31 Best Box Braids with Beads Hairstyles

Updated on October 27, 2023
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    31 Best Box Braids with Beads Hairstyles

    Are you bored with regular box braids? Is it time to add a touch of charming earthiness to your hair?

    We recommend that you consider box braids with beads.

    Now we know what you are thinking, “Aren’t these the same as any other types of cornrow hairstyle?”

    That’s where you’re wrong, ladies.

    Adding beads to your box braids enhances your look and gives your hair a more naturally organic appearance, primarily if you use earthy colors like:

    • Brown
    • Green
    • Beige
    • Gray

    From jumbo box braids to natural box braids with beads, we’ve covered all the trendy looks in this article. By the end of this piece, you’ll clearly understand the different styles and be able to decide which one is the best fit for you!

    Box Braids with Beads at the End

    Box Braids with Beads at the EndInstagram@dalima_ssPIN

    Let’s start with a classic. Box braids with beads at the end add a playful and vibrant touch to your hairstyle.

    Whether you choose colorful beads or a more subtle look with clear or light-colored beads, this hairstyle will cause a stir. The beads add movement and flair to your braids, giving you a fabulous, commanding look that never goes out of fashion.

    Jumbo Box Braids with Beads

    Jumbo box braids are in right now, and we recommend you check out this style if you’re looking for something bold and extravagant.

    As a voluminous hairstyle, jumbo box braids with beads are the way to go.

    These larger-than-life braids with many clear beads on the ends give you a fierce and dramatic look. Paired with an outfit that contrasts the color of your hair and skin tone, this style adds an extra layer of uniqueness and personality you can only achieve.

    Long Box Braids with Beads

    Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have long hair? We know we have.

    These long box braids with beads are here to steal the show. With these locks stretching down to the waist, it is no wonder people may mistake you for a young Rapunzel.

    Zohna Tip

    If you have short hair and want to increase your length without having to grow it out or go through the discomfort of traditional braids, try knotless braids.

    With earthy color beads strategically placed at the ends of each braid, you’ll accomplish a stunning look that’s fit for royalty.

    Big Box Braids with Beads

    Big box braids with beads are an excellent option for those who love an out-there hairstyle.

    The added beads and gold cuffs at the end of the braids create a delightful contrast against the chunky braids, giving your hair a touch of playfulness. We also love how some of the tips are left loose and curly for a more natural, carefree look.

    Box Braids with Clear Beads

    Box Braids with Clear BeadsInstagram@lisa_mauaPIN

    If you prefer a more understated, refined look, box braids with clear beads get the job done. The transparent beads effortlessly blend with the braids, creating a subtle yet glamorous effect.

    Zohna Tip

    Choose beads that are the appropriate size for your braids or twists. If beads are too small, they might slip off or get lost. If they're too large, they can be heavy and damage the hair.

    This versatile style allows you to rock it on any occasion, from a casual day out to a special event.

    Shoulder Length Box Braids with Beads

    Looking for a chic and manageable hairstyle that’s both stylish and versatile? Consider shoulder-length box braids with beads.

    Here’s why:

    1. Shorter length for manageability
    2. Fresh and youthful appearance
    3. Simple to style
    4. Beads for a standout effect

    We love these shoulder-length box braids with beads, spirals, and cuffs. They’re perfect for you who like a more elegant yet easy-to-embrace hairstyle.

    Natural Box Braids with Beads

    Embrace the beauty of your natural hair with natural box braids with beads.

    We love how this style embraces natural hair and skin color, showcasing an authentic self in all its glory. The big beads accentuate the uniqueness of your braids and blend in perfectly with the natural skin tone.

    Let your natural beauty shine through, darling; don’t be shy.

    Red Box Braids with Beads

    Add a splash of color to your box braids with vibrant red beads! Red box braids with beads are a striking and bold choice to make you stand out.

    The combination of fiery red hues and the light-colored beads creates a mesmerizing effect that’s impossible to ignore.

    You can wear red box braids with beads in various lengths, styles, and dos, depending on the mood, occasion, or day of the week.

    Cute Box Braids with Beads

    For those who’d like to spice up their cuteness, why not try these cute box braids with beads?

    This waist-length style has big box braids that taper down to a thinner tip containing around fifteen beads that keep things symmetrical and your style on point.

    Whether you choose colorful beads or a few statement beads to accentuate your braids, this hairstyle is guaranteed to make you look adorable and charming.

    Box Braids with Wooden Beads

    Add an earthy and natural touch to your box braids with wooden beads. This bohemian-inspired hairstyle brings a charm to your look that’s:

    The warm tones of the wooden beads beautifully complement the color of the braids, giving them a sense of boldness but in a subtle way.

    Box Braids with Pink Beads

    We hope you get acquainted with your girly side with these box braids with pink beads. This style is further feminized by including a few pink color braids in between for an extra pinkie effect.

