44 Bright Summer Nails You’ll Love in 2024

Updated on December 26, 2023
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    44 Bright Summer Nails You’ll Love in 2024

    As things are heating up, it’s time to rock a fresh set of claws at the beach and the pool. That’s right, it’s time for summer nails baby! There are loads of nail ideas to pick and choose from during these warm months that will match our tans, compliment our complexions, and for the dedicated, match our bathing suits.

    How to do Summer Nails

    Learn how to do these incredible palm tree summer nails yourself in this simple step-by-step video tutorial.

    There are tons of nail ideas to look out for in case one might tickle your fancy, from summer mint green nails to summer sunset nails. Before choosing which nail color and option you like best, you should think about which type of mani you want.

    Nail Types Description
    Gel Manicure
    • Extends nail length.
    • Dries with UV light.
    • Lasts around three weeks.
    • Combination of a liquid and a gel.
    • Can have either gel or dip on top.
    • Changes shape and length of nails.
    Dip Manicure
    • Nails are dipped into a powder to achieve the desired color.
    • Lasts longer than gel manicures.

    Bright Summer Nails

    One of summer nails’ most common themes is the bright ones we see every season without fail. Neon nails are reoccurring in popularity, such as this vibrant neon peach color that will look stunning with your jean shorts and sun-kissed skin.

    Summer Hot Pink Nails

    Summer hot pink nails are a great way to accentuate the warm shades of your skin. This pink shade looks great on every skin color, but if it isn’t what you are looking for, don’t stress – pink is a pigment with multiple shades that all look great during the summer.

    Gel Summer Nails

    If you want to have a longer-lasting manicure, gel summer nails will fit the bill. A gel manicure is excellent because it lasts longer, making it ideal for those on a summer vacation when you won’t have time to make it to a salon.

    Short Summer Nails

    During the summer, there’s no denying that we are almost always on the go. Long nails are not always ideal for some summer activities. Short summer nails are always in style and convenient for those of us constantly moving.

    Yellow Summer Nails

    When we think about summer, we think about long days, high energy, and lots of fun activities. When people see yellow, it encourages them to be more alert and energized and helps promote activity. If you like the sound of that, yellow summer nails will likely be fantastic for you and your summer plans.

    Simple Summer Nails

    Just cause bright colors are the standard summer colors doesn’t mean you need to stay away from simple summer nails. In fact, we

    Short Summer Nails

    encourage you to go towards them.

    This nude set is perfect for complementing a wide range of outfits and occasions, so you don’t have to worry about switching them up, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down.

    Beach Summer Toe Nails

    When we think of the beach, we think of blue, and having blue toenails when you hit the sand this summer will leave you with happy feet. Turquoise is such a classic summer color, and it transports us to the sunny Mediterranean in a snap.

    Summer Dip Nails

    Dip nail colors come in many shades, and there’s no wrong answer for what’s best. However, pink is a lovely color for summer dip nails encapsulating summer’s radiant energy and good vibes.

    Blue Summer Nails

    You can’t go wrong with the color blue because there are many different shades for every season and every occasion. However, we don’t blame you if you need help choosing what shade to choose for your blue summer nails. Here are some blue colors perfect for summer to help spark some inspiration:

    • Aquamarine
    • Baby blue
    • Sky blue
    • Royal blue
    • Indigo
    • Cobalt
    • Sapphire
    • Steel
    • Electric

    Summer Mermaid Nails

    Nothing screams summer vacation like mermaid nails. Try this fun look by doing a blue to purple ombre effect, or adding seashells for extra glam.

    Summer Orange Nails

    Orange is another one of those great summer colors that complement any skin tone. Sometimes orange can be a lot, so instead of painting the whole nail, try going for orange french tips.

    Cute Nails for Summer

    Cute Nails for SummerInstagram@ts_nails0PIN

    Mixing colors or adding designs to your manicure is a classic way to achieve cute nails for summer.

    Pretty Summer Nails

    They say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and when we imagine pretty nails for the summer, we picture this matching finger and toe coral color, but that doesn’t mean you will. If you think your summer nails are pretty, whatever color they are, that’s all that matters.

    White Summer Nails

    White summer nails are a classic choice that’s never a bad call. White goes with nearly everything, so you can wear any color and still be matching your fingers. It’s so fresh and bright and always looks good with a tan!

    Summer Peach Nails

    As it gets warmer and warmer, the fruit gets riper and riper. Peaches are delicious, juicy summer fruits with stunning coloring we can take inspiration from for our summer nails. The dramatic coffin shape of these peach nails is glamorous and looks ultra cool paired with the matte finish.

    Red Summer Nails

    Red is an overall versatile and well-liked color. However, it’s a color with specific shades that suit certain seasons best. Red colors that look best during the summer are

    • Light red
    • Orange-red
    • Burnt orange
    • Cherry
    • Rust
    • Scarlet
    • Crimson

    Summer Mint Green Nails

    When we picture green in the summer, we see a refreshing mint green. Mint is a great shade that is the perfect in-between between vibrant and simple. The simple coffin shape is elegant and showcases the pretty color perfectly.

