42 Trending Coffin Nails + Shape, Tips & More

Updated on November 6, 2023
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    42 Trending Coffin Nails + Shape, Tips & More

    Despite what they sound like, coffin nails, also referred to as ballerina nails, are a trendy nail shape known for their distinctive square tips. The name may sound scary, but the style is not.

    Why the weird name, you ask? To be fair, coffin nails resemble coffins…just a little bit. However, they’re extra stylish and worth trying if you like flaunting statement nails.

    What Are Coffin Nails?

    Coffin nails can be best described as narrow nails with a noticeably square tip. They usually make your fingers appear longer than they are. This tapered nail shape is a good base for various designs and nail art. Coffin nails are ideal for anyone who wants to try an admittedly sassy nail shape.

    You can expect to spot a few distinctive features with coffin nails, such as:

    1. Square tips
    2. Narrow nails
    3. Tapered edges

    Interested in trying out coffin nails to truly understand what the hype is all about? Keep reading for the lowdown on coffin nail styles, and get ready for major nail inspo.

    Coffin Nail Shapes

    The coffin nail shape is usually associated with sharp tips, tapered edges, and a distinctive square shape. While it may feel intimidating to attempt this at home, we assure you it’s doable if you’re determined. Or you can treat yourself to a relaxing manicure at the nail spa instead.

    You can customize your nail shape based on your preference, such as:

    • Long nails
    • Short coffin nails
    • Stiletto coffin nails

    How to Shape Coffin Nails

    Ready to give your nails a makeover? First things first, make sure to clean your nails and remove old polish before beginning the process. Additionally, gather all the necessary tools to make this a hassle-free experience.

    Some of the tools you should have in your arsenal for shaping coffin nails include:

    1. Cuticle scissors
    2. Nail file
    3. Nail polish remover
    4. Q-tips

    Check out our easy-to-follow guide below for a step-by-step breakdown:

    1. Trim your fingernails horizontally to a length you are happy with.
    2. Using your nail file, file at the side of the nail tip so that your nail tapers inwards.

    Coffin Nail Designs

    When choosing coffin nail designs, know there are so many options that you’re highly likely to find a style you will swoon over for days. Whether you’re a fan of simple coffin nails or prefer a glamorous style like glitter coffin nails, there’s a long list of stunning ideas waiting for you.

    If you don’t have naturally long claws but would love to have extra long coffin nails, you can use acrylics to achieve your dream look. If you’re prepping for the Christmas season and need a festive manicure, we’ve got the perfect suggestion for you: Christmas coffin nails.

    The bottom line? You have plenty of exciting coffin nail ideas to explore as you pick a style that speaks to you the most.

    Can’t wait any longer? Guess what? Neither can we! Let’s get started.

    Short Coffin Nails

    If you believe it’s not practical to have long claws as you do your daily chores, consider saying yes to pretty short coffin nails instead.

    Short coffin nails are as stylish as long nail styles. They’re tasteful and eye-catching. Brighten up your mani with neon nail polish for impressive results.

    You can choose from multiple fluorescent shades to add to your short coffin nails, like:

    • Neon pink
    • Electric purple
    • Lime green

    If bright shades aren’t your cup of tea, try other options like neutral colors or understated ombre styles.

    Summer Coffin Nails

    Just like your gorgeous bright summer dresses, deck up your summer coffin nails in colorful hues. Alternatively, you can go for a neutral base with colorful nail tips.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, pay tribute to the summer season by choosing a suitable nail design. You could opt for palm trees, colorful swirls, or even sunflowers.

    White Coffin Nails

    White is such a classic color that it goes with everything. If you get white coffin nails, you’ll never have to worry about matching your nails with your everyday wardrobe.

    Opt for opaque white nail polish like this or exaggerated white tips. Alternatively, add rhinestones to your white coffin nails for a chic and glamorous look.

    Not sure how to add gemstones to your nails? It’s not as complicated as it looks. Here’s what you need to do.

    How to Add Rhinestones to Coffin Nails Description
    Prep Shape, file, and buff your coffin nails andapply a base coat of your choice.
    Apply nail polish Apply two coats of nail polish, letting them fully dry in-between coats
    Add rhinestones Add clear nail polish into a container. Use tweezers to dip the rhinestone into the container before applying it to your nail. Repeat the process until you get your desired results.
    Seal Seal it all in with a clear nail polish that will work as a top coat.

    Now that you know how to glam up your nails with gemstones, it’s time to experiment with various styles and designs.

    Black Coffin Nails

    If you can’t get enough of classic shades, black coffin nails should be at the top of your list. For one good reason, black is a crowd favorite – it looks good on everyone. Also, it is easy to incorporate into your everyday style.

    You can customize your black coffin nails in different ways, such as:

    • With a matte finish
    • Glossy and shimmery
    • Adorned with rhinestones

    All you’ve got to do is say yes. You won’t be disappointed.

