16 Nezuko Nails for Demon Slayer Fans

Updated on November 28, 2023
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    16 Nezuko Nails for Demon Slayer Fans

    Whether you know the anime show Demon Slayer or who the characters Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado are, you are bound to find these Nezuko nails one of a kind. Having fun with your nails and the stuff you put on them is an excellent way to self-express and show off the things you like.

    Nezuko nails are great because there are so many different ways to show your love for the show, with press-on nails, nail art, nail stickers, and so much more. Dive into the anime nails world with us and discover these 16 Nezuko Nails for Demon Slayer Fans.

    How to do Nezuko Nails Video

    Nezuko Nails Short

    Nezuko’s traditional nails in Demon Slayer are long and pointed pink ombre nails that add to her demon ego. That said, just cause Nezuko traditionally has long claw-like demon nails doesn’t mean you have to too. If you have short nails or don’t vibe with long nails, you can still recreate the pink ombre look, just short. Copying her pink ombre nails is perfect for grasping that Demon Slayer feel.

    Nezuko Nails Acrylic

    There are many ways to channel your inner Nezuko with your nails. You can do the pink ombre, different designs, and different colors. However, using acrylic nails is the best way to make your design stand out and be as detailed as possible. Not to mention Nezuko has long stiletto-shaped claws, and unless you have very long nails, you’ll likely need a little help from some form of fake nail.

    You can wear many different types of artificial nails to create length, such as:

    1. Acrylics
    2. Gel nails
    3. Press-ons

    And when it comes to acrylic nails, there are a few very common acrylic nail shapes.

    If you choose acrylics for your Nezuko nails, there are many different shapes to consider, which are better for you and your design choice.

    Acrylic Nail Shapes Description
    Stiletto Long and spiky shape with the point curving to the base. The traditional shape of Nezuko’s nails.
    Almond Slim on the sides with wide bases that join at the tip in a peak shape resembling an almond.
    Round Straight sides that round off at the tip.
    Coffin Long with a flat tip to resemble a coffin.

    Nezuko Nails Press On

    The cool thing about press-on nails is that you don’t have to wait or pay for intricate designs because they can already come on the nails. Nezuko press-on nails come in many different methods emanating from Nezuko and the Demon Slayer show. Press-on nails are great if you have short ones and would like to lengthen your nails. They’re also good because if appropriately removed, you can reuse them.

    These pictures are stunning, look very real, and even have Nezuko’s face on them. Getting these done at the salon would take a very long and a great nail technician to nail this design, no pun intended.

    If you don’t know where to start looking for press-on nails, check out some of the options below.

    Nude Pink Press on Nails
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    10/31/2023 10:26 am GMT
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    Nezuko Nails Cosplay

    If you were cosplaying as a mermaid, you’d complete the look with mermaid nails. So of course, if you’re planning to cosplay this popular anime character, every little detail counts, and you will want to look as accurate to her appearance as possible. Getting your fingers to look like her signature nails will be one of the final pieces to the puzzle to ensure your Nezuko cosplay outfit seems as authentic as possible.

    We suggest finding press-on nails or getting them professional acrylic or gels resembling her trademark pink ombre nails.

    The good news about her stunning nails is that they are gorgeous. They’ll look great as an everyday option, and pink is a color that never goes out of style and rarely clashes with other colors.

    Zohna Tip

    If you buy her signature nails in press-on form, you can cosplay as Nezuko at the next convention you go to by keeping the nails for the next time.

    Nezuko Nails Black

    When most people think demon, they think of the color black. Since Nezuko is technically half-woman, half-demon, it isn’t wrong to think you might want your nails to be black instead of the misleading pink color.

    If you feel the sweet pink was more suited to her character before she was bitten and turned into a half-demon, check out these black ombre nails. Instead of painting them entirely black, keeping with the ombre theme still has an homage to Nezuko’s character.

    Nezuko Star Patterned Nails

    One of Nezuko’s stand-out features of her appearance is her pink star-patterned haori. If that is something about the character that makes you think of her, or you just like the look of star-shaped patterns, why not get them on your nails? The star design looks like a cobweb of stars and could look stunning on just one or all nails.

    To spice it up, like in the image, you can add 3D stick-on items like the bow or paint a few fingernails with her signature ombre Nezuko nails.

    Pink Ombre Nezuko Nails

    Nezuko’s signature mani look is a set of pink ombre nails. The character’s nails match the color of her demon eyes and her pretty haori. She’s the poster child for the saying “pretty in pink.” If you wish to resemble her and pay homage to her character most accurately, then getting these pink jelly nails is precisely what the doctor ordered.

    You can even have some fun with it and switch out the coloring for your favorite shade of pink. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an identical color to be similar. Nezuko also has trademark stiletto-shaped nails, which you can most accurately represent by getting acrylic nails in the stiletto shape.

    Zohna Tip

    Ask your nail technician for hot pink and baby pink ombre stiletto acrylic nails. Don't be afraid to show them so photo inspiration as well.

    French Tip Nezuko Nails

    Ombre nails aren’t for everyone but don’t worry, we have the perfect alternative for you, hot pink French tip nails. By swapping out the trademark ombre and the signature French white for a hot pink tip, you are uniquely recreating your Nezuko nails, which we’re sure she’d approve of.

    These nails look best with a pointed tip, resembling Nezuko’s stiletto-shaped claws. Getting an acrylic or gel nail would best suit the French tip to accentuate the sharp pointy feel of Nezuko’s demon nails.

