22 Best Wolf Cut Hairstyles + How to Style To Show Off Your Wild Side

Updated on December 31, 2023
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    Wolf CutPIN

    22 Best Wolf Cut Hairstyles + How to Style To Show Off Your Wild Side

    Ever feel like going wild and wolfing out? Well, now you literally can with this sexy shaggy organized mess of a haircut.

    The wolf cut is a unique but stunning haircut that takes after its namesake, the wolf, and its gorgeous coat. It’s all about adding layers, bangs, and texture. This haircut is so loved because it can be worn with any hair type and length, making it perfect for everyone and anyone.

    If you want to join the pack of people with wolf cuts, continue reading because we have all the juicy details you are hunting for.

    What is a Wolf Cut Hairstyle?

    The wolf cut hairstyle was inspired by two trends: the 70s shag cut and the 80s mullet. The popular shag cut and the business in the front party in the back cut hairdo – the mullet, have come together to create their love child – the wolf cut.

    Other than this love child’s distinguishable ‘genetics,’ the wolf cut is usually created on longer hair, with short choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and the back. The cut is excellent for those with flat hair as it provides more volume at the crown and texture at the sides.

    The wolf cut is a great way to add the appearance of:

    • Texture
    • Dimensions
    • Volume
    • Thickness

    Short Wolf Cut

    The great thing about this haircut is that it’s not limited to specific hair types and lengths. Whether you already have short hair or want to be adventurous and chop off a couple of inches, adding some textured layers and short front pieces will give you that messy yet sexy wolf-cut look.

    Wolf Cut Long Hair

    Do you want to add some oomph to your long tresses? The wolf cut long hair look will elevate your long strands. We know that sometimes long hair can look flat and lacking texture. Incorporating the characteristics of the wolf cut will give you that much-needed look of the layered structure we all desire in our locks.

    Wolf Cut Curly Hair

    Yep, a wolf cut is also achievable on your luscious twirls and swirls. Sometimes curls can lack structure, but the wolf cut can whip them into shape, giving your strands body while keeping everything at bay.

    The nice thing about this cut is that tons of structures are already built into it. Therefore, especially with curly hair, there is less need for styling as the style is in the cut.

    Zohna Tip

    Investing in a good curl cream will help form your girls and keep them curling for longer.

    Wolf Cut Men

    Not only is this haircut not limited to hair types and lengths, but it’s also not limited to gender. We recommend this haircut to men interested in the look and appeal of mullet but who want to elevate it a bit further.

    The wolf cut men look is also great for those who want to give the illusion of thicker hair. A low taper fade around the edges can carry this hairdo further. Trust us on this one; you’ll be the coolest cat wolf around.

    If you are one of the men looking for a hairstyle that will create the illusion of a thick mane, don’t be afraid to use a blow dryer and some hair products. Adding a volumizing mouse to your strands and using the blow dryer to activate the product will give you intense volume and the allusion of a fuller head of hair.

    Wolf Cut Female

    Calling all she-wolves!

    The wolf cut for females looks just as unique for them as it does for men. We recommend this look to stand out and look extra cool. It’s not the conventional female haircut that will make you stand out amongst other females for your uniqueness.

    Wolf Cut Mullet

    Wolf Cut MulletInstagram@allybakstPIN

    Genetics is weird; sometimes, you look more like your father than your mother, or vice versa. The same goes for the wolf cut. Sometimes it can look more like the mullet or more like the 70s shag, and in this case, the wolf cut mullet takes after the former in appearance more than the ladder. For this wolf cut mullet look, the back of the hair is usually quite long, while the front is short.

    Korean Wolf Cut

    Wolf down on this Koren wolf cut!

    There isn’t any difference between a Korean wolf cut and a regular one. Wolf cuts, however, are hugely popular in Korea. This cut is named for its untamed choppy, and textured nature, accompanied by the soft and gradual layers that frame the face. This haircut is favorite and very popular in South Korea. There is even speculation that this haircut originated in South Korea, gained traction online, and is now part of western hair trends. So cheers to South Korea!

    Korean Wolf Cut Female

    There is massive popularity in Korean wolf cut for Korean women. Their often thick, dark, and straight hair make them the ideal candidate for a haircut like this. The extra layers and texture look best on people with thicker hair; therefore, it works best for women of Asian descent.

