22 Blue Ombre Nail Designs You Can Try Today

Updated on February 2, 2024
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    22 Blue Ombre Nail Designs You Can Try Today

    Blue is such a staple color in every wardrobe. It’s calm. It’s steady and dependable; the color of a classic pair of jeans, the clear sky, and the vast ocean.

    It’s versatile as well. Great for a pop of color that’s more subtle and understated with something light and airy, or bold and powerful with a deeper, darker tone.

    Whether you’re more of light blue ombre nails or matte blue ombre nails or even glitter royal blue ombre nails kind of person, blue is a classy, classic color you can use to express yourself.

    So go for it! Match your eyes. Match your aura. Match your denim. Paint your nails blue. But rather than choosing one solid blue color, why not spice it up with blue ombre nails? This funky, fresh way to make multiple shades happen at once is a great way to wear blue nails.

    Whether you decide to DIY them yourself or make an appointment with your favorite manicurist, check out this list of the hottest blue ombre nails.

    What are Blue Ombre Nails?

    An ombre is when one or multiple colors graduates from light to dark. You can see this design in a variety of settings in the fashion world. On clothes, dyed into hair, and on nails. Blue ombre nails just mean that blue is a major component of nail art in an ombre design.

    You can have ombre blue nails that go from light to dark shades of blue or blue mixed with another color.

    With 18.5k+ #blueombrenails posts on Instagram and 245.2+ million views on TikTok, blue ombre nails are more than just the hottest trend. They’re a stylish fashion statement.

    But don’t go running for your nail polish just yet. First, you’ll have to decide what sort of nails you want, natural or artificial. And if you choose to go artificial, which artificial nails are you going with?

    A few options are:

    • Acrylics
    • Gel nails
    • Silk wrap nails
    • Press-on nails

    Check out what exactly these different types of nails are in the table below.

    Types of Artificial Nails

    Types of Artificial Nails Description
    Acrylics When you think of fake nails, you probably think of acrylics. Acrylic nails are applied at a salon. Your manicurist will apply a liquid monomer to your nails that she’ll shape with a brush and then let air dry. She will then apply your desired nail art by painting it on with nail polish. With proper upkeep, acrylic nails can last up to eight weeks.
    Gel nails Gel nails can be done at the salon or DIYed right at home. They can be applied over your natural nails or over nail tips to extend the length. Your nail technician will apply a base coat, nail polish, and top coat, placing your nails under a UV light in between each coat. Gel nails are like the lip gloss of the fake nail world with their shiny, glossy finish. They last around two weeks.
    Silk wrap nails You will probably want to call for a manicure appointment for these fake nails, too. For silk wrap nails, your nail tech will apply (with glue) silken material cut to fit correctly over your nails, and then buffed. This material is typically chosen because it looks the most like a nail (even being the thinnest of the artificial nails) so it’s a less common choice for nail art.

    Note: These are not the only type of nail wraps, so if this style intrigues you, be sure to look into the others as well.

    Press-ons Press-on nails are at-home acrylic nails that won’t cost you a trip to the salon and won’t last as long. If you really look after them, they can last up to two weeks, but you can also opt to wear them for just one or a few days, too. They come in a set already created, and you glue or tape the nails onto your own (glue lasts longer than tape). The package should have directions on it to help you apply them properly. You can purchase press-on nails with art already on them, or ones you can paint yourself.

    Now that you know whether you want artificial nails and which type you, you’ll want to figure out the length and shape you want your nails to be.

    There are:

    The list goes on.

    When you’re checking out the blue ombre nail styles below, make sure you keep your eye out for lengths and shapes that catch your eye, too. It’s not just about the beautiful blue ombre nail art.

    Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading through this list, you’ll be able to walk into any salon and let them know exactly what blue ombre nails you’re looking for.

