6 Top Beard Roller Picks of 2024: Roll Your Way to a Better Beard

Updated on July 26, 2023
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    6 Top Beard Roller Picks of 2024: Roll Your Way to a Better Beard

    Beards – for some men, it seems like a thick, luscious beard is as simple as waking up in the morning. For others, searching for ways to have a better beard is a lifelong journey filled with frustration and patchiness, or worse, a few sparse hairs.

    It is a problem that plagues men all over, leaving many wondering how they can grow their beards faster, more even, and thicker. One way to achieve this is by using a derma roller for beard growth.

    We're going to roll through the inside scoop on these tools to find out exactly how they work and give you some of the best beard rollers on the market today.

    That way, you’re only a few rolls away from a better beard.

    What are Derma Rollers for Beards?

    A derma roller is a tool that can be used to improve the appearance and texture of your skin, as well as help your hair grow. It’s a handheld device with tiny needles on it that moves over the surface of your face. The needles penetrate into your skin, causing micro-injuries that trigger your body to repair itself and produce new collagen. Collagen is what gives you smooth, even-toned skin and helps keep wrinkles away.

    By rolling on a regular basis, you can not only improve your skincare routine but help your beard grow faster, healthier, and dense. Studies have shown that derma rolling your beard stimulates hair follicle growth and hair-growth-related genes. A beard roller can also help break up scar tissue around hair follicles to let a new hair grow. All of this equates to a better beard and healthier skin along the way!

    Do Beard Rollers Work?

    If you’re wondering whether beard rollers work, the answer is yes.

    In fact, we think they’re an essential part of your grooming routine.

    Here’s why beard rollers are a must to add to your self-care routine:

    • Research has found that skin treated with four micro-needling sessions 1 month apart shows a 400% increase in collagen and elastin deposition after 6 months. It can help you get a tighter, more youthful-looking face without expensive surgeries or procedures.
    • Micro-needling therapy increased total hair count more than the topical minoxidil treatment alone. In addition, combining micro needling with topical minoxidil significantly improved results over monotherapy of just one method.
    • In addition to helping grow facial hair and improve its texture, derma rollers can also be used to enhance the effectiveness of serums, treatments, and moisturizers.

    Aside from studies like these, anecdotal evidence was reported from users who tried using beard rollers and felt they saw a difference in the quality of their beard, density, and overall appearance. So no matter which way you roll, you’re one needle closer to the beard of your dreams!

    Beard Roller Results: Derma Roller for Beard Growth


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    Everyone can expect different results when it comes to using beard rollers, but you can see how effective they are on the individual above. From week one to week eight, their progress is obvious.

    Key things to note about hair changes during your beard roller journey:

    1. Density
    2. Length
    3. Coverage

    A great way to monitor your progress during your beard roller journey is to take progress pictures each week. That way, you can see how your face changes and take note of what is working and what isn’t. For example, you may want to try using your beard roller for a few weeks and check your progress, then try incorporating a beard growth serum during your rolling routine and compare your progress again.

    This way, you can determine your progress and use the photos as comparisons for your medical professionals if you seek additional treatment.

    What’s in a Beard Roller Kit?

    Depending on the brand and price range you’re shopping for, a beard roller kit can be an all-in-one solution. It can contain all of the items you need alongside your beard roller to help you get your best beard yet and eliminate those patchy spots for good.

    That said, beard roller kits typically can include:

    • Derma roller
    • Supplements, such as biotin and other vitamins that help with hair growth
    • Beard oils
    • Facial and beard cleansers
    • Combs and brushes for beards
    • Facial moisturizers
    • A carrying case to keep all of your equipment together

    No matter what kit you choose, or how many other items are included, as long as you have the beard growth roller, you’re on your way to a better beard.

    Beard Roller Cleaner Method Pros Cons
    • Cheap
    • Easy to find
    • Can be used in other ways around the home
    • May not be as easy to use
    • Can be messy
    Beard Roller Cleaner
    • Designed especially for the bead rollers, so can be more effective
    • Usually in an easy to use format, like a spray bottle
    • More expensive
    • Typically have to order online or from specialty retailers

    How to Use Derma Roller for Beard

    The derma roller is one of the best tools for growing a beard. It has many benefits, from reducing inflammation and scarring to increasing collagen production. The only downside is that it can be a bit tricky to use.

    The following guide will explain how to use a derma roller step by step for beard growth.

