16 Galaxy Nails That Are Out of this World

Updated on February 6, 2024
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    16 Galaxy Nails That Are Out of this World

    Put on your space suit cause we’re going to infinity and beyond!

    Galaxy Nails are a hot new manicure trend that is orbiting around the online world. They are hypnotizing and extraterrestrial; we can’t get enough of them!

    How to do Galaxy Nails

    The possibility of achieving galaxy nails might seem like a light year away, but they can be easy to DIY. Follow our simple step-by-step tutorial video to achieve this design that’s out of this world.

    If you want to know how to do Galaxy nails, you have touched down in the perfect location. Using the MTSSII gel nail polish set, we will create the ideal Galaxy nails for you to recreate at home.

    What you need for Galaxy nails:

    1. LED lamp or UV lamp
    2. Nail file
    3. Nail buffer
    4. Rubbing alcohol
    5. Gel base coat
    6. Gel top coat
    7. Gel polish colors

    Once you have gathered all the tools for a galaxy gel manicure, check out this easy-to-follow tutorial:

    Step #1

    Prep your nails. Using the nail file, shape your nails into your desired shape. Then using the nail buffer, buff your nails. Making the nail rough will help the gel polish stay longer.

    Step #2

    Wipe away any nail dust left behind by the buffing process with the rubbing alcohol.

    Step #3

    Apply the gel base coat. Cure the base coat under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

    Step #4

    Apply the black gel polish. Apply it in thin, even strokes and cure the entire hand under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. We suggest repeating this process twice, applying two layers of gel polish.

    Step #5

    Using any of the five holographic colors in the pack, paint a thin layer over top of the black. Before it starts to air dry, use the black polish again and add a tiny bit on the right side, bleeding into the middle of the nail. This will create that cat-eye look.

    Step #6

    Cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

    Step #7

    Apply the top coat to help seal everything in and protect the nail. Cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

    Step #8

    Use the rubbing alcohol again to rub away any excess, and then apply cuticle oil or moisturizer to the hands.

    What Are Galaxy Nails?

    Galaxy nails are a manicure trend brought down to Earth by our Alien neighbors. They saw your crusty, dusty fingernails and decided you needed help achieving their go-to manicure to make you shine as bright as a nebula.

    Just kidding, kind of. Galaxy nails are a manicure style that replicates our solar system and galaxy. It encapsulates the colors created from the balls of gas and other celestial objects that make up the beautiful Milky Way. So to be fair, galaxy nails will help you to achieve a manicure that will make you shine like the stars in the sky.

    Before moving forward, we think it’s important for you to know the different types of nail finishes so you can encapsulate that galaxy luminosity in the ways you want to with the products that will get you there. Check out the chart below to see the best options for nail polish finishes that will give you that galaxy radiance.

    Galaxy Nails Finish Description
    • Bigger chunks of shine
    • Textured shimmer
    • High shine
    • Metallic shimmer
    • Opaque
    • High shine
    • Opaque
    • High shine
    • Color changing

    What We Love About Galaxy Nail Designs

    Galaxy nail designs are unique and out of this world! We love all the different directions you can take your creativity to replicate galaxy nails. There are two main reasons why we love them.

    They Are Unique

    One of the most notable attributes of Galaxy Nails is its uniqueness. Since galaxy nails can appear complex, people tend to stay clear of them. However, in reality, they can be easy to replicate, and if you feel like being different, take a risk and get Galaxy Nails.

    They Are Subjective

    The fun thing about Galaxy Nails is that they are subjective. You can incorporate and change your manicure to look however you want. If you feel like replicating the solar system, add little nail decals of the planets. Or, if you feel like replicating the milky way, add some holographic polish over a black polish.

    Acrylic Galaxy Nails

    Channel the supernatural feeling of a whole other dimension with these acrylic galaxy nails. The magnetizing and futuristic vibes of the nail polish pair perfectly with the long, pointed acrylic nails. Together, they give off unmatched cosmic energy, at least here on Earth.

    If you don’t know what acrylic nails are, they are false nails that allow you to add length and thickness to your fingertips.

    There are many different shapes of acrylic nails, such as:

    1. Coffin
    2. Almond
    3. Oval
    4. Square
    5. Round
    6. Stiletto

    Zohna Tip

    If you're worried about acrylic or gel nails damaging your natural nails, press galaxy press on nails.

    Black Galaxy Nails

    The Aliens suggest these black galaxy nails if you want to keep things dark. A small sprinkling of tiny silver glitter overtop of the black will make it look like our constellation but from Earth.

    Unicorn Galaxy Acrylic Nails

    Unicorn Galaxy Acrylic NailsInstagram@cdanailsPIN

    Unicorn galaxy acrylic nails are all about shimmer and shine paired with an almond nail shape to replicate a unicorn horn. If Aliens are real, then so are unicorns, and we support this new supernatural world we live in.