    Royal Blue Ombre Nails

    Nothing like royal blue to add a bit of majesty to your look! These beautiful long royal blue ombre nails are a fun twist on colored French ombre tips. Despite their length, and the dramatic color of the royal blue, the gradient of a natural tone into the blue makes these nails a subtle way to say, “Hey, I’m a badass.” The perfect balance of subtlety and boldness. You can have your cake and eat it, too.

    Glitter Royal Blue Ombre Nails

    A brunch on a cold winter’s day. A fabulous NYE party. A date under the stars. Whatever the occasion, you’ll feel like a queen in these glitter royal blue ombre nails. Adding sparkle to your blue ombre nails is a fun way to zhoosh them up for a formal or dressed-up event…or just because you’re feeling extra.

    Acrylic Royal Blue Ombre Nails

    Long acrylic royal blue ombre nails are such a statement on their own, but this set really ups the ante with a combo of solid blue, and ombre nails with butterfly detailing. It’s bold. It’s whimsical. It’s fun. It probably makes texting harder, but who even cares when they look that good? The ombre is in reverse, with the ends of the acrylics being left clear, creating an illusion of butterflies in flight, making these royal blue ombre nails stand out even more.

    Glitter Royal Blue Ombre Nails

    You don’t need to have long nails to pull off beautiful glitter royal blue ombre nails. These beauties are a more practical everyday way to wear glitter royal blue ombre nails. Whether you’re going to the grocery store, out for dinner, or to a fancy event, you can show up with nails that look as spectacular as you are. But without having to relearn how to use your fingers.

    Blue and White Ombre Nails

    Blue and White Ombre NailsInstagram@ednails7PIN

    It’s the classic combination when you think ombre – your favorite color trailing into white. These blue and white ombre nails add a little twist to the classic by having the ring finger covered in glitter as an accent nail, in a beautiful turquoise. There’s nothing wrong with a classic, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little bling to it either.

    White to Blue Ombre Nails

    Who says short nails can’t bring the drama? These lovely white-to-blue ombre nails feature a dramatic color transition. It’s also a less smooth transition than the others on this list thus far. It adds a raw, ahem unpolished look to the nails that rather than detracting from them, enhances them. The bold jumps and bleeds through the gradient evoke thoughts of watercolors or alcohol ink paintings.

    Light Blue and White Ombre Nails

    It’s giving elegance. It’s giving the sky. It’s giving Easter. It’s giving Cinderella. Whatever you want it to give, as long as it’s light, light blue and white ombre nails deliver. This delightfully delicate color combination exudes loveliness. Light blue and white ombre nails are for those blue lovers out there who still want to be a little feminine.

    White Blue Ombre Nails

    Feel pretty as an ice princess in these icy white-blue ombre nails. Light, glossy, and beautiful, these nails don’t pale in comparison to the others on this list despite how subtle they are. For white-blue ombre nails, they’re fairly simple, but sometimes it’s simplicity that wins the day.

    Light Blue Ombre Nails

    If you like pale blue, but simplicity isn’t your thing, these light blue ombre nails are a wonderful way to go. The mix of light blue and pink is beautiful, with the pink light enough to almost mimic the natural color of the nail but combined with the glitter accent nails on each hand, it’s a fun play on subtlety and spunky boldness.

    Matte Blue Ombre Nails

    She might be matte, but she’s feisty. Matte blue ombre nails are a fun way to stand out from the gloss and shine of other nails. And these long stiletto bedazzled and designed ombre nails look fierce as claws so you can really stand out and show out. The combination of the shape, patterns, and colors creates the perfect mix of Instagram baddie meets girly girl.

    Blue Ombre Nails with Diamonds

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And don’t these blue ombre nails with diamonds prove it. If even glitter is too tame for you, ask your manicurist to reach for the glitz and the glam of diamonds. Blue ombre nails with diamonds are must-haves for Instagram baddies and the proudly Extra everywhere.

