Face Roller Guide: How to Use, Top Benefits, and the Best Rollers

Updated on July 26, 2023
Shauna Freemantle By Shauna Freemantle
Face Roller Guide: How to Use, Top Benefits, and the Best RollersPIN

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    Face Roller Guide: How to Use, Top Benefits, and the Best Rollers

    We’ve all seen the pictures. Those aesthetic shots of face rollers placed on marble countertops, maybe surrounded by other clean or natural skincare products.

    And we must admit, we do love the way they look. They make you want to buy one. And want to try it.

    Claims of what these traditional Chinese medicine tools can do vary from anti-aging properties to lymph drainage to reducing inflammation.

    Whether or not they can really do all that, something about their stone paint-roller look is so appealing. They’re beautiful tools, and you do just want to rub them all over your face when you see them and give the claims a try.

    But do face rollers really work? Or are they just a pretty, inviting lie you can use to create an aesthetic?

    Well, let’s find out. Shall we?

    Do Face Rollers Really Work?

    There are some lofty claims as to how deep the benefits of rubbing a cylindrical piece of stone on your face can be. But how true are those claims? Do face rollers really work?

    Well, yes and no.

    Although anecdotal evidence can be found all over the internet, a beauty blogger trying a trend isn’t the same as a scientific study.

    That said, it is known that with the proper technique, face rollers can achieve lymphatic drainage, anti-aging, and reduce puffiness.

    And that proper technique is rolling for at least 10 to 20 minutes, or if you’re not a DIYer, a regular session with a professional esthetician.

    Additionally, the cooling feeling of the face roller stone could aid with depuffing, especially if put in the fridge first.

    Lastly, if you’re a guy, there are a ton of good things being said about beard rollers and the benefits they provide.

    So, it seems that although the tools do technically work, there are other ways to achieve the same results, like Botox or Juvederm, but they are definitely more permanent.

    The Freeze Clinic article also mentions that jade rollers aren’t suitable for everyone, like those with rosacea or eczema.

    That being said. There’s been lots of support for facial rollers, and they’ve been used for centuries.

    So, if you want to try them, we say go for it!

    Zohna Tip

    In order to get the best results from your face roller, make sure you properly clean and store it, and that you stop using it if you have any adverse reactions, seeking treatment from a doctor if necessary.

    What Does a Face Roller Do Exactly?

    So, you might be wondering how exactly a mere facial massage using a facial roller can achieve all these great benefits.

    Well, the answer is that the massage itself is more than the tool that will give you all those benefits.

    The device isn’t a magic wand that lets you put a stone on your face to give you all these incredible benefits.

    No. It’s that facial massage can be used to help achieve some of these benefits.

    There are many different types of facial massages, including lymphatic drainage facial massages..

    And there are many benefits to facial massages like the kind you can do with a face roller:

    • Anti-aging (which is also considered one of the benefits of face rolling)
    • Sinus pressure (with a sinus massage)
    • Acne
    • Relieving symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) conditions (basically relieving tension in the jaw)
    • Glowing skin
    • Skin blood flow
    • Relieving tension and causing relaxation
    • Manage scar tissue

    Face Roller Benefits

    Now that we’ve established the benefits of face rollers are real, let’s go into exactly what those benefits are.

    Some of those benefits of face rollers we’ll cover in more detail include:

    1. Lymph drainage
    2. Inflammation reduction
    3. Anti-aging properties

    Lymph Drainage

    The lymphatic system is part of your immune system. The liquid in this system can build up, and it can be made to manually drain away.

    Normally this is done by a professional – and with the professional using their hands. However, lymph drainage can be done at home, as well.

    We must add, though, that not everyone is convinced of the appearance-based benefits of facial lymph drainage, and the information testifying to its success is largely anecdotal.

    Inflammation Reduction

    When inflammation on the face is reduced, you’ll get a more even tone and a less puffy look to your face overall.

    Inflammation can be caused due to a number of reasons, including allergic reactions and acne flair-ups.

