The 34 Best Pop Smoke Braids for Men & Women

Updated on November 7, 2023
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    Pop Smoke BraidsPIN

    The 34 Best Pop Smoke Braids for Men & Women

    Pop Smoke, the beloved rapper who left us too soon, was not only known for his music but also for his iconic braid styles.

    His unique hairstyles became a trendsetter in the world of fashion and hair.

    In this article, we will explore the best pop smoke braid styles that will definitely turn heads and make you the center of attention.

    Get ready to unleash your inner swagger and rock these jaw-dropping braids!

    Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braids

    One of the most attention-grabbing braid styles inspired by Pop Smoke is the zig zag braids. These braids take the traditional cornrows to a whole new level with their playful and eye-catching pattern.

    Whether you prefer a subtle zig zag or a more pronounced one, these braids will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd.

    To achieve a unique and personalized look, you can experiment with different braid:

    • Lengths
    • Thicknesses
    • Colors

    Zohna Tip

    The zig zag pattern itself adds a dynamic and edgy touch to your hairstyle, making it perfect for those who want to make a statement.

    Half Up Half Down

    You can opt for a half-up, half-down style, where you leave some of the braids loose to frame your face.

    This gives a more relaxed and effortless vibe to your overall look.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Weave

    Pop smoke braids with weaves are the way to go for those who want to add length and volume to their braids. By incorporating extensions into your braided hairstyle, you can achieve a look that is more:

    • Dramatic
    • Luxurious
    • Elegant

    The weave allows you to experiment with different colors and textures, giving your braids a unique touch. Whether you opt for long and flowing or short and sassy, pop smoke braids with weave will give you that extra oomph you’ve been looking for.

    Pop Smoke Braids Small

    If you’re a fan of a more intricate and delicate look, pop smoke small braids are a fantastic choice. These tiny braids add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall appearance. These braids can be styled in various ways to suit your mood and outfit, including

    1. Half-up
    2. Updo
    3. Half-down

    Embrace the finesse of these small braids and witness how they weave an intricate tapestry of grace and style into every facet of your being.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Fade

    This style combines the clean and sharp lines of a fade haircut with the intricate patterns of pop smoke braids. The contrast between the faded sides and the braided top creates a visually stunning effect that is sure to make heads turn wherever you go.

    The braids can be styled in various patterns, such as:

    • Box braids
    • Twists
    • Cornrows

    The choice of pattern depends on your preference and the look you want to achieve.

    3 Layer Pop Smoke Braids

    If you’re seeking a braid style that infuses depth and dimension into your hair, look no further than the captivating world of three layer pop smoke braids. This enchanting style introduces a new dimension of artistry by dividing your hair into three distinct sections; each meticulously braided in a unique pattern.

    The outcome is nothing short of mesmerizing, an intricate tapestry that beautifully accentuates the natural allure of your hair. Whether you opt for the simplicity of a three-strand braid or the detailed charm of a fishtail or box braid, three-layer pop smoke braids promise to elevate your hairstyle to unparalleled heights.

    Let’s look at each to understand them better.

    Braid Pattern Description
    Three-Strand Braid Effortlessly elegant, this classic braid intertwines three sections of hair, forming a seamless and timeless look. Ideal for both casual outings and formal events.
    Fishtail Braid Radiating an aura of intricate sophistication, the Fishtail Braid weaves two sections of hair together in a cascading pattern, evoking a sense of ethereal charm.
    Box Braid Embrace a bold and structured appearance with the box braid, as individual sections of hair are tightly woven to create a distinctive geometric pattern. A statement of modern chic.

    Transform your hair into a canvas of artistic expression with three layer pop smoke braids, where innovation meets elegance. Discover the perfect balance of style and technique, embodying a look as unique and captivating as you are.

    6 Pop Smoke Braids

    This style involves braiding your hair into six thick and chunky braids. The six braids create a striking visual effect, drawing attention to your hair and making a bold statement.

    Pop Smoke Braids for Men

    When it comes to Pop Smoke braids for men, there are several options.

    Some of the most popular styles for guys include:

    Classic Pop Smoke Braids with Beads

    This style adds a touch of flair and uniqueness to your braids, making them stand out from the crowd.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Color

    This style allows you to experiment with shades, adding a vibrant and eye-catching element to your look. Imagine having color braids that perfectly complement your style, including:

    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Green

    With this vibrant palette at your fingertips, you have the power to transform your look and make a statement that reflects your unique essence.

    Braided Mohawk

    If you’re looking for a bold and edgy look, a braided Mohawk is the perfect choice. This style involves braiding the sides of your hair and leaving the center section untouched, creating a striking and rebellious look.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Feather Accent

    Channel bohemian vibes and nature-inspired beauty by accessorizing your Pop Smoke braids with feather accents. This whimsical addition adds a touch of free-spirited charm to your look, creating a captivating and eye-catching style.