    Long Coffin Nails

    If long coffin nails are your jam, don’t think twice about trying them. Long coffin nails are sexy and trendy, perfect for nailing the boss lady look.

    Long coffin nails have one red flag, though. You need to ensure your natural nails are strong and healthy to pull off this style, or you’ll only make things worse.

    Fretting over your nails and wondering how to make them stronger? Don’t worry; we’ve got a helpful table for you. Check it out below.

    How to Have Strong Coffin Nails Description
    Take care of your nails Use cuticle oil as often as possible and keep your hands and nails moisturized.
    Protect them from harm Always wear gloves before tackling household chores to protect your nails from damage.
    Don’t neglect nail hygiene Keeping your fingernails clean is essential to stop bacteria from harming your nails. This also applies to nail biting, a habit that can lead to bacteria damaging your nails.

    It’s possible to have long and sturdy coffin nails. Don’t fret; you’ve got this. Remember that you simply need to put in the work and stay patient.

    Ombre Coffin Nails

    If you’re tired of monochromatic styles, you should head over to the ombre nails club. This gradient effect is perfect for creating dreamy styles with multiple hues.

    Ombre coffin nails are easy to get right. You’ll love the results whether you go for a French ombre mani or a classy look with plenty of glitter.

    Zohna Tip

    Use a matte top coat to add a frosted look to your manicure.

    French Tip Coffin Nails

    French tip coffin nails are classy and effortlessly stylish. Perfect for those who enjoy fuss-free designs, French tip coffin nails can be tweaked based on your preferences.

    For instance, try the classic French tip look with a nude base and white tips. Or switch things up by altering the shape of the tips – a V-cut design looks incredible, by the way.

    Medium Coffin Nails

    This style is ideal if you’d like to flaunt long claws without being too extreme. Medium coffin nails strike the perfect balance between long and short nails. They’re also more convenient than longer nails and are universally flattering.

    If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to head to a salon, consider trying press-on nails like these to save time.

    Nude Coffin Nails

    Don’t let anyone tell you that nude nails are dull or unoriginal. Nude coffin nails are, in fact, quite the opposite. They’re perfect for formal settings when you want your nails to be on fleek.

    Besides, there’s a lot that you can do with this timeless option. You can experiment with shades, add glitter, or elevate your look with rhinestones.

    Red Coffin Nails

    Red coffin nails are another classic option that can effortlessly amp up the glamorous quotient. No matter where you’re headed or what you’re planning, these nails will work for most occasions without looking out of place.

    Pair diamond earrings with your favorite dress to complement red coffin nails.

    Pink Coffin Nails

    A bright pink shade, a hard-to-miss neon pink hue, and a soft baby pink color are all good contenders for your next manicure. Pink coffin nails are too pretty to ignore, especially if you’re considering them for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

    Make your coffin nails look extra glossy by using a shiny top coat.

    Cute Coffin Nails

    In case you were under the assumption that coffin nails and cute nail styles don’t mix, we’re here to remind you that’s not the case. Cute coffin nails can be created using nail art and innovative designs.

    If you need inspiration for cute coffin nails, you could try several designs and styles, such as:

    • Starry nail art
    • A mix of bright hues
    • Floral designs

    Blue Coffin Nails

    Blue coffin nails are impossible to miss. With a mesmerizing color that reminds you of the ocean and a sharp elongated coffin shape, these nails will likely make you feel like a stunner.

    Jazz up your claws with glitter or funky nail art for extra points.

    Acrylic Coffin Nails

    Want your manicured nails to last longer? There’s a simple solution for that – acrylic coffin nails. Acrylic nails will ensure you enjoy your gorgeous manicure for a longer period.

    Plus, you won’t have to worry about growing out your nails to achieve this look. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

    Fall Coffin Nails

    Want your nails to look like art? If you answered yes, say hello to your new favorite manicure: fall coffin nails.

    These are dreamy and suitable for two occasions – when you’re enjoying fall and want to showcase your love for the season and longing for fall colors and want your nails to reflect that.

    You can try several designs while experimenting with nail art, such as:

    • Leaves
    • Pumpkins
    • Cow prints

    Classy Coffin Nails

    Want to feel like the queen that you are? Pamper yourself with classy coffin nails, a timeless choice that will make you like a fashion-forward diva at all your dinner parties and brunch dates.

    Experiment with glitter, nude shades, or a classic French manicure to get classy coffin nails right.

    Purple Coffin Nails

    If you need a pop of color to make your nails stand out, try purple coffin nails. They’re striking and are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression.

    Pssttt! Explore funky nail art and graphic patterns to make your mani extra special.

    Matte Coffin Nails

    If glossy colors don’t impress you, try stunning matte coffin nails instead for equally impressive results.

