How To Use Jade Roller on Every Part of Your Face

Updated on December 22, 2022
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    How To Use Jade RollerPIN

    How To Use Jade Roller on Every Part of Your Face

    Roll it out with us and join the snatched face club by adding a jade roller to your skincare routine. Jade rollers have been around for centuries as a part of people’s beauty routines. There are plenty of jade roller benefits, and they can provide a nice facial massage to loosen any tension or drain your facial muscles from the lymphatic fluid.

    There isn’t a right or wrong answer for which jade roller is the best for reaping all the benefits. Either jade or rose quarts is suitable to get the job done. However, there is a correct way to utilize the jade roller to get the results you search for.

    One of the best parts of using a face roller is putting it in the fridge or freezer to get it nice and frosty before rolling it on the face. Making it cold makes the tool feel like a jade roller and ice roller in one. The cold will help tighten the face while also feeling satisfying. If you are someone who uses a derma roller, running a cold jade roller over the skin after will help cool that tingly sensation and calm the potential redness.

    Jade Roller Face Map

    This map is a great guide to follow when trying to map out how to use a jade roller. Following the arrow’s direction, starting inwards near the nose and lightly gliding the tool towards the hairline is an ideal technique. Using the jade roller face map, mimic the placement of the arrow and follow their path three times each.

    If you’re looking to get the most benefit out of your roller, you should know where lymph nodes are located in the face so you can participate in lymph detoxification. If you aren’t already aware, lymph nodes are small bean-shaped structures in hundreds of places throughout the body. These small but mighty nodes are part of our immune systems and travel substances through the lymphatic fluid that helps the body fight infection. Therefore, by attempting to drain them during your jade rolling routine, you aren’t only helping to depuff the area, but you are also helping to spread white blood cells through the body.

    There are tons of lymph nodes in the body, but the most critical to your jade roll routine are the ones in and around the face. There is a hefty accumulation of them in the neck area and smaller ones in and around the face. Check out this graphic to locate where your lymph nodes are.

    Zohna Tip

    You can attempt to drain your lymph nodes simply by using running the jade roller in small motions back and forth over them.

    Jade Roller How To Use

    There are many benefits to using jade rollers as part of your skincare routine, such as lymphatic drainage, depuffing, and glow-boosting, but you will only reap those benefits if you know how to use a jade roller properly.

    There are a few essential steps to remember when using a jade roller on the face, such as:

    1. Roll on a clean face. Before grabbing your roller, it’s essential to make sure you have cleansed skin. When the face is clean, there is less chance of bacteria building on the jade roller and then spreading to other areas of the face. Adding product to the face. Once your face is clean and dry, prep it with a serum or oil to ensure the jade roller glides instead of tugs at the skin. One of jade rollers’ best benefits is that it helps with absorption. Therefore, having a product on your skin, you want to be absorbed a bit deeper gives you all the more reason to follow this step.
    2. When jade rolling, you always want to ensure you follow the specific motion of moving from the middle of the face with an upward and outward movement towards the hairline as if you’re pushing the toxins right out of your face.
    3. Cleaning. Even though you started with a fresh, clean face, that doesn’t mean the chance of bacteria and build-up from your product won’t stick. Using a dirty roller can increase the risk of acne and skin irritation.

    Zohna Tip

    Use gentle soap or shampoo to wash your roller under warm water, and then roll it over a towel to ensure it's dry.


    If you want to know how to use a jade roller to get your facial muscles in on the action, we’re here to help. Using a jade roller on the face is relatively similar to anywhere else, with a few exceptions. First, a light touch is a key to using a jade roller, as you could rupture capillaries or make your face red with too much pressure.

    When rolling the face, imagine the nose being the starting point, and then roll pushing outwards towards the hairline. Imagine you are moving all the lymphatic fluid under the skin out and away from the face. Also, roll with the curvature of your face, like above and below the cheekbone and brow bones, for example.