    Summer Matte Nails

    If shiny or glittery nails during the sunniest months of the year are a no go for you cause they clash with your sweaty forehead or whatever the reason, there are summer matte nails to save the day. Matte nails look good with any color. When choosing summer nails, it’s good to know what finishes there are.

    Nail Polish Finishes Description
    Matte Matte is flat in finish and has no shine or shimmer at all.
    Shiny An acrylic polymer in or on top of your polish will help give it a glossy and smooth surface.
    Glitter The word glitter technically means to “send forth light,” as it has innumerable light reflective points that make it shimmer.

    Summer Bling Nails

    Let’s say you are one of those people who love to spend their summer by the pool, soaking in the sun and reading a good book. If that’s you, these blinged-out nails will be perfect for showing off to your pool crush.

    Classy Summer Nails

    Classy summer nails are all about warm, muted tones like this pink and brown mix of shades. Adding a shiny gloss overtop with help elevate your nails to a more classy and expensive feel.

    Purple Summer Nails

    Purple is one of those shades that emulate late summer nights as the sun goes down and the sunset goes from orange to pink to purple. These summer purple nails do a great job of encapsulating summer twilight and the stars that follow with lots of added shimmer.

    End of Summer Nails

    For your end of summer nails, we recommend choosing the summer nails that were your favorite over the warm months. If you need help deciding or don’t have a favorite, something bold and different, like these orange metallic nails, could be fun.

    Summer Vacation Nails

    If your going on vacation and don’t plan on getting your nails done there, it may be beneficial to get a long-lasting gel polish. If you’re going somewhere near the ocean, these cute sailor-inspired summer vacation nails could be super fitting for your trip.

    Green Summer Nails

    Green is a color that looks good any time of the year. However, green shades better suited for summer are vibrant and vivid hues, such as

    Summer Pink and Yellow Nails

    Pink and yellow are two shades that just get each other. They complement one another beautifully and pair nicely painted onto your nails simultaneously.

    Some benefits of using multiple colors in your summer nails include:

    • Adds dimension
    • Makes colors pop

    Summer Flower Nails

    Adding designs to your nails is a fun way to spruce things up. Flowers are a perfect and simplistic way to emulate summer. These summer nails are an ideal transition nail from spring into summer.

    Summer Glitter Nails

    The summer is all about having fun, and you can add to the excitement by using glitter on your nails. You only need to choose a base color and find a glitter with similar coloring. Combined, they’ll look unreal.

    Zohna Tip

    Glitter polish can be tricky to remove with regular nail polish remover. Using pure acetone should remove it quickly and easily.

    Neutral Summer Nails

    Due to the summer heat, we usually show some skin, and to match that vibe choosing a color similar to your skin tone is super fitting.

    Summer Preppy Nails

    Summer preppy nails can mean many different things, but we think of simplicity with a twist. These simple pink french tips with a zebra print ring finger are fun while keeping it professional and preppy, perfect for a weekend in the Hamptons.

    Simple Summer Beach Nails

    Why only have the best of both worlds, when you can have the best of ten worlds when it comes to nail colors? Instead of the classic french tips, try switching out the white for ten of your favorite summer colors, perfect for a beach setting.

    Long Summer Nails

    Long nails with your go-to summer color are perfect for a more elevated look. There are different shapes and styles of long nails, like a coffin, stiletto, and almond shapes. Here are a few details on the three nail shapes mentioned to help you choose.

    Acrylic Shape Description
    Coffin Shape
    • Angular shape.
    • Resembles coffin shape.
    • Tapered side.
    • Straight edge.
    Stiletto Shape
    • Pointed tip like a stiletto heel.
    • Typically very long.
    Almond Shape
    • Looks most like a natural nail.
    • Rounds at the tip.
    • Resembles the shape of an almond.

    Colorful Summer Nails

    Colorful Summer NailsInstagram@naildaddiPIN

    Often people pick one color for their nails, but in reality, you can choose an array of colors. Colorful summer nails are great at encapsulating summer’s fun and bright feel. This rainbow set is bright, fun, and keeps things interesting all summer long.

    Coral Summer Nails

    Coral summer nails are great for those who can’t choose if they prefer orange or pink for their manicure. Coral is a combination of bright neon pink and orange. It looks stunning on deeper or more tanned skin but looks pretty with any complexion.

    Pastel Summer Nails

    Pastel summer ombre nails are more muted and softer versions of shades. They are the real deal for people wanting color but not too much vibrancy. Sometimes neon and bright colors can be a lot, especially on your nails, and if that’s the case, we suggest these pastel nails that are perfect for the summertime.

    Nude Summer Nails

    The saying “pretty in pink” is most definitely a thing. If you want your nails to look and feel pretty, go for a nude shade. We won’t steer you wrong with this one; it matches everything and makes a sweet but simple statement all wrapped up with a pretty bow.

    Summer Sunset Nails