Short Square Nails – 28 Designs You’ll Go Crazy For

Updated on November 6, 2023
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    Short Square NailsPIN

    Short Square Nails – 28 Designs You’ll Go Crazy For

    Do you have short nails and want to capitalize on them? If so, we have just the right nail ideas and designs for you. Square nails short are a relaxed nail style that looks great on anyone. Their cropped length makes them look professional and sophisticated, but with the added designs and colors, you can still have fun with your manicures.

    And we’ve got 28 ideas for wearing your own short square nails right here, so whether you’re DIYing the perfect set or heading to the salon, you have the inspo you need!

    Short Square Nails Ideas

    Short nails are in, and long nails are out – you heard it here first. Short square nails are where it’s at, with many different designs and ideas for your next manicure. Some of the ideas we provide are short square ombre nails, short square pink and white nails, short square bling nails, and many more. We touch on nail polish types like dip powder and various designs like rhinestones and gems.

    Before we get into all the different short square nail designs, you might want to know how to get square short nails. If you don’t have short square nails, it’s straightforward to acquire, and we’ll show you how. First, you have to ensure you have the right tools.

    What you’ll need for short square nails:

    Here are the steps for filing and shaping short square nails:

    1. Using the straight-end nail clipper, trim your nails to a longer length than you want. The clipper will automatically make the tops of the nails straight.
    2. Once the nails are clipped, go in with your nail file and drag it flat along the top of your nail to smooth it out and file to the desired length.
    3. Gently run it across both sides of the nail tips to smooth out the edges, so they aren’t super sharp.

    Zohna Tip

    You can use a regular round-end nail clipper that is usually more common; you will just have to do more nail filing.

    Short Square Nails Tutorial

    Getting your nails right can require the right short square nails tutorial. The good news for you? We’re here with the tips to, well, nail your tips! Just remember that no matter practice makes better when it comes to doing your own nails, and DIYing can take time to perfect.

    That said, here are some tips to keep in mind for your own short square nails:

    • File right. When filing your nails into the short square shape, try filing in only a single direction rather than see-sawing back and forth to avoid breakage and file a bit at a time. Remember, you can always file more, but you can’t get back what you filed away!
    • Use a base coat. We know using a base coat is another step in the process, but it really can make a difference. It will help the color last longer, protect your nails and prevent chipping.
    • Use an eyeliner brush. You may need clarification, but eyeliner brushes are a great alternative to nail brushes for larger designs or to clean up the edges of your nails if any polish gets on your skin.
    • Use white nail polish to prime. If you’re working with really bright colors that you want to make sure pop, try doing a case coat of white polish.

    Classy Short Square French Tip Nails

    Despite the classic French tip nails not originating in France, we still respect the name because they are just as classy as the French. Classy short square French tip nails are about as traditional as it gets. The shorter they are, the easier it is to go about everyday things. The square shape keeps the nails put together and crisp while still looking sexy and clean.

    Short Square French Tip Nails

    Everyone loves to break the rules every once in a while, and here’s your chance. Just because the classic French tip nails have a white border doesn’t mean you must follow orders and stick to them. Try swapping out the white for a pretty blue like these short square French tip nails.

    Sometimes adding color can make the nails really stand out. If you want to minimize the drama of the manicure, keeping the length short and square will tone them down.

    Square Short White Nails

    If you wear a ton of color, going for square short white nails is the perfect way to keep your manicure from clashing. Keeping the nails short and square will have them looking cleaner for longer.

    Cute Short Square Nails

    If you want to go for cute short square nails, adding nail art to your manicure will give it an adorable twist. Try out these cute nails for added charm. These would also be perfect for Valentines day nails. If your drawing skills need some improvement, and you don’t have the right tools to paint hearts onto your nails, give nail stickers a try.

    Zohna Tip

    Try switching out the color of the hearts for a little added fun.

    Square Short Gel Nails

    If you are someone who doesn’t like doing their nails but loves having them done, a square gel manicure is the right kind of manicure for you.

    Some benefits of truing square short gel nails include:

    1. Long-lasting
    2. Dries fast
    3. Looks and feels like natural nails
    4. Makes nails look thicker
    5. Easy to wear in everyday life

    Since gel comes in many shades, you can get creative and experiment with your square short gel nails. If these silver and navy nails speak to you, try and create them. They would be a perfect holiday nail.

    Round Square Short Nails

    If you like square nails, but want to soften the edges a bit, give round square short nails a shot. Simply put, round, square nails are square nails with softer and rounder edges and are similar to tapered square nails in that they are a variation on a classic. To keep up with the delicate theme, go for a light pink color like these, and if you want to spice it up, a singular sparkle nail adds some character.