    Wolf Cut With Bangs

    One of the more prominent features of the wolf cut is the short layers in the front of the hair. Some people opt out of the bangs, which don’t work for everyone, but some choose to get them. The wolf cut with bangs takes the shagginess to the next level, and we’re howling for it.

    Many people choose bangs for their cut because of the benefits they can bring to your appearance, such as:

    1. Change your face shape
    2. Highlight your best facial features
    3. Helps disguise receding hairline
    4. Hides fine lines and wrinkles

    If a wolf cut with bangs sounds pretty appealing, you might be curious about the different types of bangs you can incorporate into your wolf cut, such as:

    Layer Wolf Cut Hair

    The fun thing about wolf cuts is that you can play around with the amount of texture and layers you want to add. The more layers, the more texture you will get. Layers are when the top area of your hair is trimmed shorter than the hair underneath it. Layers can be short or long, blunt or subtle.

    The thinner your hair, the fewer layers we suggest. This is because when adding layers, you have to remove hair; therefore, the more layers and texture you are looking for comes at the cost of more hair removal.

    Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs have become all the rage these past few years. They are a great way to add texture to the hair and frame the face.

    Curtain bangs are parted down the middle and swept to the side to frame your face and eyes, similar to what curtains do to a window, hence the name. It’s a simple cut, but it helps elevate your hair’s appearance.

    If you want to incorporate a wolf cut with curtain bangs, you will get a whimsically cool haircut that we can’t recommend enough. Even though a wolf cut takes little hair styling because the style is in the cut, this haircut has a catch. Curtain bangs usually take quite a bit of styling to get them right. Don’t worry; we know precisely how to style them, and we can tell you just how.

    Check out the table below to learn how to style your wolf cut with curtain bangs.

    What you’ll need to style your wolf cut with curtain bangs:

    1. Heat protectant spray
    2. Hair spray
    3. Blow dryer
    4. Round brush
    5. Hair roller
    6. Hair clips
    How To Style Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs Description
    Wash and prep First, you want to wash your hair so it’s fresh and clean, plus it’s easier to style your hair while it’s damp. When it’s 80% dry, add in your hair products.
    Blow dry Using the hair clips, section your hair, starting at the bottom. We recommend using a round brush to help get those layers nice and distinct.
    Bangs Using your roller brush, wrap your bangs over the brush, the ends of the hair sticking down and away from the face. Use the blow dryer directly on the strands.
    Roll Once the bangs are dry, place the hair roller the same way you put the roller brush. You can leave the roller in your hair for as long as you want, but we recommend at least 15 minutes to help hold the curls.
    Finishing touches Once you’ve decided it’s time to remove the hair roller, pull it up and backward, and the hair should fall on the top of your head or to the side. Give it a tussle with your hands, and there you have it, perfectly styled wolf cut with curtain bangs.

    Wolf Cut Straight Hair

    The thing we love about wolf cuts is that it looks fantastic with any hair type. I mean, just look at Billie Eilish here with her wolf-cut straight hairstyle; she looks unreal. The wolf cut works well with straight hair and even more so with thin straight hair because this haircut is designed to add volume.

    Wolf Cut Wavy Hair

    Wolf Cut Wavy HairInstagram@pri.godoyPIN

    Sink your teeth into this one!

    The wolf cut wavy hair look takes your waves to the next level. Not only are you adding to your incredible volume, but the texture will be at an all-time high, giving you the unique and sexy appearance that your strands crave.

    Even if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, we recommend incorporating some flow into your wolf cut. Add waves to your locks with a curling iron or braiding wet hair. Adding waves to hair is a great way to give your hair some bounce, volume, and texture.

    Zohna Tip

    Add sea salt spray to your wavy hair for that beachy look everyone chases after.

    Shaggy Wolf Cut

    For this shaggy wolf cut were not referring to the friendly face, Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Do.

    Taking takes after the 70s shag cut more than the mullet, this shaggy wolf cut gives you that messy but simultaneously sexy look. If you take the ‘I just woke up like this’ look literally, you can end the hunt because the shaggy wolf cut can get you there.

    Not only will your hair give off the appearance that you aren’t trying when you kind of are, but your hair will give off the appearance that on your “messy” hair days, your hair actually looks fantastic.

