Tapered Square Nails – 26 Designs You’ll Love

Updated on September 29, 2023
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    Tapered Square Nails – 26 Designs You’ll Love

    It’s no secret that trend-watching celebrities and nail art lovers alike have been choosing tapered or squoval as their favorite nail shape, and among the most popular is the tapered square acrylic nail shape. You may have wondered what a tapered square nail shape is, how you can wear it, and actually find your way to getting it without making a mistake along the way.

    Well, we’re here for you because we’ve done some research for you and share the ultimate guide on going from zero to tapered square nails.

    Tapered Square Nails Vs Square

    With so many different nail shapes out there today, it’s easy to mix them all up. Tapered square-tipped acrylic nails are the latest trend in nail art, and they’re subtly shaped acrylics that look good on a variety of nail lengths.

    As you can see, tapered square nails look like regular square-tipped acrylics, but they have a tapered edge that makes them look more natural and less bulky.

    Some common nail types mixed up with tapered square nails include:

    • Coffin
    • Squoval
    • Square
    • Ballerina

    The biggest difference between tapered square-tipped acrylic nails and regular square-tipped acrylic nails is the shape of the tip. The table below outlines these shape differences.

    Square Nails Tapered Square Nails
    • Slightly rounded edge
    • Gently angled in towards the middle of the nail
    • More natural
    • Angled in at just less than a 90-degree angle
    • Pointy
    • Square
    • Sharp
    • Right angle
    • Less natural

    Long Tapered Square Nails

    Make a statement with these long tapered square nails that feature a lime green accent and gold flakes, with gold butterflies. This is a great design for those looking to have some long claws with flair. The tapered square shape is flattering on most hands, and the gold flakes add extra sparkle to this already glamorous nail art design.

    Pretty Long Tapered Square Nails

    Go retro with these pretty tapered square nails. The colors are bright and bold, and the design is perfect for a fun night out. The design is simple and classic, making it easy to create. You can make your own version of this look in just a few steps.

    To get your own version of this pretty long tapered square nail at home:

    1. Paint your base coat a light shade of pink first. Let dry completely.
    2. Apply a second layer of your basecoat if desired, or top with a clear polish. Let dry completely.
    3. Starting from the tip, use nail stencil striping tape to create your bands of color, letting each color dry before moving on to the next.
    4. Finish with another top coat, and voila! You have the perfect pretty long tapered square nails.

    Acrylic Long Tapered Square Nails

    Don’t be afraid of a little extra length. Be brave and go all the way with a set of acrylic white square nails like these. These are super clean and modern looking, but they aren’t dull. The white shade would also make any color pop, so you can easily add nail art to this set for a more colorful look.

    Medium Tapered Square Nails

    Go classic with this set of medium-length, tapered square nails. Our classic neutral nude base with white tips gives you endless options in both length and color, while our ombre accents add just enough interest to keep it fresh! The medium length is more practical for everyday tasks and is sometimes just what you need, even if you love long nails.

    Cute Medium Tapered Square Nails

    Looking for something to add some sparkle to your day — but don’t want to go all out? This subtle holographic butterfly accent nail is paired with a soft, feminine lavender polish. It’s the perfect balance between fun and cute.

    Zohna Tip

    To get the look of a suspended glitter like in the above image, Apply your basecoat, in this case, a soft nude, then a clear coat. Then, while your base coat is still wet, drop into place your small flat glitters and seal with a clear coat. Let dry, and add one final coat of clear topcoat.

    Short Tapered Square Nails

    These nails are short and sassy – and we like it! With a simple white polish, they are simple yet pop out against a dark outfit.

    Short tapered nails are just one option! Common lengths of tapered square nails include:

    • Natural
    • Short
    • Medium
    • Long
    • Extra Long

    Acrylic Short Tapered Square Nails

    Sometimes the moment’s not right for extra long nails. That’s where acrylic short tapered square nails come in. We love the simple, glossy finish, and the nude-y pink is fresh and feminine. This is truly a classic look that never goes out of style.

    Hoping to get the perfect glossy, nude-pink polish look at home? Keep the following in mind:

    • Match the tone of your polish to your skin tone. If you have cool skin undertones, opt for a cool polish undertone (pinks and nudes a grayish tone), and likewise with warm tones (pinks and nudes with reddish, orangey undertones).
    • Go up or down a shade. To add contrast, consider a nude shade one or two shades lighter or darker than your skin tone for more of a pop.
    • Know when to adjust. Different top coats can dramatically change the look of nail polish. A nude shade, for example, may appear glossy but have an entirely different effect when matte. You can also see a different tone as you layer on polish coats. Don’t be afraid to start fresh or try another shade if you aren’t happy with the result.