    Although facial rollers may temporarily ease inflammation, they will not treat the cause of inflammation. And, depending on the cause of inflammation, it may not reduce it.

    Anti-Aging Properties

    Doesn’t this just sound like a wonderful, magic benefit? The secret we’re all chasing?

    Well, it’s not quite total magic for face rollers., Using a face roller is just one more thing you can add to your anti-aging toolkit and routine.

    But when it comes to the anti-aging properties of face rollers, typically it’s associated with the benefits of facial massage in general. In this way, face rollers are believed to aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

    How to Use a Face Roller

    Knowing how to use a face roller is the first step to unlocking better skin. And we’re here to tell you all about the steps you need to take to get there. *Note – Check this article if you’re looking for instructions on how to use a jade roller.

    Before we hop into the particulars there’s a secret optional first step that involves cooling or warming the face roller as you desire:

    1. You can warm your roller up by running it under a hot faucet or in warm water.
    2. Cool it down by placing it in the freezer for a few minutes or in a fridge (maybe a skincare fridge!) overnight.

    Make sure you don’t cool or heat it so much that it’s uncomfortable on your skin.

    Step 1: Adding Oil

    The first step includes adding an oil, serum, or moisturizer so that you aren’t rolling onto dry, bare skin which can be harmful to your complexion in the long run.

    Simply apply a healthy (read: enough to make your skin slick and wet feeling) of your favorite hydrating skincare product. We like using facial oil such as Honest Beauty’s Organic Beauty Facial Oil, especially for dry and combination skin types. For more oily skin types, try Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil.

    Step 2: The Neck

    The second step is to roll in an upward direction on your neck. Try to only roll the tool in an upward direction, and not at all roll downwards or back and forth. This avoids pulling and tugging and contributes to the lifting effect we want to get from our face rollers.

    Step 3: Jaw to Ear

    The third step is to gently roll your face roller along your jaw and up to your ears, continuing on to your cheekbones. Focus on rolling up and out from under your cheekbones in short, but gentle strokes all the way to your ears.

    Step 4: To the Hairline

    The fourth step is to roll upward into your hairline from your forehead gently. Pressing too firmly can be detrimental to your skin, not to mention being kind of painful! Aim to cover your whole forehead, working from left to right.

    Step 5: The Eyebrows

    For one final step, it’s time to take care of your eyebrows. By rolling horizontally over your eyebrows, you’re not only helping improve your circulation and skin quality, but it can also be a way to reduce headaches. This is especially helpful when you have sinus-related headaches and pressure.

    It can also be a relief to your brow area post-waxing or epilating, particularly if you cool your face roller first. Simply cool, roll, and see reduced puffiness and redness.

    Best Face Roller Picks

    So now that we know the ins and outs of face rollers, we’ve gathered some of the best face rollers for you, with a selection of face rollers made of popular materials.

    We’ve found a favorite face roller for every popular stone:

    • Rose quartz face roller
    • Stone face roller
    • Crystal face roller
    • Obsidian face roller
    • Jade face roller

    Rose Quartz Face Roller

    09/29/2023 09:06 pm GMT

    If you’re looking for a face roller that’s pretty in pink to complete the soft, feminine aesthetic of your boudoir, then a rose quartz facial roller might just be the choice for you.

    This affordable rose quartz facial roller is from Kitsch, which was founded by Cassandra Thurswell, and has been featured in Forbes and Inc.

    Zohna Rating: 4.5/5 stars

    Reviewer Highlights:

    • Functions well
    • Good quality for the price
    • Small end is great for reaching around eye contours

    Large end is versatile, and can even be useful for your scalp

    Stone Face Roller

    Face rollers come in a variety of different stones, but a jade stone roller is often considered the cream of the crop for face rollers, and this affordable Revlon jade stone roller is no different. This face roller helps reduces puffiness and increases circulation, and has a handy dual-ended format.

