49 Trending Purple Nails in 2024 for Inspiration

Updated on November 9, 2023
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    Purple NailsPIN

    49 Trending Purple Nails in 2024 for Inspiration

    Nail polish speaks louder than words, especially with purple nails!

    Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Purple nails, seriously?” Yes, seriously! Because when you’ve got purple nails, you’ve got an instant conversation starter.

    Picture this: you’re at a fancy dinner party, and everyone’s talking about politics, world affairs, and their deep thoughts on life. But you, my friend, you’re over there showing off your purple nails, and suddenly, everyone’s like, “Whoa, what’s the story behind those magnificent purple masterpieces?”

    And that, my fellow nail enthusiast, is your cue to launch into a fantastic, made-up tale about how you single-handedly saved a pack of purple pandas from a perilous pickle.

    This article explores the best occasions to rock purple nails and shares 49 of the best styles to make you the town talk.

    Best Occasions for Purple Nails

    Purple nails are versatile and can be rocked on various occasions. Whether you’re attending a wedding, prom night, Halloween party, enjoying the summer vibes, embracing the fall season, or celebrating Valentine’s Day, purple nails are ideal for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your ensemble.

    Let’s look at each occasion to see how purple nails complement them.


    When it comes to weddings, purple nails can complement any bridal look. Purple nails can add a pop of color to your overall appearance, whether you’re a:

    • Bride
    • Guest
    • Bridesmaid

    Pairing purple nails with a white or pastel-colored dress can create a stunning contrast, making your nails the focal point of your look.

    Prom Night

    Prom night is another occasion where purple nails can make a statement. Purple is often associated with royalty and luxury, making it the perfect choice for a glamorous prom look. Whether you opt for a deep plum shade or a vibrant lavender hue, purple nails will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit and make you feel like a true prom queen.


    When Halloween rolls around, purple nails can be a fun and spooky addition to your costume. Purple nails can enhance the look and add a touch of mystery, whether you’re dressing up as a:

    • Witch
    • Vampire
    • Mystical creature

    Consider adding some nail art, such as spider webs or bats, to take your Halloween nails to the next level.


    As the summer season approaches, purple nails can be a great way to welcome vibrant and playful vibes. To match the lively atmosphere, opt for bright and bold shades of purple, such as:

    • Magenta
    • Fuchsia
    • Heliotrope

    Whether lounging by the pool or attending a beach party, purple will add pizzazz to your summer nails!


    When the fall season arrives, purple nails can help you enjoy the cozy and warm vibes. Deep shades of purple, such as eggplant or plum, can complement the earthy tones of autumn. Pair your purple fall nails with cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots to create a stylish and seasonal look.

    Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to rock romantic and feminine purple nails. Soft shades of lavender or lilac can add a touch of elegance to your date night outfit. Whether going out for a romantic dinner or spending a cozy night in, purple nails make you feel beautifully confident.

    Purple Ombre Nails

    In nail art, ombre designs are all the rage. Purple ombre nails offer a seamless gradient that transitions from light to dark shades. This style adds a trendy, mesmerizing effect to the nails, making them look like a work of art; let’s not forget the fabulously detailed flower on the ring finger.

    Black And Purple Nails

    If you’re a fan of edgy nail looks, black and purple nails could be the style you’ve been looking for. This striking color combination exudes a mysterious, chic vibe. Whether you opt for a black base with purple accents or a purple base with black details, this manicure will undoubtedly turn heads.

    Zohna Tip

    For a bold and dramatic effect, you can choose a deep, jet-black polish as the base and pair it with a vibrant, electric purple for the accents.

    Coffin Purple Nails

    Lifes too short to have dull, boring nails. And that’s where coffin purple nails can help you!

    We love how the extended length of the coffin or ballerina nails gives you a tapered canvas to showcase a rich, bold shade of lilac.

    Pink And Purple Nails

    Blend femininity with vibrancy by rocking pink and purple nails. This duo creates a spectacularly striking effect. This soft pastel pink paired with a vibrant purple shade accentuates the nails’ shape, while the gold lines on the two fingers add a particular type of charm you won’t find anywhere else.

    Purple Chrome Nails

    Add a touch of metallic allure to your nails with purple chrome designs. The reflective nature of this chrome polish gives the manicure a high-shine finish that is simply out of this world. When the lustrous purple hue catches the light, it creates a dazzling, ultra-modern look that’ll make you feel like you just returned back from the future.

    Gold And Purple Nails

    Elevate your purple nails by adding gold accents. Combining a marbled regal purple effect and luxurious gold accents close to the cuticles and tips creates a glamorous, opulent aesthetic.