    Tapered Square Acrylic Nails

    When you can’t make up your mind about what you want for your tapered square nails – how about a set like this funky option? With French tips, ombre, gold, and a marble effect at play, your eyes don’t know where to look first! We love the combination of purple and pink marble nails with the nude pink on the French-tipped nails, and even though there is a wide variety of styles happening in one set, it’s a cohesive, pretty look.

    White Tapered Square Nails

    Get a fresh look with these long, acrylic nails that are perfect for those who want versatility. Their all-white finish is a simple yet statement-making nail you can achieve in no time at home and is a simple look to request at the salon. We love that this shade of white is opaque and rich, making the extra-long length of these nails the star of the show.

    Milky White Tapered Square Nails

    Milky White Tapered Square NailsInstagram@dlc.nailsPIN

    These milky white tapered square nails are totally in right now. Confirmed as the new French manicure from celebs like JLo, these are one of the hottest nail trends of the year. The simple tapered square nails are the perfect nail shape for a classic manicure. The tapered square nails are ideal for those who want to make a statement but still keep things simple and elegant.

    Tapered Square French Nails

    A French manicure (which isn’t actually French, by the way) is one of the most timeless and simple ways to wear your nails. And this interpretation of tapered square French nails is a fresh and trendy take.

    Try the look at home on natural or acrylic nails with the following recipe for a classic French manicure on tapered square nails:

    1. Pale pink or nude nail polish
    2. Opaque white polish
    3. French tip guide (tape, stencil, and sticker)

    French Tip Tapered Square Nails

    When you want a classic French tip, but don’t want to lose any of the drama factor, check out these extra long French tip tapered square nails. We love the glossy, nude elegance of a set like this. It’s so simple it goes with any outfit, day or night, and suits any style.

    Tapered Square Ombre Nails

    Who doesn’t want some hot pink ombre and shiny accents in their life – and on their nails!? Complete with both rhinestones and gold foil-like accents, these tapered square ombre nails bring the drama and the glam. We especially like the ‘Barbiecore’ vibes of this shade of pink and how the nail artist applied different directions of the ombre to create some visual interest.

    Pink Tapered Square Nails

    Say ‘yeehaw’ to this cow-print inspired set of pink tapered square nails 🤠 These extra long nails are definitely in baddie nails territory with the combination of hot pink and cow print, along with a ton of shiny rhinestones. The way rhinestones were laid out to give a halo-like look and a twinkle of glitter and glam any nail lover can appreciate. And we love how the cow print accent nails are more whimsical and abstract than other animal prints like cheetah or leopard print nails.

    Black Tapered Square Nails

    These black tapered square nails are moody and glamorous! Shiny black polish paired with sleek pink nude is a classic combo, and the cute heart nail art near the tips of the nails is a fun, low-key detail that adds some feminine detail to this look.

    Zohna Tip

    Want to get consistent nail art like these cute hearts, every time? Try a nail stamper or stencil to get consistent and even nail art designs, no matter your nail talent!

    Red Tapered Square Nails

    Want to get in on the jelly nails trend? This trend, which uses a sheer wash of color to imitate a glossy, jelly-like finish, complements almost any outfit. And despite being a trend based on nostalgia, the look feels fresh and new.

    The best part? Jelly nails are easy to do at home.

    Here’s how to get a look like these jelly red tapered square nails:

    1. Grab a fresh bottle of clear polish (we love an affordable choice like Wet N’ Wild’s Fast Dry AF in X-Ray Vision) along with solid colored nail polish. To get this reddish jelly to look, we’d use a shade like OPI’s Dutch Tulips.
    2. After removing the top from the clear bottle of polish, swirl your brush around the bottle of colored polish, coating it with polish.
    3. Carefully drop some of the colored polish into the bottle of clear polish. Add one to two drops, depending on how sheer or opaque you would like the look to be. Keep in mind, the more you add to the clear polish, the less jelly-like it will look.
    4. Apply two coats of the polish, letting dry fully between each coat.
    5. Apply a glossy top coat like Sally Hansen Mega Strength Top Coat in Ultra-shine Top Coat. Let dry, and voila! You have jelly nails.

    Blue Tapered Square Nails

    These nails remind us of beach glass, with their misty blue tips that aren’t quite opaque and not quite transparent, either. And the tapered square shape is perfect for highlighting these French-tip style nails perfectly. We love the customization accent on the pinky nail, too, with initials in a romantic, black script.

    Baby Blue Tapered Square Nails

    Baby blue is such a pretty color to add to your mani wishlist! Absolutely a classic, this shade works in any season, but this particular set reminds us of Springtime, with the accent nails featuring what looks like encapsulated blooms in the top corner of the two middle fingernails. The manicurist has created a glossy look with a high-shine finish, making this even more pretty.

    Nude Tapered Square Nails

    Nude tapered square nails are a classy look that pairs well with almost any look – day or night! We love the combination of two styles in one look – French tips on some nails and nude ombre nails! Both are cool, chic, and classic. Together, they make a funky pairing and a sleek look, especially with the glitter top coat. Get your own glittery overspray using a polish like OPI’s Tinker Thinker Winker. Just be sure to apply a single coat (sparingly) to get this minimal look.