    Zohna Rating: 4.5/5 stars

    Reviewer Highlights:

    • Has a lifetime guarantee
    • Good quality for the price
    • Easy to use
    • Sturdy

    Crystal Face Roller

    09/29/2023 08:58 pm GMT

    Whether or not you believe in the healing ability of crystals, they certainly are pretty and they feel great on your skin. And this rose quartz face roller gives you a taste of that! This brand sets out to be free beauty from high prices, toxic chemicals, and all-around bad vibes. This affordable rose quartz face roller seems to fit right in with that mandate.

    Obsidian Face Roller

    Black Obsidian Facial Spa Set
    $50.00 ($50.00 / Count)
    09/29/2023 09:01 pm GMT

    Many of the face rollers you see set up so delicately in social media photos have a light aesthetic or vibe to them. But those of you with a gothic vibe or darker aesthetic, don’t worry. There are still face rollers for you. The obsidian facial rollers are a chic deep black color.

    Mount Lai is a beauty brand focusing on traditional Chinese medicine.. The roller is carbon neutral, and the obsidian offers better heat-retaining properties, making it great for congested or acne-prone skin. This particular type of stone also encourages stimulation of the lymphatic system.

    Zohna Rating: 4.5/5 stars

    Reviewer Highlights:

    • High quality
    • Easy to use
    • Highly effective
    • Aesthetically pleasing

    Jade Roller

    The jade roller is the classic facial roller. It’s the light green beauty tool you typically see in those aesthetic skincare photos all over Instagram and TikTok, especially in the popular trend known as ‘That Girl‘.

    And if you want to be your own version of That Girl, you can get started by ramping up your skincare routine with tons of great jade roller benefits. This one is free of plastic and has a sturdy, and ergonomic handle that is sure to last. There are two different roller head sizes to target different areas of your face with ease.

    Zohna Rating: 5/5 stars

    Reviewer Highlights:

    • Easy to use
    • High quality
    • Small end is great for reaching around eye contours
    • Easy to clean
    • Moderately priced
    Description Made from jade
    Unique Benefits
    • Facials
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Blood flow
    • Relaxation
    • Product absorption
    Rating Website: 4.8 stars with 24 reviews

    Google: 4.8 stars with almost 300 reviews


    • Which Face Roller Stone Is Best?

      Because it is not the stone itself that causes the benefits associated with face rolling, but instead the coolness of the stone and the movements used in manipulating it…there’s not necessarily a face roller stone that is best.

      Instead, we recommend going with whatever stone you like best, whether for aesthetic, crystal healing, or otherwise.

    • Are Face Rollers Effective?

      Face rollers are effective if you understand the limitations of what they can do.

      They aren’t magic products, but when manipulated correctly, they can provide some benefits, including:

      1. Lymph drainage
      2. Inflammation reduction (temporarily)
      3. Anti-aging

      How effective you find them may depend on the benefits you expect from the tool.

    • Is a Face Roller Necessary?

      Face rollers aren’t necessary, no. No beauty tool is really necessary. That’s not why you purchase them. You get them because you like having healthy skin, or because you like how it makes you feel. or maybe you like the luxury of using a face roller to massage your face daily.

      So, no, face rollers aren’t necessary. But how much of what we buy is because it’s absolutely necessary?

    • Is a Face Roller Worth It?

      Whether or not someone feels like a face roller is worth it will depend completely on individual preferences. They can have a considerable price tag to them (especially for some high-end options). They can also be an extra step in your skincare routine you simply don’t have time for.

      And again, whether you believe a face roller is worth it may depend on how realistic your expectations for a face roller are.

      For some, a face roller is probably considered to be worth it, and for others, maybe not.

    Roll On!

    Now you know much more about facial rollers and which ones you should buy.

    And you know that they can aid with:

    • Lymph drainage
    • Inflammation reduction
    • Anti-aging

    So, pick one up for yourself. Take care of your skin and help it look its best by adding facial rolling to your skincare regimen.

    But seriously. Maybe there are other ways to get the same results, but facial rollers are beautiful, feel nice on the skin, and are effective when used properly. So, if you want one, as far as we’re concerned, it’s self-care to get one. And we’re huge supporters of self-care. Interested in other facial roller topics? Read this article to find out the benefits of ice roller!