23 Elegant Blue and White Nails Inspiration

Updated on January 11, 2024
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    Blue and White NailsPIN

    23 Elegant Blue and White Nails Inspiration

    The shoe has finally dropped, and the wait is over; your fairy godmother (aka us) has brought you the nails of dreams, the manicure of fairy tales – blue and white nails!

    We are here to “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” your raggedy nails into a beautiful blue and white manicure. Continue reading to discover the magic of all things blue and white nails!

    When to Consider Blue and White Nail Designs

    If you have stumbled upon this blue and white nail post and are conflicted about when someone (other than Cinderella) might wear these nails or when someone might consider blue and white nail designs, we’re here to help. You can wear blue and white nail designs whenever you want, but we have listed a few occasions that we think fit them best.

    Independence Day

    There’s nothing like red, white, and blue on the Fourth of July. If you’re looking for a manicure that celebrates America’s birthday, then any of the blue and white nail designs we mention might be perfect for the occasion. Add red if you feel it will complete the American colors, but blue and white will be the ideal fit.

    Summer Event

    A light blue and white manicure would be perfect for a summer event. Just picture your sun-kissed tanned, or naturally darker skin against a beautiful light blue and white nail. There are so many stunning outfits that you could pair with this manicure for a monochrome look. Pairing the soft blue and white nail designs with a beautiful powdery blue eyeshadow look would be unreal.

    Tropical Vacation

    On a tropical vacation, we expect nothing less than beautiful blue and white nail designs to match the shades of the ocean. The blue and white manicure will fit the tropical vibes perfectly. Since you’ll likely wear many open-toed shoes and let your bare feet sink into the sand, we recommend a blue and white manicure to match your hands.

    How To Do Blue and White Nails

    If you don’t want to break the bank at the nail salon but don’t want gross un-manicured fingers, we can tell you how to fix both those problems, but do a DIY manicure! Take a peek at the blue and white nails tutorial below to find out how to do your manicure at home.

    What you’ll need to do blue and white nails:

    1. Bowl
    2. Nail file
    3. Nail clippers
    4. Cuticle trimmers
    5. White and blue nail polish
    6. Base coat
    7. Top coat
    8. Butterfly nail stickers (or any nail design you want)

    Step #1

    The first step to a manicure should always be proper preparation. Using your bowl, fill it halfway with warm water. Let your fingers soak in the warm water for at least five minutes. This will allow the dead skin to expand, making removing the skin and filing the nails easier.

    Step #2

    Once the five minutes have passed, use your nail clippers and trim your nails to the desired length. Use the cuticle trimmers and cut any excess dead skin around the nail bed. Be careful with this tool. Use the nail file to create your desired shape if your nails need shaping.

    Step #3

    Once the nails look clean and prepped, apply a layer of base coat. The base coat will help prime the nails for colored polish while also helping to prevent chipping so the nails last longer.

    Step #4

    Once the base coat is dry, apply the blue and white polish. You can add these two nail polishes in any design you prefer. We’re going to do alternating colors on each finger. Starting at the thumb, we’re going to paint it blue, then the index finger white, and so on.

    When painting, use the three-stripe method. One stripe in the middle of the nail and one on each side. This will help ensure complete coverage. We suggest applying three layers of polish.

    Step #5

    If you want to add any designs, this would be your time. You can add rhinestones, diamonds, glitter, stickers; you name it. We will add small butterfly nail stickers to each ring finger for an added touch. Tweezers will help with applying the sticker!

    Step #6

    To seal everything in and ensure the nails last as long as possible, apply a layer of trusty top coat.

    Light Blue And White Nails

    Light Blue And White NailsInstagram@14nailzPIN

    Feel like Cinderella at the ball with these light blue and white nails. However, hopefully, things go a bit smoother for you than they did for her.

    These white nails, topped with tiny little blue hearts, makes our actual heart flutter.