    Brown Tapered Square Nails

    Brown tapered square nails are cool, on-trend, and thanks to their neutral tones, look great with almost any look.

    To get this look at home, you will need:

    • Dark brown nail polish (try OPI’s Squeaker of the House)
    • Medium brown nail polish (try Essie Expressie in Cold Brew Crew)
    • Light beige nail polish (try Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Almost Almond)
    • Clear basecoat
    • Glossy top coat
    • Long striping nail art brush
    • Nail polish remover

    Once you have your supplies assembled, it’s time to get wavy! Follow the steps below to achieve this look:

    1. Start by prepping and filing your nails into a tapered square shape.
    2. Then apply a thin layer of base coat.
    3. Make a small puddle of each polish shade on plastic or foil, then dip your striping brush into the first color, twisting the bristles to evenly coat the brush.
    4. Swipe wavy lines on each nail. There’s no particular way to do this, but you can fill some waves in toward the edge of the nail, as shown in the image. Be sure to create a mix of directions, with some lines touching.
    5. Between colors, dip your brush into nail polish and wipe it off as needed. You can also use your brush to tidy up lines and mess around your nail’s edge.
    6. Apply a second and third coat as needed, with drying time in between.

    Christmas Tapered Square Nails

    These nails are wrapped up as pretty as a present! We love the Christmassy vibes these nails give off, with deep emerald green, rich shiny gold, and off-white. These nails are each unique, some looking like a tartan while others are adorned with gems and glitter. But our favorite may be the encapsulated snowflakes on the index finger. It reminds us of a festive snow globe!

    Tapered Square Nail Tips

    Getting long, luxurious nails at home is easy – thanks to these easy to use at home acrylic tip extensions. These use your natural nails in combination with these extenders.

    But it’s important to know how to apply acrylic tapered square nail tips – just follow these steps:

    1. Prepare your nails. Wash your hands in hot water, and while your nails are still soft, push your cuticles back and file your nails down to an even taper.
    2. Protect your nails by applying a base coat. Since acrylics can be damaging to your nails, protect your natural nails with a base coat. Let dry fully.
    3. Choose the right size nail tip. Look through the nail tips and select one that fits each nail. They should cover your nails, but not so much that they overlap the edges.
    4. Apply the nail adhesive. Use adhesive gel to cover the indented area of the nail tip. If the nail doesn’t have an indented area, just apply it along the curved edge. The edge that overlaps the natural nail end is the one that should be coated in the adhesive.
    5. Trim the extensions. Trimming down the nail tips before you shape them is a good idea. You can use clippers or nail scissors to do this.
    6. File and shape your nails. Use a file to shape your nails into a tapered square shape. Start by filing your nails towards the center of the nail, angling the file slightly, and filing across the top to make the ever-so-rounded shape.
    7. Buff your nails down. Where the nail extension meets your nail, file the extension tip down, evening the nail out. Then, use a buffing tool to smooth the nail and extension until there is minimal difference between each.
    8. Apply a layer of base coat. This should even out the remaining height difference and create a smooth base.
    9. Paint your nails in the desired color. This may require multiple coats, depending on the shade.
    10. Top with a glossy or matte finish top coat. This seals in all your hard work!

    Glitter Tapered Square Nails

    We love the glitz and glamor of these nails! With encapsulated glitter, gems, and metallic flakes, these nails remind us of a shiny, pretty snow globe. The clear polish is the perfect way to highlight the multi-chrome and colorful glitters inside the nail, and feels like you’re snapping a moment in time – a very glittery one at that!

    Yellow Tapered Square Nails

    If you want something simple, but bright – these nails are perfect! Looking like literal sunshine, these yellow tapered square nails are pure joy and happiness wrapped up in one nail look. If you’re into this look and hope to nail it at home, grab yourself a highly opaque, bright yellow polish like OPI Infinite Shine in Don’t Tell a Sol.

    Fall Tapered Square Nails

    Nothing says Fall like rich warm tones of orange, burgundy and nude. These nails use a variety of finishes, textures, and colors to make an interesting look that will say, ‘happy fall y’all!’ to all who see them. The encapsulation of little leaf decals is a cool accent and ties the combination of colors together, making them perfect for Thanksgiving.

    Summer Tapered Square Nails

    Summertime and butterflies go together like peanut butter and jelly! We love these pretty, delicate summer tapered square nails. The cool rhinestone gems and delicate butterfly glitters take this simple look to the next level.

    Nail the Tapered Square Look

    We hope you enjoyed these styles, and now feel inspired to try them out yourself. They really are a trend that everyone should be able to get into. Short, long, more pointy, or more round, you can totally make it work for you!