17 Sleek Matte Red Nails You’ll Love

Updated on February 14, 2024
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    17 Sleek Matte Red Nails You’ll Love

    Are you tired of the same old red glossy manicures? We have just the thing to spruce up your claws, matte red nails! Forget about those shiny red nails, and welcome your new favorite manicure.

    Before we start on matte red nails, I have a joke for you.

    I knew a guy who disliked reflective headgear.

    You can say he was a matte hatter!

    What to Know About Red Matte Nail Designs

    If you are curious about red matte nail designs, we are here to provide all the information. First, we thought we would discuss the color red.

    The color red means many things. Red represents romance and love, as well as passion. However, it can also express violence, anger, and aggression. However, we’re only here for the love and romance part of it all! Most importantly, red captures attention sparks emotion, and conveys confidence – exactly what we want from our matte red nails

    Second, we thought we’d discuss what matte means. Matte is the opposite of glossy. Using a matte nail polish or matte top coat will eliminate any shine from your manicure and give you a frosted-looking set of claws. Check out the chart below to help better distinguish the difference between matte and glossy polishes.

    Matte Nail Polishes Glossy Nail Polishes
    • Zero shine
    • Doesn’t last as long as regular top coat
    • Doesn’t reflect light
    • Harder to find
    • Any color can be matte
    • High shine
    • Light reflective
    • Easier to find
    • Any color can be glossy

    Third, we want to talk about matte red nail designs.

    There are many ways to elevate your matte red nails, such as:

    1. Adding decals
    2. Adding glitter
    3. Adding hand-painted art
    4. Adding acrylics
    5. Adding nail tips
    6. Using gel polish
    7. Adding rhinestones

    If you want to know more about all the different red matte nail designs, we have listed our favorite 17 styles.

    Matte Red Nails With Glitter

    If you want to elevate your matte red nails, we suggest incorporating French tip glitter. These matte red nails with glitter look fantastic and are unique from any other matte nails. Plus, you can never go wrong with red French tip nails.

    Matte Red Coffin Nails

    There is nothing better than red coffin nails. The coffin shape is tapered at the sides with a flat top. They are the most popular acrylic nail shape and pair beautifully with matte red nails.

    Matte Red Acrylic Nails

    Acrylic nails are great if you want to add length to your claws. The more length, the more surface area to incorporate designs into your matte red acrylic nails.

    There are plenty of acrylic shapes you can choose from, such as:

    • Almond
    • Oval
    • Stiletto
    • Square
    • Round
    • Coffin

    Matte Red and Gold Nails

    Pairing gold glitter with your matte red nails is a recipe for gorgeous fingers. These matte red and gold nails are the manicure of our dreams.

    Black and Red Matte Nails

    Black and red are an unbeatable combination. Even better is paring the colors for the perfect red and black manicure. We can’t get enough of these black and red matte nails, especially in the ombre style, as red ombre nails are the new ‘it’ nails.

    Red Matte Christmas Nails

    Pairing your red matte nails with gold and red glitter is all you need to achieve these red matte Christmas nails. Add glitter and shimmer to channel the holiday spirit into your manicure. You will be caroling and dreaming of sugar plums all holiday long.

    Short Red Matte Nails

    Short nails are just as trendy as long ones. These short red matte nails are the perfect way to upgrade your manicure game and give your short nails the much-needed attention they deserve.

    Zohna Tip

    If you have short nails and want them longer without getting acrylics, we suggest choosing gel nail polish, which lasts so long that your nails will grow out significantly before the polish chips.

    Red Matte Nails With Diamonds

    Show your love for your matte red nails by decking them in diamonds. These red matte nails with diamonds are an incredible pair that you won’t want to miss out on.

    Matte Blood Red Nails

    These matte blood red nails are a beautiful color that suits every skin tone. You can’t go wrong with these stunning claws.

    Red and Green Matte Nails

    A unique way to elevate your matte red nails is to incorporate a different color onto your ring finger. We suggest adding chrome pigment to that second color to upgrade things further to make it pop.

    Matte Red Almond Nails

    Matte Red Almond NailsInstagram@nude_saPIN

    These matte red almond nails are a safe bet. The almond-shaped acrylic nails are classy and the perfect length.

    Red Matte Stiletto Nails

    Do you want to attract attention to your claws? These red matte stiletto nails will direct some attention to your fingers. The stiletto shape is known for being long and pointy, similar to a stiletto high heel.

    Cool Red Style Nails Matte

    These matte red nails with red 3D roses are the coolest style we’ve seen yet. You can thank us later once you have these bad boys on your fingers and feel like the coolest cat around.

    Deep Red Matte Nails

    Dive into the world of these stunning deep red matte nails. The darker the matte red nails, the better. At least in our books.

    Matte Grey and Red Nails

    We don’t usually think to pair grey and red together, but they make the most unlikely pair when you matte them out. These matte grey and red nails are the perfect color combo, especially when you toss in some glitter.

    Bright Red Matte Nails

    If you want to feel happy every time you glance down at your fingers, we suggest these bright red matte nails. Not only will they lighten your mood, but they will also make everyone around you feel happy.

    Red Wine Matte Nails

    You would be lying if you didn’t say almost everyone loves a glass of red wine. If you are one of those people, we suggest channeling that love into your claws by getting red wine matte nails at your next manicure appointment.


    • Is Glossy or Matte Red Nail Polish Better?

      Neither is better or worse than the other. If you like glossy red nail polish better, then great! But if you prefer matte red nail polish, that’s great too. Both are fantastic and look amazing on fingernails, so it all comes down to preference.

    Final Thoughts

    Matte red nails are the new glossy red nails. Forget the shimmer and shine and welcome the frosted and mattified. These matte red nails are trending and making their way toward becoming a mainstream manicure. Before it becomes too popular, hop on the bandwagon and show off how ahead of the trends you are!