    Experiment with different shades of pink, from:

    1. Light pastels
    2. Bold fuchsias
    3. Rose hues

    Let your hair reflect your feminine energy by tying it up in a bun while leaving the back and side loose.

    Box Braids with Beads Short

    Short hair, don’t care!

    Box braids with beads can be rocked on shorter hair lengths, too. This versatile style combines a combination of cuffs and beads on the tips for a unique, bold effect that is casual yet stylish.

    If you’re tired of your friends saying, “Short hair doesn’t have any styling options,” show them short box braids with beads.

    Box Braids with Heart and Beads

    Let your hair speak the language of love with box braids adorned with heart-shaped beads.

    This romantic and whimsical hairstyle adds a touch of sweetness to your look.

    Whether you opt for delicate heart-shaped or more prominent beads varying in color, this hairstyle will make you feel like a true love goddess.

    Wear your heart on your hair with this adorable style!

    Red and Black Box Braids with Beads

    Combine the intensity of red and the elegance of black in a show-stopping hairstyle. Red and black box braids with beads create a contrast that’s:

    • Dynamic
    • Attention-grabbing
    • Distinctive

    The striking colors and the clear bead accents at the tips turn your braids into a work of art.

    Bob Box Braids with Beads

    Get a sophisticated, modern look with bob box braids with beads.

    This chic hairstyle combines the sophistication of a bob haircut with the uniqueness of box braids. Adding three clear beads on the ends adds a playful twist to this classic style, making it stand out even more.

    Box Braids with Beads and Color

    Why settle for one color when you can have a rainbow in your hair?

    Box braids with beads and color allow you to unleash creativity and explore different bead colors and placements.

    The possibilities are endless and include:

    1. Orange
    2. Mustard
    3. White
    4. Clear
    5. Burgundy

    Of course, there are variations of each that match different hair colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find out what works best for you.

    Black Box Braids with Beads

    Black Box Braids with BeadsInstagram@tyhijah_jPIN

    Keep it timeless and classy with black box braids with beads.

    Black box braids exude sophistication and elegance, accentuating your facial features and empowering your look. Adding clear beads to the end transforms your braids from ordinary to extraordinary, perfect for days when you’re feeling like a boss!

    Box Braids with Curls and Beads

    Box Braids with Curls and BeadsInstagram@jpeddlessPIN

    These lovely box braids with curls and beads give you the best of both worlds. No longer do you have to choose between curls or box braids because you can have both in one elegant package?

    Box braids with curls and beads offer a fusion of textures that create a hairstyle full of life and movement. With the addition of light brown beads placed strategically on each braid, you’ll achieve a charming effect that demands attention.

    The curls add a touch of softness to braids, so don’t forget to leave some hair untouched when you have the box braids installed.

    Blue Box Braids with Beads

    For those who are daring and bold, blue box braids with beads are the perfect match.

    The hair is dyed blue from root to tip, adorned with gold cuffs near the scalp and an array of color beads at the ends. Mix and match colors to create a more dazzling effect than Katy Perry with blue hair.

    The colorful beads contrast sharply against the blue braids, creating a hairstyle that commands attention.

    Goddess Box Braids with Beads

    Feeling like you can take on the world? Well, with these divine goddess braids with beads, you can!

    This hairstyle works for various lengths, but we love this short-hair example. Similar to a bob cut, these goddess box braids with beads create a voluminous effect, giving your hair a more pronounced, fuller effect.

    The intricate braiding combined with the shimmer of metallic beads creates a lavish, majestic look perfect for any occasion.

    Box Braids with Brown Beads

    If you want a more subtle and natural look, box braids with brown beads on the end are the perfect choice. The earthy tone of the beads complements the braids, creating an organic and sophisticated blend of colors.

    We shouldn’t forget to mention that you should add cuffs and rings closer to the top of the head for an even more striking effect.

    Blonde Box Braids with Beads

    For those seeking a bolder and more vibrant look, blonde box braids with beads are a fantastic option. Combining blonde braids with clear and multiple-colored beads creates a stunning contrast that will make you the center of attention.

    Whether you choose a warm honey blonde or a striking platinum shade, these braids catch the eye’s of onlookers wherever you go!

    Box Braids with Blue Beads

    These white and blue beads in box braided hair are a massive hit! With the focus on creating a calm yet sophisticated look, these box braids with blue beads showcase your tranquil demeanor.

    Make a splash with your hairstyle by placing blue and white beads in different positions on your braids while bunching four together for a more distinctive look.

    Whether you opt for vibrant turquoise beads or soothing navy blue ones, this hairstyle will instantly elevate your style.

    Box Braids with White Beads

    For an ethereal and sophisticated look, consider enhancing your box braids with the timeless elegance of white beads. White beads evoke a sense of purity and grace and are perfect for those who want to add a contrasting effect to their braided hairstyle.