    Blue And Purple Nails

    This color combination features a cosmic, dreamy vibe due to the subtle gradient that transitions from blue to purple. Also, we love the fact that all of the nails don’t contain both colors, with some being painted in a bold but rich dark blue (Also, check out our article on blue nails.)

    Matte Purple Nails

    Step away from the high-gloss finish and welcome the understated elegance of matte purple nails. This finish gives your manicure a velvety texture and sophisticated appeal that’s hard to ignore. Add black accents or another contrasting color to give your nails an identity of their own!

    Purple Butterfly Nails

    Struggle and determination lead to great things, just ask the butterfly.

    Whether you opt for a single butterfly accent nail or a full-scale butterfly garden on your fingertips, this nail art adds a fairytale-like touch to any manicured nails.

    Purple Marble Nails

    Mimic the elegance and beauty of natural marble with purple marble nails. This design marries shades of purple, gold accents, and intricate swirls to create a unique, hypnotic effect.

    Short Purple Nails

    Who said you need long nails to rock a stunning manicure?

    Short purple nails can be just as fashionably chic. With various purple shades, like this lavender, you can create a manicure that suits your personal style. And don’t forget to change the style in which you paint your nails while including gold accent lines for an extra luxurious effect.

    Purple And Silver Nails

    Every cloud has a silver lining, which is resoundingly true for these purple and silver nails. Whether you opt for metallic silver accents or a silver glitter gradient, this color combination adds a touch of glamor to your nails, making them shine like the precious metal itself!

    Purple French Tip Nails

    Give the classic French manicure a purple twist with purple French tip nails. This modern take on a timeless design replaces the traditional white tip with a shade of purple and includes a flower accent and diamonds on one finger for a dainty, feminine, carefree vibe. These subtle changes add a fresh, trendy update to a tried-and-true nail look.

    Purple Gel Nails

    For long-lasting and glossy purple nails, consider applying gel polish. With a finish that lasts for weeks, gel nails provide a manicure that’s

    1. Chip-free
    2. High-shine
    3. Low maintenance

    With a wide range of purple shades available in gel formulas, you can enjoy vibrant and flawless nails for an extended period.

    Purple Almond Nails

    Almond-shaped nails are known for their feminine appeal. Combined with a light lilac shade, they create a stylish manicure with an extra touch of softness. The elongated shape of almond nails pairs perfectly with purple’s graceful and captivating nature.

    Orange And Purple Nails

    This unexpected color combination creates a vibrant, eye-catching manicure. Whether you opt for a fiery orange base with purple accents or paint each nail a different style with contrasting colors with a starry effect like our design, this pairing is guaranteed to make your fingertips stand out.

    Purple And Yellow Nails

    The trio of white, purple, and yellow shades creates a lively, energetic manicure. Each color complements one another perfectly and gives off a warm feeling most suitable for those hot summer days.

    Purple Cat Eye Nails

    Cats choose us; we don’t choose them. But we hope you select these purple cat eye nails to pay homage to your favorite feline compadres.

    Cat eye nails feature a magnetic, swirling, galaxy effect that mimics the depth-defining allure of a cat’s eye. Merging this mesmerizing effect with the rich purple hue, glitters, and some creative nail art will give your fingertips a mysteriously enchanting vibe.

    Green And Purple Nails

    Create a bold and striking manicure by combining neon nails and this lavender shade of purple. This unexpected color combination offers a vibrantly unique and dazzling appearance that makes your fingertips the focal point of your overall look.

    Bright Purple Nails

    This bold and vibrant nail color is the perfect choice for ladies who want to make a statement that can’t be ignored. With its regal allure, a glossy top coat will make your nails look like they’ve been dipped in royalty.

    Whether you prefer a solid color look, experiment with geometric patterns, add some sparkle with glitter accents, or give a classic French manicure a modern twist, there’s a style for everyone.

    So, let’s take a closer look at the possibilities in the table below:

    Style Options Description
    Solid Color Look For a sleek and sophisticated appearance, consider opting for a solid color look. Coating your entire nail in this striking shade of purple is perfect for any occasion.
    Geometric Patterns Take your nail game up a notch by creating geometric patterns with bright purple nail polish. Use striping tape or nail stencils to craft clean and precise lines, like triangles, squares, or intricate diamond shapes, to add a modern and edgy touch. The contrast between the bold purple color and the sharp lines of the patterns will make your manicure stand out.
    Glitter Accents To add a touch of sparkle to your bright purple nails, go for glitter accents. Apply a clear or silver glitter polish layer over your purple base coat for a dazzling effect. Alternatively, sprinkle fine glitter powder onto your wet nail polish for a more subtle shimmer, making your nails sparkle like precious gems.
    French Manicure Twist If you prefer a more understated look with a pop of color, incorporate bright purple nails into a French manicure. Replace the traditional white tips with a bright purple polish, giving this classic style a modern twist. This maintains an elegant appearance while adding a dash of color.