    Wolf Cut Wig

    One of our best tips for changing your hair is to first invest in a wig or some kind of fake hair. That way, you can see what the real thing might look like on you without total commitment. Some people aren’t about just winging it when it comes to their hair.

    A wig is also good for practicing if you plan to cut your own wolf cut. If you buy a regular wig and practice doing the wolf cut, you might feel more confident when cutting your hair.

    If you want to go all out with a cut and color, a wig is a fun way to figure out what color you want to dye your hair. Seeing the hair color on you before you actually dye your hair is a good indicator of whether or not the shade suits you.

    If you purchase the wolf cut wig and find that it suits you, there’s nothing left to do but howl to the salon and get a hot new hairdo.

    Wolf Cut Medium Hair

    Stop howling at the moon; it doesn’t have the answers for you. We do! And yes, this wolf cut medium hair look would be unreal on you!

    Going short can be a big deal, and growing your hair long can be difficult, so we suggest a wolf cut medium hair look. There’s nothing wrong with being in the middle; having your hair length sit between long and short is perfect.

    We also think the wolf cut looks best on medium-length hair, and the two are unbeatable duos.

    Wolf Cut Without Bangs

    Bangs aren’t for everyone, but the good news for you is that there is such thing as a wolf cut without bangs, and it looks great. The only difference between a regular wolf cut and a wolf cut without bangs is the lack of bangs. The layers are still there, the texture is still there, and the cool attitude is still there, but the face-framing and contour are not.

    We recommend the wolf cut without bangs for people who have thinner hair. Bangs and crazy fringe around the face sometimes don’t work for people with finer hair because there isn’t enough weight to keep the strands weighed down and in place.

    Shoulder Length Wolf Cut

    Shoulder Length Wolf CutInstagram@hirohairPIN

    If your hair falls to your shoulders and you want to elevate your strands, we highly suggest going for a wolf cut. Sometimes when your hair sits in the middle of long and short, it can look awkward. Adding in that shaggy messy, but organized look that the wolf cut is, you can help to bring some life and movement to your mane.

    Asian Wolf Cut

    People of Asian descent often have beautiful thick dark hair. This type of hair is ideal for joining the pack of people with wolf cuts. The thicker the hair, the more texture you can incorporate into your wolf cut, making it even more messy and textured.

    If you have thick strands, a wolf cut can be a great way to help thin out the hair. Removing some of the hair will make your head feel much lighter, as thick hair can be very heavy.

    Blonde Wolf Cut

    Just as a wolf cut can be done on any hair type and length, it can also be done on any hair color. Despite the wolf cut being seen mostly by brunettes, it looks killer on blondes.

    We find that with lighter hair, it’s easier to see the fringe and blunt edges of the cut. Therefore, if you want that shaggy wolf cut, go for a blonde bombshell look to take things home.

    Soft Wolf Cut

    Calling all people with a thin coat of fur! This soft wolf cut is perfect for you and your thin hair strands. Since the wolf cut involves lots of trimming and thinning of the hair, we don’t recommend that people with thinner hair get a super drastic cut.

    The soft wolf cut outlines the structure of a wolf cut without taking too much hair off. It’s also perfect for people looking for a trim in a new way without completely changing their appearance. The wolf cut can be drastic and gives off rock-star energy and mentality you may or may not want to channel.

    Ask your stylist for texture layers and a shorter front fringe if you want a soft wolf cut. This gives you those wolfy vibes without being too over the top.

    Wolf Cut Thin Hair

    If you have thin hair, don’t be discouraged. We will first say that getting a wolf cut won’t give you the hair you see on women with thick hair in that wolf cut hairstyle. However, it will still be fantastic, just different.

    We say go for it if you have thin hair and want to join the pack. However, we suggest you get a stubble wolf cut; that way, you aren’t cutting too much hair off and making your hair look finer.

    If you have thin straight hair, there are a couple of things we suggest you use to help your wolf cut give the appearance of thicker hair, such as:

    1. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner
    2. Volumizing mouse
    3. Texture spray
    4. Volumizing dry shampoo

    Wolf Cut Tutorial

    If you want to join the pack, we recommend booking an appointment with your hairstylist. A professional can get you the best results you are looking for. Cutting hair is challenging, so having someone who knows how to do it will make a world of difference.

