Top 6 Spearmint Tea Benefits: Hair, Skin, Body & Well-Being

Updated on December 8, 2022
Shauna Freemantle By Shauna Freemantle
Top 6 Spearmint Tea Benefits: Hair, Skin, Body & Well-BeingPIN

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    Top 6 Spearmint Tea Benefits: Hair, Skin, Body & Well-Being

    Are you looking for help with weight loss, bloating, hormone balancing, or are you just trying to find a way to bring a calming vibe to your day?

    Well, we’ve got an easy way to achieve those.

    At least to an extent. We can’t promise miracles and, you know, speak to a doctor if you have health issues that need to be remedied.

    But, nonetheless, it’s time for us to spill the tea.

    And tell you what we know.

    Because, as it turns out, spearmint tea might just be the ticket for you.

    Tea, in general, has a great rep for being a delicious hot drink known for its long history and health benefits.

    Spearmint is a delicious herb with a long history. This plant goes back to ancient times in the Mediterranean.

    Not only does it have a delicious flavor, but it’s also packed with various healthy nutrients.

    Spearmint tea offers you:

    • Antioxidants
    • vitamin C
    • Iron
    • Limonene
    • Folate

    It’s these types of nutrients that lend to the health-boosting properties of spearmint tea.

    However, you can still have too much of a good thing, and there are side effects to consider.

    But don’t worry. We’ll go through both the spearmint tea benefits and the side effects in this article and include our picks for the top 5 spearmint tea brands.

    Top 6 Benefits of Spearmint Tea

    Let’s kick this off with some of the top spearmint tea benefits – and spearmint tea is attributed with a pretty long list of them, including:

    1. Acne treatment
    2. PCOS treatment
    3. Hormone balancing
    4. Hair loss
    5. Bloating treatment
    6. Weight loss

    But how true are all these benefits? To what extent can you expect them to work? Let’s go through these spearmint tea benefits one by one and find out.

    Benefit #1: Spearmint Tea for Acne

    Is it fact or fiction that spearmint tea can help with acne?

    Well, it depends on who you ask. But plenty of research suggests spearmint tea can be beneficial in treating or preventing acne.

    And why is that? A variety of compounds in spearmint tea are responsible for its efficacy:

    • Flavonoids
    • Menthol
    • Limonene
    • Rosmarinic acids

    These compounds are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties (or some combination of those).

    As a result, it helps combat acne-causing processes in adults. This suggests that adding a cup or two of this tasty tea to your daily routine can reduce and improve your acne over time.

    Zohna Tip

    In order to get the best results from drinking spearmint tea for acne, you should aim to have two cups per day of pure spearmint tea. That's not to say you can't have more tea, or try a blend, but if you're trying to clear stubborn acne, this is the best way to do so.

    Benefit #2: Spearmint Tea PCOS

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition in women that can cause irregular periods, excess androgen (a male hormone), and polycystic ovaries, among other symptoms.

    Treatment for PCOS depends on the symptoms. However, some believe spearmint tea can have a positive effect.

    For example, one study used a combination of spearmint and flaxseed extracts to treat PCOS in rats, and it did find some improvement in the group given the extracts.

    That same study says spearmint has anti-androgenic properties (and flaxseed has phytoestrogen). The anti-androgenic properties may help counteract the elevated levels of androgen.

    However, it’s important to note that this study used spearmint extract, which would be stronger than spearmint tea, combined with flaxseed extract.

    Also, it’s important to speak to your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional before trying new treatment methods, especially if you wish to replace your current treatment.

    Benefit #3: Spearmint Tea Hormones Balancing

    Like we just discussed, spearmint tea can help balance hormones in women. Some studies suggest that spearmint tea lowers male hormones like testosterone. This can help women facing hirsutism, a condition where dark, coarse hair grows excessively on the face, chest, and back.

    During the follicular phase of their menstrual cycles, patients who consumed spearmint tea twice daily significantly decreased free testosterone and increased luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormones, and estradiol.

    That’s basically what science speaks for – symptoms of mild hirsutism can be reduced by drinking spearmint tea!

    If you have a hormone imbalance, make sure you talk to your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional before trying new treatment methods, especially if you wish to replace your current treatment.

    Benefit #4: Spearmint Tea Hair Loss

    You might have read this originally and thought, “I didn’t know spearmint tea prevents hair loss!”