    Matte shades can be powerful, especially when paired with a nail style as legendary as the coffin shape.

    Spring Coffin Nails

    Nothing says it’s springtime, like colorful hues and delicate floral details. Spring coffin nails allow you to try bolder colors and level up your nail game.

    There are lots of things that you can do with this nail style, such as trying fun nail trends like:

    1. Chrome nails
    2. Pastel colors
    3. Smiley-face designs

    Brown Coffin Nails

    Brown is a seriously underrated nail color that looks great on everyone. No matter your skin tone, there’s a shade of brown perfect for you.

    This earthy shade can be customized to suit your preferences. Go on, give brown coffin nails a chance. You’ll probably love the results.

    Christmas Coffin Nails

    If you’re thinking about dressing up your nails for the festive season but aren’t sure where to begin, we can help you get started.

    Think about which colors appeal to you the most. Perhaps you’d like to stick to traditional Xmas colors like green and red. Or maybe you’d like to add gold accents and glitter to make your claws look more festive.

    No matter your choice, we’re confident you’ll turn heads with your Christmas coffin nails. Get ready to spread the holiday cheer!

    Simple Coffin Nails

    Don’t ever underestimate the power of simple coffin nails in solid colors like maroon, red, nude, or white.

    They may seem basic but look incredibly elegant and understated in most settings. When in doubt, stay simple. You’ll love what you see, we promise.

    Need more ideas to pull off simple nails? Check out our handy guide below.

    How to Pull Off Simple Coffin Nails Description
    Turn to strong colors Stunning opaque colors can work wonders for simple coffin nails and make them stand out.
    Try basic nail art Simple nail art, like tiny hearts, can make simple coffin nails look more attractive.
    Look after your nails Well-groomed nails are always appealing. Make sure to get touch-ups when needed.

    Simple coffin nails can look stunning. Don’t be afraid to experiment or ask your nail artist for ideas.

    Green Coffin Nails

    Get ready to unleash your inner fashionista with green coffin nails. Whether you go light or dark, you can make a statement with your eye-catching nails.

    Guess what? You have scores of shades to choose from, such as:

    • Sage green
    • Forest green
    • Army green
    • Mint green
    • Emerald Green

    Halloween Coffin Nails

    Halloween Coffin NailsInstagram@ldbdPIN

    Looking to celebrate the spooky season in the best way possible? It might be time to embrace Halloween coffin nails, a bold and daring style that’ll turn heads at every party.

    You can customize your Halloween coffin nails by adding interesting nail art like ghouls, witches, and ghosts or staying loyal to classic Halloween colors like orange and green.

    Natural Coffin Nails

    Elevate your everyday style by giving natural coffin nails a whirl. They’re sleek, sophisticated, and the perfect solution to make your nails look on point without going over the top.

    You’ll need to grow out your nails if you want to keep things all-natural. Keep your nails healthy by eating a high-protein diet with plenty of nuts, veggies, and bone broth.

    Clear Coffin Nails

    If you’re the kind of person who favors minimalistic styles over others, you’ve got to check out clear coffin nails.

    Simple and sweet, clear coffin nails look effortlessly chic and sexy. They’re ideal for various occasions, including formal events, casual outings, date nights, etc.

    Glitter Coffin Nails

    Are you someone who can’t get enough of all things glitter? Well, it’s time to meet your new bestie: glitter coffin nails.

    Whether you want to try glittery tips or make your nails sparkle and shine all over, you’re bound to make a stylish statement with these nails.

    They’re especially great for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

    Yellow Coffin Nails

    If you’d like your nails to look bright and vibrant, consider trying yellow coffin nails. Reminiscent of gorgeous sunflowers and warm sunny days at the beach, yellow coffin nails are perfect for giving your nails a colorful boost.

    You can choose from many colors, like pale yellow, bright yellow, neon yellow, and more.

    Orange Coffin Nails

    This bold hue is perfect for anyone who loves this fiery shade. It’s also an ideal match if you’re tired of neutral hues and want to step away from your comfort zone.

    Orange coffin nails can be worn throughout the year because they’re versatile and complement various styles. Try marble orange coffin nails for a stunning look that instantly boost your confidence.

    Neutral Coffin Nails

    This is an evergreen option that aims to impress. Neutral coffin nails are classy and elegant. The best part? They perfectly complement most outfits.

    Whether you opt for a simple beige color or a basic gray shade, we think it’s pretty likely you’ll fall in love with your neutral coffin nails.

    Charcoal Grey Coffin Nails

    Let’s be honest: grey is a shade that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves despite being a powerful option.

    Channel your inner boss woman by embracing charcoal grey coffin nails. You’ll probably be taken aback by the compliments you’ll receive for your bold choice.