    There are a few different ways you or your nail technician could achieve this manicure, using tools such as:

    • Small nail art brush
    • Nail decals
    • Press-on nails

    Blue And White Ombre Nails

    Blue and white ombre nails are one of a kind!

    If you don’t know what ombre means, the color gradient from one darker to one lighter color fades into another, and the results are often breathtaking. If Cinderella lived during the 21st century as a trendy Instagram model, these are the nails she’d have.

    Baby Blue And White Nails

    Nothing says you like the shinier things in life than baby blue and white nails decked out in gems and jewels. This manicure is what dreams are made of; it’s extra, over the top, but stunning. If you like to show off your claws, this manicure is for you. Plus, it’s the perfect manicure to wear to the ball; just ensure you keep your eye on the clock and not your nails.

    Royal Blue And White Nails

    Feel like royalty with these royal blue and white nails. A whole fairytale awaits you at the tips of your fingers with this manicure. The royal blue and white pair perfectly together, and the added gemstone design elevates this look.

    Glitter Red White And Blue Nails

    Is the Fourth of July right around the corner? Well, if so, you are in luck cause this is the perfect manicure for the celebration. These glitter red white and blue nails will make you look bright and patriotic. What could be more fun than showing off your love for your country in your manicure?

    Blue And White Acrylic Nails

    Acrylic nails are the perfect way to add length, thickness, and surface area to your claws. Many people choose acrylic nails when they hit the salon because of their outstanding features.

    However, we wouldn’t be doing you justice if we only told you the pros of acrylic nails. Check out the table below for the pros and cons of blue and acrylic white nails.

    Pros of Blue and White Acrylic Nails Cons of Blue and White Acrylic Nails
    • Adds length
    • Add more surface area for nail designs
    • They make nails appear thicker
    • They last longer than regular manicures
    • They take longer to install than regular manicures
    • More expensive
    • Causes nail brittleness
    • Causes nail breakage when removed

    Navy Blue And White Nails

    These are the cutest polka dot navy blue and white nails we’ve ever seen. Despite looking complex, this manicure is easy to achieve. If you put a little faith in yourself and grab the right tools, you, too, could have this stunning manicure. These short white nails with blue are to die for and don’t need any length unless you want some.

    White And Blue Ombre Nails

    These white and blue ombre nails are to die for. If you don’t know what ombre means, the color gradient from one darker to one lighter color fades into another, and the results are often breathtaking. You would be silly if you didn’t try this manicure at least once.

    Christmas Nails Blue And White

    These blue and white nails are a Christmas miracle. Forget about sugar plums and dream of these blue and white Christmas nails. They’re the perfect balance of festive and cute without looking too tacky. The marbled design underneath the snowflakes upgrades these claws.

    Zohna Tip

    If you are still learning how to paint your nails, using a liquid latex peel-off cuticle guard is great if you tend to get paint on your skin.

    Blue And White Marble Nails

    Wowee! Do we ever love these blue and white marble nails!

    Marble nails are newish nail designs hitting the mainstream. We envision class, sophistication, and beauty when people wear these claws. Will you be one of them?

    Dark Blue And White Nails

    Dark blue and white nails like these are something to drool over. They’re shiny, elegant, and outright gorgeous.

    We understand glitter isn’t for everyone, so we have listed alternative ways you can incorporate shine into your nails without running the risk of a glitter mess, such as:

    • Sparkle nail polish
    • Diamonds
    • Rhinestones
    • Glitter stickers
    • Press-on nails with glitter already on them
    • Chrome pigment

    Blue And White Snowflake Nails

    If you’re trying to figure out what manicure you want to wear this Holiday season, this is it. Snowflakes are always a safe bet for a holiday manicure, as they look cute and simple. Sometimes the Christmas manicures we see with crazy Holiday designs can be too much, but snowflakes feel just right.