    When learning how to use a jade roller on the neck to massage it out, it’s very similar to the face. All you need to do is start at the base and roll upwards towards the chin. You can use more pressure as the muscles and skin are tougher. For the best feeling and surface area coverage, use the large end of the jade roller.

    Under Eyes

    If you want to know how to use a jade roller under the eyes, listen up. A good amount of little lymph nodes hanging out under the eyes could benefit from a gentle jade roll session. The skin under the eyes is very delicate and should be touched gently.

    If you’re wondering how to use a jade roller under your eyes, keep these critical steps in mind:

    1. The skin is thinner than the rest of the face.
    2. The area produces less collagen than the rest of the face.
    3. The area has fewer oil glands than the rest of the face.
    4. The area is prone to dryness, droopiness, line, and wrinkles.

    Due to these factors, we must be extra careful when using a jade roller under the eyes.

    Here are some essential tips to remember when figuring out how to use a jade roller under the eyes, such as:

    • Use lots of oil or serum to prevent tugging and promote gliding
    • Use the smaller end of the jade roller if you use a double-sided roller
    • Roll gently from the inner corner of the under-eye outwards
    • Use very light and gentle pressure

    How To Use Jade Roller And Gua Sha

    A gua sha and a jade roller are similar beauty tools but are also very different. Learning to use jade roller and gua sha is also similar but very different. A gua sha is more like a yoga tool for the face. It works deep into the muscles. Investing your time and money into a gua sha also means investing in your face.

    When using a gua sha, you have to investigate the ridges and muscles of your face. It’s an art that takes practice, whereas a jade roller is more of a quick and easy feel-good approach. Like a jade roller, gua sha tools are also made of jade or quartz. However, they don’t roll. Instead, they are flat with grooves to get into the edges of the face. When used religiously over a significant period of time, people have reported seeing major results in their face shapes.

    The benefits of using a gua sha include:

    • Tension release
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Better complexion
    • Reduces stress and anxiety

    Perfecting a gua sha tool takes practice, especially when hoping to see a drastic result. We want to ensure you know how to get the most from your time and money.

    Steps On How To Use A Gua Sha Description
    Step 1: Serum Lather a clean face in an oil or serum to ensure no tugging at the skin.
    Step 2: Neck The placement of the gua sha tool is vital. Hold one side at a 40-degree angle against your neck, working it in downward motions.
    Step 3: Cheeks Lightly apply pressure to the face and move upwards and out, beginning at the jaw and moving to the cheekbones and inner cheeks.
    Step 4: Eyes Press the tool flat against your under eyes, gliding it towards the hairline.
    Step 5: Forehead Now makes horizontal strokes on the forehead, working back and forth from one side to the other.

    Once you finish your gua sha, you can go in with a jade roller to help buff that reminding oil into your skin. It can also be nice to place it in the freezer while you use your gua sha, so it’s nice and cold. There’s no point in using them at the same time, but following after with a cold jade roller gives a pleasant, calming sensation, perfect for treating your facial muscles after basically attending yoga class.

    Double Chin

    If you are self-conscious about having less jawline, learning how to use a jade roller on a double chin can help. Using the tool, start from your chin, roll it along your jawline up to the ear, and then repeat. You can also use the smaller end of a double-edged jade roller under the jawline to try and scalp it more.

    How To Clean Jade Roller

    If you want to know how to clean a jade roller, you should follow these crucial steps. Washing it removes any excess oil or serum left over that is still clinging to the jade stone. You risk getting acne and irritated skin by not cleaning your roller after every use.

    When washing a beauty tool you use for your face, we suggest using your face cleanser. These products are designed to remove any oil or serum buildup on your face, so they are guaranteed to do the same for your jade roller. However, if your cleanser is too nice or expensive to be used on a beauty tool, we get it. Instead, we recommend using any gentle soap. Here’s a step by step to make sure you thoroughly clean your beauty tool and prevent any acne.