    Step #1: Prep Your Skin

    Before you begin, don’t skip out on skin prep! This is one of the most important steps of using a beard roller for hair growth, but it’s also important to maintain healthy skin.

    Thoroughly cleanse your face, and also use a beard cleanser at this stage if you feel like it is something you can benefit from. This is especially important for those with a substantial beard that can get environmental debris (everything from snacks to dust and dirt) caught in them.

    Step #2: Roll On

    Now that your skin is clean, it’s time to get rolling. This is the most important step to pay close attention to, as it can make or break your beard growth success.

    Here’s what you need to do with your beard roller:

    1. Once your skin and beard are cleansed, grab your beard roller.
    2. Begin rolling. You should roll the derma roller from left to right, horizontally and vertically, and in diagonal directions.
    3. Make sure the needles are on the surface of your skin with only a minimal amount of pressure. Don’t press too hard, or it can harm the layers of your skin.
    4. You should roll over your entire beard area, paying attention to the patchiest areas.

    Step #3: Post-Roll Care

    10/30/2023 09:41 pm GMT

    Once your skin and beard have been rolled over, your skin is ready to absorb the products on your counter. This is an ideal time to apply beard growth serums, as they can penetrate the skin more deeply, allowing your beard to grow thick and more healthy. It’s also a great time to apply other facial serums, such as hyaluronic acid, and moisturizers to keep your face silky smooth, and soft.

    Step #4: Clean Your Roller

    The last step is one of the most important ones! You need to be sure to clean your roller with alcohol every time you use it to avoid build-up, dirt, and germs from forming on your beard roller. This can lead to infection and breakouts, which isn’t exactly conducive to that baller complexion you’re after.

    You should also be sure to replace your roller every few months to avoid having dull needles, as well as avoid bacteria and other issues from messing with your beard.

    6 Best Derma Rollers for Beards

    You’re looking for the best of the best for your beard. And that means finding the best derma rollers for beard growth out there. We have found the top 5 best derma rollers for beards, so you can skip the endless searching and get right to the beard of your dreams.

    We chose these beard rollers based on a few key criteria, as outlined in the table below.

    Criteria for Best Beard Roller Why It Matters
    Price A high price doesn’t always equate to a better product, and low-end products promising big results can be a problem, too. Keeping price in mind is key to finding the right beard roller for your needs.
    Inclusions Whether or not a beard roller includes or comes with other products to help round out your growth plans can be a make or break for you, depending on what you’re looking for.
    Quality What a beard roller is made of is important. If it’s made of plastic, it may not last as long as something made of steel. Consider the derma roller beard’s composition before buying.

    Our Pick – Koi Beauty Titanium Beard Roller

    If you’re looking for an affordable product that promotes real beard growth, our top recommendation is this titanium beard roller from Koi beauty.

    It’s got an excellent ergonomic design that looks great and is easy to use. This roller works great for all skin types and only takes 60 seconds per session.

    Beard Club’s Advanced Beard Growth Kit

    If you are looking to build a beginner’s kit for taking care of your beard and helping it grow thick and strong, then a well-rounded kit like this Advanced Beard Growth Kit is perfect for you.

    This beard roller kit contains:

    • Beard Derma Roller
    • Beard Growth Multivitamins
    • Beard Growth Oil
    • Beard Growth Vitamin Spray
    • Beard Brush
    • Beard Shampoo
    • Derma Roller Cleansing Spray

    Coming in around the $100 mark, this kit is pricier than others, but it does contain absolutely everything you need to grow a better beard. It also uses high-quality ingredients in the formulations of the cleansers and vitamins, and the tools themselves, including the beard roller, are made with materials like titanium and boar bristles.

    DermTech Derma Micro-needling Roller

    10/30/2023 11:10 pm GMT

    If you already have your favorite beard oils, cleansers, and brushes lined up, and you just want a simple derma roller for beard growth, this option is great. With 540 needles, this beard roller is made of high-quality titanium steel and has a handy carrying case. The length (0.5mm) is perfect for beginners on their beard growth journey.

    Just keep in mind that the roller head is not replaceable, so when the needles dull, it will need to be thrown out. So while it’s affordable, it’s not exactly an ideal option for those who want an eco-friendly beard roller.

    Soulow 0.5mm Beard Roller

    Another option that is a high-quality basic beard roller with a case for carrying and storage is this option from Soulow. With a shiny gold-like finish and 0.5mm needles, this is a sleek, high-quality product made from titanium, so it’s easy to clean and keep sanitized.

