that will make heads turn wherever you go.

    Floral Design

    Enter the enchanted garden here! Nothing says elegance like a beautiful floral design. With Biab nails, you can wear a garden on your fingertips every day. Delicate roses, blooming daisies, or intricate vines are all choices at the tips of your fingers, literally.

    Biab Nails With Stars

    Reach for the stars with this stunning style. Biab nails with stars are the perfect go-to nails with a slightly unique element to them. These starry designs will add a touch of magic to your nails, making you shine wherever you go.


    Why settle for just one color when you can have them all? Rainbow nails are a surefire way to brighten up your day and showcase your vibrant personality. Try going for colorful swirl designs that replicate a beautiful rainbow to get the most out of this design.

    Biab Swirl Nails

    Add some swirls and twirls to your claws for these fantastic biad swirl nails. These mesmerizing designs evoke a sense of movement and hypnotize with their intricate patterns. Think swirls of pastel hues, brushstroke-inspired designs, or even a swirling galaxy encapsulated within your nails. With Biab swirl nails, you’ll have a mesmerizing masterpiece at your fingertips.

    Brown Biab Nails

    Brown Biab NailsInstagram@cmnailsxPIN

    Brown is the new black! If you’re looking to switch up your manicure game and embrace a more earthy vibe, brown Biab nails are the way to go. You could try rich chocolate tones or warm caramel hues, the choice is yours!

    Biab Nails with Geometric Shapes

    Attention, art lovers! Geometric shapes are the perfect way to add an abstract twist to your claws. With Biab, you can achieve precise lines, perfect symmetry, and bold angles that will make your nails a work of art. From minimalist triangles to intricate mosaics, your nails will become a masterpiece that Picasso would be proud of.

    Zebra Print

    Release your wild side with this fierce zebra print. Biab nails offer the perfect canvas to showcase this iconic animal print. Whether you prefer a classic black and white design or want to experiment with vibrant colors, zebra print nails are a statement-making choice that screams confidence.

    If the zebra print isn’t doing it for you, there are a few other animal prints you could give a whirl, such as:

    • Cheetah print
    • Leopard print
    • Tiger print
    • Cow print

    Smiley Face Biab Nails

    Who doesn’t love a smiley face? Let your nails do the talking with adorable smiley face designs. With their cheerful expressions and infectious positivity, these smileys will brighten up your day and put a smile on everyone’s face. We suggest going for a bunch of tiny little ones spread across your fingers for the perfect look.

    Square Biab Nails

    Embrace the power of squares with square Biab nails. The clean and structured lines of square nails exude a sense of sophistication and confidence. Pair your clean nail shape with a clean biab nail look. We suggest a light pink to help keep up your clean girl aesthetic.

    French Tip Biab Nails

    French Tip Biab NailsInstagram@sistersblPIN

    Classic and timeless, French tip nails are a favorite of ours. With Biab, you can achieve the perfect French tip manicure that lasts. Say goodbye to chipped edges and hello to a flawless and long-lasting manicure. Keep it simple and go for a classic white tip and a pink base.

    Biab Nails with Diamonds

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and with Biab nails, you can wear them on your fingertips. Add a touch of glamour to your manicure with dazzling diamond accents. Keep things simple with tiny little diamonds that kinda look like stars to ensure that the biab nails are still the center of the show.

    Still have some burning questions about Biab nails? We’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve answered some common queries to help you navigate the world of Biab nails with confidence.


    • How Long Do Biab Nails Last?

      Biab nails can last up to two weeks with proper care and maintenance. However, many people report that their Biab nails last even longer, sometimes up to four weeks!

    • Can I Do Biab Nails At Home?

      Absolutely! Biab nails are designed to be user-friendly, making them perfect for DIY manicures. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully and give yourself plenty of time to complete the process.

    • Can I Remove Biab Nails Myself?

      While it is possible to remove Biab nails at home, it’s often recommended to have them professionally removed to minimize any potential damage to your natural nails.

    • Can I Still Paint My Biab Nails?

      Of course! One of the great things about Biab nails is that they provide a strong and durable base for any nail polish.

    • Are Biab Nails Safe For My Natural Nails?

      Yes, Biab nails are generally considered safe for your natural nails. However, it’s essential to ensure proper application and removal to minimize any potential damage.


    Now, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here but we’re pretty confident that you found at least one diab nails design that you loved and want to try out. If that’s the case, fantastic! We’re happy to have help. So, go ahead, book that nail appointment, gather your nail art supplies, and get ready to rock the trendiest nails in town. After all, life’s too short for boring nails!