    Aqua Ombre Nails

    Does anyone else remember the 2006 movie Aquamarine? Because these nails are serving Sara Paxton as that titular mermaid. But you won’t need starfish to get compliments with these babies. Use aqua ombre nails to live out your mermaid dreams. The beachy, cheery color is sure to make you feel like those beautiful, mythical creatures of the sea.

    Aqua Neon Blue Acrylic Nails

    Bring the heat with electric aqua neon blue acrylic nails that glow in the dark. You’re sure to get rave reviews with these bedazzled glowing nails. There are so many ways to do blue ombre nails, you never have to worry about this staple getting boring. Tired of having normal blue ombre nails? Add some neon and make them glow in the dark.

    Sky Blue Ombre Nails

    Haha, get it? Why settle for sky blue ombre nails when you can have sky blue ombre nails. These gorgeous punny nails have such a wonderful aesthetic. Some days you’re not in the mood for Insta baddie statements. Some days you just want to wear a quirky-printed dress and twirl in a field. These nails are perfect for those days.

    Tiffany Blue Ombre Nails

    Tiffany Blue Ombre NailsInstagram@h2smomPIN

    Not only is Tiffany blue a beautiful color, but it’s synonymous with luxury. So why wouldn’t you want glittery Tiffany blue ombre nails? It’s an expensive look that conjures feelings of elegance and class and images of diamonds and gold. You can’t go wrong with Tiffany blue ombre square nails like these.

    Coffin Royal Blue Ombre Nails

    Nail art meets abstract art with these beautiful coffin royal blue ombre nails. The coffin shape is very trendy right now. Its interesting shape paired with the snow and night sky look of the white and royal blue ombre nail is a dazzling combo perfect for the winter months, or just a dark but glittery aesthetic.

    Blue and Grey Ombre Nails

    Speaking of dark aesthetics, welcome to the dark academia of blue ombre nails with these blue and grey ombre nails. The stormy color of these nails creates both a mature and edgy look, which dark academia embodies. These nails will add a sophisticated, moody flare to anyone. Turn the pages of your favorite gothic novel with these somber blue and grey ombre nails.

    Ocean Ombre Nails

    If you’re going on a trip to a tropical resort, these are the nails for you! These fun ocean ombre nails done with OPI nail polish mimic the look of waves on a beach underneath their cutesy gold ocean creature ornamentation. They might be a little on the nose, but you can’t deny how cute they are.

    Pastel Blue Ombre Nails

    Why have nails painted in one style when you can have it all? If you keep consistent colors throughout the design, you can have pastel blue ombre nails combined with other designs and still have a completely cohesive, beautiful look.

    Zohna Tip

    In order to get the best-finished look for your pastel blue ombre nails, or any other pastel nail polish, try using a milky base coat. Also, apply your pastel shade in thin coats, slowly building the color up over several shades, and avoid overworking the polish - even if it looks streaky on the first few passes.

    Powder Blue Ombre Nails

    Powder blue really is the quintessential Cinderella color, and with these nails, you can make yourself feel like a princess at home. The shape, length, and color of these powder blue ombre nails mean that with practice, you could replicate them yourself. And then you won’t need to head to the salon to feel like royalty.

    Long Blue Ombre Nails

    The longer the nail, the more real estate for design, like these long blue ombre nails with floral detailing, glitter, rhinestones, and gems. The deep blue tone of these nails is as glam as the accents and details these nails offer. We love that while most of the nails really go big or go home, there’s still a simple plain blue ombre nail in the mix to balance it all out.

    Clear to Blue Ombre Nails

    Ending this list is a look similar to the first with clear to blue ombre nails serving colored french tips with a twist. But instead of a simple gradient, these nails have a marble design in the blue that creates a beautiful cloudy effect in a dark sky. Marble nails are a look you can DIY at home. Although these acrylics seemed to have been done in a salon.

    So That’s It

    So that’s the list of 22 different blue ombre nails inspo. Hopefully next time you’re at the salon or in the beauty supply store, you’ll know exactly what to do.