    Winter Coffin Nails

    When you want to get the most out of your winter style, go for sharp and stylish winter coffin nails. Wondering which shade to use to highlight your new manicure? A few colors worth considering include deep, rich burgundy, matte black, and dark blue.

    Take it from us – winter coffin nails are the perfect way to survive the gloomy winter months. They make a stylish statement and make it clear you’re ready to take on the snowstorm with your best puffer jacket and trendy nails.

    Small Coffin Nails

    Want to flaunt a look that’s cute but also edgy? It’s time to meet small coffin nails. They pack a punch with their versatility and the ability to pull off various styles.

    Also, they’re convenient. You can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you won’t get accidentally hurt while scratching yourself. Small coffin nails, FTW!

    Skinny Coffin Nails

    Don’t make assumptions based on the name yet. Skinny coffin nails are so stylish that you’ll find it tough to not look at them every now and then.

    This trend is here to stay. Whether you choose metallic colors or a classic red shade, skinny coffin nails will always impress you and take your fashion game to the next level.

    Square Coffin Nails

    Square coffin nails are an excellent option for those who want to try a style that’s both modern and traditional. Squared off at the tips, these coffin nails are strong enough to make their own statement.

    Choose a vibrant neon shade to make a lasting impression.

    Burgundy Coffin Nails

    Burgundy coffin nails instantly add sophistication to your style. Like a delicious glass of red wine, this rich nail color will work wonders for your claws, taking them from meh to slay.

    They’re also relatively versatile and a good fit for business meetings and important events.

    Lavender Coffin Nails

    Why settle for dull colors when you can choose to paint your coffin nails a rich shade of lavender?

    Sassy but delicate, lavender coffin nails are fresh and unique, perfect for sprucing up your everyday style.

    Coffin Ombre Nails

    Coffin ombre nails are so stunning that they’re likely to make others sit up and take notice. Like beautiful works of art, coffin ombre nails feature two or more colors in a gradient-like style.

    Say yes to coffin ombre nails if you can’t get enough of this beautiful trend. You’ll be admiring your nails for days.

    Coffin Acrylic Nails

    Sharp and stylish, coffin acrylic nails are meant for those looking for a long-lasting and durable style.

    This stunning style will ensure you can get away without redoing your nails for weeks. What an irresistible option, right?

    Coffin Green Nails

    Can’t get enough of all things nature? Pay tribute to the great outdoors by trying an earthy shade like green.

    Coffin green nails work for several reasons. Not only is this an incredibly soothing hue, but it’s also the color that will make your nails look effortlessly appealing. Ready to channel your inner nature goddess yet?

    Coffin Brown Nails

    How do you feel about flaunting nails that look as irresistible as a delicious piece of chocolate? Coffin brown nails are the answer you’re looking for.

    This gorgeous style can be worn in multiple earthy hues, making you feel more confident as you show off your sharp, perfectly-shaped claws.

    Coffin Royal Blue Nails

    If you want to try a shade that will make you feel like royalty, look no further. We’ve got the perfect option for you: coffin royal blue nails.

    Rich, luxurious, and vibrant, coffin royal blue nails are the perfect choice for you if you like solid colors that are bold and stunning at the same time.

    How to Do Coffin Nails

    Coffin nails are within reach as long as you practice and get comfortable with all the steps. Don’t fret; we’re here to help you. Check out our quick tips below.

    Step #1

    Trim, prep, and clean your nails. Make sure not to cut them short because the coffin shape needs long nails for the best results.

    Step #2

    File your nails to achieve your desired coffin shape. Be careful, and don’t overdo it, though. Next, buff your nails to smooth them out.

    Step #3

    Use a base coat before applying nail polish. A good rule of thumb is to apply two coats and let each coat dry completely. You can also work on nail art at this stage if desired.

    Step #4

    Use a high-quality top coat before calling it a day. This helps your manicure last longer and prevents nail polish from chipping.


    • How to File Coffin Nails?

      File your nails in one direction, focusing on creating a straight line. Next, round the corners to achieve the tapered shape associated with coffin nails and eliminate any rough edge.

      Finally, buff your nails. Remember to be gentle throughout the process.

    • How Much Do Coffin Nails Cost?

      This depends on several factors, such as whether you plan to do your nails at home or at a nail salon. Other things to consider are the type of services you opt for, your location, how experienced your nail technician is, and more.

      Expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $150 or more, depending on your choice.

    • Where Can You Buy Coffin Nails?

      You can easily find coffin nails on websites like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and Ulta. Alternatively, check out a beauty outlet like Sephora for more options.

    Excited to Flaunt Your Manicure Yet?

    Now that you have so many options, we hope you’ll give coffin nails a shot. Whether you like wearing long coffin nails or prefer going shorter for practical reasons, there’s an option for you.

    Go ahead, and make the most of your manicure. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.