    Whether you’re aiming for a daring and bold appearance or a subtle and sophisticated style, they’re guaranteed to be a showstopper.

    Purple Tips Nails

    For those who desire a classic manicure with a creative twist, we recommend checking out purple tips nails. Departing from the conventional white tips, this style incorporates a rich and alluring purple hue, injecting a distinctive element into your manicure. These purple tips nails effortlessly transition from formal to casual occasions, offering a playful touch with the addition of flower designs.

    To explore the varied options and possibilities, let’s delve into the table below, highlighting how you can customize your purple tips nails to reflect your style:

    Style Options Description
    Variety of Purple Shades Purple tips nails offer endless customization possibilities. Choose from a range of purple shades, spanning from dark and mysterious to bright and vibrant, and experiment with different nail shapes (square, round, almond) to find the one that best suits your personal style.
    Versatile Complement Purple tips nails easily pair with various outfits and accessories, whether you’re dressed in formal black attire or a casual jeans and t-shirt ensemble. They add a pop of color and elegance to your overall look and can complement other purple accents in your outfit, such as a purple handbag or scarf.
    Nail Art Canvas If you’re a fan of nail art, purple tips nails provide an ideal canvas for showcasing your creativity. Embellish your nails with intricate designs like floral patterns, geometric shapes, or ombre effects. Consider adding a touch of glamor with glitter or rhinestones.
    Maintenance Tips To maintain the beauty of your purple tips nails, follow standard care practices. Regularly moisturize your hands and nails to prevent dryness and maintain their health. Use a top coat to protect the color and extend the longevity of your manicure. Touch up any chips or cracks with matching purple nail polish to keep your nails looking flawless.

    Purple tip nails are a stylish, versatile choice, allowing you to add a unique twist to your manicure. Don’t wait any longer; give them a try!

    Purple Dip Nails

    Are you in search of a trendy, enduring nail style? Purple dip nails to the rescue. This innovative technique involves dipping your nails into colored powder, resulting in a resilient, exquisite finish. The exceptional versatility of purple dip nails stems from the wide range of available shades, from deep plum to soft lilac, ensuring a hue to match your mood and personality.

    Not only do purple dip nails exude beauty, but they also offer practical advantages, including enhanced nail strength and prolonged durability.

    Here’s a list highlighting the key benefits of purple dip nails:

    1. Diverse Purple Shades: The broad spectrum of purple shades in dip nails allows you to choose the perfect color to express your unique style and preferences.
    2. Nail Strength: Purple dip nails are fortified with dip powder, making your natural nails less susceptible to breakage and damage.
    3. Long-Lasting: Enjoy beautiful purple nails for weeks on end, as dip nails are known for their durability and resistance to chipping or fading.
    4. Activity-Friendly: Ideal for individuals with active lifestyles, purple dip nails can withstand daily wear and tear, making them suitable for sports, gardening, and various hands-on activities.
    5. Low-Maintenance: Purple dip nails require less upkeep compared to other nail techniques like gel nails. With proper care and occasional touch-ups, you can maintain your manicure at home without frequent salon visits.

    Ladies, if you’re searching for a stylish, long-lasting nail option, purple dip nails are excellent. Their broad array of shades, durability, added strength, and low-maintenance nature make them beautifully practical.

    Red And Purple Nails

    If you’re adventurous and want to make a bold color combination, red and purple nails quickly accomplish that task. Opt for a deep burgundy red and rich pink purple for a cosmopolitan style. You can play around with nail add-ons like diamonds, glitter, or accents to create an even more jaw-dropping look.

    Deep Purple Nails

    If you prefer a darker, more mysterious look, these deep purple nails with their deep shade of dark burgundy can give you everything you’ve ever asked for. This shade exudes elegance and sophistication, making it suitable for:

    1. Formal events
    2. Glamorous nights out
    3. Special social gatherings

    Keep the nails simple or add some nail jewels, clear micro bullion beads, or metallic accents to boost your style points!

    Lilac Purple Nails

    Looking for a soft and feminine look? Lilac purple nails are just what you need! This delicate shade of purple is reminiscent of blooming flowers and pastel hues. It’s perfect for spring or summer and adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit.