    Spoiler alert, spearmint tea promotes it.

    But, like, in a way women want.

    The anti-androgen property we discussed as a potential PCOS treatment may also be helpful in treating hirsutism (which causes excessive hair growth in women).

    Some researchers discovered the anti-hair-growth properties of spearmint tea and showed that the tea significantly reduces male libido, which in turn possibly reduces androgen hormone levels that can lead to hirsutism.

    Again, we’re going to repeat, if you struggle with hirsutism, make sure you speak to your doctor or qualified healthcare professional before trying new treatment methods, especially if you wish to replace your current treatment

    Benefit #5: Spearmint Tea Bloating

    Teas such as spearmint tea being used to help reduce bloating are not a novel idea, but is it just an old wives’ tale, or a real-life benefit?

    The short answer? Maybe!

    It is thought that spearmint tea can help with:

    • Nausea
    • Indigestion
    • Gas
    • Cramps

    One thing we can say for sure is that it will definitely help with issues surrounding indigestion and bloating.

    Benefit #6: Spearmint Tea Benefits Weight Loss

    One of the benefits of spearmint tea that seems to be on almost every consumable health food, drink, capsule, gummy, pill – you name it. Weight loss.

    So, does spearmint tea cause weight loss?

    Like most other products that claim to help you lose weight, it’s more of a roundabout benefit.

    In this case, the antioxidant properties in peppermint tea may help with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and reduce bloating, This can give the appearance of slight weight loss.

    Additionally, spearmint tea is low-calorie and makes you less likely to reach for more sugary drinks.

    So, essentially, if you replace sugary drinks in your regular diet with spearmint tea, you may lose some weight. But it’s not a magical elixir by any means, so keep that in mind when you’re sipping away.

    4 Spearmint Tea Side Effects

    Like all things, spearmint tea also has some side effects and drawbacks you’ll want to watch out for. It’s called balance. It’s the yin and the yang.

    Anyway, we said we’d talk about them, and so now we move on to the darker topic of the side effects of spearmint tea.

    So, here they are. Some of the possible side effects of spearmint tea include:

    • Kidney disorders
    • Liver disease
    • Dangers to pregnant people

    Also, don’t forget the possibility of an allergy or other negative reaction to spearmint or another substance that could be in the tea. If you have a negative reaction when drinking spearmint tea, stop drinking the tea and take the appropriate medical measures if necessary.

    These might seem like intense drawbacks for just some spearmint tea, so let us explain.

    Kidney Disorders

    Spearmint tea may increase kidney damage, with large amounts making kidney disorders worse.

    However, it’s important to keep in mind that spearmint is likely safe when consumed normally in food, possibly safe when taken in the short-term as a medicine, and side effects, in general, are rare. Kidney damage seems to be tied to massive consumption – think 16 cups or more – and too much oxalate, which is a compound found in teas. This is a relevant statement to spearmint tea as a whole, including the other side effects on this list.

    It’s also important to note that spearmint might damage the kidneys. This suggests that this is not a 100% known side effect.

    Liver Disease

    Spearmint tea may increase liver damage, similar to spearmint tea for kidney disorders, with large amounts making the liver disease worse. The culprit? Oxalate, once again.

    Again, this is really only a risk when people consume massive amounts of the stuff, so one or two cups a day isn’t likely to land you in the hospital.


    Spearmint tea may be a risk for those who are pregnant, with large amounts potentially harmful to the uterus.

    It is generally safe to consume herbal teas during pregnancy, and they can usually benefit pregnant women as long as the recommended doses are not exceeded. Because you are drinking an infusion of leaves, flowers, or roots, it is less potent than eating the entire plant. For that reason, again, you’re not likely to be putting yourself or your baby at risk by drinking the stuff.

    Just lay off massive amounts and consult your doctor if you decide you’d like to add this to your daily routine.

    5 Best Spearmint Tea Brands

    Now that we’ve looked at some of the spearmint tea benefits and side effects of spearmint tea, let’s dig into the best spearmint tea brands.

    Because obviously, you’re ready to get the kettle boiling and make yourself a steaming mug of delicious spearmint tea!

    But you need to know what the best spearmint teas to buy are.

    Check out our list of the best spearmint tea brands below before you head out shopping!