    Purple Galaxy Nails

    Purple is one of the most common colors used in reference to the galaxy. It’s deep and mysterious but harbors an ethereal look. These purple galaxy nails are out of this world and ideal if you want a cosmic vibe.

    Galaxy Gel Nails

    There are many reasons to love gel nails; they are long-lasting, quick drying, and make your nails appear thicker. You have a few choices when picking what gel product you want for your Galaxy gel nails. Check out the table below of the pros and cons of the different gel products.

    Gel Type Pros Cons
    Gel extensions
    • Feels lighter than acrylics
    • Less damaging and less prone to chipping than acrylics
    • Looks more natural than acrylics
    • Requires UV light to cure, which can cause complications such as skin cancer
    • Prolonged wear causes nail damage
    Gel polish
    • It’s easily accessible
    • Has a large shade range
    • Last longer than regular polish
    • Extra glossy finish
    • Can’t use it unless you have UV or LED lamp
    • Can’t remove unless you use 100% acetone
    • Prolonged wear causes nail damage
    • Lasts for 3-4 weeks
    • Very similar to gel polish
    • Can’t use it unless you have UV or LED lamp
    • Can’t remove unless you use 100% acetone
    • Prolonged wear causes nail damage
    Gel press-ons
    • You can choose from many different nail designs without having to do them yourself
    • Easy to apply
    • Less expensive than going to the salon
    • Last only about a week
    • Can be challenging to find nails that fit perfectly for each finger

    Blue Galaxy Nails

    Blue Galaxy NailsInstagram@lieve91PIN

    These cute nails are the perfect galaxy manicure. We suggest these blue galaxy nails to incorporate cosmic energy without putting too much effort into your manicure. The Aliens understand you are a busy human, so they urge you to choose a blue nail polish color with some sparkles in it will do the trick.

    Galaxy Cat Eye Nails

    Galaxy cat eye nails refer to a type of technique where a black color and a holographic shade are paired together. The two gel products we mentioned prior can be used to create Galaxy cat eye nails. This type of manicure gives off the appearance of movement, as in different lighting and angles, your nails look like different sections of the Milky Way.

    Pastel Galaxy Nails

    These pastel galaxy nails will take you around the sun. They are soft but vibrant, a perfect spring manicure. The addition of the tiny white stars makes this manicure so much more special, plus they are easy to recreate.

    Galaxy Dip Nails

    Dip nails is a nail polish coloring with a powder polymer and a top coat sealant. The nail is dipped into the colored powder, sealed with a glossy top coat, and cured under UV light. Galaxy dip nails resemble galaxy gel nails, but the former is a powder base.

    Galaxy Water Marble Nails

    If you already know and love marble nails, you’ll likely love these galaxy water marble nails. You can replicate this stunning, vibrant manicure using a blue polish and funky celestial iridescent coloring.

    Galaxy Nails Coffin

    The coffin nail shape is one of the most popular acrylic nail shapes. They are natural looking while still giving off an elegant and glamorous look. Galaxy nails coffin shaped are one of a kind, and we suggest you ascend into them.

    Chrome Galaxy Nails

    Galaxy nails don’t only have to replicate the milky way. They can also replicate what you think a celestial being’s manicure might look like. These chrome galaxy nails radiate an extraterrestrial flare that perhaps a supernatural being of outer space might also have.

    Solar System Galaxy Nails

    Solar System Galaxy NailsInstagram@nbnailartPIN

    If you love the idea of galaxy nails but feel they need an added flare, we suggest incorporating our solar system! Add nail decals of the planets to your fingernails for a unique manicure.

    Neon Galaxy Nails

    Neon nails are never out of style, so we suggest pairing them with galaxy nails. The two manicure types fused are as bright as a supernova.

    Alien Galaxy Nails

    Beware, you might offend the Aliens with this one!

    These Alien Galaxy nails are a cute and fun manicure. The added elements of Alien propaganda perfectly encapsulate that celestial being energy but make it fun and cute.

    Star Galaxy Nails

    Adding small stars to your nails will give them the ultimate galaxy feel. Despite stars not looking like this in real life, incorporating small nail designs can still be fun to give your nails that galaxy look and feel.


    • How Much Do Galaxy Nails Cost?

      The figure for your Galaxy nails will depend on your chosen products and services. If you decide to do acrylic Galaxy nails, they will likely cost $50. Gel nails will cost about $55.

      It also depends on what city you live in and what salon you go to.

    • Which Colors Are Needed For Galaxy Nails?

      This depends on the kind of Galaxy nails you want. The most popular colors, however, are black and purple. We suggest a purple with a shimmer to give it that cosmic look, and black is always a must to replicate the dark outer space sky.

    To Infinity And Beyond

    If the Galaxy nails we showed you haven’t hypnotized you into getting them; hopefully our persuasive words have. They’re super funky and fun to look at; if you do the right color palette, they will match pretty much any outfit, and what more could you ask for?