    Lavender Purple Nails

    The scent of lavender is like a gentle kiss from nature. So, imagine how these lavender purple nails will make you feel. This shade is perfect for those who want a serene, tranquil, and feminine appearance. Lavender nails give off a sense of relaxation and can even be therapeutic like their botanical counterparts.

    Sparkly Purple Nails

    If you’re in the mood to add some sparkle and glamor to your nails, you’ve gotta check out these glittery, sparkly purple nails. This style is perfect for parties, special occasions, or just when you want to feel like a dazzling diva. Opt for glittery purple nail polish on your ring fingers, a lighter shade of purple for your index and pinky fingers, and a deep hue for your middle finger.

    Purple Swirl Nails

    Are you looking for a uniquely mesmerizing nail style? Purple swirl nails can fill that gap! This style involves painting a purple base coat and creating swirl patterns using a different shade. It results in an eloquent look that will make your nails look like miniature works of art. You can either go for a marbled effect or opt for a more abstract swirl design.

    Royal Purple Nails

    Do you want to be the queen of absolutely everything? Well, with these royal purple nails, now you can!

    This deep and rich shade of purple is associated with luxury and royalty. It’s perfect for formal events or a sophisticated imperial gathering. Feel free to experiment with nail shapes like stiletto or almond to enhance the royal vibe.

    Chrome Purple Nails

    Shine bright like a diamond with these fabulous chrome purple nails!

    This style involves applying a chrome powder to your nails, creating a mirror-like finish that reflects light and gives off a metallic effect. Choose a vibrant purple chrome shade for a bold and attention-grabbing style.

    Purple Long Nails

    If you’re blessed with long nails, why not show them off with a stunning purple manicure?

    Long nails provide a larger canvas to experiment with different nail designs, accessories, and styles. Choose a bright purple and light lilac to cover your nails, and remember to add diamond nail art to your ring fingers. You can go for intricate nail art designs or keep it simple with a solid color.

    Midnight Purple Nails

    These rich, dark purple nails carry an air of sophisticated sensuality, making it an ideal choice for an evening rendezvous or when you desire to infuse a dash of theatricality into your appearance. Elevate your midnight purple nails by combining them with opulent silver or gold embellishments, crafting a glamorously tantalizing look.

    Purple Flower Nails

    Why settle for plain purple nails when you can add beautiful flower designs?

    Purple flower nails are a stunning way to incorporate floral designs into your manicure. Whether you hand-paint delicate flowers on the ring and middle fingers or opt for floral nail stickers on each fingertip, your nails will look like a blossoming garden.

    Purple And Teal Nails

    We absolutely adore how these two shades complement each other beautifully and create a striking contrast. Opt for gold accents around the cuticles and intricate floral nail art that makes both colors pop.

    Cute Nails Purple

    If you’re in the mood for a cute, playful manicure, cute nails with a purple, metallic glittery twist are the perfect choice. These cute purple nails are coated in metallic powder and include a subtle hint of glitter that makes them the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

    Purple Acrylic Nails

    For independent women who prefer the durability and strength of acrylic nails, why not go for this stunning purple manicure? These purple acrylic nails give you a long-lasting, appealing manicure, especially when going all out on nail art flower designs and glitter French tips!

    Purple Holographic Nails

    Purple holographic nails are highly recommended for a manicure that catches the light and dazzles everyone around you. This style involves applying a holographic nail polish that creates a mesmerizing, sparkly, and multi-dimensional effect. As the light hits your nails, they reflect a shimmer of purple, creating a stunningly magical look.

    Purple Cow Print Nails

    Purple Cow Print NailsInstagram@oh_my_gelPIN

    You should never trust a person who doesn’t like cows. And if they don’t like these purple cow print nails, I wouldn’t even be friends with them!

    This design is inspired by the idiosyncratic cow print pattern but with a purple twist. It only incorporates the design on the middle fingers, while the other nails are painted a lovely lilac purple.

    Zohna Tip

    Pair your purple cow print nails with solid purple accents for a cohesive and trendy look.

    Nude Purple Nails

    For a chic, understated look, nude purple nails are the go-to style! These nude purple nails combine a neutral nude base shade with a touch of purple on the ends for a subtle yet elegant look.

    Purple Winter Nails

    Winter may be cold and gloomy, but that doesn’t mean your nails must be!

    Welcome the beauty of the season with purple winter nails. This design captures the essence of winter with its rich purple shade reminiscent of pansies that grow during the season. Add a touch of sparkle with contrasting white flower accent nail art and glitter pinky fingers to create a mesmerizing winter wonderland on your fingertips.

