25 Adorable Bubble Nails Trending Hard

Updated on February 29, 2024
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    25 Adorable Bubble Nails Trending Hard

    Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

    That’s right, we’re brewing up the perfect concoction of the most hypnotizing bubble nails that we are sure you are going to go mad over. Imagine bright and muted pinks to dark and holographic blues. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to jump right in. That said, the concoction is ready now! Let’s get into all things bubble nails.

    What are Bubble Nails?

    Bubble nails, also known as hump nails or raised nails, are a nail art style that provides a 3D effect to your fingertips. As the name suggests, these nails mimic the appearance of bubbles by creating a curved and raised illusion on the nail bed. This quirky style adds dimension to your nails, giving them a playful and eye-catching appeal. So, if you’re looking to make a statement with your manicure, bubble nails are the way to go!

    Bubble Gum Pink Nails

    This wouldn’t be a bubble nail without some mention of bubble gum. So, here we have bubble gum pink nails! We love this fun and fresh color paired with the bubble pattern it makes for a unique look. Whether you’re going for girly and cute nails or want to channel your inner Barbie, bubble gum pink nails never fail to deliver. Embrace the fun and playful vibe by adding some sparkly accents or cute nail decals to complete the look.

    Classic Bubble Gum Nails

    If keeping it classy is your M.O., these classic bubble gum nails are right up your alley. We’ve learned recently that classy doesn’t have to mean boring. The white nail polish and the clear tip really make this manicure stand out, and we honestly couldn’t love it more.

    Bubble Nail Art

    Bubble Nail ArtInstagram@ykc2712PIN

    If you’re feeling adventurous, bubble nail art is likely going to be your go-to option. Get creative and experiment with various designs and patterns that incorporate the bubbly theme. We love these 3D bubbles in different chrome colors. It’s a unique and shiny combo you really had no clue you needed until now.

    Bubble Gel Nails

    For those who love the glossy and long-lasting finish of gel nails, why not combine it with the bubble trend? Bubble gel nails offer a stunning way to incorporate the bubble effect into your manicure while enjoying the durability of gel polish. The gel formula provides a smooth and flawless canvas, making the raised bubble illusion stand out even more. Honestly, there’s no better way than the gel way.

    You might be thinking about going to the nail salon to get gel polish, but it’s super easy to do at home if you have all the right materials. And we have a feeling that a few of you might already have gel nail kits at home. If that’s the case, here are a few tips for doing your own gel nails, such as:

    1. Prep nails properly: Clean, dry, and buff.
    2. Use quality gel products for longevity.
    3. Apply thin layers to prevent chipping.
    4. Seal edges to prevent lifting.
    5. Avoid over-filing to maintain nail health.
    6. Use a gel-specific cleanser for a flawless finish.

    Bubble Gloss Nails

    If you want that glossy look or reflective finish, bubble gloss nails will be right up your alley. This variation of bubble nails utilizes a high-gloss topcoat to enhance the bubble effect and make your nails stand out. The glossy finish adds a mesmerizing play of light, attracting attention from every angle.

    Matte Bubble Nails

    Matte and bubbles don’t really seem like they would work very well. But the trick is to do a matte base and then shiny bubbles on top. The matte underlay will help to make those shiny bubbles pop. You can choose any color for your matte bubble nails, but we believe the best results will come from black.

    Bubble Acrylic Nails

    So you want bubble nails, but you don’t have a ton of nails to do it on. No stress; this is where acrylic nails come into play. Acrylic nails are great for adding length to any fingernails so that you can have the manicure of your dreams.

    There are many nail shapes you could choose for your bubble acrylic nails, such as:

    • Stiletto
    • Coffin
    • Squoval
    • Square
    • Round
    • Oval

    Bubble Gum Square Nails

    If square nails are your go-to, you will want to hear this! These bubble gum square nails are the ideal square claws as they will look and feel good. You’ll have a winning combination by combining the sharp edges of square nails with the raised bubble effect.

    Zohna Tip

    If you want a specific nail polish color to stand out, add a layer of white polish underneath it. This acts as a kind of nail polish primer.