    Short Square Ombre Nails

    Looking to add a fun twist to your nails? We got you covered. Try adding more than one color to your square short nails. Try doing short square ombre nails if you want to take it further. Ombre nails give a two-toned color effect, usually darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.

    It may sound not easy, but it can be achieved at home and with little effort. The easiest way to create an ombre effect on your nails is to use a makeup sponge, and here’s how.

    What you’ll need for short square ombre nails:

    1. Two shades of polish – a lighter and darker shade
    2. Makeup sponge
    3. Nail polish remover
    Steps To Short Square Ombre Nails Description
    Step 1: Base Application Apply the first layer of your lighter nail polish to the whole nail.
    Step 2: Ombre Prep Paint your two nail polish colors stacked on top of each other horizontally on a makeup sponge.
    Step 3: Ombre Application Before the polish dries, dab the sponge onto your nails. Ensure the sponge is the right way up with the lighter color at the top to go on to the nail tip and the darker one at the bottom closest to the nail bed.
    Step 4: Repetition Repeat the process until you get the desired ombre effect. You will have to add polish to the sponge a few times.

    Short Square Purple Nails

    Nothing is wrong with being a minimalist and preferring nude colors for your manicures. However, if you’re feeling a spark of inspiration and want to incorporate a color this time while still keeping your fingers natural looking, try adding the color through designs.

    These short square purple nails are a great example of how someone incorporated the color purple into their manicure for purple square nails, while still keeping them minimalist and natural looking.

    Short Square Red Nails

    These short square red nails have to be one of our favorite square nail designs. They are the “little black dress” of nails and look great any time of the year. Red is a fantastic color for manicures because there are so many different shades that almost all look great on your fingers.

    Summer Short Square Nails

    When we imagine summer short square nails, we envision bright colors and some tiny added details. These purple and white square nails are a great place to seek inspiration. The floral detailing adds a pretty touch, and the minimal coloring makes them look light and refreshed, just how you want to feel on a hot summer’s day.

    Short Square French Ombre Nails

    The French tip nails are a classic in the manicure world. It can be fantastic to take inspiration from something traditional and change it up like these deconstructed French tip nails. Instead of a prominent white tip, blending the white with the remaining neutral coloring results in this pretty ombre effect. If short square French ombre nails are a bit too simple for your dream nails, try adding some rhinestones to them.

    Here’s a step-by-step on how to add rhinestones to your claws:

    Steps For Adding Rhinestones to Short Square Nails Description
    Step 1 Apply your nail polish as normal.
    Step 2 While the nails are still wet, apply the rhinestone where you want it using tweezers or a nail dotting tool.
    Step 3 Once the rhinestone has dried in place, apply at least two layers of clear top coat to make sure the stone is sealed in.

    Square Short Black Nails

    If you feel like Wednesday Addams, try wearing square, short black nails. Black is a very versatile color and pairs with almost anything. The nice thing about having black nails is that you never have to consider your nails when picking an outfit. They might not instantly match, but they certainly won’t clash.

    Square Short Pink Nails

    Do you have a wedding to go to or an important event? If yes, we know the exact manicure for you. These square short pink nails are the perfect manicure that looks professional but lively at the same time. They give off an air of attitude that says, “I’m mature but also know how to let loose and have fun.

    Short Square Pink And White Nails

    Short Square Pink And White Nails Instagram@pazy02PIN

    A terrific way to incorporate two colors is to add them through designs. These short square pink and white nails combine white and pink without it looking too tacky or over the top. Adding variations of a color is a fun way to make the nails stand out, such as the slight inclusion of pink glitter.

    There are a few different tools that can help you to get swirl designs for your short square pink and white nails, such as:

    • Nail art brushes (the thinner, the better)
    • A toothpick
    • Nail glitter pen

    Short Square Nude Nails

    It is a great decision to keep it simple and classy when it comes to your nails, especially if you choose to go for a long-lasting manicure such as gel or acrylic. We’re all guilty of being indecisive sometimes, and if you are like that when it comes to your nails, it can be best to go for a neutral color so you don’t hate the shade you choose two days later. Choosing a basic nude color could minimize the possibility of changing your mind.

    Zohna Tip

    To make it appear like you have nice manicured nails without giving it away that there's lots of nail polish and effort that went into them, find a shade as close to your skin tone as possible.

    Fall Nails Short Square

    Choosing a color based on the season you are in can make it a lot easier to decide what shade to do next. A nice color that we associate with Fall and Thanksgiving nails is light brown. We suggest giving this warm light brown a try.

    There isn’t a lot of dramatic energy in the Fall compared to the chaos of the holidays and summer activities. Therefore, going for short square nails instead of a long dramatic shape will be more fitting.

