6 Best Ice Rollers for Tighter Skin & Reduced Puffiness

Updated on March 3, 2023
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    6 Best Ice Rollers for Tighter Skin & Reduced Puffiness

    Not a morning person? The day just feels off? Fortunately, there’s something that can help.

    Introducing ice facial rollers – the perfect way to get a quick pick-me-up, even on the go.

    Unlike cryotherapy, ice rollers have become the only affordable, at the comfort of your own home cold therapy treatment that is easily maintained and has amazing benefits for the skin.

    Ice Roller for Face

    What Are Ice Rollers

    Ice rolling is a massage for your face. It looks akin to a paint roller, with the roller itself made of various materials.

    Some are made of water and gel, some pure jade stone, and others stainless steel. The use of ice rollers can offer many skin benefits and are exactly like using an ice pack on the body but is safe for all areas and without the melting ice water.

    When thinking about facial massages, most people think of a gua sha tool, which focuses on more sculpting aspects of beauty treatments. However, ice rollers are the all-in-one tool for cold therapy, getting rid of acne bumps and puffiness, and massages.

    What Do They Do?

    Ice facial rollers promote lymphatic drainage, reducing muscle tension and inflammation and improving circulation in the face and neck areas. They are perfect for those who have sensitive skin and want something that can eliminate morning puffiness and inflammation.

    By applying a cooling agent such as an ice roller, acne bumps or redness can be minimized or eliminated through increased blood flow and fluid drainage.

    Ice Roller Benefits

    The benefits of facial ice rollers are much like using an ice pack. When swelling, bruising, or puffiness occurs, ice packs are often recommended for relief. Ice rollers do the same by bringing the blood cells to the surface of the skin and creating relief for irritation with the cooling agent where redness or bumps occur like after shaving, dermaplaning, or acne.

    While treatments like cryotherapy can range from $60 – $100+, ice rollers are a much more affordable option starting around the $25-$30 range.

    The cooling agent and rolling motion of ice rollers bring the benefits of:

    Boosting Circulation and Skin Radiance Aids in Defining and Tightening Facial Features Encourages Better Cell Function Reduces Puffiness and Wrinkles Relieves Migraines and Headaches
    • Temporarily eliminating redness by restricting blood vessels
    • Allows for a more radiant and fresh appearance.
    • Optimizes cell function
    • Optimizes restoration of skin tone and radiance
    • Better definition in certain facial features, like
    • getting rid of the forehead or under-eye wrinkles and
    • obtaining tighter, more definitive cheekbones.
    • Optimal cell function for brighter skin and improved circulation
    • The cooling agent minimizes inflammation and broken capillaries
    • Allows the skin to reap the benefits of short- and long-term uses.
    • Eliminates inflammation
    • Reduces puffiness in the face and around the eyes.
    • Promotes blood circulation that can decrease wrinkles
    • Facial ice rollers may also be the solution to headache and migraine relief.
    • An ice roller can relieve tension in the neck and head for migraines or headaches.

    Dermatologists confirm that using facial ice rollers promotes circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps eliminate puffiness and toxins in the face.

    How to Use Ice Roller on Face

    Depending on which kind of ice roller, the steps will be slightly different. For the jade, water and gel, or globe ice facial tools that come as a solid roller, simply store these in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and then apply them to the face. One may wish to use a serum or facial mask first for a better glide across the skin.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide on applying and guiding the jade or facial rollers across your face:

    1. Remember to take your time. Slowly controlled motions are the best way to go.
    2. Start at the neck and always roll up and outwards from wherever you started.
    3. Work to the center of your chin, towards the jawline, then to the cheeks.
    4. Use the roller or globes over your forehead and temples for those wrinkle lines.
    5. Take note of areas that require more attention, such as where you feel more tightness or desire better results.
    6. Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize the skin after.

    The mold ice facial rollers are a little different and have a few extra steps:

    1. To prep the mold, fill it with water, rose water, green tea, or even coconut milk. Add roses, green tea leaves, or lemon to the liquid for added benefits.
    2. If using it more frequently in the morning, try prepping the mold at night and leaving it overnight in the freezer, so it’s ready to go first thing.
    3. In the morning, just opens the lid. The application process is the same for all types of ice rollers.

    Ice Roller vs. Jade Roller

    There are many variations in the material when looking at facial ice rollers, and sometimes that can make it challenging to choose.

    There are two main types of ice rollers. The first type is made out of gel and water or stainless steel. The second type of ice roller is a jade roller made out of jade stone or quartz.

    Ice Roller Jade Roller
    • Can be made out of ice by freezing water OR having the roller made out of gel and water or stainless steel
    • Has only one large roller
    • Reduces inflammation, and swelling, calms skin, and relieve muscle pain and tension
    • Must be kept in the freezer to keep cold for best results
    • Can be used all over the face including around the eyes
    • Helps with migraines or headaches
    • Can help with sunburns and improving dry skin
    • Best used in the morning
    • Comes with two roller heads (big and small on either end)
    • Made out of jade stone or quartz
    • Promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
    • Larger roller is best used for neck, forehead, and cheek
    • Smaller roller is best under and around the eyes
    • Can also be used to apply skin products such as face cream, serums and masks
    • It can be kept in a fridge but also keeps cool on its own at room temperature
    • Can be used anytime during the day or night

    These two types of facial ice rollers have very distinct differences, however, where they fit in one’s skincare routine depends on personal preferences and skincare needs.