    Bubble Nails Design

    When it comes to bubble nails, the design possibilities are truly limitless. You could go for cute and dainty bubbles, or you could go for a very strong and in-your-face design – honestly, there isn’t really a right and wrong answer here. The only answer is playing around with it and having fun with your choices.

    Bubble Gum Almond Nails

    Ahhhh, almond nails. They’re always there when you need them. They are trusty, sturdy, and always look good. That’s the kind of stability we need in our lives, am I right, ladies? Almond nails are a great pairing with bubble gum nails, as the cute and soft vibes translate over into the soft-edged vibes of the almond shape.

    Bubble Tea Nails

    Bubble Tea NailsInstagram@bbt.nailsPIN

    Do you love bubble tea as much as you love bubble nails? Then bubble tea nails are the perfect way to show off your two obsessions in one stunning manicure. Take inspiration from the vibrant and mouth-watering colors of bubble tea and incorporate them into your bubble nail design. We love these blue high-gloss nails with beautiful gemstones. The stones remind us of the jellies that float around bubble teas!

    Bubble Effect Nails

    Go for the zoomed-in effect! These nails replicate the pattern of bubbles but are extra zoomed in. These nails are probably the easiest to do; that said, you can definitely tackle these at home with some silver polish and a fine-tipped nail art brush.

    Korean Bubble Nails

    Korean Bubble NailsInstagram@_hennailPIN

    Are you looking for some K-beauty inspiration for your bubble nail design? Korean bubble nails offer a trendy and fashionable twist to the classic bubble nails trend. Take cues from the Korean beauty scene and experiment with minimalist designs, soft pastel colors, and delicate embellishments. Korean bubble nails embrace simplicity while still creating a charming and eye-catching look.

    Clear Bubble Nails

    The world of nail art is so fascinating. So much can be done with all the tools and products available today. A nail art design that we love is the clear bubble nails. The transparent 3D nails create an illusion of bubbles magically floating on your fingertips. It’s so cool!

    However, just because it looks hard doesn’t mean it is. Pop over to the chart below to discover how to make your nails look like a bubble bath in seconds.

    What you need:

    1. Base coat
    2. Base polish (clear or neutral)
    3. Small dotting tool or toothpick
    4. Clear gel polish
    5. LED/UV lamp
    6. Holographic powder (optional)
    7. Cuticle oil or hand moisturizer

    Here’s a quick tutorial for your very own clear bubble nails, outlined in the table below.

    How To Create Clear Bubble Nails Description
    Prep Your Nails Start with clean, dry nails. File and shape them to your desired length and shape. Push back your cuticles gently.
    Apply a Base Coat Apply a thin layer of clear base coat to your nails and let them dry completely. This will help protect your nails and create a smooth surface for the 3D design.
    Choose Your Bubble Colors Select the colors you want to use for your bubbles. If you want to go for the clear bubble nails, we suggest you use a super light, sheer neutral shade just to help balance the color. Or if you are super into the clear look, just use a clear polish.
    Create Bubble Shapes Using a small dotting tool or a toothpick, dip it into your chosen nail polish color and create small dots on your nails. These dots will serve as the base for your bubbles, so space them out evenly.
    Add Dimension To make your bubbles look more 3D, using the same tools, apply a dot of clear gel polish on top of each base dot. Be liberal with the product; the more you use, the more 3D they will appear. Use the tool to help shape them a bit to look more like bubbles.
    LED Cure Since you used gel polish to help with the 3D effect, you are going to need to use an LED/UV light to help cure and harden the gel in place. You can also use gel polish for the base layer, but make sure to cure the polish with each layer.
    The Extra Mile If you want to go the extra mile, dust a bit of holographic powder over the bubbles to give them that multi-color effect bubbles sometimes have.
    Moisturize Finish by applying cuticle oil or hand cream to moisturize your nails and cuticles, keeping them healthy and hydrated.

    Bubble Gum Chrome Nails

    Bubble Gum Chrome NailsInstagram@vdw.nailsPIN

    If you say you aren’t a fan of chrome nails‘ futuristic and reflective look, we know you are lying. It’s not possible to look at these bubble gum chrome nails and not be a fan. Bubble gum chrome nails offer a high-shine and metallic twist to your bubbly manicure. There are so many different unique shades of chrome that you can play around with to help create that bubble gum look.