    Blue White And Silver Nails

    If you ask us, blue and silver are the perfect couple. They look great together, play fair, and never clash or try to diminish each other. Blue white and silver nails, therefore, are the perfect manicure.

    White And Blue Marble Nails

    Make waves with these white and blue marble nails. The marble manicure doesn’t have to cover the whole fingernail, nor must it be on each finger. Using the technique to create designs like these wave-like structures is a game changer.

    Blue And White Nails Coffin

    These blue and white coffin nails are perfect for the summer. The little butterflies pair perfectly with the blue and white. The addition of gemstones elevates this manicure, and we love it. It might seem complicated, but adding gems is super simple.

    Check out this short step-by-step tutorial on adding gemstones to your blue and white nails:

    1. Once you have painted your blue and white nails and want to add some gemstones, ensure everything is dry first. Then to rewet them, paint the fingernails in the top coat. We suggest following these steps one finger at a time.
    2. Using tweezers pick up your gemstone and delicately place it onto the wet nail. If you are worried about it not sticking, buy nail glue and place a dollop on the back of the stone before plopping it onto the nail.
    3. Once you’ve finished each finger, cover them in two layers of top coat to seal everything in a voila!

    Blue And White Butterfly Nails

    Butterflies are the new ‘it’ design for manicures; you heard it here first! These blue and white butterfly nails are all the rage and super easy to recreate; you only need butterfly nail stickers. There are plenty online for purchase; you only stick them right onto the nail.

    Cute Blue And White Nails

    These super cute blue and white nails are the perfect spring manicure. Get into the groove of all things spring, and don’t forget the tiny little flowers; they are the best part!

    Blue White And Gold Nails

    Blue White And Gold NailsInstagram@icedbymirPIN

    Everything looks better when you add a hint of gold; just look at these blue white and gold nails. Pairing these claws with gold jewelry and a beautiful blue dress will make you look unreal on your tropical vacation or summer event!

    Blue And White French Tip Nails

    These blue and white French tip nails are the ideal twist on the traditional French tip. Sometimes switching up tradition can be fun, and turning the classics into something modern like this manicure creates something perfect, just like these.

    Sky Blue And White Nails

    Feel like you are on cloud nine with these stunning sky blue and white nails. We love a sky blue color for our manicures as they add some color but without being too overpowering.

    Blue And White Swirl Nails

    Practice your swirls and twirls, or else you’ll feel extra dizzy looking at your blue and white swirl nails. If the stark white against the blue in the swirl isn’t doing it for you, try milky white nails or off white nails with blue instead.

    Blue And White Gel Nails

    If you don’t know what gel nails are, they are a type of nail polish that is longer lasting, quick drying, and cured under an LED light. They also make your nails appear thicker and make it easier to add designs. Try these blue and white gel nails at your next salon visit if this sounds appealing.

    Blue And White Glitter Nails

    Blue and white glitter nails are made of children’s dreams, puppy love, and babies’ laughter.

    Just kidding, but they are pretty magical looking if you ask us. We love the super light blue and white combination with one singular blinged-out ring finger. Everything works so well together and makes for the perfect team.


    • What Does Blue and White Nails Mean?

      Blue and white nails can mean whatever you want them to or nothing at all.

      According to Urban Dictionary, white nails signify someone is ready for a fresh start, while light blue nails indicate that you are taken. That said, there are some contradictions between what the colors mean. We suggest you create your meaning for blue and white nails.

    • Are White and Blue Nails Hard To Do?

      The beauty of manicures is that they can be as complex or simple as you want them to be. Doing regular blue and white nails shouldn’t be that complicated. When you incorporate fun designs, then it can become a bit more complex.

      If you gauge your manicure abilities, you should be able to make it as easy or complicated as you want for yourself.

    Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue

    Your pumpkin Uber is outside, waiting to take you to the nail salon. It’s time to see your favorite nail technician, channel your inner Cinderella, and get your favorite blue and white nail design. However, please don’t forget a shoe; you’ll want that.