    Now that you have chosen to do the wolf cut, it’s time to decide which style will work best for you and your hair type. Check out the chart below to determine which wolf cut styles work for you.

    Wolf Cut For Thin Hair Wolf Cut For Thicker Hair
    • Short Wolf Cut
    • Wolf Cut Without Bangs
    • Soft Wolf Cut
    • Wolf Cut Thin Hair
    • Wolf Cut Long Hair
    • Layer Wolf Cut Hair
    • Shaggy Wolf Cut
    • Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

    If you are hell-bent on doing the cut yourself, we ap(paw) you. We want to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, so we have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to cut a basic wolf cut. We suggest having a friend close by to lend a helping paw for those hard-to-reach places.

    What you’ll need to follow this wolf cut tutorial:

    1. Hair tie
    2. Scissors
    3. Texture spray

    Step #1

    Brush out any tangles, and then fold your head forwards and down. Tie all your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. This technique makes it much easier to cut layers into your hair.

    Step #2

    Pull your hair over your forehead and cut about 2 to 4 inches of hair off your ponytail.

    Step #3

    The hair at the ends will look slightly blunt after your first cut. To fix that, thin out the ends by pointing the scissors upwards and cutting into the ends of your hair in short quick movements.

    Step #4

    Take the hair out of the ponytail, and you should have the base layer of your wolf cut. It’s not perfect yet tho, so don’t panic. It’s time to cut the bangs. Make sure you find your middle part and then section a small triangle of hair you want to be your bangs above your forehead.

    Step #5

    Direct the left side of the section of hair you just selected to the right, pinching the hair between your index and middle finger and carefully cutting them diagonally down from ear level.

    Step #6

    Repeat step #5 by pulling the same section of hair over to the right side and trimming. Once satisfied, shake out the bangs and see where they are sitting. If they need more trimming and shaping, go in with the scissors and carefully trim them more.

    When cutting your bangs, ensure the tip of the scanners is angled upwards or downwards, don’t trim with the scissors horizontally.

    Step #7

    You should now have a wolf cut! Make sure to shake out the hair and add some texture spray. You may see some areas you want to cut a bit shorter or fix up a bit. The process will take time, so be diligent and go slow. Remember that the hair will naturally shorten when you have curly or wavy hair, so don’t cut too much off, or you’ll have quite the surprise when it dries.


    • How To Style a Wolf Cut?

      Using a blow dryer and a round brush on damp hair, blow onto the hair as you use the round brush to round out the edges. You can also let the wolf cut air dry because the style is in the cut.

      We highly recommend using hair products to elevate your hair and accentuate its wolfy features. Products like sea salt or regular texture spray will help give your hair a full and messy appearance. Not only will it look great, but you’ll also be encapsulating your haircut’s untamed nature.

    • Why is it Called a Wolf Cut?

      The wolf cut is named after its namesake due to its untamed nature. The wild and heavy layers resemble that of wolves’ coats. Plus, your hair will look as beautiful as their fur coats.

    • How To Ask For a Wolf Cut?

      If you go to the salon and ask for a wolf cut, your hairstylist should know what that means. However, if they don’t ask for a mix between a soft mullet and a shag with defined layers and short bangs.

      There are a few keywords you can use to communicate with your hairstylist, such as:

      • Fringe
      • Texture
      • Layers
      • Bangs
      • Curtain bangs

      It always helps to bring some photo inspiration so that the stylist can visually see what you want, and you can discuss what aspects you like or don’t like.

    • Which Face Shapes Looks Best With a Wolf Cut?

      Any face shape can pull off the wolf cut; that’s what’s so great about it. This haircut is also customizable, and you can wolf out as much or as little as you want, making it suitable for any face shape.

    • How to Maintain a Wolf Cut?

      The only way to maintain a wolf cut is to visit the salon every few weeks to get it touched up. You should go every 2-3 weeks if you have fast-growing hair. If you have slower-growing hair, you may be fine to sit for about 3-4 weeks before returning to the salon.

    Wolf Out!

    Now that you’ve howled your way to the end, hopefully, we have convinced you that the wolf cut is a great haircut option to add some organized mess and texture to your strands. This haircut isn’t only a hairdo but a mentality; you have to work this haircut, or it will work you. Be prepared to join the pack because it’s a wild ride!