    Bubble Bunny Nails

    Bubble and bunny are two words that just make sense together, and if you know what we mean, you’re definitely on the same wavelength as us. If we’re riding the same wave, you’ll probably adore these bubble bunny nails. They are basically just a simple shade of light pink, but every light pink has to have a name! If you aren’t sold on this but you’ve heard and seen the shad of bubble bath nails, it’s very similar to this one.

    Zohna Tip

    Use latex polish around the cuticle area when doing your nails at home. That way, if you paint over the lines, the clean-up will be much easier as you simply pull the latex off, revealing clean skin underneath.

    Bubble Gum Dip Nails

    Dip powder nails have become super popular due to their durability and ease of application. With bubble gum dip nails, the benefits of dip powder will leave you with strong-looking and feeling nails so you can rock a trendy bubble nail look. The smooth and flawless surface created by dip powder provides the perfect canvas for the raised bubble effect to shine.

    Bubble Gum Coffin Nails

    If you’re a fan of coffin-shaped nails, why not give them a bubble gum makeover? Bubble gum coffin nails combine the edgy shape of coffins with the playful and bubbly vibe of bubble nails. This combination is great for those who like a little edge to their claws but also want to have fun with their manicure occasionally.

    Blue Bubble Nails

    While bubble gum pink may be the go-to color for bubble nails, there’s always room for experimentation with other shades. Blue bubble nails offer a refreshing take on the trend. A royal blue shade with bubble designs is an excellent way to have fun with your manicure and show off your good taste.

    Curved Bubble Nails

    Curved Bubble NailsInstagram@tennails_PIN

    If you love having long nails, then you probably know exactly what we mean by curved bubble nails. Sometimes with the extra length and the heavy nail products, the acrylic nails can sometimes get a curve to them. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and if you like the way it looks, even better!

    Bubble Gum Round Nails

    If you’re craving a deliciously cute nail style, we’d like to introduce you to bubble gum round nails. Imagine nails that resemble chewy bubble gum balls, popping with vibrant colors. We love the combination of the sparkly pink, the white line designs, and the round nail shape. It all works in perfect harmony to bring you the manicure of dreams.

    Long Bubble Nails

    Long, medium, short, stubby, you name it. Bubble nails can accommodate any nail length and these long bubble nails are a testament to that. These alluring nails extend far beyond your fingertips, creating a dramatic look. With long bubble nails, you’ll have the power to command attention wherever you go!

    Short Bubble Nails

    One of the greatest things about bubble nails is that you don’t necessarily need a lot of surface area to execute the design. That said, short bubble nails are a possibility. In fact, they are kind of our favorite bubble nails if we had to choose. These adorable nails are all about embracing your natural nail length while enjoying the bubble-inspired texture charm.

    Teal Bubble Nails

    When we think of bubbles, the color teal is certainly not the first color that comes to mind. But, we must say, we actually quite enjoy the way these teal bubble nails look. The shimmer and shine of the teal, matched with the bubble pattern, makes us think of what it would be like to have a bath in a black porcelain tub as opposed to a classic white one.

    Coral Bubble Nails

    These stunning nails will wrap your fingertips in a tropical embrace, infusing your look with a burst of energy. Coral bubble nails are the epitome of summer vibes! The bright coral colors dance across your fingertips with floating (or so they appear) clear bubbles. This is a super unique manicure, and we must say, we are digging it for sure.


    • Can I Get Bubble Nails Done At A Salon?

      Definitely! Many nail salons offer a wide range of nail enhancements, including bubble nails. Make sure to communicate your desired length, shape, and color to your nail technician, and they will work their magic to bring your bubble nail dreams to life!

    • How Do I Maintain Bubble Nails?

      Bubble nails, like any other manicure, require proper care and maintenance. Remember to keep your nails clean and dry, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, and moisturize your cuticles regularly. Also, schedule regular visits to your nail technician for necessary touch-ups or repairs.

    Bubble Trouble!

    So there you have it, nail enthusiasts, a thrilling journey through the world of curved, round, long, short, teal, and coral bubble nails. It’s now time for you to choose your favorite bubble nails; we know it’s a hard one. So, grab your keys and your shoes, and head out to your nail salon or sit back, put on a show, and get to work on your own claws.