    French tip nails can be tricky since they consist of a precise line. However, we have a list of times to help ensure your home french tip manicure comes out as lovely as possible.

    What you’ll need for French tip Nezuko nails:

    • Nail tape or silicone nail stamper
    • Neutral and white nail polish
    • Pointed cotton swabs
    • Dotting tool

    Red Ombre Nezuko Nails

    If pink isn’t your color, try switching it out for a red Louboutinshade. The red color isn’t that far off from the signature hot pink and will probably be nearly indistinguishable. You can likely get these in press-on form, but it’s also an easy task for your nail technician.

    Nezuko Nail Stickers

    Who said nail stickers have to be as basic as smiley face nails? If you need help finding press-on Nezuko nails that you like, it’s a good idea to buy a plain pair and put these Nezuko nail stickers over the top. There are tons on the market representing the character and the show Demon Slayer.

    These stickers make it easy to get the most bang for your buck as their relatively inexpensive. Considering they take only a few minutes to apply, you don’t have to sit in the nail salon chair for hours and hours to get a Nezuko design somewhat similar.

    Nezuko Nail Art

    If the classic Nezuko nails are too plain for you, you can always add art to them. These Nezuko nails are covered in great designs that represent the character without only doing the ombre style. Adding 3D flowers and jewels will really make your nails stand out from the crowd.

    We recommended any four of the acrylic shapes, almond, round, stiletto, or coffin, to have the ideal Nezuko nail art. That is because acrylic nails provide more surface area; therefore, there’s more room for design and creativity.

    Suppose you plan to do your own nail art. In that case, there are a few things that could be worth having in your nail kit, such as:

    • Rhinestones
    • Stripping tape
    • Nail stamping kit
    • Nail art brushes

    Glitter Nezuko Nails

    If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to your life but still want to have Nezuko nails, look no further. Adding glitter to your manicure will elevate your Nezuko nails and make them shine in the light. These nails are perfect for a party or even the holidays if you want to swap out the pink for red.

    We enjoy being able to multitask with our nails, so if you love Nezuko and have a party to attend, this look is ideal for you.

    Demon Slayer Nezuko Nails

    Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram@veedidemPIN

    It can be hard to compromise in life, but when it comes to your nails and Demon Slayer, you don’t have to. On the one hand, your nails can represent Nezuko, and on the other, they can represent Tankiro Kamado, just like these nails here.

    Matte Nezuko Nails

    If you are craving a change and something different for your Nezuko nails, try switching out the shiny pink ombre nails for a matte finish. Applying a matte top coat will completely frost out the nails, giving them a unique twist.

    Japanese Floral Nezuko Nails

    Adding a Japanese floral twist to your Nezuko nails can add something new and different to your manicure that still looks classy and elegant. These nails pay homage to the character and the show. However, they still look like everyday wearable nails.

    Acrylic Almond Nezuko Nails

    We totally understand if the classic stiletto Nezuko nails aren’t up your alley or are too pointy for you to go about your everyday tasks. Swapping out the acrylic nail shape for something softer around the edge, like an almond or round shape, will be an ideal switch. It’s okay to get rid of the ombre coloring if you want to; almond and round still look fantastic with the ombre while representing the character.

    Nezuko Nails Tutorial

    Before we show you step-by-step how to achieve classic Nezuko nails, it might be helpful to outline which of the Nezuko nails mentioned above you have to get done in the nail salon and the ones you DIY easily at home.

    Done At Nail Salon Can Do At Home
    • Nezuko Nails Acrylic
    • Nezuko Nail Art
    • Japanese Floral Nezuko Nails
    • Acrylic Almond Nezuko Nails
    • French Tip Nezuko Nails
    • Matte Nezuko Nails
    • Glitter Nezuko Nails
    • Pink Ombre Nezuko Nails

    If you want classic Nezuko nails but don’t know how to get them at home, look no further, my friend. This essential step-by-step guide will tell you the best and easiest way to achieve her signature pink ombre nails.

    What you’ll need to achieve this look:

    1. Base Coat
    2. Top Coat
    3. Pink and super light pink nail polish
    4. Makeup sponge
    5. Liquid latex (optional)
    6. Nail polish remover

    Step 1

    Apply your clear base coat to your natural nails to help protect them and prime the surface of your nails.

    Step 2

    Apply the first layer of the baby pink nail polish to the whole nail. Make sure it’s the lightest pink, nearly white, to ensure similarity to Nezuko’s ombre nails.

    Step 3

    Apply a coat of liquid latex around the nails in case color gets onto the skin. This makes cleaning up much more manageable.

    Step 4

    Paint your light pink nail polish and hot pink nail polish side by side horizontally on a makeup sponge.

    Step 5

    Before the polish dries, dab the sponge onto your nails. Ensure the lighter pink is at the bottom, and the darker pink is at the top. Do this multiple times until you get the desired ombre effect. You will likely have to add polish to the sponge a few times.

    Step 6

    Once the color looks how you want it, apply a top coat and peel off the liquid latex.

    Zohna Tip

    If some nail polish still got on the skin, take a q-tip and some nail polish remover and clean around the nails.

    Slay Away

    Now that we’ve laid it all out for you, it’s time for us to go away and for you to absolutely slay your nails as you channel your inner Nezuko. Although please don’t act like a demon – we definitely don’t need that in today’s world. Enjoy this process with your nails, whether you do them yourself or get them done at the salon.