    Purple Nails With Diamonds

    Do you want to add a touch of luxury to your manicure, go for these purple nails with diamonds. These nails are all about glamor and opulence, turning your fingertips into shiny gems. Start with light purple nails and accentuate them with sparkling diamond accents and glittery fingertips.

    Purple Flame Nails

    Are you ready to set your fingertips on fire? With purple flame nails, you can (figuratively, of course.) The vibrant combination of lilac base and lavender flames creates a subtle yet eye-catching effect that is perfect for ladies who want to brighten their own flame.

    Purple Grey Nails

    Purple grey nails tick those boxes if you’re looking for a more subdued and sophisticated look. These nails combine the elegant combination of these colors to form a rich, unique, and refined manicure.

    Purple Jade Nails

    Lavender Jade is one of the rarest forms of Jade. But we’re not talking about minerals here.

    Inspired by the beauty of the precious stone, these nails combine soft purple hues with gold foil and star accents to bring out everything this style has to offer!

    Purple Gradient Nails

    If you love the versatility of purple but can’t decide on just one shade, purple gradient nails are a must try solution. This design allows you to showcase multiple shades of purple in a seamlessly stunning manicure.

    Purple Iridescent Nails

    These nails capture the beauty of shifting colors and light reflections, creating an ethereal look.

    Start with a base coat of deep purple, and then add a layer of iridescent nail polish or a top coat with a holographic effect. As the light hits your nails, it will create a stunning rainbow of colors that will catch everyone’s attention. The iridescent effect can be enhanced by adding glitter and gold nail art accents for a truly magical, spellbinding style.

    Purple Nails With Rhinestones

    Life won’t sparkle unless you do. So why not give these purple nails with rhinestones to your shimmering aura?

    Start with a base coat of deep, rich purple on your long acrylic nails, and add rhinestones and 3D butterfly nail stickers in various sizes to create an intricate design. You can opt for a simple accent nail with a cluster of rhinestones or go all out and cover your nails with a dazzling array of gems.

    Clear Purple Nails

    Clear Purple NailsInstagram@_alluredPIN

    If you’re a fan of the minimalist trend, clear purple nails will be right up your alley.

    Start with a clear or sheer purple nail polish and add a glossy top coat for a glass-like finish. The translucent effect will allow the natural beauty of your nails to shine through while adding a subtle hint of purple.

    Pale Purple Nails

    This subtle and romantic shade of purple will add a touch of femininity to your look.

    We suggest experimenting with shades of pale purple, such as lavender or lilac, to find the perfect hue that complements your skin tone. Opt for a glossy finish for a classic and polished look, or choose a matte top coat for a modern, edgy twist.


    • What Are the Best Nail Polish Brands for Purple Nails?

      When it comes to quality and variety, some of the best nail polish brands for purple nails include:

      • OPI
      • Essie
      • Sally Hansen
      • Zoya

      These brands offer a wide range of purple shades and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect nail polish to suit your style and preferences.

    • How Can I Make My Purple Nails Last Longer?

      To make your purple nails last longer, make sure to properly prepare your nails before applying the polish. Start by removing any old polish and then trim and shape your nails. Apply a base coat to protect your nails and prevent staining. Allow each coat of polish to dry before applying the next one.

      Finally, seal your manicure with a top coat to add shine and extend the wear of your polish.

    • Can I Mix Different Shades of Purple in One Manicure?


      Mixing different shades of purple in one manicure can create a unique and personalized look. Experiment with different color combinations and gradients to find the perfect combination that reflects your style.

    • How Do I Remove Purple Nail Polish Without Staining My Nails?

      To remove purple nail polish without staining your nails, soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and press it onto your nail for a few seconds to allow the polish to dissolve. Then, gently swipe the cotton pad over your nail, moving from the base to the tip in a single direction. Avoid rubbing the cotton pad back and forth, as this can cause the polish to smudge and potentially stain your nails.

    • What Are Some Nail Art Ideas to Complement Purple Nails?

      There are endless nail art ideas that can complement purple nails. Some popular options include floral designs, geometric patterns, ombre effects, and abstract art. You can also add accents such as glitter, rhinestones, or metallic foils to enhance the overall look of your manicure. The key is to let your creativity run wild and have fun exploring different nail art techniques!

    We Run on Purple Time

    So, whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with purple flame nails or add a touch of elegance with purple grey nails, there’s a fabulous purple nail design for every occasion.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades, finishes, and nail art techniques to create a look that truly reflects your unique style.

    Let your nails be a canvas for self-expression and let fabulous purple nails brighten up your day!