    Please look at our table, which showcases different bead placement positions for a refined look.

    Bead Placement Position Description
    Scattered Throughout Scatter white beads evenly throughout your braids for a delicate and ethereal effect. This placement exudes an effortless charm and adds a subtle touch of sophistication.
    End Highlights Place white beads exclusively at the ends of your braids to create a striking contrast with the rest of your hair. This style choice emphasizes the elegant simplicity of white beads while drawing attention to the tips of your braids.
    Intricate Patterns Opt for intricate designs by placing white beads strategically in patterns or rows along your braids. This attention to detail showcases a high level of sophistication and adds a captivating, unique dimension to your hairstyle.

    Box braids with white beads are your one-way ticket to getting a hairstyle that not only turns heads but is as elegant as you are.

    Mini Box Braids with Beads

    Micro box braids with beads are exceptionally tiny, often resembling thick strands of hair. As you can imagine, installing micro braids is a time-intensive process, sometimes taking hours or even longer to remove.

    However, the investment of time pays off generously, as this style provides an unparalleled level of versatility rarely found in other braid styles.

    These braids offer a more refined and detailed look, perfect for those who love attention to detail. The small size of the braids allows for a greater variety of bead styles and placements. From tiny clear beads to shimmering metallic ones, you can truly let your creativity shine.

    Bohemian Box Braids with Beads

    If you’re a free spirit who loves to embrace Bohemian vibes, Bohemian box braids with beads perfectly match your personality.

    These braids exude a carefree, chic aura, making them ideal for those who want a relaxed yet stylish look. We recommend leaving a few natural curls loose for an even further boho-inspired effect.

    The addition of clear beads adds a Bohemian charm, allowing you to express your individuality. Embrace this inner sun-kissed style by tying your hair up while leaving the side and back free-hanging.

    Box Braids with Gold Beads

    Regarding luxury and glamor, nothing beats box braids with gold beads.

    The rich and radiant tones of gold add a touch of opulence to your hairstyle, making you feel like a queen. Whether you go for dainty gold beads or chunky statement ones, adding gold earrings in the mix is sure to result in a hairstyle that oozes elegance and sophistication.

    Green and Black Box Braids with Beads

    Green and Black Box Braids with BeadsInstagram@la_kevaniPIN

    Green and black box braids with beads are a fantastic choice for a hairstyle that combines edginess with a pop of color.

    Use shades of green mixed and clear braids so that your hair’s unique color can shine through. We suggest dyeing some braids fully green and leaving the rest of your hair its natural color for an effect that really pops.

    The combination of green and black creates a striking, distinct, bold contrast. Whether you opt for a vibrant emerald green or a deep forest shade, these braids will make a bold statement.

    Peek-a-Boo Box Braids with Beads

    For those who want to add a playful and flirty element to their hairstyle, peek-a-boo box braids with beads are a delightful option.

    These braids feature strategically placed beads that peek out from the bottom of the braids, creating an eye-catching effect.

    You can choose colorful beads that contrast with your hair color or opt for clear beads that blend seamlessly for a more subtle look.

    Box Braids with Big Beads

    If you want to make a bold and daring statement, box braids with big beads are the way to go.

    Oversized beads add a touch of drama and flair to your hairstyle, making it impossible to go unnoticed.

    Whether you opt for chunky wooden beads, funky acrylic ones, or intricate metal designs, the result will be a head-turning hairstyle that exudes confidence.


    • Can Anyone Wear Box Braids With Beads?

      Yes, anyone can wear box braids with beads. Regardless of your hair length or type, there is a box braid style that will suit you.

    • How Long Do Box Braids With Beads Last?

      The duration of box braids with beads will depend on factors such as hair care routine and individual hair growth. On average, they can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

    • Can I Wash Box Braids With Beads?

      Yes, you can wash box braids with beads. A gentle shampoo and avoiding excessive scrubbing is vital to prevent tangling or damaging the beads.

    • How Do I Maintain Box Braids With Beads?

      To maintain box braids with beads, it is essential to moisturize your scalp regularly and avoid excessive manipulation of the braids. Additionally, you should use a satin scarf or pillowcase to protect your braids while sleeping.

    • Can I Style Box Braids With Beads in Different Ways?

      Absolutely! Box braids with beads offer endless styling possibilities. You can experiment with styles such as:

      • Updos
      • Ponytails
      • Half-up hairstyles
      • Braided crown styles

      Let your creativity soar and discover new ways to showcase your unique style.

    Bead the Change You Want to See

    With these trending box braids with beads hairstyles, you can embrace your individuality and elevate your style beyond the ordinary.

    Whether you prefer long jumbo braids or delicate mini ones, there is a hairstyle that will suit your taste and personality.

    So add some beads to your braids, and let your hair become a true work of art.