    Pop Smoke Twisted Braids

    Add a playful and unique twist to your style with Pop Smoke twisted braids. This creative approach adds an element of fun and individuality to your overall appearance, showcasing your distinct sense of fashion.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Tapered Ends

    Include a touch of refinement to your Pop Smoke braids by incorporating tapered ends. This subtle yet impactful detail elevates your overall look, creating a polished and sophisticated appearance.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Shaved Sides

    Infuse a dose of edginess into your style by combining Pop Smoke braids with shaved sides. This daring fusion strikes the perfect balance between boldness and sophistication, demonstrating your fearless approach to fashion.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Zigzag Hairline

    Make a bold statement by revamping your hairline with zigzag-patterned braids. This attention-grabbing and distinct accent adds a unique twist to your Pop Smoke-inspired look, showcasing your confidence and style.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Curved Part

    Elevate your braided look with a subtle yet impactful curved part. This chic detail adds a touch of elegance and refinement to your Pop Smoke braids, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your hairstyle.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Bunhawk

    Release your inner rebel with a braided bun hawk, a daring fusion of braids, and a mohawk. This edgy and attention-grabbing style exudes:

    1. Confidence
    2. Individuality
    3. Boldness

    The braided bun hawk isn’t merely a hairstyle; it’s a declaration of self-assurance that invites the world to admire and celebrate the authentic and remarkable you.

    Pop Smoke Tribal Braids

    Honor tradition and heritage with tribal-inspired Pop Smoke braids adorned with intricate patterns that pay homage to ancient cultures. Tribal braids celebrate your roots while offering a visually captivating and timeless look.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Side Swept Bangs

    Frame your face with the playful charm of side-swept bangs combined with Pop Smoke braids. This chic pairing adds a touch of flirtatiousness and sophistication to your appearance, creating a harmonious blend of styles.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Top Braided Bun

    Upgrade your look with glamor by styling your Pop Smoke braids into a sleek top-braided bun. This sophisticated updo showcases the intricacy of your braids and adds an elegant and refined finish to your ensemble.

    Pop Smoke Braids with Geometric Patterns

    Turn your hair into a work of art with Pop Smoke braids adorned with intricate geometric patterns.

    Here’s a table highlighting different geometric styles and how to achieve them.

    Geometric Design How to Achieve It
    Interlocking triangles Section hair into triangles, and braid along the lines.
    Crisscrossing squares Create square sections, and weave braids in a crisscross pattern.
    Hexagonal patterns Form hexagons with braids, intertwining at the edges.
    Spiraling circles Braid circular paths that spiral outwards from the scalp.
    Diamond-shaped elegance Braid diamonds across the scalp, tapering towards the ends.

    This creative and visually captivating approach adds a unique dimension to your overall style, reflecting your individuality and creativity.

    Pop Smoke Half-Up Half-Down Braids

    Effortlessly blend sophistication and casual charm with half-up, half-down Pop Smoke braids. This versatile style offers a chic yet relaxed vibe, perfect for any occasion that demands a touch of elegance.

    Pop Smoke Braided Beard

    Extend the Pop Smoke vibe to your facial hair with braided beard accents, showcasing your dedication to this iconic trend while adding a unique and striking touch to your appearance.

    Pop Smoke Braids for Women

    Ladies, get ready to slay with these Pop Smoke braids styles!

    Braided Crown

    Embrace regal elegance with the braided crown style, a tribute to Pop Smoke’s signature look. This majestic arrangement encircles your head in intricate braids, exuding confidence and grace.

    Whether for a formal event or a casual outing, the braided crown adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

    Double Dutch Braids with a Twist

    Infuse a dash of modern flair into your appearance with the double Dutch braids with a Twist. This fusion of classic Dutch braids and contemporary twists creates a captivating contrast that demands attention.

    Perfect for showcasing your individuality, these braids offer a chic yet playful charm that effortlessly complements various outfits.

    Braided Pigtails

    Braided PigtailsInstagram@indyy_goPIN

    Unleash your youthful spirit with the timeless charm of braided pigtails. Drawing inspiration from Pop Smoke’s fearless style, these braids add a fun and energetic dimension to your look.

    Whether hitting the city streets or dancing the night away, braided pigtails convey a sense of carefree confidence that will turn heads wherever you go.

    More Pop Smoke Braids Styles

    Venture further into the realm of distinctive Pop Smoke-inspired braids as we introduce an array of captivating options that encapsulate the essence of his influential legacy.

    From regal halo braids that exude grace to enchanting waterfall braids that mirror his artistic spirit, each style reflects a facet of his dynamic persona.

    Pop Smoke Halo Braid

    Elevate your aura and presence by adorning a regal halo braid, a style that pays homage to Pop Smoke’s impactful legacy. This braid acts as a crown, symbolizing the enduring influence of his artistry and allowing you to embody his powerful charisma with grace.

    Pop Smoke Fulani Braids

    Celebrate cultural richness and diversity by opting for Fulani braids that pay tribute to tradition while embracing the contemporary Pop Smoke trend. These braids serve as a bridge between heritage and modernity, allowing you to express your respect for his legacy in a deeply meaningful way.

    Pop Smoke Waterfall Braids

    Pop Smoke Waterfall BraidsInstagram@thsy.k