    Short Square Press On Nails

    Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to get your nails done, and it can feel like a chore. That’s why tools such as press-on nails can give you an amazing-looking manicure in half the time and amount.

    Choosing between press-on nails, sitting at the salon, or doing a regular manicure yourself can be challenging. We have compiled pros and cons list for press-on nails to help you decide

    Pros of Short Square Press on Nails Cons of Short Square Press on Nails
    Quick and easy to apply. Can be hard to find proper sizing.
    Can be done easily at home. Glue might not be strong enough to make them last longer than two or three days.
    Can change them often without causing significant damage. Costly if you are constantly redoing them.

    Short Narrow Square Nails

    If you want to get short, narrow, square nails, you’ll have to have a bit longer claws, somewhere halfway between super short and long. That is because to get them a narrow appearance, the nail has to extend far enough off the fingertip that you can slim down the sides to give them that thin appearance. These nude nails here are a great example of that.

    Short Skinny Square Nails

    The skinniness of your nail largely depends on the natural shape of your nail bed. Some people have larger nail beds, meaning the nail itself will be wider. However, there are ways to trick the eye and shape your nails to appear skinnier.

    We suggest going for black color, as black is infamously known for being slimming. This rule of thumb usually applies to clothing, but what’s stopping it from spreading to your fingernails? The second option is to file them down on the sides as much as possible. The longer the nails, the better because you have more filing room.

    Short Square Dip Nails

    Dip powder is a technique that requires the nail to be dipped into a colored powder. Once the nail has been submerged, it’s then coated with a clear sealant. The powder is the nail polish. It’s a cool process that doesn’t require much dry time or time at the salon. You can get almost any color or multiple colors on the one hand.

    Short Square Nails With Rhinestones

    Look no further if you want to add a bit of drama and glamour to your nails. Rhinestones are the perfect way to elevate and add some sass to your manicure. They are also super easy to apply at home; all it takes is some extra top coat covering the carefully placed gems.

    Square Short Neon Yellow Nails

    Neon yellow can be quite a bright color. If you are super into the shade but need to figure out how vibrant it is, give these square short neon yellow nails in French tip style a try. They are a perfect way of incorporating color while not letting it overpower our manicures.

    Square Short Orange Nails

    Square Short Orange NailsInstagram@ccluxshopPIN

    When you lay by the pool in the summer drinking a fruity drink, what would be better than having happy and bright nails that match the energy of this scene. Orange is a great choice to pair with short square nails because it adds some oomph you might want.

    Square Short Matte Nails

    A great way to elevate your short square nails is to step outside the box and go for a matte finish instead of the traditional shiny one you see on most manicures. Making this stunning dark green color matte gives it a twist you usually wouldn’t don’t see on people’s fingers.

    Short Square Bling Nails

    Feel like blinging out your nails? Try going for a manicure with two nails completely covered in gemstones. This little added touch gives the nails a different vibe, perfect for New Year’s Eve, a party, or, depending on who you are and how you live your life, they could also be perfect for everyday life.

    Short Square Blue Nails

    You can never go wrong with a lovely navy blue color. It looks great on clothing, shoes, and even your nails. Many different blue colors would look great, but we suggest these darker ones paired with short square nails. It adds to the sophisticated energy of the short nails, and we like it.

    Short Square Winter Nails

    Two things make winter nails stand out as nails for winter: dark colors and sparkles. The ladder, especially during the holidays. Therefore, if you want short, square winter nails, go for a dark shade, like this nice deep green-blue color, and pair it with some shimmer.

    Zohna Tip

    If you're cool-toned, go for silver sparkle, and if you are warm-toned, go for gold sparkle.

    Simple Short Square Nails

    The easiest way to get simple short square nails is to file them down and stick to only one color. Choose your favorite shade and paint that on your nails. Adding designs and other colors can get complicated, so keep it simple and stick with one.


    • DIY Short Square Nails

      With those tips for success in mind, make sure you follow the right steps to nail your short square shape!

      Steps for filing short square nails include:

      1. Using the straight-end nail clipper, trim your nails to a length a bit longer than you want them to be. The clipper will automatically make the tops of the nails straight.
      2. Once the nails are clipped, go in with your nail file and drag it flat along the top of your nail to smooth it out and file a bit shorter if desired.
      3. Gently run it across both sides of the nail tips to smooth out the edges so they aren’t super sharp.

    A Short but Sweet Goodbye

    Hopefully, we have convinced you to go for short square nails, and that one of the many color options spoke to you. You can’t go wrong with any of these options, and it could be fun to challenge yourself and see if you can get through them.