    Traditional Medicinals

    09/19/2023 01:14 am GMT

    With over 18,000 reviews on Google, we couldn’t ignore the popularity of Traditional Medicinals Spearmint Tea, so it’s got that prime, first spot on our list. This brand is focused on sustainability, ingredient purity, and social and environmental activism. Their spearmint tea is sourced from organic farmers in Egypt, with a sweet, aromatic, and minty taste. Reviewers note it’s the perfect salve for a sore tummy and has a nice mild taste.


    Bigelow Mint Medley Herbal Tea
    $20.04 ($0.17 / Count)
    09/19/2023 12:52 am GMT

    Rated highly, and known for its wide selection of teas, Bigelow is a family business that started with Ruth Campbell Bigelow 75 years ago. This tea includes American peppermint, spearmint, rosehips, lemon peels, and hibiscus and can be enjoyed hot or cool. If you are looking for a variety of flavors in your spearmint tea, then this is the perfect blend of minty goodness.

    Celestial Seasonings

    Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea
    $18.72 ($3.12 / Ounce)
    09/18/2023 05:54 pm GMT

    Who doesn’t love a calming, caffeine-free tea before bed? With 4.7 stars on Google with over 2,000 reviews, it’s clear a lot of people do love it, and so do we, so here it is on our list. As a 50-year-old company that puts importance on sustainability, this spearmint tea brand is a great choice for spearmint tea lovers.

    It is also a caffeine-free tea that includes not only spearmint but also chamomile and lemongrass. If you’re in search of a tea to relax and unwind with, this is a perfect choice!


    Tazo Refresh Mint Herbal Tea
    $7.54 ($0.38 / Count)
    09/19/2023 01:02 am GMT

    With a focus on interesting flavor combinations and a refreshing minty blend available, we couldn’t ignore this high-rating tea brand! Tazo strives to create interesting tea blends, combining unexpected flavors and telling their stories. We like that this blend includes peppermint as well as spearmint, and tarragon for extra zest. Reviewers note that this is a great tea for drinking hot, cold, or even as a base for cocktails!


    Pukka Organic Tea Bags
    $16.72 ($4.61 / Ounce)
    09/19/2023 01:07 am GMT

    Indulge in all things mint with Pukka’s Three Mint tea which is a medley of peppermint, spearmint, and field mint, rather than just spearmint. This brand has a mission to connect people with nature through its teas, and the leaves in this blend include organically-grown peppermint and field mint as well as spearmint. It is also caffeine-free, meaning it’s perfect for bedtime consumption.


    • How to Make Spearmint Tea?

      Different spearmint teas will have different instructions, and loose-leaf tea is made differently than tea bags.

      However, because all the tea on our list is bagged, we’ll go with tea bags.

      Follow the steps in the table below to get the best of your spearmint tea benefits.

      Step to Making Spearmint Tea What to Do
      Step 1 Boil your water. Spearmint teas are best steeped in water at an approximate temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is also a full boil.
      Step 2 Pour water into a mug and add your teabag. Usually, a “cup” of tea is about 6 ounces of water or ¾ cup.
      Step 3 Let the tea steep for the instructed length on the packaging, or for how strong you like your tea. Generally, teas like spearmint should be steeped for 5 to 10 minutes.
      Step 4 Remove the tea bag and discard it, or save it for another use, like fertilizer or de-puffing your swollen eyes.
      Step 5 Add milk, cream, sugar, honey, or whatever add-ins you desire, and stir in.
      Step 6 Your tea is now ready to drink! Just be sure to ensure you don’t burn yourself!
    • Does Spearmint Tea Have Caffeine?

      Spearmint in itself doesn’t have caffeine. And spearmint tea is an herbal tea, and will typically be made without caffeine. However, different tea brands will create different blends and combinations of tea and tea ingredients to create new and interesting flavors. You should be able to read on the package whether or not there’s caffeine in any tea you’re interested in.

    And that’s the tea!

    So if you’re looking for a calming drink that can help with acne, PCOS, hormone balancing, hair loss, bloating, weight loss, and more… and are looking for something that tastes delicious, you know which brands of spearmint tea to reach for.

    And you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time – or preparing for your day with a serene and healthy start – before you know it.

    Whichever one you’re looking for. Tea is a great drink for both, and spearmint tea, whether in a blend or on its own, is no different. Happy sipping! Love our nutrition-related content? Head over to this article and discover the benefits of earl grey tea.