    What you’ll need to clean your jade roller:

    1. A face cleanser or a gentle soap
    2. A bowl
    3. Warm water
    4. Microfiber cloth

    Step 1

    Fill your bowl with warm tap water and your facial cleanser or gentle soap. Don’t use anything over 80 degrees Celsius, as hot water can strip the jade gemstone’s protective layer or ruin the metal appendages on the tool.

    Zohna Tip

    Make sure never to use any chemicals because they can cause damage to the roller and the skin if not washed off properly.

    Step 2

    Now that your soapy water is ready, you can dip your roller into the water.

    Step 3

    This step is optional, but once you have dipped the jade roller into the water bowl, we suggest leaving it to soak for a few minutes. It will give it an extra clean and help lift off any stubborn product grime and buildup.

    Step 4

    Once you have dipped or soaked it, gently use the microfiber cloth to absorb the remaining water. You can lay the towel flat and roll the jade roller over it to help absorb the water. Making sure you dry it right away will help prevent rusting.

    When To Use Jade Roller In Skin Care Routine

    There’s no correct answer to when to use a jade roller in your skincare routine. However, it’s recommended to do it right before applying all your skin care products or right after.

    If you use your jade roller after applying all your skin products, ensure it’s nice and clean. The jade roller will also help evenly distribute the skincare products and work them into the skin barrier.

    What Serum To Use With Jade Roller

    When choosing what serum is best for jade rolling, there are two things to consider. You may want to consider your skin type and how you react to products since you are technically rubbing the serum all over your face. Second, you want to ensure the product is rich in emollients and occlusives so it can be lubricating and slippery for longer.

    Here are a few of our favorite options to help you glide into a sculpted face.

    What Serum To Use With Jade Roller Characteristics What Skin Type Its Best For
    Hyaluronic Acid
    • Hydrates.
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Sensitive
    • Dry
    • Acne prone
    Rose Hip Oil
    • High vitamin A concentrate.
    • Anti-aging.
    • Helps with acne and congested skin.
    • Dry
    • Normal
    • Acne prone/ oily (Be careful because too much excess oil can cause breakouts)
    Vitamin C Serum
    • Moisturizers
    • Decrease inflammation.
    • Helps with collagen and elasticity.
    • Any skin type.
    Argan Oil
    • Moisturizes
    • Controles excess sebum to help minimize breakouts.
    • Smoothes and calms.
    • Dry
    • Acne prone/ oily (Be careful because too much excess oil can cause breakouts)

    Zohna Tip

    Watch out for retinol products. If you have sensitive skin, you don't want to roll that all over your face.

    How Long To Use Jade Roller

    We don’t recommend rolling for more than 10 minutes, but the whole process can take around 4 minutes to get all areas of the face adequately. Depending on your choice of serum, you can time it based on how long it stays slippery. Once it begins to dry out by absorbing into the skin, we suggest stopping or adding more. You can’t technically over-roll your face if you’re not using too much pressure. However, your facial muscles may get sore at some point.

    If you wondering how long to use a jade roller in terms of its life span, if you keep your roller clean and take good care of it, it would last for years. Only if and when the metal appendages fall apart should you replace it.

    How To Store Jade Roller

    If you are unsure of where the best place to keep your jade roller, we can help. We suggest the fridge. This way, it’s nice cold for when you want to use it and will help even further with depuffing. If you choose this option, we suggest keeping it in a bag or ziplock bag to ensure there’s no cross-contamination with food.

    A bathroom cabinet will do just fine if the fridge isn’t attractive for you. If you’re storing it in a cabinet, we also suggest still wrapping it in something or placing it in a bag to prevent the transfer of bacteria onto your roller and then onto your face.

    Let’s Get Rolling

    Get rolling with your jade roller and all this critical information to help you get the best results. Your face should look depuffed and happy after suitable lymph node fluid and toxins drainage after a one on session with your roller. Ensure you follow the proper techniques and steps, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different jade rollers.