    There’s an easy-to-grip handle, and it can really give you the control you need to help with using your derma roller for facial hair growth. There is a 0.25 mm option and a 0.5 mm version, so you can choose which needle length is best for your needs.

    Wild Willies Derma Roller

    This kit from the beard-expert brand Wild Willies is packed with the tools and products you need to grow the beard of your dreams.

    The Derma Roller Kit contains:

    • A derma roller (0.05 mm)
    • Beard boost serum treatment
    • A tool kit with nail clippers, beard trimming scissors, and other grooming tools
    • Beard shaping comb-tool
    • A canvas toiletry bag

    The best part about this kit is that it not only provides you with the right tools like a beard roller to get your beard game going strong but some additional tools that are handy for just about any person to have in their personal care arsenal.

    Copenhagen Grooming Beard Growth Kit

    Copenhagen Grooming’s Beard Growth Kit is the epitome of style and luxury – which comes with a heftier price tag than most on this list.

    That said, it offers a simple 2-step process with high-quality ingredients for a beard routine you’ll love:

    1. A beard roller
    2. Beard growth activator serum

    By using these products together, you can make mad beard gains in no time. Just keep in mind the more expensive nature of this kit that needs to be replenished at an interval of your choice, either 50, 150, or 250 days, depending on your subscription preferences.


    • How Long Does It Take To See Results from Beard Rollers?

      Now that you know how beard rollers work, it’s time to answer your burning question: how long does it take to see results from a beard roller?

      The answer is, “it depends.” Beard growth is not instantaneous and can take several months for some people to see visible results. For other people, however, there are noticeable changes within just a few weeks of regular use.

      It’s important to remember that when using a beard roller (or any other method of growing facial hair), you’re building up new hair follicles – and that takes time! The key is consistency over time – if you want those new follicles to grow successfully through the mechanisms of micro-needling for beard growth, you will need to make using a beard roller part of your weekly routine.

    • Best Size Derma Roller for Beard?

      The size of a derma roller depends on the user’s skin type, hair type, and beard growth. It also depends on your skin and facial scarring, so speaking with a dermatologist about your specific needs is one way to get a customized approach to your derma roller beard growth journey.

      Here are some general guidelines when shopping for your beard derma roller:

      • If you have extremely sensitive skin, then a smaller derma roller (0.25mm) would be best suited for you as it is less likely to irritate.
      • For those with coarse and thick beards, we recommend using a larger derma roller (1 mm).
      • An ideal length is about 0.5mm for beginners and those unsure where to start.
    • How Do Beard Rollers Work?

      Beard rollers use derma rollers to puncture your skin and create microscopic wounds. Your body’s reaction to these wounds is to produce new collagen and elastin, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, generates better blood flow, and produces keratin (keratin is what makes up hair) for hair growth.

    • How to Clean Beard Rollers?

      Cleaning a beard roller is an important part of keeping your skin and beard healthy. It’s important to clean your derma roller after every use to ensure it’s sanitary and avoid infection.

      This will keep the metal from getting rusty and any bacteria from forming and help it work well. The needles will also work more effectively when they are clean and free of build-up, especially if you are using them in conjunction with treatments, serums, and creams.

      You can clean your beard roller with alcohol or by using a specialty cleaner that often comes in beard roller kits. The table below outlines some of key things to know about each, so you can decide before you buy.

      Additionally, before rolling, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or more, so you don’t introduce any extra bacteria into the mix that could potentially cause irritation on your face, and cleanse your face first, too.

    • How Often Should I Use Beard Rollers?

      You can really use beard rollers as often as you like, but it’s best to limit their use to 2-3 times per week. You don’t want to overdo it, and too frequent rolling can sometimes cause unnecessary damage to your hair follicles.

      If you are using the beard rollers with another treatment, like a serum or cream, it’s best to use the rollers first and then apply your other products. This will allow the products to penetrate deeper into your skin.

    Roll Your Way to a Better Beard

    All in all, a derma roller can do wonders for your beard and enhance hair growth. In fact, there are growing numbers of people who use a derma roller in order to achieve healthier-looking beards and skin. And now you know which ones to choose and how to use them for the greatest chances of success. If you’re serious about getting your beard game in check, you need to get your hands on a beard roller. Interested in other facial related topics? Read this article to find out the benefits of ice roller.