    An ice roller will help with inflammation, swelling, puffiness, and muscle pain. It is for skincare problems that occur immediately and need that attention.

    In contrast, jade rollers promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which have more use overtime benefits.

    6 Best Ice Rollers for Face

    While there are many brands of ice rollers, there are several things one must consider when looking for a personally suited ice roller. Ice rollers can vary by material, shape, size, and overall comfortability. With that said, there’s a different ice roller for everyone.

    The ideal ice roller should provide immediate relief from puffiness and inflammation, optimize cell function, and blood circulation in applied areas, and relax tense muscles in the cheeks and forehead.

    With those benefits in mind, these five ice rollers get the job done effectively without breaking the bank.

    Best Ice Roller Overall

    This wonderful ice roller is designed to relieve pain and decrease puffiness and swelling.

    It has an excellent design that looks great and is easy to use. It’s created with soft gel that freezes quickly and is soft and comfortable. Add this fantastic budget friendly device to your skin care routine and see the results for yourself.

    The EAONE Jade Ice Facial Roller Set

    The EAONE Face Roller comes with four face rolling and sculpting tools. All products are made of 100% jade stone and have a variety of uses, such as reducing dark circles, curing muscle pain/soreness, and draining toxins/fluids from different areas.

    Unique to this set, the textured ice roller helps penetrate the skin deeper and allows for better massage benefits, such as releasing muscle tension. Meanwhile, the gua sha sculpting tool is used for draining lymphatic fluid from the body.

    While the ice roller is the critical component of this kit, it is complimented well by other essential skincare routine tools. This kit is for those looking for a one-time purchase with unmatched value.

    Fabelegante’s Facial Ice Globes

    The Facial Ice Globes by Fabelegante’ are visually a bit different from the standard rollers, as they are uniquely globe-shaped, but still offer the same functions. Rather than a singular ice roller, this package comes with a pair of ice globes for simultaneously massaging multiple areas and less time-consuming use. Depending on user preferences, they are made from unbreakable stainless steel to stay cold longer and have removable silicone grips. The ice globes allow for an additional circular motion and easier maneuvering when massaging rather than just the standard directional rolling. These ice globes are for hot and cold applications and can be serums, facial oils, creams, and even masks.

    When looking for unique ice rollers, these globes make that list. Since these come in a pair, the benefits are two-fold, with faster results on a less time-consuming basis. Two is better than one, after all.

    Alimaro Reusable Ice Roller

    The Alimaro Reusable Ice Roller can add a little more personal touch.

    Not only does this ice roller come in a unique rounded shape, but both ends of this product can conform to the shape and angle of the face.

    Adding serums or essential oils into the mold can increase skin benefits for an improved experience. One can substitute water for green tea, rose water, or coconut milk for skin brightening, decreased inflammation, and other benefits. This unique ice roller can make customizable ‘recipes.’

    However, these facial ice rollers come as a pod instead of having a handle which could limit mobility and create awkward use. In place of mobility, this facial ice roller could be a great addition to a skincare routine.

    The Care Formula Facial Ice Globes

    The Care Formula Facial Ice Globes set is a personal favorite. It comes with ice globes and other accessories to enhance the experience.

    It is an excellent beginner set into the world of facial ice rollers. In addition to the ice globes, this set includes an eye mask to be frozen and used to reduce puffiness and redness or relieve headaches and migraine.

    After using other tools, there is also a face pad for a softer touch.

    Zohna Tip

    If using a face mask from The Care Formula set, set the mask in the freezer overnight for morning use.

    The set has everything needed to get the best results from ice globe facials. Unlike other sets, it can be used on the go and taken anywhere in a small convenient plastic case. This set is a must-have favorite; it is both beginner and veteran user-friendly with solid stainless steel globes that won’t break.

    FT Flawless Ice Roller Rose Gold

    This beautifully made rose gold ice roller is perfect for calming inflamed or irritated skin from waxing or shaving. Aside from the face, it can be used on the neck and body and is designed to reduce muscle tension or inflammation. It also works on acne bumps, just like ice would on a bruise.

    We’ve all been there, razor bumps, itchiness, and irritations after shaving, dermaplaning, or waxing. Cold therapy with an ice roller can help with all the annoying side effects of shaving or waxing, not just on the face.

    Say goodbye to irritations and itchiness, and say hello to calm, soothing relief.

    Ice Roller FAQs

    • Where an Ice Roller Fits in the Skincare Routine

      An ice roller is for when an extra wake-up call is needed, most prevalently during the daytime since it gives near-instantaneous effects. But an ice roller can be applied anytime or night to boost energy based on personal preferences and skin-care routine.

      However, remember that the effects of using a facial ice roller, especially when it comes to puffiness and inflammation, are temporary. It requires repeated daily use like many other skincare routine products and tools.

    • How Often Can You Use a Facial Ice Roller?

      Ultimately, a facial ice roller or globe is made for use anytime. But not in extreme cases such as getting fillers or injections, and shouldn’t be used after any type of surgery.

      It is a great morning pick-me-up and should be used for at least 15 minutes. However, if there’s not enough time, even just 5 minutes can make a difference.


    When looking for a product that can tighten skin, shrink pores, and aid in inflammation and swelling, ice facial rollers or globes are the go-to.

    Jade rollers are the better choice to improve skin elasticity by allowing the skin to be more absorbent and promoting better cell function.

    Don’t be afraid to add this handy skincare tool to any skincare routine. After a long or groggy day, a calming ice roller is sometimes needed to wind down, relax, and revitalize.